Chapter - 594 Episode 594: To gain something, you have to lose something. (3)

A warrior is indeed a strange being.

Even though they know that the enemy is looking for the neck and revealing a hideous tooth in front of their eyes, they are completely captivated by the confrontation of masters.

They didn't dare to look away, but their nerves were focused not on the enemy in front of them, but on the game in the distance.

The same was true of Hwasan's disciples and blood.

But it was the blood side who realized the unexpected first.

"What is it?"

'These bastards?'

When was it?


Three outstretched swords bounced out. Of course it's common throughout the battle, but something's changed.

Those wielding their own swords were bound to notice. The anti-elasticity felt from the opponent's sword has changed significantly.

What the hell has changed?…?’

Until a little while ago, Hwasan's disciples were like wild beasts. No, you're right to say that it was exactly like a wild cat in evil.

But the rough and tumultuous sword began to get heavier. It's not slowing down, it's solid and solid.

"Is this possible in the middle of a fight?"

Of course the sword changes anytime. Unless ignorance remains in place, black is bound to change over a lifetime.

But from the moment you go into battle here to now, the sword's nature changes in that short period of time?

It was ridiculous.


The blood man clenched his teeth and stabbed the sword faster. Before, however, the disciples of Hwasan, who would have swung and listened to the sword, focusing only on speed, have now begun to cut it short and concisely.

Yes, it resembles Chung-Myung's sword against Go Hong in front of it.

You bastards!

Of course, I don't dare to compare. The abyss of that sword was frightening to look into.

However, even though the depth was shallow, their swords were clearly becoming similar to Chung-Myung's.

You're training in front of us?’

The blood man's face was horribly distorted.

Isn't that so?

They are learning that sword even at this moment. He immediately changes his temper when he sees something more right, as if he doesn't have any stubbornness of his own.

'What the f*ck are you doing?’

The bloodstained goosebumps all over the body.

Unlearned is a pile-up.

No matter how young these guys are, they may have had enough years to build up their martial arts through the bone-crushing agony.

The warrior lives on the foundation of the pile. Twisting and transforming the foundation is also frightening for the profession of redefining its own ignorance.

Is it this easy?

No, it's not like that.’

This was not a matter of logic. This is a near-blind trust. It comes from an unresponsive belief that this direction cannot be wrong and that this change cannot be bad for them.

'You crazy people.'

The preceding does not doubt that those who fight behind will absorb their swords, and the following take the teachings without hesitation and develop.

Where else in the world is there a gatekeeper who can do this crazy thing?


No matter how hard I swung it, it didn't work.

Until a while ago, he was able to break through the defense and leave a stab wound on the bodies of his disciples, but now he has never penetrated that defense as if he had met an iron wall.

Just as Chung-Myung was blocking the stormy BSE, Hwasan's disciples were solid and completely blocking the swords of the bloodmen.And

Oh, my god!

A sword that stretched out momentarily cut through the flank of a bewildered blood righteous man.


It felt like the sword was twice as fast.

But the blood man knew. It's not their sword accelerated.

A perfect defense produces a perfect attack.

As defense became possible, those who regained their composure could see a more definite opportunity.

Of course, I know from the head, but it wasn't convincing. How can I understand and admit that the opponent's military power is doubled in the midst of an immediate fight?

"You son of a b*tc*!"

He screamed and stabbed the sword, but the reaction to his return was not the same.

His disciples, who had raised their voices even more as if they would not lose if they raised the volume first, lightly cut off his sword and stared at them with unshakable eyes.

The eyes began to weigh down the blood.

An eye that doesn't have a single doubt. The eyes that only those who walk straight and confidently in their own path can have.

The swords of the blood began to lose their momentum and dull.


'Keep your balance.'

'Don't be dazzled by glamour and speed.’

It wasn't going to be solved by running wild.

Why did I forget?

In the end, there should be a center for kendo to be valuable. Even if it is too fancy when it is stretched out, it should be too heavy when it is kept.

Inspired by victory and growing up, I had for a moment forgotten the meaning of HWASAN prosecution. Even though I've heard that many times.

A single sword delivered them more than a thousand words. The faces of the Hwasan disciples, who looked sideways at Chung-Myung's sword, were discreet.


The advance that Baek Cheon stepped on rang the ground.

The heavily wielded sword cut off the flying three swords, and instantly changed its momentum and flew into the air to cover the blood with a number of plum blossoms.


Defense heavy, attack sharp.

'This is it!'

Something was now at his fingertips that was almost out of reach.

Whenever you want to move forward, you have to look back on the basics. It's a simple fact that everyone would know. But it was also a trait of ignorance that no one could do this simple thing.

Who did you try to teach?’

Shame flooded in.

He was still standing on the path of learning, but he made fun of other students for being a little ahead. He thought he could pass on as many things as he could.

But at this moment, Baek Cheon realized once again. First of all, the priority should be to take care of yourself. There was no such thing as getting lost for any reason.


His sword penetrated the heart of the righteous.

It is not the mouth that leads people, but the back. Teaching is not logic, it is sword.

Chung-Myung was showing that now.

Other ogum felt the same way as Baek Cheon, wielding the sword more seriously.


Baek Cheon flew like an island war at the blooded who couldn't hide his embarrassment.

"You are not our match!"

Hwasan's disciples, with discretion and determination, responded to the voice with their own swords.

Oh, my god!

In the midst of a raging storm of pottery, Chung-Myung's appearance was beyond serenity.

Even if it contains numerous reasons and interpretations, black is a sword. It's all about swinging, stabbing, and confronting.Whoosh!

The sword, which flew straight to the side of the island, which fell like a brain failure toward the head, lightly hit it.

Kakao Talk!

Then, with a sharp sound, the province bounced off at an enormous speed.

It flew straight back toward Chung-Myung's side, but it fell off the slanted sword, and when it was quickly stabbed again, it was pushed away by a sword that moved like an island war.

Chung-Myung was preventing all the dizzying attacks with minimal movement without any clutter.

"Turn it off…."

Sweat dripped down from Go Hong's whole body. As if I was being stabbed by a confrontation, my power supply had been hurting, and my heart was about to burst.

The connection, which had been almost stopped breathing, took the physical strength of the person wielding the province to the point of harshness.

But I couldn't stop it.

The moment this province stops, his defeat will be certain. Having exhausted all his strength and strength, he will never be able to fire another shot like this.

So somehow, he had to play this game with this connection.

Sweet smell came out of the mouth, and blood vessels burst one by one, failing to overcome blood pressure that circled twice as fast as usual.

Blood spilled from the nose, but evaporated under the wind pressure and heat of the province before it could flow down to the floor.

Fall down... please fall down! Fall down!'

However, no matter how hard he tried, the opponent in front of him kept his position. He perfectly received a shot with a creepy look in his eyes.

Goose bumps ran through Go Hong's entire body.

It was a horror, a awe.


The muscles began to tear apart.

Why don't you fall down?

The weak knee bent and the strength escaped from the road.


Go Hong, who pushed his strength to the last drop, finally gave a full blow.

It was such a perfect shot that I wonder if he had ever had such a blow in his entire life.

The mind, body, and history have become one. After a brief silence, his stormy wading was young.


The final blow, which put everything on the line, fell in a frenzy as if to throw Chung-Myung on two fronts.

And at that moment.

Chung-Myung's momentum, which had been calmly attacked by him, has changed.


There was a burning sensation of life. Chung-Myung, with a grotesque smile, flew himself towards Go Hong's attack.


The Amhyang Plum Blossom Sword, as if responding to his will, leaked its verification, and soon began to smoke dozens or hundreds of red plum blossoms.


The province, which has the energy to cross the earth, fell into the forest of plum blossoms.

It's going to be it!

The petals crumbled and crumbled as they hit the road. It seemed impossible in the first place for a delicate and airy plum-blossom to block Go Hong's waterfall-like province.


The newly bloomed plum blossoms fill the empty spots of the torn plum blossoms.

The plum blossoms of the twenty-fourth-century plum blossoms are gradually.

No matter how strong Go Hong's temperature was, it could not crush all the blooming hundreds and thousands of plum blossoms.

Harder wading than steel began to cut slowly. The province, which was about to collapse, quickly lost its momentum, and was buried and twisted between the blooming plum blossoms.

Oh, my god!

Soon after, the flow of plum blossoms that rose at once swept up Go Hong's Unwoldo Island.


The province was cut in half and the day soared to Ho Gong.Paaaaaaaaaaaah!

In the fluttering plum blossoms, Chung-Myung appeared like a fantasy. And with cool eyes, he dug into Go Hong's chest.


The eerie sound spread.

Go Hong slowly looked down at my chest. Where the heart was, a white sword was almost stuck to the handle. It was rather fortunate not to see the blade of a sword sticking out through its back.



His body, which was like an iron tower, shook.

Every time I took a step back, the blade of the sword was pulled out and red blood poured out.

"I... can't believe this...….”

Blood started to flow back even with his mouth. When Go Hong opened his mouth to say something, it poured with red marks.

"Oh, my God, this can't be...….I'm sure he……… my enemy to Hwasan…I don't have ……….”

Go Hong's words were no longer continuous.

The mouth was pouting, but it could no longer be heard.

Chung-Myung watched and approached him without saying a word. Go Hong's voice, which was about to go out, was heard faintly.




Soon after, the severed Go Hong's throat soared to Ho Gong. The body, which lost its head, stumbled and hit the ground like a rotten giant collapsed.


Chung-Myung looked at Go Hong, who collapsed with indifferent eyes, and spoke quietly.

"Talent is a luxury for those who don't work hard.”

Having learned the lesson with your life, it won't be a bad business.