Chapter - 589 589th episode. If a man pulled out a sword, I'll cut his neck! (4)



Hawasan and Daveyolchae stormed at each other.

Love, love, love and sorrow!

The sword was as fast and brilliant as ever, and the sword-welcoming province was very strong.


When the sword and the province collided, the sound of metal ripping the ears rang out.



As soon as they faced each other's weapons, their expressions hardened.

"It's not easy!"

"Don't let your guard down!"

It was the Wasan side who shouted first.

I've already dealt with Jogungchae and Hyolrangchae, but the power that comes from the province now was completely different from then. It was a moment when I could clearly realize why only the name of Daveyolchae sounded like that even though the three living quarters were here.

And that feeling was the same for Daveyolchae.

"Hey, you guys!"

"Don't back off!"

There are times when I feel more with a single sword than a hundred words, just like the situation of the Hwasan disciples and the Daveyolchae bandits.

Let's go!

Ungum, who pushed away the flying godfather, shouted with a firm complexion.

"Don't fight back with your strength!"

"Yes, my lord!"

Ungum's eyes got slightly dark.

You're not easy.’

Ungum was not confident that he knew the situation well. But at least I could be sure that the military strength and training of the bandits I'm dealing with now were incomparable to the previous ones.

Are you trying to win the title of King Green Lim?’

Bandits are those who follow the strong after all.

Therefore, stronger bandits flock to the mountain quarters with stronger heads. In the end, the power of Chaeju symbolizes the power of the mountain.

So if you think about it backwards, you can guess the power of that Go Hong.

"But in the end, a bandit!"

Ungum believed in Hwasan's power more than anyone else.

None of his disciples was lazy. At least in recent years, he has endured the hard training that no other munpa would dare to imagine.

No matter how much Go Hong had trained the greenlings, there was no reason for Hwasan's disciples, who had endured the training with the desire to be strong themselves, to fall behind him.

Ungum did not believe in his own teachings. I believed in my disciples who overcame the teachings.

"Believe in yourself! You're strong enough already!"

The loud cry of the ungum, which is not usually heard, empowered Hwasan's disciples.

"Yoon-Jong, Jo-Gol! Support the left!"

"Yes, Sa-suk!"

"Accident! Right with Soso!"

"Yes, death penalty."

Responding quickly to the situation, Baek Cheon moved toward the center like an island war.


His sword penetrated the neck of the bandit who was wielding the sword against evil.


With the sound of blood boiling, the bandit turned upside down. However, Baek Cheon did not even look at the fallen and fired dozens of sword and sword scans at the next bandits.


"My legs! Argh!"


Then he stepped down hard.

Words alone cannot lead.’

He's seen enough already. What it's like to lead a person.

When a truly reliable man leads in front of him, the follower can go beyond his limits and exert the power of the ship. Didn't you already feel it when you looked at Chung-Myung's back?

'We can't just chase him around forever.'He is always supposed to be Hwasan's man of letters.

He was not the one who would be led, but the one who would be led.


The tip of his sword shook and soon spewed out dazzlingly beautiful plum blossoms.

"The death penalty!"

"Keep your house safe!"

Needless to say, the death penalty knew his intentions and stood firm around him.

A slight smile rose around Baek Cheon's mouth.

"Let's go, Hwasan!"


Standing ahead, Ogum and Unja boats led Hwasan fiercely, claiming to be the most dangerous places.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-bang, who was watching the situation, wrapped his head.

What the hell are you doing?

You shouldn't fight like this.

Hasn't it already been confirmed that Hawsan's power exceeds them? There was no chance of winning head-on.

But that d*mn Chae-ju was facing head-on without taking advantage of his geographical advantage or numerical advantage.

In terms of sick leave, he committed only the things that he should not have done.

The difference is obvious.

In terms of absolute power, this side may be stronger. Of course, each and every one of them is definitely better on that Hwasan side, but given the difference in number, it's hard to conclude that their power is further behind.

But the momentum of the current battle was apparently directed towards Hwasan.

'This is too much for me to think about it.’

Those who had not yet lost fluff on their faces were moving perfectly together like the soldiers who had fought the war.

That was not just organizational power, it was trust.

No matter how much Noklim trained and trained, he could not completely surrender his life to the man standing next to me and fight. It's impossible to go beyond the deep-seated distrust with training alone.

But those Hwasanites are wielding swords, believing perfectly in those who are guarding me. I believe that the black death penalty that I can't stop will stop me, and someone will solve the difficulties I can't handle together.

That's what moon blue is all about.

When people who have lived differently trust and trust each other under one name, their power can soar several times.

Those who lead risk their lives to ease the burden on those who follow, and those who follow do their best to protect them.

"Oh, my god!"

"Well, what do you...…!”

Now the war is definitely behind at a glance. Hawasan's inspectors cut and pierced the center of the wide-seated Daebyolchae.

If it went like this, the center would be completely penetrated soon after.

Chae, Chae Joo!

Lee Jung-bang looked at Go Hong's back in embarrassment.

Definitely losing, he didn't really think to move while watching the situation. Lee Jung-bang's insides were burned to the ground by the carefree appearance.

'No way, you really don't have any thoughts?’

He eventually plucked up his courage and ran to Go Hong.

"Chae, Chaeju!"


When he saw Lee Jung-bang making a fuss right next to him, Go Hong turned his eyes, slightly wiggling his eyebrows.

"Hey, if you leave it like this, the damage will be too great! Oh, my God! Let's put in the Oho!"

Oho were his henchmen raised by Go Hong himself.

The only thing that can turn the war upside down and change the situation is the masters. If they had stood at the front, that high spirit could have been dampened."Oh?"

"Yes, Chae-ju! If it's too late, there's no turning back...….”

At that moment, Go Hong grabbed Lee Jung-bang by the collar and threw him to the floor.

"Ah, ah, ah!"

"You're useless.”

"Chae, Chaeju?"

Go Hong's face was strangely twisted.


He shouted, pointing forward. Seeing that Lee Jung-bang was at the fingertips, there were only bandits who were being pushed back endlessly.

"Mu, what am I supposed to see?"

And it's just the scene of Hwasan digging into the middle and cutting down his bandits mercilessly.

"Can you see?"


"Tsk tsk. Aren't they coming into the center? Like I'm going to be surrounded by myself!"

Lee Jung-bang distorted his face at the confident remark.

"Chaeju! Siege is only meaningful when you have the power to knock down your opponent. Surrounding an opponent with insufficient strength is a self-inflicted struggle!"

Lee Jung-bang, whose frustration reached its peak, couldn't hold back and screamed. It was unimaginable, but there was nothing to be seen as life depended on.

Isn't this stupid guy gonna kill him too?

"If you don't have enough power, yes.”

"What are you talking about? You're out of your mind...….”



Go Hong slapped Lee Jung-bang on the cheek.

Lee Jung-bang, who fell to the floor in one shot, immediately groaned, grabbing his swollen face.

"He was right not to discuss anything with you. The incompetent one!"


Lee Jung-bang looked up at Go Hong with his eyes blankly clasped around his cheek.


What do you mean.

What the hell are you talking about?

"From beginning to end, nothing is wrong. It's like a ghost. It's really like a ghost!”

"Chae, Chaeju?"

"I don't know what you're doing behind the scenes, but that ability is a hundred times more reliable than yours!"

Bloody Go Hong's eyes were filled with satisfaction.

"Lack of power? Hahaha!

He hit the ground hard with a giant unwoldo in his hand.

"Then you'll have to add more power! Come on out, everybody! Kill all those fearless bastards!"

Lee Jung-bang wondered if Go Hong had gone crazy.

Who are you asking to come out? What?

No. It's not "oh. There is no way to make such a fuss if it is an obvious move to put Oh-ho in.

Then who?

You're saying you've been allied with another building without me knowing?’

No. If Go Hong had such skills, this would not have happened. Even because of his violent personality, other living quarters regarded him as "Go Hong."

Then what the hell...

It was just that moment.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Along with the huge sound of explosive explosions that seemed to have exploded, the wooden blocks surrounding the green vegetables collapsed at once.


A cloud of dust rose in the eyes of Lee Jung-bang, who turned his head in fright.


The moment when the dust that had been gathering was pushed away by the breeze.

"What, what, what, they?"

Unidentified people of blood appeared. Lee Jung-bang opened his eyes wide.

Their appearance at the back of the woodblock was about fifty at most. At first glance, the number of fifty may seem ridiculously small where more than six hundred people have faced each other.

One, as soon as they showed up, everyone here felt something unusual was going to happen.

The three swords, which are strangely thin and red as bloodless, made viewers feel horrified. But to attract more attention than that, it was a breathtakingly thick life felt from them."Hahahahaha!"

Go Hong laughed his head off.

"You rat who believes in my head! The world doesn't just move in your head!"

Im Sobyong stared at strange fighters with an unusually serious look.

What the hell is it?

I've never seen them before.

I assure you they were not green. There was no sign of greenness in their paces and energy.

His back was soaked in cold sweat in an instant.

This was all a trap?’

That Go Hong set a trap?

Just as he realized something was terribly wrong, Go Hong's Eonwoldo aimed at Hwasan's disciples in the center.

"Kill them all! Don't let a single one live!"

No sooner had the horse fallen than the bloodmen advanced over the woodblock.

As the situation changed, everyone could not hide their embarrassment.

"I knew this would happen."

But Chung-Myung, who was watching the situation, kicked his tongue and stepped forward.

"Hey, boarding house."

"…what is it?"

"That's it for training."



A female plum sword was pulled out of Chung-Myung's waist dance.

"From now on, it's the real game."

Cold flesh began to flow from his eyes, darkened in no time.