Chapter - 581 Episode 581, getting it back is not enough. (1)


Go Hong's eyes were horribly distorted as well.

At the same time, everyone in front shook and bowed their heads.

The reason why Go Hong is called Kwangwoo Island was not because he is always violent.

He was a man of his own right. But when I was angry, the story was different. It was Mad Cow that was attached to him because he ran wild like a mad cow.

"Dong Wong, you're saying he's?"

"I think so, Chae-ju!"

Go Hong looked at the person reporting silently.

The color disappeared from Ko Ho-ri's face.

"You led the entire opposition party, but you failed? So how much damage have you done to them? Im Sobyong, what happened to that rat?"

"That, that's...….”

When Lee Jung-bang hesitated, Go Hong jumped up from his seat.

"I can't tell you right now before I rip your mouth open!"

"Hehe, hehe! Yes! Yes! I'll report you! The enemy, so there seems to be no damage to the Wasans."

"…Executive Director?"


Go Hong tilted his head to the side as if he was doubting my ears.

"The whole opposition party went, and they couldn't even do the damage?"

"I'm sorry……. Yes……."


At the return reply, Go Hong smiled absurdly.

"Am I dreaming right now?"


"Are the opposition parties weaker than I thought? Or are those Wasanites much stronger than I've ever heard?"

Lee Jung-bang quickly curled up and answered.

"Hwasan is not a negligible clique. They've already defeated the armed forces of the bayonet.….”


But even before the horse was finished, there was a loud blast of dust and dust.


Lee Jung-bang's face was dripping with cold sweat. Slowly turning his head, the window behind the chair was already stuck right next to him.

If he had flown one inch to the side, he would have been a well-done six-piece by now.


"Chae, Chaeju…….”

"Do you want me to be wary of those youngsters who will be crowned King Green Lim?" A gatekeeper who can't even make it to the old school?"

Lee Jung-bang couldn't say anything.

Whasan is not a member of the Old Party, but he is a door-to-door faction that should never be ignored. However, it was no different from begging Go Hong to wash and cut his neck clean.

"Uh, how dare you compare them to the majesty of the lord! That's an absurd thing to say!"

Lee Jung-bang lowered his posture, lying flat to the limit, but Go Hong's face was not loosened at all.

"These useless things!"

Go Hong, who sprang up from his seat, soon burst into tears.

"Get everyone ready! I'll go myself!"

"Ji, you need to calm down, Chae-ju!"

"Calm down? Do I look calm now? I've been humiliated. What would other shareholders think of me?”

It is true that Daveyolchae and other living quarters worked together to drive out the green vegetables. However, it has yet to be decided which of them will be crowned King Noklim.

As they discuss it, they will lose their strength, and it will eventually strengthen Im Sobyong's dominance.

However, with this great humiliation on him, it was clear that everyone would nitpick at him and blame him for not being qualified as King Green Lim."So you need to calm down more! Wouldn't we just lose power if we were to deal with Hwasan like this? If we do, those other mountain-fisheries could get a bigger one."

"……Fishers are…… No, what do you get?

"Who's gonna like it if our power cuts? We've already been damaged, and if we use our power again to deal with other living men, Daveyolchae will be ruined! They're going to take advantage of that and run like this! Please hold it!"

Go Hong's face is distorted.

"Why would I lose when I defeat the Wasans personally?"

At this point, Lee Jung-bang's face is also horribly distorted.

You don't understand what I'm saying.’

If I had a little head to support the power of heaven, I would have become King Green Lim.

"Im Sobyong and the Wasans will definitely come after this!"

"Do you want me to wait for it?"

"Chaeju! Think about it. Aren't there already other cabs on the way here?"


"So we're going to walk past it and of course we're going to use our power. Then you can devour the weak ones."

"What are you going to do if you catch King Greenling in another house? It's like looking at the roof of a dog chasing a chicken."

"The dog can't climb the roof, but you can climb, can you?"


"If they catch Im Sobyong, we can hit them and take Im Sobyong away. Isn't that the law of greenling?"

Go Hong finally showed signs of hesitation.


"Yes, Chae-ju, when the others fight against them and lose power, we can wipe them all out! Then no one will object to Chae-ju becoming King of Green Forest."

"That's how it works! Lol. That's my fingerprint!”

Compliments poured out, but Lee Jung-bang lowered his head and sighed secretly.

What the hell is going to happen to green forests?….’

Already tied to Daveyolchae, there was no other way but to follow Go Hong.

However, it was very clear what would happen if Go Hong ascended to the title of King of Green Lim and ruled him. It was obvious without having to count for a long time. It was no different from driving green forests to their deathbeds.

If only Im Sobyong were healthy.

What a perfect green-rimmed king of green forests.

I felt sorry, but what can I do? Green forest is a place dominated by the strong zone.

"Then I'll put up with it once as you say. But if things don't work out as you say, you'll have to be prepared to roll around the mountains!"

"Yes! Chaeju."

* * *


Like this.


Squeeze. Squeeze.


In the midst of a busy touch, Baek Cheon's eyes trembled. His eyes stared grimly at those who clung to him.

Baek Cheon, who was holding back his sleep, finally opened his mouth.


"Oh, don't move! You're straightening out your wrinkles!"


Guys, my clothes don't usually have wrinkles.

"Dust here!"

"Shake it! Shake it!"

Baek Cheon closed his eyes as he watched the death penalty, which had been attached to me for a while and groomed me with a rough touch.

"…Please stop it."

"No, Chung-Myung told me to make it shiny without blemishes."

"Do you raise horses?"

Am I a white horse?

"That's a lot to talk about."Then Chung-Myung walked slowly and checked back and forth of Baek Cheon. And he said.

"Think about it, Sasook."


"How did you feel when you saw Jongnam in the past?"

"How do you feel?”

"All I want is the feeling.”


Tall, handsome...… honestly, it looked enviable. Chung-Myung, who read the answer from Baek Cheon's expression, asked again.

"Do you know why?"


"It's Jin Geum Ryong who's standing in front of me."


"Look, the guy who looks like he's shoved and crushed is Jong-nam's ambassador, and he's pushing his face in front of him. Who's going to think that's great?”


It seemed as if he had to refute something as a monk or a human being, but when he recalled the sight of Chung-Myung, Baek Cheon finally found nothing to refute.

"People who have never held a sword in their entire lives have no idea whether they are great or stupid. You're gonna have to dance with your sword, or you're gonna have to look great. That's what I'm saying! So stop talking and stay still.”

Baek Cheon pressed down her tears.

It wasn't that I didn't understand what Chung-Myung was saying.

But there's a time and place for that, too!’

I'm going out to fight against the green forest. What are you talking about, you nutcase?

Im Sobyong clapped his hands as he approached.

"Hahaha. It's very nice to see. Certainly, Master Baek Cheon is not a penny short of a handsome man."

"Hey, half a beggar."


"You go to the back. No, just bury it in the middle so you can't see it at all."


" Where pijuktton't look like you, therefore, closely linked to a besieged in front of others. Can't you just disappear?”

Im Sobyong, who slanted his shoulders at Chung-Myung's acrimonious remarks, penetrated through the disciples of Hwasan. Watching the scene, the black night lake and the caterpillar swallowed tears.

"King of Green Forest.’

'These guys are the best.'

Where in the world would King Greenrim be treated like that? Although I'm half kicked out now, I'm still a green-rimmed king.

But Chung-Myung's blazes also hit them.

"Hey, you, too."


"Don't put your ugly faces in the middle and keep your back down.”

"…Yes, brother."

"I see."

Chung-Myung, who removed all the ugly(?) things, frowned as he looked around the rest of the people.

"Hey! Bald!"

"Don't do it, you son of a b*tc*!"

"Don't you have any conscience! What are you doing, monk Hye Yeon!"

"This isn't it, this is!"


Hye Yeon's face...…. No, my whole head is red. Chung-Myung looked disapprovingly at his sparkling hair and nodded as if he couldn't help it.

"Well, there's nothing I can do about it. You're just right up front."

"……Thank you, Shizu."

However, Hye Yeon became the president as if she was lucky not to go hiding.

Poor Hyun Sang asked Chung-Myung.



"But do you have to do this?"

"You'll find out soon."

Chung-Myung looked toward the door. Then the door opened slightly and Yoo-Esul came inside.

"I think we're all here.”

Chung-Myung nodded neatly and looked back at everyone.

"Everyone, straighten your shoulders and get out.


"You'll find out now. What kind of eyes will we get from now on? The death penalty should all get used to it."However, those who did not realize it were whispering with a sour face.

"What's he talking about?"

"Leave it alone—it's not like he doesn't know once or twice."

Chung-Myung kicked his tongue as if he knew what you guys would know. Then I swirled to the door.

"Come on, let's go!"

Soon the door opened wide.

Light poured in and the view outside the door unfolded. Baek Cheon, who was at the forefront, opened his eyes slightly.


"What's this?"

There was a dense crowd of people around the boulevard that stretched out the door. Standing at a density that was about to be crushed to death, they cheered loudly.

"Hwasan's heroes!"

"Hwasan's going to beat the bandits!"


It was a deafening roar. Chung-Myung said nonchalantly.

"What are you doing?"


"Let's go."

"…I got it."

Baek Cheon began to move his feet, breathing out quietly. Then his disciples of Hwasan followed him. Everyone seemed dumbfounded.

Of course they weren't very unexpected either.

I thought I'd get a friendly look because I'd already stopped the bandits once. However, I never thought that people would gather and cheer for me as soon as they were around.

Whasan's Mundos, out on the boulevard, headed for the gates, walking on a path packed with people from side to side.

"Crash the bandits!"

"Don't get hurt!"

"Long live the Wasans!”

Cheering, cheering, and concern followed every step of the walk. Hwasan's disciples whispered among themselves, looking embarrassed.

"Wow, is this how it's supposed to be?"

"I don't know. How do I know? It's my first time."

"Do all the other gatekeepers get this cheer?"


At that time, Chung-Myung looked back at the whispers and frowned a lot.

"Mi, I'm sorry……".”



"Stretch your shoulders!"

At the scolding, Hwasan's disciples unknowingly stretched their shoulders.

"I'm cheering for what the death penalty has done. Open your shoulders and accept it. I'm going to go through a lot in the future."

Listening to Chung-Myung, their shoulders began to get more and more tense.

Awkward but confident expression.

Chung-Myung smirked.

'You'll be proud.'

In the past, Hwasan faced this scene as a daily routine. People gathered like clouds when they heard that the Wasan Mundos came out of the West Bank.

However, it would have been unfamiliar and awkward for them.

'But now you have to get used to it.’

This is one of the many things that Hwasan lost.

Lost reputation and lost evaluation.

Chung-Myung now intended to regain Hwasan's reputation.

First of all, those bandits.

His gaze turned to the faraway mountain of Hyungsan.

"It's not enough to get it back."

I'll make Hwasan's reputation resonate in the whole country! More than in the past!

You like it, don't you?

It's been a while since you said the right thing.

What are you talking about? I always say the right thing.

giggle giggle