Chapter - 571 Episode 571. Which bandit makes eye contact with me?

Sneak. Sneak.

A thin seal danced on the white paper.

The letters, which were created at an unbelievable speed, filled the large paper in an instant.

At a glance, a middle-aged man in a luxurious green-colored funeral was sitting at a wooden desk wrestling with piles of documents.


The sound of writing, which had continued for a long time, stopped at a voice heard outside the door.

The middle-aged man, who glanced at the bitter one more time, raised his head and threw his eyes at the door.

"What's going on?"

"We have a visitor."


The eyes of the middle-aged, or Dang Gunnak, were slightly displeased.

"A customer in the middle of business. I'll tell the elders."

The horse came out a little sharp, and the standing man outside the door flinched.

"It's a message from Hwasan.….”

The word "Hwasan" caught the eye of Dang Gunnak.



Like this.

Having put down his essay without hesitation, he sprang up from his seat.

"Come on in."


The door burst open and Dang Pae came inside to show his respect. Then came a beggar who had seen his face several times behind him.

The beggar, who took a step forward, seized the gun.

"My name is Ju Pung, the owner of the open castle."


Dang Gunnak's sharp gaze swept through the guest once.

In the cold, overpowering gaze of thread, Ju Pung swallowed his dry saliva.

'This is a heart beating, won.'

Although I came to the party for business, I never imagined that I would face Gaju in person.

No matter how hard he was to fight, there was a difference of status between the Buntaju and the Four Thousandang family members who commanded the world.

Normally, it would have been all about delivering letters in front of the gate and going back, or glancing at the appearance of the Ga-ju from afar…….

"Who knew I'd bring him to the leather event out of the blue?"

Ju Pung rubbed his palm against the trouser dance and pulled out a letter from his arms.

"This is a letter from Hawasan, Islander, who told you to tell the family through the main broadcast."

Perhaps because he was too nervous, he rambled on until he didn't have to bring it up.

"This library has been tied to a rod called Cheong-eung, which carries the most important news in the opening. There may be a slight time difference, but it's only been two days since the letter came out of Hwasan."

"Well, give it to me.”


Ju Pung sweated and quickly tried to run to Dang Gunnak. But before he could lift his foot properly, Dan Pae's hand, which popped out, blocked him.

"This way."

"Oh…. Here you are."

Dang Pae politely held out to Dang Gunnak the library handed over by Ju Pung.

Dang Gunnak opened the library silently and checked the contents.


Dang Gunnak's face, which had been frozen all along, was slightly wriggled.

In that short period of time reading the library, his expression changed many times. The bitter smile on Dang Pae's lips was hard to see.

The only thing that happened was when Dang Gunnak, who doesn't change his facial expression, heard about Hwasan or faced the Hwasan Mystery.


Soon after reading all the books, Dang Gunnak scratched his jaw and asked.

"Did you ask me to deliver this letter?"

"Yes, I am!"

"I see."

"Yes! If you have anything to say to Hwasan…….”"That's fine. You won't be guarding the mountain waiting for my reply."

It was an English word, but Ju Pung bowed his head for now.


And quickly turned away.

To be honest, I didn't want to stay here for another moment. It was the Sichuan Dangga that was a target of fear even within the political faction. But isn't it the office of Gaju, which is the most serious of them all?

Unless you are a man of iron ore, you must be afraid.

'By the way.'

Just before leaving, Ju Pung looked back and thought, swallowing dry saliva.

Most people know that Hwasan and the Tang family had some kind of relationship, but they didn't think it was this important.’

Sometimes he delivered news to the party. However, I had never even looked at the office, let alone when I told them that I had come from Shaolin or Shudang.

But I didn't expect to meet Dangga-ju in person with just one letter.

Maybe their relationship is stronger than we thought.’

I must report this. Thinking, Ju Pung speeded up his walk.

Dang Pae kicked his tongue as he saw Ju Pung moving away in an instant.

"Your feet will sweat if you walk over there."


But the existence of Ju Pung has long since disappeared from Dang Gunnak's head. His attention was focused solely on the letter from Hawsan.

"Lord, may I know the contents of the book?"

"See for yourself."

"Thank you."

Dan Pae, who was handed back the letter, quickly checked the contents. Soon his face was distorted.

"Ugh…….what else is this guy going to do…"….”

"Hwasan is like the Divine Dragon."

There was a light smile on Dang Gunnak's lips.

Usually, people ahead of big events are meant to be benefactors. Because it could be someone who will happen later.

But Hwasan, or Hwasan Sinryong, seemed rather determined to build up the game.

"Will it be all right? But the greenness...….”

"It's true that it's unpleasant. If things don't work out, there's a lot of trouble."

"Yes, I'm concerned."

"But it's okay.”


Dang Pae, who had asked back for a short time without realizing it, hastily added.

"It's hard to understand what that means."

"Hwasan the Divine couldn't have done things without thinking. On the surface, it looks like you're doing something impulsively, but in your head, you'll already be done calculating."


Dang Pae glanced at Dang Gunnak.

Dang Gunnak, who noticed the inside in the brief move, smiled slightly.

"Do you think I overestimate the Wasan Mythology?"

"…How dare a child doubt the perception of the lord. One…… Nobody in the world can doubt the majesty of the Hwasan Divine Dragon, but it's a little strange to discuss the mind at such a young age."

"To reason is to do it only when there is no result."


"When what I see with my eyes doesn't match with what I know, the criminal doubts what he sees with his eyes, and the noble doubts his own common sense."

Dang Pae shut up.

"You should also be bound by what you know and not be misled."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Let the rumor spread within four thousand, as written in the book. It doesn't matter if it's a little outspoken."

"Yes, my lord! I'll do it right away."

Dang Pae quickly left the office without a murmur. Dang Gunnak looked at the back and slowly walked out and looked up at the sky.'It's getting more interesting.’


What does the letter at the end of the letter mean, 'And I'll tell you in advance, you'd better prepare a lot of money.'

Somehow it was Dang Gunnak who was a little anxious.

* * *

Chung-Myung's original plan was to spread the rumor to some extent by the time they reached their destination.

But contrary to his expectations, rumors spread surprisingly fast.

One of the reasons was that Hwasan's position was higher than his own, and that it was perfect for attracting the people who had not had a big event since the world tournament.

But the biggest reason is...….

"Fly a little more! More! More!"

Hong Dae Kwang wiped the sky above the soaring pavilion without knowing that the sky was high.

One of the beggars, who huddled together and wrote a library, shouted because he couldn'

"For God's sake, I can't do anything else right now and I'm writing hundreds of the same letters, and that's what I'm saying!"

"You don't usually do anything anyway! At best, feeding pigeons."

"Well, well, where is that seed!"

Hwang Guggae, the elder of openness, looked scary. But Hong Dae Kwang didn't lose.

"Isn't that what the beggar told you to do?"

"Oh, yeah.

Hwang Guggae sighed deeply and looked back at the beggars around him.

"Hurry up! Hurry up!"


"Oh, my God!"

The beggars writing the library were almost out of arms. The unbrushed beggars collected the library, tied it to the legs of the pigeon in the cage and repeatedly flew it.

Dozens of pigeons flew into the sky in unison.

Some would go to the various branches of the opening, while others would go to another pavilion built in the middle of the Middle East.

"Do I have to do this?"

"The elder doesn't know what I'm getting into there! Do you have any idea how hard he's been talking about the inability to open up?”

"What do you mean, him?

"Ugh……, that's a little too much to say…"….”

Hong Dae Kwang could not bear to answer and glossed over.

People have pride.

How can I say to myself that a 20-year-old is being abused by a younger man?

"Anyway, this is the time to show the HWASAN's ability to open up!"


Wang Guggae sighed deeply.

I can't help but say that.

He was well aware of it.

It is Wang Guggae who has been collecting information from all over the country all his life and delivering orders through that information. So he couldn't help but know how important the Wasans are now.

Rumors are never too fast, but they're always a step slower.’

The Middle East's assessment of the Hwasan faction has soared in recent years, but it still hasn't quite grasped its influence.

To add a little bit of exaggeration, Hwasan's influence has long surpassed the old-file class, and given its growth and vigorous activity, it will soon become one of the world's most influential.

"Let me ask you a question!"


"I hope you've built up a good relationship with him."


"I've done this, and I'll grind you myself and feed you a pigeon when the day comes when Hwasan kicks the opening and kicks the other pocket.""Huh, huh……"Ha ha ha ha! That's a given. The Hwasan Divine Dragon calls me uncle and follows me like a nephew!"

"Hwasan the Divine?"


"…are you serious?"

"Did you just buy the trick?"

Hong Dae Kwang spoke curiously, pounding his chest.

Well…… it wasn't quite a lie. It's true that Chung-Myung calls him Uncle Beggar. It's because the meaning is a bit different from what Hong Dae Kwang is saying.

"I'm holding on to Hwasan, so don't worry, just write a letter."

"Well, you've got to be absolutely incredible."

Wang Guggae shook his head and began to fill out the library again.



"I'm saying this because I don't have a beggar here."

"Yes, Elder."

"If you really held him tight, it's not a dream for you to become an ark. It's going on. I'm not the brightest guy in the open?"

"That's right."

"But…… if you don't put Hwasan together properly.”


"The beggar will probably make you a whole roast and give you dog food. So think carefully."

A cold sweat sprang up all over Hong Dae Kwang.

"Well, don't worry. I'm sure!"

"I believe."

Nodding fiercely, he slipped his foot back.

"Then I look forward to your kind cooperation with the rest of the work."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to have to catch up with the Wasans. Someone has to go and show off to know that we worked."


"Work hard!"

Hwang Guggae kicked his tongue when he saw Hong Dae Kwang, who jumped out of the pavilion and disappeared like an arrow.

"That's the mouth of a b*tc*.”

Then he turned to the pigeons flying in all directions.

"You said you don't know what's going to happen.”

Don't tell me the day will come when the Wasan opens up with a few words.

"It's something to live and see for a long time. Loud."

With a smile on his head, Hwang Guggae quickly wrote down his letter.

According to Chung-Myung's plan, rumors about Hwasan spread throughout the world. Very quickly, no more widely.