Chapter - 583 Episode 583, it's not enough to get it back. (3)

The head of Jogungchae, Mujahyehra, asked while listening to the report with a pretty interesting face.

"So they went down to the city and were killed?"

"Yes, it didn't seem to be dead.

"That's what it is to be killed, to be destroyed, to be imprisoned."

"Yes, that's right, Chae-ju."

"Tsk tsk tsk. That bear did it in the end."

Im Sobyong is not a pushover.

If he were so easy to deal with, he wouldn't have controlled the green forest for quite a long time. Many pointed out his lack of force, but Wongang's idea was a little different.

"It's not a lack of force, but it's a great thing that he has held the position of King Greenlim for a long time with that lack of force.’

Although the existence of the room suppressed the voice of dissatisfaction, if the person, not Im Sobyong, had risen to the position of King Noklim with such skills, he would have been the son of a predecessor and would have run away less than a month later.

However, Im Sobyong has maintained his place as King Green Lim so far, solely through resourcefulness and conduct. Doesn't it prove how great he is just by the combination of these three living quarters, which had been at odds with each other?

With such a visible move against Im Sobyong, it was natural to be taken.

"You paid for moving without thinking."

"Do you have any thoughts for Kwang Woo-do?"

"Tsk tsk. That's right."

Go Hong was the perfect opposite of Im Sobyong.

If Im Sobyong is a man who overcomes the lack of force with his brain, behavior, and background, Go Hong is a man who overturns the lack with only his own force.

"I'd rather have Im Sobyong keep his position than be King of Green Forest."

"Hehe. Chaeju. How dare that crazy cow climb to the throne of Green Forest? The position will of course belong to Chae-ju."

"Brazen sound."

Won-gang smirked.

If I push you enough, you'll fall into my grass.’

I'm not catching Im Sobyong yet, so I'm very careful.However, Go Hong's patience was poor. As soon as Im Sobyong's recruitment was secured and the seat of King Greenlim was vacant, it was clear that it would immediately reveal its tyranny.

It is not a dream to take the place of King Green Lim if the river steps up and isolates Go Hong moderately by then.

"But, Chae-ju, you have to be careful."


The river slightly frowned at the words heard while cutting off the flow.

"What are you talking about?"



"Yes, no matter how much it was in the city, wasn't the opposition party in Daebyolchae untried and beaten? It means that Hwasan's power is more than I thought."

"…He is, too.”

Won-gang scratched his jaw.

Im Sobyong's scheme must have exercised its power, but wouldn't it work if there was at least the power to carry out what was planned?

It means that at least that Hwasan had the power to handle the Yachadang.

"But there's nothing wrong with that. The stronger the enemy, the better. Either way, Daveyolchae and Hwasan will cut off each other's power.”

"So is he."

"They're not going to climb a mountain of three unless they're out of their minds. And since that Go Hong is not being humiliated by his violent personality, we just have to wait until those Daveyolchae guys go down the mountain and go to war with Hwasan.""Yes, Chaeju!"

The corners of the mouth twisted.

Daveyolchae, who is greedy to become a green forest king, and Hawasan, who came all the way here with a sense of justice that is useless, are just idiots.

It was the moment when Won-gang, who was satisfied with the situation, laughed.


"What, what!"

He jumped out of his seat, startled by the sound of a roof ripping his ear.

But before his head could turn, the ceiling collapsed and something came over him.


Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the great trees hit the house, the whole building began to collapse.


A large wooden column passed right next to the face of the river.


With his eyes wide open, he trembled.

"Hey, what the hell's going on!"

"Are you all right, Chae-ju?"

Bboom bubbing sound.

Wongang changed his teeth instead of answering.

He wasn't the one to be crushed, but the sudden situation was enough to run out of patience.

"What are you doing, you idiots! Make sure what happened right now!"

"Yes, Chaeju!"

Dirt-covered minions rushed outside. The river clenched its fist.

This can't happen naturally, so it certainly means that someone came in alive.

"Is it Go Hong?"

He moved his feet thinking of the most likely suspect in his head.

What he saw in the mess of the wreckage was a group of fighters rushing inside after jumping over a shattered, collapsed wooden wall.


"Chaeju! Attack! It's an assault!"

"I have eyes, too!"

The river's veins stood up with a roar.

It's not "Daebyolchae".’

At first, I thought that the Daebyolchae people violated the treaty while they were angry, but the color of those rushing inside was clearly different from that of the Daebyolchae people he knew.

"What are they?"

"Hwa, it's like Hwasan!"


"Yes! That plum print on the chest is for sure."

"Oh, my God! Why would the Wasans in business come in here?"

Those who have ideas cannot attack more than 1,500 people in just over a hundred. This is not a matter of discussion. Even a child who just started to walk knows better than to start a fight.

But that nonsense was now unfolding before his eyes.

"Why are the Wasans here who should be at odds with Daveyolchae?"

There seemed to be a fire inside.

Doesn't that mean that his plan has already collapsed?


"For God's sake! Stop him! I'm gonna blow all those d*mn it!


Despite the sudden attack, the Wongang was not a green man either. I should have been embarrassed, but I got on with it quickly.

His ordered bandits stormed against Hwasan's disciples, making a rave.

"Cut off the neck!”

"I'll peel you!"

And as if to prove their identity, they made harsh remarks. But it wasn't really just a shout to show ferocity and prove it.

Political factions who check each other's skills with a weapon and set examples in a fight are bound to be embarrassed when faced with brutal life and harsh swear words.

Even if you don't panic, you can't avoid being overwhelmed. It's a way they've learned to deal with political factions for a long time.


Unfortunately, the people they are dealing with now are not ordinary political factions."Where are they going to go? They'

"I'll throw you off the cliff, you bandits!"

"Let's see if you can talk like that with plum blossoms stuck in your mouth!"

Rather, the bandits, who were raising their spirits, flinched unknowingly, as they saw the Hwasan disciples rushing in with more violent voices.

'What the hell? What about these bastards.

Aren't they political factions?

The blood of the Hwasan disciples in their eyes overwhelmed the bandits for a momentarily.

How would they know?

For them, living and double-sounding are just air and chirping that they face as if they are their daily lives during training.

Compared to the acrimonious sarcasm of Chung-Myung, which seemed to dig out the flesh and camouflage with a needle, their abusive language was peaceful and polite, no different from the teachings of Gong alliance.

Whasan's students, who got a head start, hit the faltering bandits.



As they rushed to the brink of violence, they scattered sophisticated and colorful swords that did not match the spirit.


"Every, plum blossoms?"

Bandits who saw black like flowers opened their eyes wide. The beautifully blossomed sword soon penetrated their deadly parts with a fierce force.



In no time, the bandits who had been cut fell to the spot screaming, and went out and fell. As the battle broke down in an instant, Hwasan's disciples did not miss the opportunity and rushed forward with more ferocious force.


"Hwasan's name is on our shoulders!"

"Chung-Myung is watching from behind!"

"Why are you saying that, you son of a b*tc*!"

It was a truly bizarre sight.

Roughness and a life like that of Sapa. However, the herbivores made at the end of their swords are simply exquisite and neat.

The bandits were greatly embarrassed. I've never seen such a distant sight in my life.

'What the hell are these... '….’

Meanwhile, Chung-Myung, who was watching from behind, rolled up the corners of his mouth. Hawasan's disciples were seen to be in perfect spirits.

Dogs eat half the time in their front yard?’

It's because you have confidence. But now I'm more confident in this side.

"If you hit the ball first, you have to hit the ball!"

Chung-Myung raised his hand and pointed forward.

"Go, boarding house! Accident! Death penalty! Break your back!"

"Here we go, you son of a b*tc*!"

"Anyway, that's real!"

Everyone cursed with their mouths, but they were already moving as soon as Chung-Myung stretched out his fingers.

Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul, who ran out like an island battle, and Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol jumped over the heads of other Hwasan disciples and rose to Ho Gong.

The river opened its eyes wide.

The image of the four people soaring into Ho Gong under the backlight was clearly seen in both eyes, and the heart seemed to stop for a moment.


At the same time, the four men drew Ho Gong with their swords, descending above the heads of bandits.

Soon the plum blossoms bloomed.

It was flowering, at the same time falling.

As if they were the same, different plum blossoms were combined and sprayed rain on the bandits.

It was a beautiful sight to watch from afar, but it was a horror to bandits who welcomed the rain with their whole bodies.

Flying petals dug into the body relentlessly.

Wasan Ogum lightly lowered above those who had fallen without a single scream.


Baik Cheon, who clenched his sword, aimed at the bandits who stepped back with a cold face."Show them what kind of place Hassan is!"


The fraudsters shouted for the world to leave. Led by Hawsan Ogum, everyone swung fiercely at the bandits.

"We are the Hwasan faction!"

"I'm coming!"

No matter who watches, plum blossoms bloom.

The plum blossoms, which endured the chill in the cold snow during the long winter, were finally showing off their red and colorful appearance to the world.

In the future, if anyone discussed this moment, it would be expressed in this way.

It's the day when Hwasan, who was consulting with the god, finally lifted up the old, cracked sword and began to make a grandiose appearance in the world.

Wasan is finally back.