Chapter - 577 Episode 577. It's because I'm too healthy. (1)



The wise men and the unborn men who clung to the windows were all at their wits' end and clutched at the frames of the windows.

"Well, I look like I'm in danger.…!”

"Oh, my. Back Sang!"

"Is that okay? Chung-Myung said, "Why is he only holding his back...….”

They were shaking as if they were flying out the window right away.

Im Sobyong, looking from behind at the scene, murmured with a mysterious look.

"…If you're so worried, you can go out."


Then Hyun Sang, Hyun Young, and Unam looked back with terrifying spirit at the same time and stared at Im So-yong as if they were going to eat him.

"Is anyone doing this because they don't want to go out? Don't tell me not to come out!"

"I mean!"

Excuse me, gentlemen.

An elder of the First Gate is not usually a place to order or receive orders from those below...….

I felt like Im Sobyong's head was getting weird as I was accompanying the Wasans. Anyway, this man's clique didn't work regardless of his common sense didn't work.

"So, tell me!"


"Are those guys strong enough to be here now?"

"It's... it's, um...….”

Im Sobyong couldn't answer immediately and scratched the back of his head. It wasn't because I didn't know their ignorance, but because I was at a loss how to explain it to them.

"As you know, green forests are not a strong threshold for individuals."


"So if I were to say, uh...…. Oh, that'sir. It's kind of an open place."

"Oh, open!"

Hyun Young, who immediately understood the appropriate analogy, nodded.

Although it is said to be the same old file room, open beggars tend to be inferior to the disciples of other old file rooms.

Nevertheless, the reason why openness can take a place proudly is that the number of Mundo is incomparable to that of other Mundo groups.

"The easiest thing to be in the world is a beggar, and the mountain is the easiest place for a man who decides to be a thief, so there are many, but each one is not that strong."

"So they're not that strong, are they?”

"Daebyolchae is a special place among those living quarters. The elite of those places are not comparable to ordinary bandits, but...…I'm sure there's a bit of that."

Im Sobyong thought he explained it well step by step, and indeed he did. But learning must be supported by the ability of the teacher and the ability of the learner.

"What? Elite? Are you saying they're elite?"

"Oh, my God! Then our children will be in danger!"

"No! But why does Chung-Myung keep drinking?"

Im Sobyong eventually closed his eyes tightly.

"Let's read Lord So-gui."

What are you trying to tell people who don't want to listen in the first place? It would be more productive to memorize the Buddha at that time.

What the hell is wrong with these people?’

It was beyond his comprehension.


Of course, Daveyolchae is strong. It is one of the ten green-rimmed vegetables, which is particularly strong among the seventy-year-old green-rim vegetables, and among them, it was clearly regarded as a top-ranking mountain vegetable.

It was clear that he was a force that could not be ignored anywhere else.

But the problem is....

Im Sobyong turned his head slightly and saw a fierce battle going on outside the window.

Your students aren't just not being ignored anywhere.

Those beasts... No, I'm just a bandit who's been leading a bunch of strong swordsmen...…. No, I shouldn't have said this. Anyway, they're worried about fighting with the greenlings.Im Sobyong smacked his lips and looked over the battlefield.

You're not gonna kill me, are you?’

But they're famous masters.

Bandit was a truly bizarre profession.

It is clear that it is a job chosen by those who have a violent tendency and are not well adapted to ordinary society, but in order to continue their status as bandits, they needed patience to wait endlessly for customers who might come.

You need patience with those who have become bandits in a rush. Where is such a paradox?

In fact, however, those who eventually settled down as bandits were those who knew how to create patience with their grit.

But today, Daveyolchae's bandits felt keenly real.

Man's grit is completely useless in the face of a strong sense of hitting from the sword that is stuck in the head.



As if to destroy the skull at all, a sword clasped at the top of the head blew away the ritual of a bandit over there.

"Ee, you son of a b*tc*...….”

"Who's the little boy? The weak ones. Not yet!"


Taken with a fierce momentum, Daegamdo bounced back as soon as he hit a sword that flew as sleekly as a swallow flying low.


Ma Maeng, the leader of the Daebyolchae Yacha Party, grabbed his broken wrist and quickly stepped back.

'Where the hell are these guys?’

It's totally incomprehensible.

The sensitivity he wielded was enough to weigh fifty pounds. Although he is not a new soldier, most of his weapons were serious diseases that would be left to be broken into pieces, including spears and swords, if he carried a bet and wielded it.

But the moment the great sensitivity hit that thin sword, it bounced out like straw.

"What, what power!’

I have lived with pride that I am second to none in the living quarters, but I couldn't handle the power on the sword.

Indeed, the ghost was wretched.

I yield a hundred times, so I can say yes. There are some people who have a strong sense of course.

But the young men's history cannot be strong enough to simply subdue him without learning from his mother's womb!

What was more frustrating was the attitude of those bastards.

I haven't spoken? " What is it! pijuktto Why are you so weak!"

"These bastards? Can't you use more power?!"

"This is not what I expected! You think I've endured that hell of a time to deal with a guy like you?"

Hwasan's inspectors, bloodshot in his eyes, were like angry cows.

As if he had met his enemy, he wielded a sword and felt suppressed anger.

What, what, what the hell!

Noklim, one of the Shinjuopae, the notorious bandits of Daveyolchae, is now completely overwhelming by the Hwasan disciples.

This is where the anger of the Hwasan disciples, who suffered like hell from Chung-Myung, who were severely scolded by Baek Cheon, and rolled to death by the ungum, was found.

It's been a really long time, and it's been a long time since I was able to swing a sword without being beaten, so I could flip my eyes.

"These bastards are bandits! Don't you feel ashamed of yourself.

"Argh! Die! Die! Die! Die!"

With the sword flamboyantly wielded to overshadow the sword of the Sapa, the green-rimmed people were frightened and recoiled.

“…….”Meanwhile, Chung-Myung's head tilted sideways as he watched the scene with a bottle of liquor in his hand.


In terms of the results, Hwasan was definitely overwhelming. He doesn't have to talk about it, but there are strong and delicate qualifications.

Compared to the time he first came to Hwasan in the past, the word "phase war" was overshadowed.

The combination of radical discipline, constant discipline, and forced elixir into the mouth forced up the level of the Hwasan Mundos to the maximum extent possible.

Objectively speaking, Hwasan's white porcelain boat and celadon boat were clearly overtaking the level of Hwasan's two and three great disciples when Chung-Myung was in the past.

The ball is Chung-Myung, who has raised his beloved disciples, but...….

But something was a little strange.

I mean, in the past, uh...….

When Hwasan's Lee Dae-na and Sam Dae-haeng went to Kang Ho-haeng, it was the taste of people in white suits wielding swords in style like heroes in the story.….

Right now...

"Hahahahaha! Use some more power! What kind of bandit is this weak!"

"Hahahaha! Back! Back! You punk! Head!"

"Did you think you wouldn't get hit again?"

Chung-Myung looked blankly at his death penalty.

Who's the Safa, who's the Political Party?

Looking at Hwasan's disciples, who are burning their eyes and killing vulnerable bandits, I felt like I was looking at a flock of bandits who came to plunder both people.

He slowly raised his head and looked up at the darkened sky.

'No, the long death penalty...….’

I said I'd try it my way...This wasn't what I was thinking.

There you go, you son of course. What do you mean now?

No... This is not fair.

Chung-Myung looked at Hwasan's students, who were running wild, with a bit of a smirk.


Yeah, my babies.

What about having a bad personality? Just grow up healthy.

Honestly, isn't being healthy the best? It's because I'm a little too healthy...….

While Chung-Myung was immersed in emotions (?), there was another person who was embarrassed by this ridiculous situation.

It was Dong Wong, a giant gangster who led his men.

His wide open eyes were shaking. I couldn't believe it even though I was looking at it in person.

'How are those little boys?’

He's also experienced numerous battles.

It wasn't that he didn't know that the momentary situation or difference in spirit would result in ignoring the car of the radish.

However, by all appearances, the cause of this situation was not just a difference in momentum.


The sword, which was bent thickly, flew dozens of times the heavy road neatly, and the side that lifted the road was being pushed away when it pushed each other away.

Backed by strength, back by strength.

There was no need to discuss the sophistication of herbivores. It's already as different as the sky and the earth.

If the sword that needs to be fought with sophistication and the province that needs to be fought with power are confronted, what can we do to fight?

This was too one-sided.

There was nothing else I could say but that.

"Chae, Chaeju!"

His men screamed in fright at Hawasan's disciples as they stormed the shore.

As it became clear that he would be wiped out at this rate, Dong Wong moved to try anything. But at that moment."I guess you're the head of the sea."

That's right away.

A man walked slowly toward him.


It was a young man examination who had been relaxed since earlier.

Dong Wong's face was horribly distorted.

"You little bastards! You're running wild without knowing what's going on!"

"You're the one who doesn't know what's going on. There's nothing to say. Come on, I'll let you pay for all the crimes you've committed."


It was a moment when Dong Wong, who changed his teeth, was about to come at him.

"Ey. Do you need a chicken knife to catch a cow? I'll do it, Sasook!"

"…Walk. The opposite is true.

"Oh, really?"

Jo-Gol grinned and stepped forward to face Dong Wong.

"Hey, bandit."


"You should know how to be neat. Bring it on. I'll shave you clean today."

Eventually, aging exploded in Dong Wong's head.

"You son of a b*tc*! I'll destroy every bone!"

"On the subject?"

Giggling Jo-Gol greeted Dong Wong with a fearsome face.