Chapter - 597 Episode 597: To gain something, you have to lose something. (6)

"Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!"

Gohori Jung Bang ran and ran with a broken leg.

'Da, you have to run away.’

Even if other bandits are caught, they may end up with only moderate punishment. But he wasn't.

A former Go Hong confidant, he can't be the same as others. It was clear that he would die if caught.

Even if Hwasan kept him alive, that Im Sobyong wouldn't have kept him alive. Im Sobyong is the one who is more cruel than Go Hong when it's Im Sobyong. So he had to run and run until his leg was broken and escape their pursuit.

You stupid bastard!’

The more I thought about it, the more I couldn't stand the curse. Things wouldn't have come this far if he had been advised to leave the greenhouse and run away. But the idiot considered his advice a dog's tongue, and he managed to escape.

'But what the hell... '….’

Who was he talking about?

The fact that Go Hong told him to ignore Lee Jung-bang's words means that he knew Lee Jung-bang's existence. It's pretty detailed, even if you had a rough idea of what to say.

Then what the hell...

"Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

No, this is not the time to think. First of all, when they get to where they can't go...….

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love!

Crack, crack, crack!

"Oh, my god!"

Suddenly, Lee Jung-bang screamed and fell down.

Considering the speed at which he was running, he would have to roll around for a long time, but his body could not go any further on the spot. This is because a spear that flew from somewhere penetrated his thigh and was deeply embedded in the ground.

"Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

While crying while lying face down, he reached out his trembling hand and grabbed a spear stuck behind my thigh. However, no matter how much strength I put in, I didn't think about falling out. It only adds to the pain.

'Large, what the hell...'.’

What confused him more than the pain from the wound was the identity of the man who blew this spear. If Hwasan was after me, I wouldn't have thrown a spear.

At that moment.

Shake shake. Shake shake.

A group of people appeared as if they heard a sign of movement in the bushes behind them.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Just give me a rough scare. Why would you hurt me?"

It was a soft, relaxed and relaxed voice.

At that moment, however, Lee Jung-bang hardened like a frog who met a snake. The voice contained the power to terrorize the listener, even though it did not have any explicit hostility.

Shake shake. Shake shake.

The relaxed footsteps rang a little more before stopping in front of Lee Jeong-bang.

When Lee Jung-bang turned his trembling eyes to the side, he saw a pair of colorful shoes in five colors.

It was too fancy. It's too much for a man to be surprised.

Lee Jung-bang's heart began to shrink automatically.

I couldn't even breathe. Nevertheless, his eyes gradually turned upward as if possessed.

The blood-red hongpo was embroidered with gold threads with vivid figures of the tiger. The white hands, which were exposed under the red cuffs, shone to the fullest with brilliant rings and colorful bracelets.

A woman?

No, it's not.

His body shape was too strong to be a woman.


"Huh……. Huh….….”

Lee Jung-bang's mouth, terrified, opened automatically opened.

I couldn't check his face, but only one person came to his mind.

These colorful costumes and over-the-top truffles. Who in the world would wear such a costume like this?….Lee Jung-bang's eyes finally checked the man's face.

The thin lips were red as if they had been painted with blood, making them look all out of the ordinary. On the other hand, the raised nose was as smooth and masculine as ever. The thin, fine-lined eyes under his eyebrows were so deep that it was hard to guess what he was thinking.

At last, when I checked the golden coffin on top of my hair that was neatly brushed back, a groan that Lee Jung-bang couldn't hold back came out of his mouth.

"Well, come on, Jean...…for a long time……."


A man squatting still in front of Lee Jung-bang's face poked his forehead with his fine fingers.

"Do you have to call my name recklessly?”

Lee Jung-bang hurriedly covered his mouth with his hands.

However, the sobbing sound still came out suppressed.

It's inevitable.

Anyone with interest in front of them would react like that now.

The reason is too simple.

Because the person in front of him now is Jang Nilso.

Defeat Jang Nilso.

a universal ark

The king of all things.

There were a lot of modifying words for him, but no words could express this man perfectly. The language was too crude and the words too insignificant to capture this man.

Why? Why is he here?

You don't think so…?


Jang Nilso stared at the terrified Lee Jung-bang and opened his mouth.

"Is Go Hong dead?"


"You have to answer, don'

"He, he is…That'sir! Yes! He's dead!"

"To whom?"

"Hwa, I think it's the Hwasan Divine Dragon! I'm not sure, but I think he, he is."

Uncertain and obvious were words that couldn't However, Lee Jung-bang, who was driven to the edge of the cliff, could not afford to discern such reason.

Why is Jang Nilso coming out of here?

My heart beat like a bomb. It was not sad, but tears poured down from both eyes.

"You're here, you're a bandit, you're not ashamed of yourself and you' What about the others?

The others?

You mean the blood people?

"Lord, you're dead.….”


Jang Nilso had a subtle look on his face and asked again.

"Im Sobyong은?"

"Sa, you're alive. He definitely lived."

"Then Im Sobyong will be king of green forests again, right?"

"Yes, he, that sort of thing.….”

"Since I told you not to kill in green vegetables, green vegetation will soon stabilize. Hwasan, who saved the green forest king, will devour the green forest. No, I'm sure he'll devour it."


"Just as I thought."

Jang Nilso grinned. His index finger, which touched Lee Jung-bang's forehead, began to tighten.

"Did you say your name was Lee Jung-bang?”

Lee Jung-bang was surprised to the point where his heart was about to pop out of his neck and opened his eyes wide.

'Oh, why?'

Why does Jang Nilso know him?

No matter how much he was Go Hong's jinang, he was worse than the dust on his shoes compared to that defeated soldier Jang Nilso. A man about Jang Nilso had no reason to remember his name.

But why?

"Tsk tsk. I know how hard it must have been for you to be around such a moron as Go Hong. At least I wouldn't have died so stupidly if I had followed you. Right?"

Lee Jung-bang did not dare to answer.

Anything Jang Nilso says is a justification to kill him. If not, it would be an insult to the lord he served, and if not, it would be a rebuttal to what Jang Nilso said."You have to answer, don'

"I…… I…….I, uh...….”

"Oh, my God."

Looking at Lee Jung-bang, who couldn't say anything, Jang Nilso kicked his tongue as if he was sorry.

"Don't tell me I'm going to catch a pod and kill you. You make me such a bad person."

"Oh, no. No, you lost! Absolutely not!"

"Ho. Did you recognize me?"

"How can you not recognize defeat if you have eyes, ears and ears! Such a man must take his eyes off and his ears off!"

"Well, it tickles."

Jang Nilso smiled brightly as if he were happy.

"But it's a pity. It shouldn't be known anywhere that you're here."

"Well, I didn't see anything. Even if you saw it, you wouldn't make fun of your tongue anywhere! If you don't believe me, pull out my tongue!"

"Can't you write with your tongue pulled out?"

"Cow, cut off your hands! If you don't believe me, feel free to do so!"

"Hey, didn't you tell me. You make me such a bad person. I'm not a very cruel person."

"Ha, if you do……".”

"I knew enough that you meant it. I have a pretty accurate eye for people. I know you're not going to deliver my message anywhere."

Tears filled Lee Jung-bang's eyes, in the light of hope.

I'm alive.

It wouldn't be this happy to get out of the criminal's mouth. Isn't Jang Nilso's front more dangerous than his belly?

Then Jang Nilso's red lips opened.

"There's only one problem…….”



Before long, his fingers pierced through the forehead of this side. Lee Jung-bang, whose fingers were stuck in his head, drooped as soon as he looked at Jang Nilso with incredible eyes. It's out of breath.

"It's a problem that I don't trust people."

Jang Nilso, who wiped the blood off his fingertips with a handkerchief, slowly pulled himself up.

"Hwasan must have done a good job."

Then, Hoga Myong approached and said with indifference.

"My lord."


"I don't quite understand. It took quite a lot of money and effort to raise Agui University. Why would I have to waste it in a place like this?"

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Alias, aliases."

"Yes, my lord."

"That's why you're a problem. Didn't I always tell you. What?"


"If you want to get something, you need to lose something."

With his hands behind him, Jang Nilso slowly opened his mouth as he gazed at the distant mountain peak.

"Go Hong looks gutsy, but he's actually a coward. If you were really confident about your skills, you would have already tried to eat Im Sobyong. But wouldn't being benevolent mean you're unexpectedly scared, not cautious?”

"……That's right."

"He wouldn't have moved until the end if he hadn't given us a platform, fed us dogma, and confirmed that he would never betray us.”

No, Hoga Myong didn't think so.

Go Hong would have refused even if he added something more than a monkfish. If it wasn't Jang Nilso who said that.

Green forest and the bay are waging a war. In that situation, the head of the enemy comes and takes the coaxing word for it?'That's ridiculous.'

It was only possible because Jang Nilso. Only Jang Nilso could do it.

"I don't understand what the ark is drawing, as I am loathsome."

"There's nothing difficult about it. I'm just trying to make sense."

Jang Nilso said, raising his fingertips and looking. Then there was a slight shadow on his white face.

"If there is something to gain, there is something to lose, and where there is light, there is a shadow. If they dare to be the light, it's not bad to throw them enough firewood to ride. Then wouldn't the shadow get deeper?”


"Now Noklim is a friend of Hwasan's."

"Isn't it the result of the enemy getting stronger?"

"Isn't that why it's so meaningful?"

Hoga Myong shook his head as if he couldn't win.

He was also a military master, but Jang Nilso was a man who found his way through instinct, not through military law. Every time Hoga Myong realized how insignificant learning and knowledge was in front of his natural self.

"Let's go back. I'd love to send you a gift, but if I did, I'd ruin everything, right? I have no choice but to congratulate you in my heart. That's too bad.

Jang Nilso turned slowly.

Hoga Myong sighed and stuck behind him.

"Oh, and."


"Have you checked all the families of Agwi University?”

"Half are orphaned, and most of the rest are not very close to their families. It's a price that only those people get together in the first place."

"You've checked. Then pay the family big money."

"…do you really mean it?"


Hoga Myong quickly bowed his head as Jang Nilso frowned slightly as if he was annoyed.

"I'll do as you say."

"It's enough money to buy a man's heart."

"Yes, ark."

Jang Nilso pulled out the gold threaded vestibule from his arms and threw it lightly at Hoga Myong.

"In addition to the money I owe you in the room."


Jang Nilso, who really finished what he had to say, walked leisurely with his hands behind his back. Hoga Myong peeked back at the green peaks in the distance.

Poor guys.

None of them will even know who they are on the palm of their hands. And by the time you find out, you'll realize that there's no way out of a tight snake.

But it's not their fault.

It's just that Jang Nilso is such a person.

Defeat Jang Nilso.

Snakes that teased the world broke the long silence and began to move.