Chapter - 574 Episode 574. Which bandit makes eye contact with me? (4)


There was a deep depth on the faces of those who came and went to the streets.

As if they were looking around, they had a small conversation whenever they met acquaintances.

"Did you hear the news?”

"……Are you talking about a mountain?"

"Yes, one of the up and down hills lost contact with me today."

"Oh, my. How many times is this?"

Everyone sighed in unison.

"I'm afraid we're in big trouble. He even asked the Ascending Bureau to escort him after he lost contact with him.”

"What does that mean? Does that mean you lost contact even though you escorted from the station?"

"I told you so!"

"Oh, my God…."

Ascending countries were famous for their strength in this region. In other words, even though they escorted, they could not stop the bandits.

"I haven't had a problem for decades, but why now...….”

"I heard that the bandits from Daebyeolsan Mountain flocked to Hyeongsan Mountain.It's more."

"You mean that Daveyolchae? What about the evil ones?”

"Isn't that so?"

The man looked around with an anxious look. It was a gesture that seemed to doubt if there were any living enemies around here.

"I'm not sure about this yet, but there's been a series of people missing in other mountains as well as in the real estate.”

"Oh, what nonsense is this? Why won't Guan-ah come forward when people are missing?"

"When have you seen authorities deal with such a thing? They don't take care of what's going on right under their noses, and it's going on deep in the mountains. Let's pretend we don't know!"

"Can I buy this because I'm so nervous?"

Everyone could not hide their anxiety because the situation was very unusual. This wasn't just about being unable to climb the mountain.

The business was a city with the upper part of the lake and the lower part of the mountain. It was also a place where imports were raised as a base for trade between the top and bottom of the central field because it was not as distinctive as other large cities or had good output.

However, if the up and down mountains are subject to frequent mutations, they will inevitably avoid business, which will cause great damage to the city.

"Oh, my God. What's the world going to be like."

"I know. If the bandits are set up, there should be someone who can solve it, but all the political parties are left behind.”

"Where are they usually bandits? Isn't Daveyolchae famous for his good-natured greenlings.

"I can't touch a big bandit, I can't hold only the little bandits. What kind of gang are you?

"Shh! You want to see him? fearlessly……Keep your voice down! I'm afraid someone's going to hear me!"

"We're the only ones who listen! As soon as the bandits ran, the outsiders stopped coming! Look over there, the gates are open like that, and I don't see a rat...….Huh?"

The spitting man found something and opened his eyes wide.

"Uh….Uh? What's that?"

He also began to see the crowds through the gate, which had been drastically drilled.

Black clothes.

a long sword with a long waist

His wide shoulders and strong muscles that he could clearly see even in his clothes drew admiration. On top of that, the word "willful opinion" was added to the eyes and hard expression that would automatically occur, which seemed to lead the human mind.

"Who is it?"Oh, there's a lot.’

They are so full of presence that even one or two people can clearly tell, but the number of such people is well over 100.

Overwhelmed by the sight, they shrank slightly and moved their mouths to whisper.

"It looks like Mufa."

"Sa, you're not a bandit, are you?"

"You're crazy. How is that a bandit?

"Oh, no, my forearms are just bandits' forearms.….”

Perhaps he heard that, the leader of the pack twisted his face and looked back. Then the people following him flinched and gently lowered the sleeves that he had rolled up.

People who were standing far away and whispering slowly began to gather.

I was scared, but after I checked that he didn't act threateningly, my curiosity began to precede my fear.

And as there are more people, there are people who have knowledge.

"Oh, that's the pattern! It's the Hwasan people!"


People turned their heads and looked at the speaker.

"Why is Hwasan on the island coming here?"

People didn't easily believe that. Wasan was not a door to an island more than 1,500 miles from a business?

What is there to visit more than a hundred people in such a place?

"No, that's right! Can't you see the plum blossoms on the chest? There's a lot of clans in the world, but the only place that symbolizes plum blossoms is the Wasanites.”

The public turned their eyes to the Wasans again.

Everyone had red plum blossoms on their chests.

"That's right, that's right! You're on the Wasan side.

"But why are the Wasans here?"

People looked at each other.

"Because of the bandits?”

"Is that so?"

"There's no shaman or Shaolin nearby, but the Hwasan in the distance is coming all the way here on purpose? To beat up bandits?

"Come on, don't tell me!"

Everyone looked at the Hwasan faction with suspicious but weak expectations.

"But will it work? Those scary greenlings...….”

"Hey! You don't know! Didn't that HWASAN blow the shaman and Shaolin's nose at the show?"

"Is that all? Not long ago, we fought against all the people and won. Now, Hwasan's energy is in the air!"

"That's right! I did!"

As I entered the city, the way I looked at Hwasan's disciples changed little by little by little.

And those who receive that look...….

"Hey, open your shoulders! Shoulder!"

Straighten your back and walk! To make it look cool!’

"Stretch your eyes! Power!

……I was struggling to look any better.

No matter how good a product is in the first place, you can't get the price if the packaging is poor. In the past, I didn't care a bit about that, but now, everyone was paying attention to the appearance due to Chung-Myung's influence.

Thanks to you...

Why am I in the front again?’

Forced to take the lead, Baek Cheon had to receive a torrent of glare. There was even nagging behind him, clenching his teeth.

"Oh, straighten your back."


"Put your chin up, chin up. I left my face. Where are you going to use it? I should use it at times like this. Hurry up and raise your chin and show us."

That son of a b*tc*...

Back-stabbing Chung-Myung's hand forced Baek Cheon to lift his chin. The hero case was slightly scattered, revealing a white and neat face.Then, exclamations erupted here and there.

"Oh, I see it."

"You're handsome. You're excellent!"

Compliments poured out, but Baek Cheon somehow wanted to hide in a rat hole.

"Hwasan is here to save business!"

"He's here to fight the green forests!"

Then some people shouted in a rather unnatural tone. Then, the excited public began to clap enthusiastically.

Chung-Myung smiled pleasedly.

You beggars are good at your job.’

We should serve a lot of food outside today.

Whether Hong Dae Kwang clenched his teeth and asked, beggars were desperately scattered here and there to incite him. If you had done this much work normally, you wouldn't have been scolded for incompetence.

With a flurry of cheers and attention, Hwasan's disciples arrived in a familiar audience.

Unam asked once again.

"Everyone is here today to talk about their journey. I'm sure there will be no other guests, but be extra careful not to bother them."


Hwasan's disciples walked into the audience.

People chattering about the scene, saying that it was even great. Then, Chung-Myung, who remained until the end, looked back at them and smiled.

"Don't worry too much. I'll take care of it soon!"


"Long live the Wasans!”

A loud roar echoed through the business.

"……Oh, I feel like I'm going to buy it."

"Oh, my God. Warm water is such a good thing."

Baek Cheon smiled a little bitterly at his students, who had become clean and fluffy in a few days.

There was a lot of trouble.’

These are the people I've always been with, and Chung-Myung has had a lot of experience in his evil ways, so this is nothing, but it was the first time for other students to carry out such a push.

Nevertheless, a word of complaint...…. No, I was complaining endlessly, but I couldn't be more proud of him not to rebel anyway.

Baek Cheon smiled softly and opened his mouth.

"They all worked so hard...….”

"Back Cheon's private lodging! You've done a great job!"

"I didn't know that Jung-Myung had suffered this much from him."

"Ugh! Sa-suk!"

Baek Cheon, trying to compliment, had to slip back his mouth.

Guys... don't look at people like that.

I feel like I'm going to cry.

Come to think of it, it wasn't time for Baek Cheon to worry and be proud of them. The biggest victim of all is Baek Cheon.

A small sigh, he said.

"Anyway, it's good to take a rest, but don't let it get too loose thinking that there are eyes here, too."

"Yes, Sa-sook! Don't worry!"

Hwasan's disciples stretched their backs. And then they started chatting amongst themselves again.

"Did you see those eyes?”

"I was shivering."

Recalling the views I received on my way into the business, everything was released in a hazy way.

Although the Hwasan faction did not have much experience in going outside in the first place, it has never been so coveted when going outside due to occasional work.

At the end of the day, the people who didn't know how much of Hawsan's status had risen were his disciples. They finally realized how much their position had risen, and they found out why the elders asked them to think about the prestige of the Moon faction.

I'm going to work harder.’

"I'm a shaman and a Shaolin, and I'm going to destroy everything."’

Baek Cheon smiled quietly as he looked at his disciples burning with will."I don't know if I have to fight tomorrow, so take a good rest today. With a firm mind!"

"Yes, Sa-suk!"

"Don't worry, death penalty."

"Yes, eat a lot."

Finally, Baek Cheon, who had identified and managed his students, climbed the stairs and headed to the top floor.

knock, knock

"It's Baek Cheon."

"Come on in."

When I opened the door, I saw people gathered in the room.

Hyun Sang and Hyun Young, five Unja boats including Unam and Ungum, and Im Sobyong.

Finally, after seeing Chung-Myung's appearance, Baek Cheon sat on the edge and opened his mouth in a neat manner.

"The disciples are all eating and resting. It won't be a big problem."

"You're going through a lot."

"But……… I don't know if I have to make this so loud…"….”

Im Sobyong giggled as Baek Cheon blushed slightly.

"The fancier it is, the better. And why are you ashamed! Definitely something to be proud of when you beat up bandits for consultation."


No, it's all good, but...… Shouldn't you not say that?

What, you bandit?

Baek Cheon sighed deeply.

"Then I'll get ready to leave tomorrow morning."

"Oh, wait a minute.”


Baek Cheon turned his head at Chung-Myung's words.

"Let's wait a little while, Sasook."

"Wait for me.

"With all this noise, the bandits will soon find out."


"Then why don't you come in?”

"The bandit is here? Isn't this a city? And the bandits are coming in here?

"I don't know if it's normal, but there's a hostage here.”

"Ee, hostage?"

Baek Cheon turned his head. Then, the hostage(?) laughed shyly.

"I think it's the most expensive time in my life. Haha, I'm proud of something."

I'm afraid he's out of his mind.

Oh, no. I shouldn't have called him that guy.….

Leaving Baek Cheon alone in confusion, Chung-Myung looked at Im Sobyong.

"He'll come, right?"

"Of course he'll come.

Im Sobyong shrugs his shoulders.

"Go Hong is a very impatient person. I can't just wait to take action over here."

"Now, wait a minute."

Baek Cheon shouted a little hastily.

"When bandits come into the city, it's a mess! Then we'll have to go outside."

"Tsk tsk tsk. He's still naive."


Chung-Myung kicked his tongue.

"It's an opportunity to beat bandits to their reputation, how do people see it when they clap in the mountains?"


"You have to beat them up in front of your eyes to spread the rumor and it's a lot more stimulating!"

Baek Cheon looked at him in a bewildering way and closed his eyes tightly.

Where is Hassan going?

You're a primitive man.

He's a master, a master! Where do you spend your thunderstorms?

"If you're going to do it, it's better to be sure. Let's wait a little bit. Something's gonna happen in a few days."

But even Chung-Myung had something unexpected.

Go Hong's personality was much more urgent than he expected, and their intelligence was already in business.

"You mean it's in here, right?"

The mighty Dong Wong, who was looking at the castle gate of the business at the foot of the mountain, smiled, showing his yellow teeth.

"I don't know what crazy people they are, but I'll tell you exactly what Daveyolchae is like!"

His followers also laughed in a hoarse voice.

"Let's go!""Yes!"

In the dark, the eyes of the eyes burned coldly.