Chapter - 604 Episode 604. You have to be sure to do it's episode 604. (4)

"…What are you doing?"

Heo Do-jin's eyebrows wriggled slightly.


Knowing what the expression meant, Ho Sanja glanced down. Of course, he didn't do anything wrong, but who wants to face Heo Do-jin's anger head on?

"We're sowing grain to infinity."

"In infinity?"

"……Yes. The……the wealth recovered from the city of Daebyolchae, so it is right to return it to the people of the North Korea.….”


Ho Sanja caught his eye at the sudden sound. Heo Do-jin's fingers were tapping the table lightly.

"In infinity……. In infinity, not anywhere else?"


"You're doing the things you want."

His beard-sweeping touch was slightly rough.

"How many people in infinite difficulties do they have to solve the grain infinitely? If you were going to save the needy, you'd find somewhere else in the North.”

"If you do……."

"Yes, this is a move to expand his influence in North Korea."

Ho Sanja asked with a slightly curious look.

"But a long storyteller. Don't they already have a stronghold in the west of the midfield? But you don't have to go to Hobuk...….”

"Impact doesn't necessarily mean control."

Heo Do-jin shook his head. His voice was a little ruffled than usual.

"Hwasan doesn't have to increase his dominance in North Korea. We can just weaken our influence on North Korea."

"Did you say weakness?"

"People always make comparisons. Hwasan, who uses the island book as his base, comes to Hobuk to fight bandits and even rescue the people. Wouldn't it be said what the shaman, who is the same gatekeeper, has done so far?"

Ho Sanja tilted his head as if he still didn't understand.

"But isn't that a temporary problem? There's something that the shaman has done in North Korea."

"What a silly thing to say."

Heo Do-jin shook his head.

"People are naturally more eye-catching and interested in new things than in the past. What the shaman has done to North Korea so far must have been natural for them."


"It's not something to blame on them. That's the way the world works. The problem is that he pokes that part and comes in."

After speaking, Heo Do-jin bit his lips slightly.

"Hyun Jong, the guy...….’

Hyun Jong, who he has seen, was not this quick at calculating.

That was one of the two.

Either one's own eyes are wrong, or the person who's leading this job is in Hwasan.

Either way, it was not very welcome news for the shaman. Now, Hawsan was raising the name to the world in a ridiculous manner. It was certainly a threat to the presence of someone in Hwasan who was quick enough to take advantage of his elevated reputation.

"Ha, don't you think we should take measures? Maybe we're trying to save them.….”

Heo Do-jin stares at Ho Sanja with a frown.

"Now what would the public say if we were to start the old days? We should hear that the shaman is belatedly copying Hwasan. It's another matter of cleaning up the remnants of the bandits."


"We may be able to grab the public's attention for a while, but it's the worst thing in the long run. The name shamans should never be behind Hwasan!"

"I didn't think much. A long story."

Heo Do-jin clasped his knee with his hand tapping on the table.


It felt like there was a long daechim in my stomach.When I first heard Hwasan's name, it was just a prick. No matter how promising Hwasan is, I've never heard of a door wave that's completely ruined standing up again.

So I thought it was just the last straw.

However, the saliva, which was barely prickly and irritating, grew bigger and now it has become a bloody confrontation by stabbing the stomach.

The bigger problem was that when the saliva grew bigger, it could not be known to penetrate the heart as well as the stomach.

"Luxury payment."

Heo Do-jin memorized Do-ho low.

He was proud of his deep discipline, but the name Hwasan always shook his discipline mercilessly.


At that time, Ho Sanja carefully opened his mouth while he was reading Ho Do-jin's face.

"It's hard for me to understand the feelings of the long-literates because I'm so insensitive. Of course, Hwasan's momentum is not so strong in my view. But that's how Hwasan is, isn't it?


"It's a clique that hasn't regained its place in a hundred years. Munpa is not a place where you can use your brain and simply roll around just because you're a little strong enough to regain your success."

Heo Do-jin sighed unbearably.

There was a reason why he was so upset with Ho Sanja. Most of the answers he returned from other old file rooms that he had asked for help to discuss were similar.

"Can you stop the flowing water?"


"Ichi is like running water. It is not that difficult to stop water dripping from the mountains. Even if the water flows and forms a small stream, it can be prevented with a little effort."

I thought it was a bit out of the blue, but Ho Do-jin's expression was so serious that Ho Sanja nodded seriously for now.

"But if the water flows and gathers to form a stream, it cannot be stopped by human power. No matter how many banks you make and how many reservoirs you sell, you end up overflowing with water."


"What's the point of regretting a river after it's achieved? Do you have any plans to go and build it then?"

A cold sweat broke out in Ho Sanja's back, which he had been listening to vaguely.

You can't stop a river.’

Doesn't that mean that Heo Do-jin thinks that if he leaves Hwasan like this, he won't be able to handle it with shaman power one day?

How could Hwasan go that far?

Ho Sanja recalled Chung-Myung's face, which he had seen in the Sword Gun in the past.

When I saw him, I never imagined that a shaman would be in this situation.….

"What would you do if you did?"

When asked by Ho Sanja, Heo Do-jin looked up at the ceiling instead of answering.

'You stupid people.’

Shaolin doesn't know.

They've never been weighed down by Hawsan. You wouldn't think someone would stand on top of them.

Other old factions also had different reasons, but they didn't understand. There were always some clique above them.

There were only two clans who were wary of the advance of that Hawsan and itchy back.

Shaman, and Jongnam.

Jong-nam has already failed to stop Hwasan. Of course, who can guarantee that the shaman will not be the same as the shaman over time?"If no one comes forward...….”

In time, heo Do-jin's eyes, which looked forward, were not like masters.

"We'll have to take the edge off it.”

Ho Sanja shuddered at the cool energy.

"Long story……."

"In vain."


"I'm a do-it-all."

Heo Do-jin shook his head slowly.

"But before I was a master, I was a shaman's writer. If I had to choose between sticking to my duty as a master and sticking to a shaman's film, I would choose a shaman's film without hesitation."

"……long story."

"Even if it's the act of persecuting the same gate by force."

Ho Sanja sighed deeply.

They are a shaman.

It's a gate before it's a mupa. Ever since I was a investigator, Sam Bong-…. No, they have tried not to violate their duty as masters since the establishment of the Samcheong Palace and the shaman gathered.

So Heo Do-jin's words now were not the words of a master.

But why doesn't he know how Heo Do-jin feels when he talks about it?

"What will happen to the world?"

Hawasan is already in control of the West in alliance with the party and other clans. In the meantime, if the shaman, the center of the old faction, was hostile to Hawasan, the feud between the Western League and the Old File Room in the West was already foreseen.

"There's nothing to worry about."


"It's not that I don't know what you're thinking. One was to end up like this. Wasan and Shudang have always been that kind of relationship. There was no coexistence between the two clans. The shaman had to bow quietly when Hawsan's spirits were overflowing, and when the shaman came to the world, the name Hwasan was erased from the world."


"That natural logic has only come back once again."

Hurdo, who was still looking at Ho Sanja, spoke in a heavy voice.

"If you just try to press down on those who do consultation and engage, of course, the eyes that come back will not be good. So don't try to press it, just show it. The name shaman is still on top of the mountain that that Hwasan cannot dare to climb!"

Ho Sanja's eyes, which had been confused for a while, also became firm.

He didn't know what was right or wrong yet. All he knew was that Heo Do-jin was at least not the one to make the wrong choice.

"I'll take my disciples."

"Take all three swords with you.”

"Do you mean Mu Jin?"

Heo Do-jin nodded.

"It's time for the kid to make up for his mistakes. If it's the third sword of a shaman, there's no way to lose to the children of Hwasan."

"But the Hwasan Divine forces...….”

When the name Hwasan Sinryong came out, Heo Do-jin's face hardened cold. It was because I felt like I had another bone stuck inside.

'There's no way to do this.’

Hwasan Shin-ryong's force, which was confirmed at the arena, was at a level that none of the shaman's latecomers dared to handle. There are countless latecomers in the world, but only the Hwasan Divine Dragon and Shaolin's Hye Yeon were on another level.

"Take Ho Gong with you.”

"Huh, Ho Gong? Jang Moon-in! Ho Gong is an elder! No matter how great the Hwasan Divine is, it's a disgrace to send an elder to deal with him."

"There's nothing to let us deal with."


"If I know a Hwasan Divine, I'll do it myself by scratching it in moderation. If it's his favoritism, he wouldn't bother to mix his hands with a muja boat."“…….”

"It's a shame to challenge a child, but it's not a shame to accept the challenge that comes. Just having Ho Gong there will naturally happen, so don't worry."

Ho Sanja nodded slowly.

"Your purpose is one."

Heo Do-jin's eyes were bright.

"The world now thinks highly of Hwasan. One is not entirely due to Hwasan's performance. It's because the public don't know about Hwasan's weakness."


"Let everyone know that it's only the young latecomers that hold him up. Let Hwasan himself know that fame is nothing but an illusion without the power to sustain it!"

"I'll keep that in mind, Jang."

"If you don't...….”

Heo Do-jin shook his head heavily as he tried to say something.

"Have a safe trip."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in! I'll be back after completing my orders."

Ho Sanja got up from his seat.

As he turned around and went outside, he looked back without realizing it. In the end, however, he was unable to put out his doubts and hurried.

Like this.

When I stepped outside and left the door, the clear sky was in my sight.

If you don't...….

What was the writer going to say afterwards?

I didn't dare to guess. Ho Sanja soon set her face and hurried.