Chapter - 591 Episode 591. If a man pulled out a sword, he should cut off his neck. (6)


An invisible sword penetrated the body relentlessly.

When blocked with a sword, the wrist was cut off, and when it stepped back, it flooded through the heart faster than the speed at which it was receding.


Without any consideration for the consequences of overpowerment, the sword to kill the opponent cut and stabbed the vital point without a single error.


The heart-drilled black was recovered at a faster rate than it was when it was pushed in. Dark red blood spouted like a fountain from a hole in the chest.

Distrust, dismay, and futility.

The last thing I saw was a person with death on the verge of death, and it was always the same. Chung-Myung stared at the other blooded people with a light look at them.

Each of them was staring at Chung-Myung with venom in his eyes.


Anyone would be embarrassed or terrified if four colleagues died in an instant. But they didn't seem too excited or angry.

Chung-Myung licked his lips slowly instinctively.

As soon as I saw the strong smell of blood and venomous eyes, I felt something familiar.


The corners of my mouth are twisted.

"It smells like something I've smelled before.”

A sharp canine tooth was revealed. Chung-Myung, with his eyes wide open, grabbed the sword handle.


The sound of hitting the ground exploded like a binge.

Soon, Chung-Myung flew low and low like a swallow flying across the ground.

The bloodstained men stabbed the sword at him.


However, a strong blow threw all of them away.


I didn't even have time to understand what was going on. A cheerful sword beyond common sense was heard for the blood's neck.

A sharp blade grazed the neck of the blood righteous, who instinctively turned his head.


Yegi cut off the skin and cut off the flesh inside.


The sound of blood leaking spread eerie.


At that moment.


With the sound of the wind blowing, Chung-Myung's sword was bent sideways at once. And stuck right in the neck of the blood.


The blood bubbles boiled.


He grabbed the sword stuck in his neck with a seizure-like hand. Blood bubbles flowed out of the red-wet git.

Even though he had already felt death, his eyes were full of venom instead of despair.


Three slowly stretched swords of blood headed toward Chung-Myung's belly.

Chung-Myung rolled up his lips as he looked at the scene with cool eyes.


Chung-Myung's sword, which had been stuck in his neck, escaped with a single sword, and soon blew away the wrist of the blood righteous.

Choked up.

Blood spattered from the cut wrist to Chung-Myung's face, but Chung-Myung did not blink an eye. On the contrary, he stabbed the sword in the heart of the blood righteous a dozen times.

Push! Push! Push! Squad!

A terrible sound penetrated the heart through the bell.


The blood man's eyes quickly lost vitality and his body collapsed as if it were hitting Chung-Myung.

"You…… have no mercy…"….”


Even before the will was over, the Amhyang Plum Sword mercilessly slashed the neck.

Crack, crack, crack, crack.

Blood poured down like rain. In the red rain, Chung-Myung lightly kicked the body away. It was an insensitive move as if to clear obstacles.


After shedding the blood from the sword, Chung-Myung slowly put everyone into view. The bleakness of life spread.



The eyes of the blood began to change.

Relaxation has long been gone. The wolf who chased the rabbit into the cave looked like he saw a tiger walking out of the dark.And the first to detect the change was Go Hong, not the disciples of Hwasan, nor the blood.

"What are you doing?"

Go Hong roared and roared.

"Kill him! Kill him! Get him now and kill him!"

"Chae, Chaeju!"


Go Hong's Eonwoldo fell behind the backs of frightened bandits.


Dozens of bandits collapsed at once.


Then, the bandits around them alternately looked at Go Hong and Chung-Myung with their pale faces.

"Are you going to die by my hand?"

Go Hong screamed low and soon their eyes were filled with venom.

"Kill me!"

"It's one! Collaborate and kill him!"

Daebyolchae bandits bathed in madness, turning their eyes against Chung-Myung. Chung-Myung revealed his teeth as if he was having fun.


Soon after, a red sword soared above the heads of bandits, like torrential currents in heavy rain.

The red-hot sword began to bloom like a flower.


Gwak Hae's face was just next to the sword.


The sword, which was carried, painted a long stab wound that extends from the mouth to the ear. Gwak Hae's face was naturally distorted by the burning pain.

The bloodstained man, who hurt and stepped back one step back, said.

"You're getting courage, aren't you?"


There was a clear sneer in the mouth.

"Those who have never had blood on their hands are at the end of the day. I'm so sympathetic to him who has to fight with a load like yours."

Gwak Hae frowned on. The sweat from my forehead stung my eyes. But I didn't even dare to blink. That guy in front of me would be enough to split his throat in that moment.

But now really scratching Gwak Hae's stomach was not the life he was spouting, but the words that came out of his mouth.

You're not wrong.’

At the moment he felt danger was approaching, at the moment he felt his life was on alert, he was looking for the Wasan Ogum without realizing it.

And that fact made Gwak Hae unbearable.

I'm not a piece of luggage.’

Whenever there is a crisis, you can't catch up with the death penalty for the rest of your life by just lean on it. He is not a leaner. This is the confident control of Hwasan, who will push the death penalty back.

What you need to believe is yourself.

Inside him is the teachings of Hwasan that he has kept so far.


Gwak Hae's eyes slowly subsided.

The stab wounds began to throb, but he didn't intend to take a single step back.

"Yes, I'm still a rookie."

Gwak Hae's blue eyes glared at the blood righteous.



The thick flesh began to spread.

"I'll beat you here today and take off your shirt!"


At the end of the remark, both eyes of the blood were filled with laughter and blood.

"Try it, boy!"

Gwak Hae shook his sword, twisting his face like an animal.

But contrary to the expression, the sword soon relaxed from the hand.

Keep your head cold.’

Wasan's deafening teachings remain intact in his body. I have also learned to deal with stronger people.

Nevertheless, not being able to do what you know, and not being able to do what you have learned, would it be more like saying that he is a fool?Whoosh!

Gwak Hae's sword, full of experience, quickly flooded the blood.


As soon as the sword and the sword met, the bloodstained man stepped back, frowning.

'How does this young man run... '….’

It was an experience that did not match his apparent age. Something was definitely different from the other children of Munpa who had been dealing with it.

"I am!"

Then Gwak Hae, who recovered the sword, shouted his throat out.

"Hwasan's three greatest disciples, Gwak Hae!"

It wasn't meant to be said. It was just an instinctive cry to cheer up and regain one's own sword.


When Hwasan's disciples heard the cry, they grabbed the sword in unison.

"I'm Baek Sang, Hwasan's second best student!"

Baek Sang also bawls his throat out and points the sword forward. There were voices here and there that awakened themselves.

"Come on, evil enemy!"

"……These guys…….”

Hawsan's disciples regained their composure again. There was no sign of fear in both eyes, and the firm feet stepped firmly on the ground.

"Raise your voice, you f*cking bastards! You're only going to talk to people who are easy to deal with!"

At Baek Sang's cry, Hwasan's disciples rushed forward, exploding their pent-up spirits.

"You bastards!"

The moment the blood man clenched his teeth and cut down on Hwasan's student in front of him.

Oh, my god!

Flying from somewhere, the same cheerful sword as the island penetrated his shoulder.


The bloodstained man freaked out and quickly bit himself.

'This sword...'?’

I couldn't even see it. I didn't even notice it.

"It's good to run with confidence."

As I turned my eyes, I could see a man walking in with a heavy weight.

"Then I'll give you my voice."


Jo-Gol, who swept up his cumbersome bangs, licked his lips with a crooked smile.

"Kill me..."


But before the bloodman's words were finished, Jo-Gol's sword flew back at his throat.


Although it was instinctively blocked, Jo-Gol's cold life made my heart drop and my spine shudder.

"Why are you scared?”


"If a man pulled out a sword, I'll cut off his neck!"

Jo-Gol laughed grotesquely and launched a fierce attack.

"You son of a b*tc*!"


At the moment Jo-Gol hit, a man who jumped the death penalty's head twisted once in Ho Gong before descending.

Oh, my god!

The sword of a prosecutor who jumped into the middle of the bloodstains stretched in all directions like a fantasy.



The frightening anticipation of a sword passing through the body made the bloodthirsty people groan and groan.

Yoo-Esul swung his sword as if to sweep the floor with a faceless.


With the sound of cutting the silk width at once, the wind pressure raised the dust. Sword moving as if alive through the yellow dust quickly split the ankles of the blooded people.

"You f*cking b*tc*!"

The bloodstained man, who rushed with harsh words, hurriedly turned his eyes to the eerie feeling of the moment.

Love, love, love and sorrow!

Finding a non-aqueous body that flew right in front of him, he hurriedly rolled around and managed to avoid it.

A cold sweat ran down my spine. His head would have been skewered if he had been a little late to discover.

"I'll cover you!"

Yu-Esul nodded at Dang-Soso's voice, holding the sword to the station.

It was a moment of confrontation.

That's right away.

A man walked out between the death penalty and took a stand. He seemed to declare that he could attack others only after passing himself."Come on."

There was not a grain of salt in his short words. Rather, he was able to provoke his opponent more perfectly.

The faces of the bloodmen were horribly distorted.

"I'll kill them all!"

They howled like hungry beasts and stormed toward Hwasan like an island war.

It was then.


Red plum blossoms began to bloom in front of those who rushed. As if they had moved the forests of plum blossoms, they reduced the speed of the blood rush as if possessed by a fantastic sight.

At the signal of Baek Cheon, who shot out plum swords, Hwasan's disciples gained strength and swung swords again. He unceremoniously drove the bloodthirsty.

Baek Cheon peeked at Yoo-Esul, Yoon-Jong, Jo-Gol, and Dang-Soso. And turned the nerve to the right. There was Chung-Myung as promised.

'Anyway, that guy.'

It's where it should be at the most necessary moment. No matter how hard I try to catch up, I don't even show my shadow every time.


"Don't let Chung-Myung set him up!"

At least you can push your back.

"Hit it!"

Hawsan's disciples' plum swords spewed brilliant swords.