Chapter - 599 Episode 599. Won't the guppa kids get more cursed at? (2)

a party-free group

(Screams. Sneak.

A white hemp cloth lay gently on top of a pine tree-shaped sword.

The blades were already well-organized, but the swordsman wiped them in a serious manner as if performing an important ritual.

The man, who had been looking at the day as clean as a mirror for a long time, slowly laid down the sword.


A sigh came out. The black became clean, but his mind was still mottled and noisy.

And then I heard a sign outside.

"Are you in the writer's office? I'm in vain."

Heo Do-jin, a shaman's long storyteller, slowly raised his head and asked, looking toward the door.

"What happened?"

"There's something you need to know."

"Come on in."

Heo Do-jin pushed the sword in and put it aside. Soon Ho Sanja, who entered, took the example and sat in front of him.


Then he opened his mouth with a slight hesitation.

"The Hwasan faction, who went to the Joksan Mountain, defeated all Hyolrangchae and Jogungchae, including Daveyolchae, who was occupying the green vegetables."


"It is said that the three houses were cleared and that they were not damaged at all."


Eventually, Heo Do-jin's unbearable groans came out of his mouth.

"Hwasan again?

Most of the news these days seemed to be about the Wasans.

In fact, in common sense, it couldn't be. A shaman's long story is a place that oversees the power of the world. It is also a place to listen to all kinds of gossip that travels around the world.

So to be precise, it should have been said that only Hwasan had any news that bothered him and made him uncomfortable.

"Did you say you weren't seriously damaged?”

"Yes, I think so."

"As far as I know, Hwasan has almost no pupils. And I understand that these great disciples are also young prosecutors who have not reached Ilippe. Am I right?"

"That's what I know."

Heo Do-jin's face is slightly hardened.

"Then, the shaman destroyed all three living quarters with children who would still be only a latecomer, and did not suffer any damage."


Ho Sanja did not bother to answer. It was because I knew it was not a question to confirm the truth.

"Hwasan……. Hwasan파…….”

Heo Do-jin's face, which was muttering in a low voice, became a little darker.

I've always thought it was unusual.’

It was now undeniable that HWASAN's reviewers outperformed the shaman's reviewers. Already they have proved their power over and over again.

But this one was proving directly that their power went beyond just being assessed as a latecomer.

"I have no idea."

Heo Do-jin said in a low subdued voice.

"This kind of growth is impossible even if we gather and teach the most talented children in the world. But how the hell did Hwasan bring up the kids so long ago when he didn't know when to put down the signboard?"

There was a lot of ageing on Heo Do-jin's face, which doesn't show much emotion.

I know it's not, but every time I heard about that Hwasan's incomprehensible growth, I felt like the world was blaming him for being incompetent.

Ho Sanja's face, who was reading the eyes of Heo Do-jin, who was breathing deeply and suppressing aging, came in.

"Do you have another message?""……That……."

Ho Sanja hesitated for a moment and reluctantly opened her mouth.

"It's creating people who criticize the text."



"What's the text suddenly criticized for?"

"It's…… not too far from Daveyolchae, but I've been sitting still and not beating him…"….”


At a loss for words, Heo Do-jin opened his mouth slightly without realizing it.

Daebyeolsan Mountain and Mudangsan Mountain, where Daebyolchae is located, are located in the same North.

"Those who thought the shaman couldn't do anything about it must have changed their minds as Hawasan came all the way to Hyeongsan and beat Dave."

"How is that supposed to happen!"

Heo Do-jin's voice has risen.

"Daebyolchae belongs to Green Lim! If we beat Dave, we must be determined to wage a war against green forests. Wasan was able to defeat Dave because he was convinced that it would not spread to the war against green forests!"


Such a thing could be swept away whenever a shaman stepped up.

But Daveyolchae is just one of those seventy-two greenhouses. No matter how shamanistic it may be, it was never easy to handle all the 70s living quarters.

What's so difficult about dealing with green forests only if other old factions help them, but it was clear that other old factions would just watch while waiting for the shaman's power to be cut off unless the damage was done to them.

By the way, how does a shaman punish Dave?

"Of course it is. But……."

Ho Sanja sighs deeply.

"The problem is that the critics don't count the details. On the surface, isn't it right that Hwasan beat up the shaman's territory of Daephyolchae in Hobuk instead?"


Heo Do-jin holds back Chimmy' I closed my eyes tightly.

As Ho Sanja said, it was unreasonable to expect ordinary people to understand such relationships. They'll only see what they see.

"Hwasan's praise is touching the sky. If you go out, all you can hear is Wasan. I doubt who is spreading the rumor on purpose."


Heo Do-jin breathed out and clenched his fist.

'This is not something to stand by.’

If Hwasan's reputation increases, the damage will be done by the shaman.

"First of all, we need to appease the public. Get your disciples ready."

"What happened to the disciples...…?”

"Isn't the place where Daveyolchae was beaten to death in Hyeongsan? There will still be remnants left in Daebyeolsan Mountain. It's too late, but shouldn't we pretend to be moving?"


"I know it's fixing the barn after the horse is stolen. But even if you lose a cow, it's better to fix the barn than not doing anything and letting go of it doing anything."

"Well, that's not it.….”


Anxious Ho Sanja slipped out.

"He…… says Hwasan is on his way to Daebyeolsan Mountain."

"What did you say? They're going to Daebyeolsan Mountain?



"Hey, as you said, to clean up the remnants of Daveyolchae…….”

Ood, wood!

The corner of the tea table that Heo Do-jin grasped crumbled.


Ho Sanja quickly closed his mouth as his face flared red.

Ho Sanja has seen Heo Do-jin all his life. But it was the first time I saw him so angry.

"Not only shamans, but the whole old file room has lost face! Wasan! That wasan!

The reason why Heo Do-jin is so angry is not because Hwasan has taken over what they have to do."Anyway, the bandits who lost their heads will be destroyed and sorted out on their own.’

Heo Do was aware of it, but he tried to appease the public. And there's no way Hwasan doesn't know about this.

In other words, Hwasan's move contains a malice to crush the shaman's reputation on the ground.

"What the hell is going on here?"

It was incredible that things could get so messed up because of the petty bandit warp.


In the first place, it was the same during the Kendo and the World War II. Did anything happen to you that happened to that Hawsan intervention that went back as expected?

"Now that you have gained fame by laying down your gufas, you are going to take advantage of them. And soon there'll be some sort of clairvoyance or something!"


"It's not good. It's so bad."

It wasn't something that really caught my attention. However, the whole center of gravity was focused on him as he did this. Of course, all the attention of the midfield will be drawn to the transformation of the Chunwoo League.

Chun Woo-men, who had to spend years just to spread his name without much attention, immediately made his name known to the entire country.

Performance breeds fame, fame attracts attention. And attention eventually leads to influence.

The influence of Hwasan and Chun Woo-min in this trivial way has far exceeded the level expected by Heo Do-jin in the first place.

"I can't stand still any longer!"

Heo Do-jin, who was lost in thought, sprang up from his seat.

"Get ready. I'm going to Shaolin."

"So. Did you say Shaolin?"


There was a light in his eyes.

"I need to see the head of the room.”

* * *

"What did you just say?"

"I said I couldn't stop it."

Bop Jeong's calm voice across the street distorted Heo Do-jin's eyes.

However, Bop Jeong's face facing such a hurdle was just gentle.

"Room leader."

"Speak, Long."

"Are you saying that because you don't know what's going on right now?”


Heo Do-jin stared at Bop Jeong with cold eyes.

"It's not a place to think so easily. It is clear that the western part of the Middle East is their territory, although the high-ranking clique of the civil service is united!"

"…there's trouble in the West, and there's a fortune teller or ARMY. The creation of a "nostalgic" will not make the West entirely theirs."

"That's why it's more of a problem!"

The unbearable hurdle screamed.

"If blindness is created there, conflicts with existing gatekeepers are inevitable! I'm just trying to divide the mighty for nothing! When the remnants of Mahkyo were discovered in the North Sea, should we throw our own ball?"

Bop Jeong's expression was like a lake without ripples, despite the angry rant.

"What do you want So-seung to do?”

"You have to stop it."


Heo Do-jin said with a determined face.

"We must prevent them from gaining fame more than they need, and calling in more than they need to, to disturb the world. Isn't that what you really want to do to strengthen?"

Bop Jeong pushed the teacup in front toward Heo Do-jin. For now, it seemed to mean calm down.

Heo Do-jin looked hard at the steaming teacup.There was a moment of silence between the two.

It was Bop Jeong who broke the long silence first.

"It's not that I don't know how a long-distance writer feels who came all the way here."


"But that's not something I can do. The gatekeepers who don't even belong in the old file room get together to form a blind, and what justification would I use to stop them?"

At Bop Jeong's words, Heo Do-jin asked in a chilly tone.

"Can't you stop it?”


"Or are you not stopping them?”

Bop Jeong did not answer.

"It's not just my idea. There are a lot of people who think that it's bad for the power to do something like that. It's just that the chief acquiesces, and no one opens their mouth first."


"But if you say this to the end, I can't help it either."

Heo Do-jin sprang up from his seat.

"I had a nice cup of tea."


"Pay attention, sir. See you again."

And I went outside without waiting for an answer.

Bop Jeong, who was left alone, turned to the teacup in front of the seat where Heo Do-jin sat. I didn't drink a single sip, so it was full.

"Room leader."

Bop Kye, who appeared through the wide open door, looked at him carefully.

"What about the writer?"

"He left without looking back."

"Well, you're a hothead.”

When Bop Jeong shook his head, Bop Kay said in a small voice.

"I didn't mean to hear it, but I unintentionally overheard it because of its high voice."

"How can I stop you from hearing me?"

Bop Jeong spoke calmly, as if it were insignificant. Bop Kye bowed his head and opened his mouth carefully.

"Mr. Bang. I don't think the shaman's long words are that wrong."


"Yes, the one who stops the destruction of the Heavenly Union...….”

Bop Jeong looked up quietly, looked at him, and asked.

"Because you're messing with the Heavenly Fellow?"

"Isn't that so…"….”

"Don't you fear that the Heavenly Fellow will take away the reputation and authority you hold in your hands?"


"That's private."

Bop Jeong smiled quietly.

How innocent of the Hwasan Divine, who is more openly telling me to pay for it.

His mouth talked about the safety and peace of the strong, but he was full of greed not to give up what he had in his hand.

'I'm no different.’

Bop Jeong, who sighed deeply, turned to the window and looked at the distant sky.

However, one suspicion has never been resolved.

It's too coincidental.’

Things can't work out like this. It's going perfectly as if everything is ready for Hwasan and the Heavenly Union.

It was impossible for Hwasan to do so alone.

Doesn't it feel like someone is pushing Hwasan to gain fame?

"Amitabha Buddha."

Bop Jeong, who left the disapproval, closed his eyes still.

Maybe everything's already started.

When I opened my eyes again, dark clouds were pouring in from beyond the distant sky.