Chapter - 601 Episode 601. You have to be sure. (1)


The lips of Dang Gunnak, who reads the book, newly came out with a heavy somber voice.

After reading over and over again, he smiled and nodded.

"That's how it works.”

Dang Pae, who was quietly guarding the front, looked at the expression and held a complaint.

It was Dang Gunnak who didn't show his smile no matter what. It was especially so within the party.

Of course, the weight of gazoo may be a deterrent, but every time I hear from Hwasan, Dang Gunnak's reaction was definitely different.

"I knew that Hwasan was stronger than the world knew, but I didn't expect to punish him without harm."

Dang Pae is one of those who knows Hwasan Sinryong's skills and Hwasan's skills better than anyone else. However, the performance that Hwasan showed this time was a big surprise.

So how big would the shock be for those who don't know Hwasan?

"That's enough. That way, you don't know that the world will change, and you know that the old file rooms who were just taking their time guarding their own barns fell on their feet."

It was Dang Gunnak who couldn't hold back his laughter to think about what kind of face the people in the file room would have had when they heard the news.

'There's a ghostly side to it anyway.’

Consultation is not as great as one might think, nor is it as helpful as one might think. Usually, it's rather annoying, hands-on, but nothing comes back.

But that consultation is the basis of the faction's self-proclaimed clique. If you neglect the basics by being blinded by splendid ascendancy, you will soon forget what you must keep when you are blinded by profit and wealth, just as your skills will degenerate.

There's a strange side to public sentiment, and in the end, you never miss it.

"There's a lot to be said in the old file room."

"Yes, I think so. In fact, it's hard for anyone but Hwasan to touch the ground of Daveyolchae."

"But that's just an excuse."

Dang Gunnak shook his head still.

"There's no way people can change their minds over just one incident. The fact that this is a problem only proves that the old people have neglected what they have to do."

"Yes, my lord."

"So you should always keep that in mind."

Dang Gunnak's eyes sank slightly dark.

"As soon as you take for granted what you are enjoying now in the name of the loser of Sichuan, the collapse of your family will begin. You have to constantly think about what is holding all of this up."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Looking at Dang Pae nodding with a serious face, Dang Gunnak smiled a little bitterly.

In that sense, the Hwasan Divine Dragon is a pain in the neck.’

Whether it's calculation or sense, the interest recognizes something that the other person might not like. And he changes his plans casually and does things that the other person can't expect.

It is a pleasant sight because you are a friend, but if you were an enemy, you would feel like you had a stone in your stomach.

"Anyway, you're catching on faster than I thought.”

Dang Gunnak gently pressed around the eyes.

I already knew what Chung-Myung would say next.

"I'll have to hurry up a little.”

"What kind of work are you talking about?""We must launch a "nostalgia" before the name of Hwasan is clouded again in the minds of the public."

It was a light and serene voice.

But the weight on the horse was never light.

"At least we have to finish our preparations until the HWASAN faction returns to HWASAN."

"…Wouldn't it be too tight?"

"I don't think so."

"What? No matter how far it is from Hobuk to the island, they are unmanned. It won't take a few days.….”

said Dang Gunnak, sighing lightly.

"There is no way that the Hwasan Divine Dragon would simply go back to Hwasan from Daebyeolsan Mountain."


"I'm sure he'll do something again. He's that kind of guy."

"…I understood."

"As soon as I get back to Wasan, I'll be told why I'm not ready yet. Yeah."

Dang Pae once had no idea whether my father liked the Wasan deity or not.

Dang Gunnak said with his usual face.

"I don't want to hear anything bad, so hurry up. How's the preparation going?"

"Most of the other preparations are done. However, there is no answer to what I asked the leading small and medium-sized civil servants around me if they were willing to join the Chunwoo League."

"Come on."


Dang Pae was about to say something when Dang Gunnak raised his hand and hung up.

"I'm not asking you to persuade me. I'm asking you to hurry. It doesn't matter what the answer is."


"A good answer will never come back anyway. Some people cannot help but be influenced by Sichuan, but they cannot ignore the order of the old file rooms and the five generations."

"It definitely felt like stirring."

"So it's all about whether to participate or not. They don't have to be with us from the dogfight. Just ask them to participate in the opening ceremony and shine."

"That would be possible."

"You'd better hurry."

"Yes, or you'll have to listen to Hwasan the Dragon."

"Yes, move!"


Dang Gunnak laughed as he saw Dang Pae running outside.


The world's Four Heavenly Hallows have to run for fear of the young master's nagging.

It's ridiculous the more I think about it, but the bigger problem was that I didn't really hate the situation.


Thanks to the presence of the Hawsan Divine Dragon, I'd be in a better position than the old file room, where I'd be shaking like I swallowed a needle.

Looking east, Dang Gunnak grabbed the brush again with a smiley face.

* * *

The top of the gold line, the largest top in infinity.

Song Tae-ak, the leader of the upper court, was looking at the books with a face of discontent.

"……why did you do this?"


"Why are you doing this?"

Then Mo Wan, the governor, replied with an awkward face.

"That…… is actually a difference in the focus of our top."

"That's right."

"In recent years, the car has sold well and made money.”

"That's right."

"Hehe. Among them, expensive cars sold to high places became money.”


Mowan made a slight frown and spoke bitterly.

"But with the resumption of car trade in Unam, the expensive car market was robbed."


Song Tae-ak crept an eyebrow.

"Woonnam's car wasn't there before, and it just didn't work out and then it started to work out again."

"That's right."

"But why are you robbing everything? It's not like it fell from the sky."

"That's quite…… there's a subtle side to offsetting. As you know, Unam's tea used to be tea for high-ranking people.""That's right."

"But when the car was stuck in trade, the price of the poor Hyun Sang went through the roof. The tea that the higher class drank, the higher class! It literally became the tea of the decaying human race."


"At that point, it's not just a car, it's a symbol of power and wealth."

"Of course he is. But that's not what I'm asking! Why did our top sales crash?"

"So, Unnam's car, which has become a luxury item for the high class, has suddenly been released in bulk at a lower price than before."


"They've even rated cars now, so they've priced expensive cars more expensive and cheap cars more affordable if they want. It's enough for someone who's always interested in cars to somehow try a higher class of tea, and for those who aren't interested in cars to buy the right class of cars."


"That's why the car market has to be smashed. The car we used to sell is no longer sold because of the Unnam car. There's mold in the warehouse right now."


Song Tae-ak scratched his head with both hands.

"Now that luxury goods are becoming affordable, he's rushing to try them. That's what you're saying."


"Then what's the plan?"

Mo-wan grinned.

"When a typhoon passes, we just hold onto the pillar and pray for a safe survival. My preference for Unnam tea will diminish in a few years."

"……The best goal is not to go bust in those years."

Song Tae-ak sighed deeply with a heavy heart.

Of course, the top of the gold line is not small enough to be ruined by not making a big profit on cars for those years. You can make a living for another hundred years with just the profits you have accumulate.

I don't think he's even listed as a member of the Joongwon Teenager.

"It's going to be solved in a few years. It's a short time.”

"Isn't it because it's not a problem?"


However, Song Tae-ak kicked his tongue when he saw Mo Wan.

"From what's going on, they're definitely money-making guys. Rather than making a lot of money right now by solving it recklessly and expensively, I've lowered the price in moderation and increased the profit. It's a strategy of selling 20 servings rather than ten.”

"That's right."

"Don't you think those guys will eventually drop the price of Woonnam's car?"


"The problem is that you don't know what else you're going to make with the huge amount of money you've earned from your car! Yeah, I'd rather line it up.….”

"Come on, you have the pride of the Middle Ten."

"That pride is the most useless thing for a merchant! All you have to do is make money, what does pride matter?”

"That's too much. It's none other than Hwasan who resells Unnam cars."


"It's almost impossible for us in North Korea to open a deal with them."

"Who doesn't know that? I'm just frustrated!"

Song Tae-ak screamed for no reason.

As a merchant, this was the most difficult situation. When there's no way to approach the pulse, even though I'm sure the pulse of money is beginning to change.

'But I can't break up with a shaman.'

There was no justification and there was no reason for Hwasan to accept them who were trading with shamans. Why would people who are already popular do that?"Well, I don't know if they know this situation.”

After all, it's money.

The growing clique must grab the money. You don't grow up to make money, you grow up to make money. The reason why Shaolin became the richest gate in the world is because they are the richest gatekeepers in the world.

The money-earner doesn't have to pay attention to one thing or another. You can focus on training without having to turn your students outside, or you can buy expensive elixir.

Who will be stronger between those who devote their whole lives to training without worrying and those who have to worry about tomorrow's meal?

'But now there's a vein of gold flowing through that Wasan.’

In just a decade the money will begin to work.

"Oh, it's pie in the sky. It's pie in the sky."

It was just when Song Tae-ak sighed and reached out to the books.

"Cho, General!"


An urgent voice was heard. Mohan asked toward the door where he heard his voice.

"What's going on?"

"I, I think you should come out. There are people who are trying to make a deal, and this, this is not unusual."

"…What do you mean the sheep is unusual? You brought some grain or something?"

"It's…" Oh, no, words can't explain. You have to see it for yourself."

Mohan tilted his head.

"Let's get out of here."

Song Tae-ak woke up lightly. I was already frustrated, but it was best to look at things that would make money with your eyes and make up your mind.

"What a great thing to come.”

He grinned and lightly stepped outside.


It's coming in.


Something keeps coming in.

A series of carts entered the main gate of the top of the gold ship. Each cart had white hacks piled higher than human height.

"Hey, what the hell is this is?"

I don't think it's grain.

Even if it's all grain, it's a huge amount, but if it's not grain, what is it?


Oh my god.

At that time, one of the cart's sacks fell to the floor and the objects in it poured out.

"Pae, pae?"

It was all jewelry and accessories.

Even at a glance, the expensive-looking artifacts were randomly placed in a dirty bag.

"This, this...No, it's crazy. It's not all junk.…. Yeah, I don't think so. No, but it's...….”

It doesn't have to be a package, but it must be expensive. Or I would have loaded the luggage separately.

So how much does everything that's coming in here mean?

Suddenly, I started to have hiccups. I couldn't tell whether it was luck or anger or Song Tae-ak.

At that time, a young man trudged inside and smiled at Song Tae-ak.

"Is the old man the top owner?"


"I heard there's a lot of money here. Please check how much it costs to sell it all."


Song Tae-ak's forehead began to show cold sweat.

"Here comes the re-god!"

Of course.

It remains to be seen whether it was a deity or a deity.