Chapter - 570 Episode 570. Volcano will be a mess. (5)


"Oh, that! That makes sense!"

Hyun Jong, who faced strong opposition, opened his mouth wide with an absurd face.

"Oh, no, what doesn't make sense...….you're not going!"

"Do we have the same writers?"

"No, Jang Moon-in. There's no way that a long story of a clique can do this."

Hyun Young and Hyun Sang were stubborn. The absurdity spread over Hyun Jong's face.

"It's not like all the disciples are going to court. What's so strange about me leading it myself?"

"The nature of the job is the problem."

Hyun Sang shook his head with a stiff face.

"You are no longer a small clique. Think the other way back. Would a Shaolin or shaman's mastermind lead his disciples directly into Noklim?"

"It won't be like that, will it?”

They're so heavy on the hips. Of course, Shaolin's Bop Jeong has gotten a little lighter recently.

Hyun Young said plainly, as if he didn't need to say more.

"Anyway, never. Keep your head above water."

"I agree with Hyun Young exactly this time."

"Oh, yeah.

Hyun Jong sighed heavily.

'Cause you're screwed.’

How long have you been waiting for the day when you've swept the stronghold with the disciples of Hwasan, who have changed from the past? But I didn't expect these guys to come out like this.

Hyun Sang, who took a quick look at Hyun Jong, smiled as if he knew how he felt.

"Isn't this too trivial for the great Hwasanian long storyteller to come forward in personally. There will be better days."

"Oh, I see."

It's not that you have a lot of complaints, but Hyun Jong doesn't mean you don't know what they mean.

'You're gonna have to look bad.'

We're building a cause, but it's ultimately about intervening in the affairs of the other Moon faction. It was true that it was a bit uncomfortable for a long writer, who can be called the backbone of the Moon faction, to take the lead.

Hyun Jong sighed deeply, as if he had poked a needle in the chest that had swelled with air.

"Instead, you should pay more attention. It's all up to the students."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

"Don't worry."

Hyun Jong's eyes became a bit more gloomy.

"Hwasan's reputation is important."


"The benefits of green forests and the paving stone for the alliance are also important. I can't put it bluntly, but so is building some relationship with green forests."

The faces of the two people listening became serious.


Hyun Jong said while looking at the two with a stiff face.

"What is more important than the safety of the disciples does not exist in Hwasan."


The two elders felt the weight in their voices weighing on their shoulders.

"If you have a choice, don't hesitate. If you always put the safety of your students first, your worries will be eased. Protect everyone, even if you give up anything."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

Hyun Young replied in an uncharacteristically serious voice.

"Don't worry. We don't know that children are the foundation and future of Hwasan."

"Ugh……. It's a problem because I only know it with my head. I'm not relieved that you're following me."

"No, does Jang take after Chung-Myung? You're going to scold people in this situation?”


Hyun Jong, who shook his head, looked at Hyun Young as if he couldn't trust him, and gave his eyes to Hyun Sang."You must be under a lot of pressure."

Hyun Sang just smiled low.

"Don't worry too much. We don't really need to do anything."


"Does Chung-Myung want to rest his mouth?"

"……That's true."

When Hyun Jong agreed, Hyun Sang said with a funny face.

"It's been a long time since he's outperformed us, both by ignorance and by the mind. All we have to do is control him so he doesn't go out too fast."

"That would be the hardest thing to do."

"That's true, but...….”

Hyun Jong sighed deeply. Then I opened my mouth again.

"Anyway, you guys do your best...….”

"Oh, my God, stop it! We are already seventy years old. At this age, should I be hearing nagging endlessly?"

"He's still!"

"Let's go, death penalty! If I stay here, I'll be hearing the same nagging all year round."

"Well, shall we?"

Hyun Jong looked at the two with a look of bewilderment

"Oh, I still have a lot to say…….”


However, Hyun Young, who got up after shaking his seat, went out of the frame as if he were making a fuss. Hyun Sang followed with a bitter smile.

"Go, let's go together! You bastards!"

Hyun Jong hurriedly rose from his seat and chased after such priests.


Baek Cheon checked his disciples with sharp eyes.

After checking his clothes and belongings one by one, he immediately frowned as if something was bothering him.



"Open your collar properly! Don't let everything loose like bandits!"


At the coldness of his mouth, a knife poured out of his mouth, and the man who was pointed out clasped his collar.

Baek Cheon's cold face was full of disapproval.

"Don't forget that each and every one of you shows what HWASAN is like! If you act as recklessly as you do in the mountains, I'll destroy your back."

"Oh, I see, death penalty!"

Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong, who were lined up on the side, glanced at him and mumbled head-to-head.

"Why are you so feisty?"

"……Isn't this the first time Hwasan has made a proper run? It was when we were driving our own carts that people didn't have much interest in, but if a man of this size moves at once, anyone would have to look back again."

"That's true. But aren't you paying too much attention? You don't even have a good stomach these days."

"……It's not because of this.”

It's because of Chung-Myung.

"Insole, as the elders will do, you can't care about each and every part of it yourself."

"I'm sure you're very bothered."

Jo-Gol grinned.

But at that moment, the fire suddenly went off into the distance.

"Are you laughing?"


Looking back ghostly at the two, Baek Cheon said.

"What are you guys doing? Without looking at the children's clothes."

"Ji, I'll do it now."

"If any of the celadon ships were to cause trouble, I'd break both of your necks first.

"…I, Private Life."


"Is Chung-Myung an exception?"


As soon as Jo-Gol's question was over, Baek Cheon was abruptly interrupted.

Even if it was an illusion, there seemed to be a shadow beneath Baek Cheon's eyes for a moment.

"But what does Chung-Myung do...….”

Speaking of which, Jo-Gol, who was looking for Chung-Myung, tilted his head."What's he doing over there?”

"Huh? Where?"

"There it is. That guy."


Yoon-Jong blinked his eyes.

"Huh? Chung-Myung...Well, yeah, I think Chung-Myung is right.….”

It was really strange.

Whether it's because of him or because of him, he's been through so much in his life and he's had a lot of troubles. By doing so, Yun-Jong was able to recognize him immediately even from a hundred pages away.

But I didn't recognize Chung-Myung's back right away.

Why is his shoulder drooping?’

This isn't something you'll ever see.

Yoon-Jong, Jo-Gol, and Baek Cheon, who felt something was wrong, ran quickly to Chung-Myung.



"What is this?"

"Huh……. Huh…"….”

They soon couldn't shut up and blur the end of their speech. Anyone in front of Chung-Myung would.


In fact, it's not a strange sight.

Baeka is just sticking out her stomach with her front foot on her side as usual.

If it weren't for the black suit he was wearing.

"…Who dressed the weasel?”

"Go, there's a plum print on your chest, too.”

The weasel's figure, which symbolizes Hwasan, was speechless and blankly watched the scene.

"Who, who did this...….”


At that time, a person next to me raised his hand and walked out.

"Cute, huh?"


The three men, who checked out the person's face, smiled at the same time.


It's SoSo.

You can't stop it if it's small.’

They're pretty good within Hwasan, but I didn't dare to die for Dang-Soso. It wasn't because they were ugly.

If you put a needle in the top of your head, it will be the same for anyone. Anyone!

"……Now I'm a Mundo to the beasts."

"There's nothing you shouldn't think about. Some are worse than animals."

"It sounds like it."

Everyone glanced back at the man who was worse than the beast.


Chung-Myung, who always smiled to make viewers nervous, angry, or uncomfortable, was now a face like an independence fighter who lost his country.

"Shi, the sacred Hwasan's escape, beasts...….”

"Why? It's cute."

"…Living in private."

Chung-Myung looked back at Baek Cheon with a crying face and asked.

"…Will it be okay? Are you sure this is okay, Sasook.


Baek Cheon patted his shoulder without saying a word.

"Calm down, Chung-Myung. Haven't we already come too far to be embarrassed by this?"

"……Hwasan is out."

It's been a long time since I felt deep sympathy and sympathy for Chung-Myung.


"Kei's frozen. Kei's f*cking Kei! I'm gonna skin you!"

Just as Chung-Myung was about to dejab with Baek-ah as usual, the elders and Hyun Jong entered the smoke field. Everyone rushed to find a seat and lined up.

"Are you all set?"

Unam, who was standing in front of Hyun Jong's question, answered with a gun shot.

"Yes, a long writer. I'm all set to go."


Hyun Jong stretched his shoulders and spoke solemnly.


"Yes, Jang Moon-in!"

"This work……."

"Let's keep it short. Jang Moon-in. I've been standing there for a while. What are you trying to nag me about?"

Hyun Young's face was horribly distorted by the voice of Hyun Young whispering next to him.

"How does he become less mature as he gets older?""Oops!"

Hyun Jong, who sighed with an unhappy face, shouted.

"Everyone, listen to your superiors and come back with a reputation for Hwasan!"

"Yes, Jang Moon-in!"


When Hyun Jong turned around, Hyun Sang smiled and stepped forward.

"It will be a long way to the green forest, so everyone should be careful not to get into trouble."


A loud answer came back.

"Never forget that you bear the name of Hwasan. As soon as you leave this prose, you are Hwasan, and Hwasan is you.”

The words slipped responsibility and tension across the faces of the Hwasan disciples. Hyun Sang said in a solemn voice.

"Let's go."

Everyone began to walk away.

At this moment, what filled the hearts of the disciples was not the burden of dealing with Noklim, nor the burden of carrying Hwasan's name.

I'm showing you the results of the training.’

"I had such a hard time, but if I don't play well and come back, I die of injustice."’

I'm going to wipe out all the green forests!’

As they were about to head toward the prose, a cold voice flew into their ears and stuck in their ears.

"If you're confident, make an accident."


Everyone's head turned to one place.

Chung-Myung with blood in his eyes was staring at them.

"I'll let you know what a real accident is."


My excited heart subsided calmly in an instant.

If you make an accident, you'll die.’

Be careful, be careful, be careful!

I'm not afraid of bandits. That bastard is a thousand times scarier.’

Hyun Sang turned and captured Hyun Jong.

"Then I'll be back, Jang Moon-in."


Hyun Jong nodded heavily. Hyun Young shouted the gesture as a signal.

"Let's go!"

Hwasan's disciples turned in unison and marched in prose.

An unavoidable smile flashed around Hyun Jong's mouth.

Are you watching? Master.'

Since earlier, the long face of the predecessor has been lingering in front of me.

"Hwasan is out in the world again. Please keep an eye on them."

It was the moment when the Hwasan faction began to make a strong move.