Chapter - 567 Episode 567. Volcano is going to be a mess. (2)

When Hyun Jong was talking to Unam.

After the morning training session, they were staring blankly over the far eaves with food prepared outside the restaurant.

The two white and black men jumped over the eaves of Jeongak and shouted.

"Please stand there!"

"I don't want to."

"No, we need to discuss it! You said you'd do it!"

"I did as I did."

Chung-Myung gave a seductive answer, jumping over the eaves.

"But if it takes time, my terms will be better, why am I already discussing it!"

"Argh! You evil spirit!"

Im Sobyong went after Chung-Myung, who ran out of nowhere.

Whasan's disciples stared blankly at the chase while they weren't.


"Didn't you say he was a green-rimmed king?"

"It was."

"Isn't King Green Forest a very high man?"

"I think so."

"…I see."

"Well, it's Chung-Myung."

"Yeah, well, it's Chung-Myung."

It's a ridiculous sight, but none of the spectators considered it bizarre. It's just that I'm distracted for a moment and then I'll turn it over.

"Don't mind eating."


"If you don't see it, you don't have it."

"…The death penalty. I think you've learned the ropes these days."

"If you don't wake me up, I'll die."

But their problem wasn't just Chung-Myung.

"No, but this bastard!"

Unbearable Jo-Gol leapt out of his seat with anger. Yoon-Jong gave a glance and asked.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh! Look at him!"

Yoon-Jong glanced at where he pointed. Baek-ah, who sat proudly on the table, was holding the chicken leg, which came out for Jo-Gol, with her two front legs.

"Hey! That's mine.…!”

When Jo-Gol reached out to retrieve the food he had taken, the white baby, who had inflated his fur, quickly scratched it.


The frightening spirit frightened Jo-Gol back off.


Jo-Gol looked at Baek-ah, who even made a threatening sound, and looked at her with an expression of frustration. Yoon-jong shook his head.

"How can I do the same thing as my master?"….”

"I know……."

Jo-Gol squeezed out tears.

"I'm already covered in dirt because of the training, so I can't even go inside the restaurant and eat outside……and you're stealing it again."


Don't you think it's someone's personality to leave my food behind and take someone else's food first?

But as he watched it, Baek Cheon smirked quietly.

"Leave it alone. He's not going to be comfortable right now."

"What? Is there anything that animals can do to make them feel comfortable? Did something happen?”

"I was trying to steal what was left of the Jasodan and got caught by Chung-Myung."


The beast stole the fleet?

I don't think we can call it an animal at this point of view.

"So, what?"

"What are you asking? You must have had a hard time climbing up the cliff. The weasels are quick, but the Hwasan cliffs should be high."


You threw it.

Yeah, eventually he threw it.

Jo-Gol laughed unconsciously.

You're a man, you're a beast, you're not picky.

How can it be so fair? Our priest.

"An animal that steals and eats, or a human who throws it down a cliff...….”

"It's the master, it's the beast."

Finally, Jo-Gol swallowed tears as he looked at my half-empty table."I'm already struggling, but now I'm losing my food."

It has already been three days since the death penalty and training began. On the first day, I managed to deal with it, but now I was getting beaten up little by little.

Since Jo-Gol is second to none in physical strength, the problem was that he was getting pushed back more and more even if he was hit with a wooden sword.

'It's getting stronger faster than I thought.’

Every day, the effect of absorbing the self-help group is coming out. Considering the effectiveness of public petroleum, it was clear that the ship could be stronger than it is now even after a long time.

"At that point, you won't be outstripped by the warriors of the North Sea Ice Palace.’

No. Rather, it will grow outstanding.

If that's the case, Hwasan will be the first to make a name for himself in the world since the last war against the Magyo.

"Argh! This weasel has my chicken leg!"

"He, if you touch that, I'll kill you! I'm gonna kill you! Hey! You!

"Who's gonna turn him into a muffler?"


Of course, the problem was that the wonderful students of Hwasan were being ridiculed by a weasel.

And the weasel owner...….

"Oh, come on!"

Chung-Myung, who ran to the place where the table lined up, kicked Im Sobyong, who was following him.

"Let's eat! Give me some rice!

But he quickly clung to Chung-Myung again, as if he had kicked Im Sobyong and flew away.

"Bob, you can eat anytime!"

"Hey, why did you give me the pills? It's uselessly healthy."

"Cough! The chill is still there...….Cough!"

"Here we go again. Again and again."

Eventually, Baek Cheon sighed and stopped him.

"Chung-Myung아. But his illness hasn't healed yet. That's what you said yourself. You're still a one-syllable vein."

"It's warm in the North Sea and just in the grasslands of Mongolia. People feel that way! If it's a three syllable vein and a one syllable vein, it won't be weird if a person flies!"

"…he does, too."

In a striking analogy, Baek Cheon looked at Im Sobyong with suspicious eyes. Chung-Myung said to Im Sobyong, fed up.

"Anyway, I'm going to eat, so please don't touch me. He said he wouldn't touch a dog while eating!"

"The seal isn't a dog, is it?"


"Oh, is that right?"

"But you're a real b*tc*, aren't you?

"Yes, so please finish the work quickly. It's not inside me right now."

"What kind of bandit is this clingy?”

"It's a bandit, so it's clingy! If you're going to live a clean life, why climb up the mountain! Hold on to the fugitive and hang on! Find someone who's going back and go after them! That's what bandits do!"


It sounds like you're doing it again.

As Chung-Myung stared blankly at him, Im Sobyong said, beating his chest.

"In the midst of this, we don't know what's going to happen to the rust!"

"If it were going to happen, it would have happened already. And if something happens to a bandit, isn't it good for the world?"


Im Sobyong gripped his chest and groaned, and Baek Cheon grabbed his shoulder.

"Stay calm. If you treat him with common sense, he'll never die."

"Oh, you're short-lived."

"You have to see to know."

Chung-Myung snapped in again.

Baek Cheon smirked without realizing it. Looking at it, these two hit it off. Especially in that they don't raise themselves.'Green Lim King' refers to the head of Green Lim, who occupies one of the Cheonhao Pae. No matter how low you catch it, you won't fall far from the level of a long story in the old file room.

Isn't it amazing that such a person can be so easygoing?

"Argh! Let's eat moderately and talk!"

"Why is this Yang Bai Aram Ab Meng Eung!"


It was a problem because it was too easy.

As he sighed and tried to turn his eyes away again, Baek Cheon suddenly opened his eyes slightly thin.


As I turned around, someone was rushing from the prose side.

"What is it?"


A man running furiously saw him and shouted. Back Cheon, gutted that something had happened, asked sternly and quickly.

"What's going on?"

"Sa, someone came to the prose."

"In prose?"

Baek Cheon frowned.

Of course, Hwasan is very tough, so he doesn't usually come and go with customers. But that doesn't mean there are very few guests, so there's someone in the prose. That's not the reason to make such a fuss.


"Cha, the people who came are so strange. I think you should come and see."


"That…… must be a buy, a bandit…"….”


All eyes turned to one place at a time.

Im Sobyong, who was caught in the eye, kicked his tongue.

"Tsk tsk. Have you ever lived in Hwasan?"

"…is this guy really crazy? I'm here for you!"


Surprised for a moment, he turned toward the prose.

"Oh, yeah!"

"…I can't tell if this is smart or stupid.”

"Cher, Chung-Myung, you're still the King of Green Forest, can you say something...….”

"What do you think you're like a green-rimmed king?"

Baek Cheon could not bear to refute this.

To be honest, I agree.

"Let's go anyway!"

Im Sobyong and Hwasan's disciples ran quickly toward prose.

Those who saw the view beyond the wide open prose were surprised and opened their eyes wide.


The other day, he faced Chung-Myung's group in the living quarters, sitting with a face of hardship and breathing heavily. The red-colored clothes and the bloodstained on the exposed body were very serious.

"Huh? The dark night? Kwak Min?"

Yoon-jong, who recognized the man behind the warlord, shouted.

The condition of the dark night lake was not much better than that of the insect repellentertainment.

The pale face was like a corpse, full of blood filled with shoes, flowing everywhere he walked.

Im Sobyong's face hardened.

"…...they've made a scene."

At that, Black and Night nodded hard, and Rebellion lay flat on the spot.

"Please kill me! I couldn't keep the green vegetables."

"……who is it?"

"The only thing I could see with my eyes was mad rain."

"…and mad cow. Is it Daveyolchae?"

Surprisingly, Im Sobyong's face didn't look excited.

"If it were mad cow, I wouldn't be able to move alone. He is not a man who can move so quickly by being stupid. At least three or more living quarters moved together.

The low murmur of Im Sobyong casts a look at the Dark Night.

"What's the situation?"

"Noklim's brothers don't know the situation yet. The greenery was completely destroyed and the ten-youngs were scattered."


Im Sobyong looked at Chung-Myung with a brief reply.



"Now you have to make a decision."

Im Sobyong's expression was quite different from what he had ever seen. The playfulness and unfairness that had always been on his face disappeared as if he had washed up, and only a cold expression remained as if he had put on a layer of ice."If the seal doesn't help me, I have to leave."

"What do you think you're going to do when you leave?”

"It's not something you can give up whether you can or not. It's something you have to do even if you die fighting back."


Chung-Myung opened his mouth to say something.

"What's going on?"

"Long story short!"

"I'm seeing Jang."

Those who discovered Hyun Jong, who was walking this way, all at once gave an example.

Hyun Jong, who gently waved and accepted the example, looked at the situation of prose with his eyes.

"It looks like something happened."

"Yes, that's....”

"So So."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in!"

When Dang-Soso answered quickly, Hyun Jong said.

"Take the guests to the pharmacy. At a glance, it looks serious.”

"Can I?”

There is no law to kick out a person who came under the eaves to escape the rain. Should we be so hard-hearted that whoever the opponent is can just send the injured back? "Hwasan is not such a place."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in! I will."

Dang-Soso quickly ran out and checked the condition of the patients and shouted.

"There are people who can't move, so please move them to the pharmacy, death rowers!"

"Got it!"

Celadon boats rushed in and rescued the wounded.

"Be careful not to hurt yourself more! If it gets wider, it's really life-threatening!"

"Got it!"

Rebellion turned to Im Sobyong, looking at his disciples, who were coming with his arms.

"Well, I'm....”

"Take care of yourself first."


"That's enough information. I'll take the back."

Rebellion, who was silent for a moment, nodded silently.


As the rest of them were moved to the Yakdang, they exchanged their eyes facing each other.


Hyun Jong stared at Im Sobyong with his profound eyes and opened his mouth.

"Do you mind if I ask King Greenim about his situation?"

Im Sobyong sighed briefly.

"I've already told this story to someone, but...….”

Seeing Chung-Myung for a moment, he soon stared straight at Hyun Jong.

"I don't think it's going to be just one person anymore. I'll tell you everything, so help me, Jang Moon-in."

"…Let's go inside for now."


Hyun Jong turned around and said to Baek Cheon and the group.

"You all follow me."


When Hyun Jong took the lead, Im Sobyong and everyone followed him to his place.

There was something serious going on in the war was going on.