Chapter - 576 Episode 576, where does a mountaineer make eye contact with me? (6)

Dong Wong said he couldn't even get angry when he was too embarrassed.

Is he crazy?

Otherwise, how dare you say that to them?

Who are they?

They are members of the family of Daebyolchae, who is also famous for their reputation in Noklim. He who was vulnerable only by his outward appearance was breathless, even if nothing but his ignorance was left.

But how dare he spit out that kind of lookout if he doesn't have a head?

"This, this, this...….”

As soon as he was about to say something, the absurdity reached its peak, he and his eyes met.



Then the young man burst into tears.

"Where are you from? Make eye contact with me?"


"Aren't you going to lay your eyes on me, b*tc*.


Even if you have a mouth, you can't say anything about this situation.

It is Dong Wong who lived without being treated harshly just by his natural appearance. It was the first time in my life that I heard this from such a blue young man.

"Yee, yee…!"

He was about to have a seizure, when Su-ha, who was guarding his back, called urgently.

"All, sir. People are coming!"


Dong Wong looked around in embarrassment.

The people who woke up with a loud roar and a loud voice were rushing out.

He seemed to grasp the situation for a moment, but began to pay attention with curious eyes.

"That son of a b*tc*!’

I don't know if it's intentional or not, but because he made a fuss, everyone in the business is likely to come.

God d*mn it.

Perhaps it was wrong to deal with it quietly. Anger soared as things went wrong from the start.

But the young man in front of him opened his mouth before he spouted his anger.

"Oh, my God!"

Suddenly, he started shouting.

"Now the bandits do. They're attacking the folk house!"

Huh? Is it Min-ga?

Dong Wong opened his eyes wide.

"What are you doing?"

No, wait a minute.

We're not here to raid a private house.….

"Oh, my God, you came to attack a private house at dawn! No matter how many bandits they are, they don't have blood or tears! No blood, no tears!"


Starting with that, the situation began to go completely differently than Dong Wong had thought.

"Well, well…! The bandits are now coming down to the city."

"That's a relief! That's a relief! What would I have done if it weren't for the heroes of the Wasans! I'm glad you're here today!"

"That's what I'm saying, that's what I'm saying!”

As voices rose like wildfire in the back, the green forests surrounding the audience turned their heads and stared at the spectators.


Those who were surprised stepped back, lowering their heads as if they were hiding their eyes.


Dong Wong had his teeth chipped.

"That fox!’

The public knows more about power than they think, and they don't know more about it than they think. How do they know that there is King Greenim here, and how do they know that they came to capture King Greenim from Daephyolchae?

For those who do not know, it was natural to think that if bandits crossed the wall at this late hour, the purpose was clear.

Bloody Dong Wong's eyes glared Chung-Myung to death. Chung-Myung, however, just gave up alcohol as if he could not feel it at all.

"Wow! That's great."

Chung-Myung, who rubbed his lips, lowered his head and made eye contact with Dong Wong, grinning."But I guess this guy keeps messing with me.”


"Ha... The world has become so much better. The day comes when the bandit is staring at me. It's something to live and see for a long time."

Once upon a time, you son of a b*tc*!

The bandits would pack their bags and run away if they spread plum blossoms on their hidden mountains!

Phew, what do you guys know?

Chung-Myung with his tongue glanced sideways. Even at this moment, people who heard the noise were gathering one by one. At this rate, it seemed like a tenth of those living in business had gathered.

I'm pretty much done with it'sir.

Chung-Myung smiled and looked back.

"What are you doing? Don't step on all those bandits."

Then a low voice came out from the darkened audience.

"Do I just have to step on it?"

"Make it soft."

"Come on."

Before long, a group of fighters began to stride out of the audience.


One, two... ten, no...….

Those who were endlessly pushed out through the broken door stood in confrontation with the green forests surrounding the audience.

Black clothes.

A face full of life as if it's just returned from the battlefield.

And a more bandit-like muscle that shows off its presence even with clothes on.

The green forests surrounding the audience retreated unknowingly.

'You said you were little boys.'

You're a rookie, aren't you?’

You're not a baby! You son of a b*tc*!'

The green forests surrounding the audience instinctively realized that something was wrong.

If you call that a rookie, who in the world is not a rookie?

Looking at his broad shoulders and a face full of life, I felt like I had encountered brothers in the same industry. It would be impossible to tell who is a bandit and who is a master, except for the clothes he wore.

"You said you were a bandit, but the kids aren't as good as I thought."

"How well would they have eaten if they were stuck in the mountains? It's weak."

"We're stuck in the mountains, too, aren't we?”

"Oh, you're right."

Hwasan's disciples, who had been sitting down and chatting leisurely, soon smiled as if they were having fun and looked at the bandits of Daveyolchae.

And at that moment.


Back in the back, Baek Cheon walked out slowly. Then his disciples opened the road from side to side in unison, making way for him to go out.

That's right away.

Baek Cheon, who walked slowly and powerfully through his disciples, slightly swept his hair up from the front. Then I looked at the green forests and the crowd of businesses gathered behind them.

"Though the times are suspicious, bandits set foot where the people of both countries live.”

A glow came out of his eyes.

"We can't just watch this in Hwasan, where we admire the agreement."

It was not much different from what Chung-Myung said earlier.

However, not only the reactions of the disciples but also the responses of the crowd were significantly different.


"I guess the sponsor will defeat the bandits!"

"Oh, yeah! That's right! Isn't it trustworthy at first sight?"

The voices of the middle class have changed noticeably.

Then Chung-Myung's shoulders drooped weakly.

Jo-Gol shook his head, resting his hand silently on his shoulder.


"It's okay, Chung-Myung. That's what life is all about."

"What, f*ck!"

"The world isn't supposed to be fair, is it?"

"…a dirty world."

How can you be so different just by looking at it?

Of course, what it looked like alone would not have been like this, but Chung-Myung felt unfair and bitter anyway.But the heartache he was feeling was nothing compared to what Dong Wong felt.

"……These guys…….”

The face of Dong Wong, who understood the situation, was horribly distorted.

"You knew we were coming, didn't you?

"Oh, you know that now. I compliment you."


Dong Wong smiled briefly as if he was bewildered.

"These bastards...….”

Soon a cold light came out of his eyes.

"It's about selling people who are the subject of traps. I don't understand the subject of the blue boys. How dare you against our Daveyolchae!

"What, you're a bandit."

Chung-Myung snapped sourly and looked at Baek Cheon.

"It's late at night, why don't you clean up quickly?"

"I'm thinking about it anyway."


Baek Cheon took a step forward and pulled out a sword. And slowly pointed at Dong Wong.

"If you surrender, I'll spare you your life."

"You son of a b*tc* doesn't know how high the sky is! I'm going to skin you and make you a drum today!"

As if the conversation had ended with that, Baek Cheon shouted calmly, but without a doubt, eloquently.



"Overpower the evil enemies!"


Chaeng! Chaeng! Chaeng!

The sharp sound of a sword being pulled through the night air echoed simultaneously.

The simultaneous detection of more than a hundred people without a single error caused a sense of pressure for those watching.

"Get back!"


With Baek Sang's signal, Hwasan's disciples shouted and rushed forward.

The bandits, who had crumpled unconsciously, turned their faces red and wielded weapons in their hands.

"You bastards!"

"I'm going to peel it!"

They also greeted Hwasan's door-doers, chewing out bloody insults as if to prove that they were not easy.

The two eyes met with examiners exuding a glow, and the green forests exuding a hideous flesh.

Those who were looking at the crash closed their eyes unknowingly.

It seemed to them that the young tee was stronger than the disciples of Hwasan, who had not yet disappeared, the rugged greenery.

Even if Hwasan could defeat them, it seemed inevitable that he would take the heavy toll.


What happened was far from what they expected.


Impyeong, a celadon ship, clenched his teeth and glared at Noklimdo Island, which confronted him.

'With all your might!'

At a glance, it looks ten times heavier than his sword. It's easy to see a fiasco face-to-face encounter with such a province.

So for now, let's get that road out to the side...….

Red reputation struck the province with a sword that gave it its history.

And at that moment.


The province that hit his sword split with a thumping sound, and bounced back and locked itself in the owner's shoulder.



With a scream, the green road rolled back.

"……what is it?"

Impyeong, who was more surprised, blinked her eyes.


I was just trying to deflect it, but what if it bounces off? Is that making fun of me?

However, Impyeong was not the only one in this situation.


"What, what, guys!"

"What kind of power... "!”

A frightened voice rang from left to right. Impyeong looked around blankly.

Hwasan's disciples were unilaterally pushing out the green islands.

If a huge help and a thin sword collide with a goosebumps just by looking at it, of course the sword should be pushed back, and the black wielded by Hwasan's disciples was bouncing off the road, which looked ten times heavier than me, like a toy."What the hell, you bastards?"

"No, how come you're so weak compared to how the kids look?”

Wasan's disciples were more embarrassed than being beaten. But if it's Daebyolchae, they're famous bandits in Noklim, but they're this weak?

Then a low voice came from behind their backs.

"What are you doing?"

Everyone's head turned back in unison.

Baek Cheon was walking out slowly with his sword pulled out.

"I told you to get it over with.”


He looked calm as if the situation was not strange at all. It was only then that firm confidence grew in the hearts of the Hwasan disciples.

'They're not weak.’

We're strong!’

The hand holding the sword gave me strength.

"Crash him!"

"Let's go!"

Courageous, they shouted and began to sweep the bandits like lights.

It was the moment when the legend of Maehwa inspectors, who will continue to make their name known to the world, began.