Chapter - 600 Episode 600. Wouldn't the Gupa babies get more cursed at? (3)

"But you bastards!"

"Where are you going?"

Wassan Mundos, dressed in black and plain clothes with plum blossom patterns, followed the bandits with their eyes fluttering.


"I'll live a good life!"

The bandits ran away and screamed, but unfortunately, they didn't know that their pursuers were merciful.

"Who's going to kill him? Won't you stand there?"

"Stand up! If you stand up now, you'll be less fit. If you keep running like that, you're going to go crazy."

At a brutal threat, bandits ran with more foam in their mouths.

'These crazy bastards!'

Suddenly, the monks who came into Daebyeolsan Mountain started to capture all the poor(?) remnants who had lost their places to go and gathered at Daebyeolsan Mountain.

Don't they have any kind of mercy?’

The bandits were brutally beaten and fled with tears in their eyes. If you have a human mind, isn't it basic to give them enough time to take their luggage and run away?

However, those who would not bleed with that needle were rushing into Daebyeolsan Mountain without delay, occupying the mountainous area, and even chasing and arresting all the bandits who ran away.

"Hey, you bastards!"

"No, but that bastard?"

"That's harsh."

Hwasan's disciples, who lit up their eyes, accelerated further and chased after them.

No matter how hard you run, bandits are bandits. It was impossible to outrun the Hwasan disciples who followed suit.



Eventually, a bandit who was beaten hard in the back of the head by a sword fell to the spot. Then a running student, Hwasan, climbed on his back and began to slap him on the back of the head.

"Say it again, you son of a b*tc*!"

"Argh! Argh! Master! I'm sorry! Ahhhhhhhh!

Gwak Hae, who was beaten on the back of his head, kicked his tongue and tied the hands of a bandit with a prepared string.

"If you're confident, hang up. I'll cut your life line right away."


Other bandits who fled also returned in a row tied to the hands of Hwasan's disciples.

"You're going to get caught anyway, so why are you running so hard? Just relax for nothing."

'I wouldn't run if I were you, you son of a b*tc*.’

The bandits did not dare to talk back even though they were furious. These guys were so different from the political factions they had been dealing with.

You're right. What kind of political faction are they?

The faces of the captured people were swollen. Even heukdo people don't beat people like this.

'What kind of a gentleman are they?'

"But he's been staring at me for a while."

"Oh, no, no! I never did that!"

"So I was wrong?"

"Well, that's....”

Gwak Hae blinked his eyes. Then the other disciples standing in the back dissuaded him.

"We don't have time for that. We have to go quickly. If it's too late, Chung-Myung will turn him upside down again."

Gwak Hae, who measured the time while looking at the sun, groaned.

"Yes, let's go back quickly."


The disciples of Hwasan, who succeeded in subduing the remnants, headed for Daephyolchae with woven bandits.

"…more than I thought."


The trapped bandits, who looked twice as big as green vegetables, were sitting on their knees in the center of Daebyolchae. Hawasan's disciples, who pulled swords around them, kept their eyes on them.

Gwak Hae led the bandits he had woven and went to Baek Cheon in front of him."Sasook! I've got you."


Baek Cheon, who identified the swollen faces of the bandits involved, said with mixed faces.

"…You beat a lot."

"These bastards keep talking...….”

Gwak Hae야. You're a master.

Do I have to shake off my face to talk? You're a Taoist, too.

Baek Cheon sighed as he saw the qualities that made him feel so natural.

"……Yes, thank you for your hard work. Push it in there."


Gwak Hae dragged his captive bandits to other bandits and knelt down.

"Was there any problem?”

"I thought I'd pull out a knife and resist, but it was more obedient than I thought."


At the words, Baek Cheon slowly looked around the bandits.

"They're bandits, so they're a bunch of crap. I can't believe my boss gave up his resistance as soon as he died.”

The faces of the bandits of Daveyolchae turned red.

"That son of a b*tc* with no conscience."

He's worse!’

Why wouldn't they want to resist? But they've already seen it clearly. How Hwasan fought in the green vegetables.

Not only did he cut down all the bloodthirsty people who were trembling just by looking at them, but he also hit Go Hong's neck, who reigned like a king in Daveyolchae.

The bloody blade couldn't have been avoided by their necks.

If I pull out a knife for no reason, I'll have to wait for the day, so what would I do to resist?

However, there was no way that his disciples, including Baek Cheon, could have guessed how they felt.

"But why aren't there so many people? Did we get here early? I don't think so, given the number of bandits caught."

"They were all back."

"Then where...….”

"If Chung-Myung gets caught with one of his bandits left in Daebyeolsan Mountain, he will return to Hwasan standing on his hands, so everyone went out to check if there was any remnants missing nearby."


Gwak Hae's face turned white.

There's a lot of crap about Chung-Myung. I couldn't do as much as the stars in the sky, but one of the most outrageous things was that I kept what I said with my own mouth.


Why is that a f*cking point?

'Of course it's f*cking right.'

Usually, it's just a joke, exaggerated threat, but he really does it. He was a man who would remain even if he said, "If I go to the island standing on my hands, I can train."

"…Are we joining?"

"No. You guys wait a little bit. You'll have to work on destroying the living quarters."

"What? Break the living quarters?”

Gwak Hae turned his head and looked at the mountain view in front of him.

Dozens of log houses, such as the royal palace, were packed with what these bandits had built so hard.

"All of this?"


"Oh, no, why?"

"If the living quarters remain intact, the bandits who have nowhere to go may gather and start bandits again, so they must be replaced in the first place."

"Is it Chung-Myung?"

"Then who would it be?"


I didn't have much to say.

You're trying to stop the seeds of the Daephaulsan bandits.’

It was right to think about it. It's better to be sure if you want to work. I've arranged Daveyolchae at best, but if a mountainous house with a middle-aged man sits there again, it's a piece of cake.

"…but where is Chung-Myung?""You're there, aren't you?"



Gwak Hae's gaze shifted forward towards Baek Cheon's point.

Then, bandits carried something between the buildings.

"Turn it off."


Someone is pointing their finger at the bandits who are carrying their luggage with a face of death.

"That's over there."


"That's over there."

"Yes, sir!"


Gwak Hae looked at the scene with a blank face. It was Hyun Young who was pointing fingers at the bandits, and Chung-Myung was squatting next to them and eating sweets.

Gwak Hae, who had been watching for a long time, tilted his head as if it was hard to understand.

"What are you doing?”

"We're stealing."


Gwak Hae opened his eyes wide at Baek Cheon's calm and peaceful voice.

"…Sasook, I think I heard something wrong…….”

Baek Cheon hardened his face and sighed deeply.

"I'm taking out the items from the warehouse of Daveyolchae. The Go Hong man had a good collection."


"I was wondering why you suddenly had a seizure to clean up Daveyolchae.….”

Baek Cheon gritted his teeth.

Good cause to spoil the old file room……. No, of course, that's not a good cause for a political student, but it's a good cause anyway.

'This is what you really meant.’

Daveyolchae is a mountain vegetable that is at the top of the seventy green vegetables. Of course, there will be a lot of wealth that has been collected.

During the struggle of life and death, Chung-Myung was still thinking about the wealth in Daephyolchae. It was such a creepy obsession.

"…Is there a ghost who died of no money?"

"No, Sasook. Ghosts can't get closer to Chung-Myung can't get close to him. They're not picky about people."

"He does, too."

But the name is still bankrupt...…I shouldn't be haunted.

No, he wouldn't be haunted if he wasn't a master.

"But it's Chung-Myung again. We didn't even think about it. If you've beaten the living quarters, of course you should take care of your wealth.

Baek Cheon stared silently at Gwak Hae.

"What's wrong?"


Now, I just wondered if something was wrong from the beginning when I saw my students who thought nothing was wrong with eating a living room.

Before I knew it, Hyun Young stood with a solemn face in front of the mountains of wealth.

"Open it."


When the bag was opened, flashing jewels and accessories appeared.

At the same time, Hyun Young's eyes glowed as brightly as he did.

"Hu-hoo-hoo. They look really expensive. At this rate...….”

Slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap!

Hyun Young's hand quickly began to roll over the abacus. It was hard to understand why this person let go of ignorance when looking at the monstrous speed.

"Well, it's Daveyolchae! It's a very frugal collection! Hahaha!



The faces of the bandits carrying luggage turned blue.

"Is he really a master?"

In a way, it is scarier than Chaeju.’

However, some welcomed the brutal response.

"I guess it's a little more expensive than I expected?"

"By the way, they've got it all together. I was wondering how great it was to do this, Daebyolchae! I think that's more than most of the wealth that we've had in decades!"

Hyun Young laughed back as if he couldn't contain his excitement."I didn't expect bandits to be this rich. If I had known this, I would have changed my business to Hwasan.….”

"Hey! I've got ears! Ears to hear!"

"Hmm. Yeah. I see."

Hyun Young covered his mouth and coughed in vain. Then he reached out and grabbed Chung-Myung's head and shook it violently.

"You ghost! You ghost! In the midst of that, you've found a corner to make money! This is why I can't hate you.”

"Oh, it hurts!"

"This guy! This guy!"

Hyun Young, who pressed Chung-Myung's head with affection, couldn't have smiled more pleased.

Anyway, he smells money like a ghost.

"What are you going to do now? Are you going back to Hwasan with all this stuff?"


Chung-Myung shone his eyes on the mountains of luggage.

"That's fine, but...… I'm sure it doesn't look good, does it? Some of you might have eyes for it."

"I suppose so."

"That's why."


Somehow the shining eyes looked so evil.

"I'm not short of money anyway, so I don't think it's a bad idea to give it a try."


Hyun Young looked back at Chung-Myung as if it meant something else.

"Giggling. Let's dispose of it first."

Hyun Young just smiled pleasedly at Chung-Myung.

You pretty baby.

How can you be such a devil?

It was Hyun Young, who became the first person to sympathize with the old file room who had a grudge against him.