Chapter - 605 Episode 605. You have to be sure to do it. (5)

"Here you are."

"Oh, my God, how can I thank you...….”

Yoon-jong smiled as he saw the old woman holding her hand tightly.

"Don't say that. This is all the wealth stolen by bandits."


Jo-Gol poked out his head and said, as the old woman stole the wrinkled eye.

"Hehe. Grandma! Please remember that this is from the Hwasan faction!"

"Be quiet."


Yoon-jong, who glanced at Jo-Gol with his ax eyes, held the old woman's hand again.

"Then we'll be on our way."

"Oh, my God, if I were to eat...….”

"No, I'm really fine."

Then he stepped back and left the house, dissuading the old woman who was trying to give him anything.

The old woman waved her hand for a long time without going into the house until they turned and were very far away.

"Where's next?"

"I said the front. We have to go a few more days."


Yoon-Jong turned his eyes slightly and looked at Jo-Gol's face.

According to Chung-Myung's instructions, they were now searching for houses outside the castle and distributing grain.

Not only the two, but also the other Hwasan disciples, in pairs, were walking around small villages around infinity, dragging grain carts one by one.

"By the way."


Yoon-Jong said with a smirk.

"I can't believe you're working without complaints. If it were normal, I would have said, "Do you have to do this?"”

"Hey. I'm not some Chung-Myung guy."

Jo-Gol scratched his head awkwardly and glanced back at the old woman's house, which had already become distant.



"I still don't know. What's the deal, why should we do this?"


"It's a negotiation, but isn't this just what Chung-Myung does to screw up the shaman and gain fame? It's just a good thing for Hwasan."

Yoon-Jong nodded quietly instead of answering.

"So I don't think I'm doing anything great…….”

Jo-Gol, who looked forward again, said with a shy face.

"It's just..."When I'm giving out grain and looking at people's favorite faces, something tickles."

Seeing that he was coughing in a low voice, these things didn't seem to be well adapted.

"……it's a little bit."

There was a light smile on Yoon-jong's lips, which urged him to walk again.

"That's enough."


"I don't think there is necessarily one form of consultation."


"As you said, it's also an agreement to make sacrifices. But just because you don't sacrifice yourself for others doesn't mean it's not a consultation."

"It's hard."

Jo-Gol tilted his head as if it was hard to understand Yoon-Jong's words. Yoon-Jong decided to talk a little more.

"Did you just say this was good for Hwasan?”

"Yes, I think...….”

"Then isn't it better?"


Yoon-jong grinned.

"If we like it, if others like it, there's nothing better. Has this caused any damage to the people of both countries?"

"That's not true."

Of course not. On the contrary, the people of North Jeolla Province were happy and not bad because they distributed the grain.

"The negotiations at the expense of me will shine and be worthwhile. But my sacrifice can't last forever. If the sacrifice leads to it, then there will be less I can do."Yoon-Jong's soft face was like a spring breeze.

"The best consultation I think is that my interests lead to those of others. Then can't we hold more consultations for a little longer?"


Jo-Gol looked at Yoon-Jong with new eyes.

It turned out that this was in line with what Yun-Jong had said in front of the Beast Palace Lord in the past.

- If Hwasan's glory makes those who live in the world more comfortable, all of his disciples will be able to proudly boast of it. But if it just stays in Hwasan's glory, Hwasan just becomes a Mufa that doesn't matter if it's replaced by another Munpa at any time!

That cry was still vivid in Jo-Gol.

The death penalty wasn't empty.’

He doesn't make it obvious that he's doing something, nor does he take the lead in raising his voice to do something himself. However, Yoon-Jong has been silently doing what he has been given for a long time, and at the same time, he has kept his inner intentions as well.

'Hwasan's glory is the glory of the world.’

It's a big word.

But it didn't feel so grand when it came out of Yoon-jong's mouth. He will really do everything he can, and he will do everything in his mind.

Like a cow, honestly.

"...I can't let you down.”


"No, nothing."

Jo-Gol smirked.

I couldn't understand it at the time, but now I think I know a little bit. Of course, it's still a little vague.

It's just...

"It takes a while that Chung-Myung is the one who's making the Hwasan that the death penalty said."….”


Then Yoon-jong's soft face became bitter.

"Does Chung-Myung think he's doing this?”

"…I don't think so."

"Then isn't there something wrong with this?"

"Lord, it's not the result that counts!"

It was something that the master should not have said, but Jo-Gol didn't want to blame Yoon-Jong.

It's a weird thing.

Chung-Myung always does what he does.

He can't have a warm heart for others, so everything he does is for the benefit of HWASAN or to screw up other clans.

As a result, however, what was done with a narrow mind often helped or benefited others.

"Of course, the noblemen who's lost their soul will bubble when they hear it.’

But isn't that the case anyway when it comes to the outcome?

Chung-Myung solved the poverty in Unnam and also solved the crisis in the North Sea. And now they're saving Hobuk.

When you look at his track record, it's like...….


Feeling something strange, Jo-Gol's face was slightly distorted.

"…I mean, by any chance, death penalty."


"After some time, someone in the distant future now looks back on Hawasan's whereabouts."

"What if I see it?"

"Doesn't Chung-Myung seem like a hero who has never been again in the world?"


Yoon-Jong's body is stiff as a stone.

"Stop, don't tell me....”

"Oh, no, think about it. What do future descendants know about Chung-Myung's personality and how he's a tough human being? After all, what's left is accomplishments and accomplishments.”


"But if you look at that...….”

"Stop. That's enough."

It seems that even the world's Yun-Jong cannot accept this.

"That's terrible……. No, let's stop thinking and finish what we're doing."“…….”

Jo-Gol sighed quietly as he looked forward, shaking his head as if he didn't even want to think.

'He's a hero.’

What's the world gonna be like...….

* * *

Empty carts passed through the main gate of the top of the gold ship one after another.

Hwasan's disciples lined up a cart that had been emptied cleanly on one side of the top and rushed toward Hyun Sang.

"Elders! I'm back after handing them out."

"Yeah, you've done a great job.

"We've gone around all the villages we're in charge of.”

"Yes, yes, thank you."

When Hyun Sang smiles, Hyun Young says with a sad look.

"You didn't rip it off or sell it somewhere, did you?"

"You should be quiet."

"Just kidding…….”

"Be quiet."


Meanwhile, behind the two elders, who looked at their disciples with their hands behind them, Song Tae-ak, the king of Geumseon, was lost in thought.

It's weird.’

The more I looked at it, the more strange this clique was.

Usually, elders are involved in everything of the civil service. All the door-wives he's been watching have been.

However, the elders of this group, Hwasan, are just watching and encouraging their disciples' work.

'This isn't an easy thing to do.'

As Song Tae-ak is also in the position of running an upper group, he had to know how difficult it is to trust and watch his subordinates' work silently.

No, it's just the elders somewhere.

All the great disciples behind the elders are not interfering with their disciples. Even though he is the most energetic age. Rather, the younger students seemed to be moving harder and more responsible.

'Maybe this is the driving force behind Hwasan's rise to fame.’

While Song Tae-ak thought so, empty carts continued to enter the top.


The last time Jo-Gol came back, he put on a cart and shouted bravely.

"Everyone's back!"

"Well done."

Hyun Sang smiled brightly.

'Everyone's face is full of pride.’

It was the same when they played their first game and defeated the bandits of Noklim, but the young and then emotions on their faces were a little different.

It's a shell.

Despite the hard training and the brutal battle, Hwasan's disciples still have great joy in helping others.

Hyun Sang was so happy and proud of the fact.

"So you're almost done?"

Hyun Young nodded at Hyun Sang's question.

"We've given away all the prepared grain. I'm done with everything I have to do in infinity.”


Hyun Sang lightly punched and turned to the side.



"Do you want me to go back to Hwasan now?"


Chung-Myung scratched his cheek and grinned.

"Yeah, well, there's nothing more to do now."

"Then when would be a good time to leave?"

"Let's do it tomorrow.”


Hyun Sang tilted his head at the unexpected answer.

Of course, there was nothing strange about taking a rest today and leaving tomorrow, as everyone must have been tired of doing this and that. However, Chung-Myung, whom he knew, was not a person who would take care of his disciples with such a warm heart.

Time is gold, indolence is a sin, and he'll be shouting that he's running all the way to Hwasan tomorrow...….

"What's on your mind?"

"It's not something like that.….”

Chung-Myung smiled with a slightly unexpected face.

The look on his face as if he had something hidden was distorted by anxiety.'That's... that's definitely the face of a conspiracy.’

"Now that face makes my heart shrink."

What else are you trying to do here?’

That's a bad idea. Bad idea.'

Chung-Myung, who had no idea of their anxiety, just grinned and replied.

"I've spent enough time, and I don't know if I'm going to have any guests.”



Hyun Sang tilted his head.

Guest. Who's going to visit Hwasan outside of the island?

"Or who did you call?"

"Well, I don't know if I should say yes or no."


Hyun Sang's eyes slowly faded as he kept talking nonsense the whole time.

It was then.

"Lord of Lords!"

Someone rushed through the front door. Song Tae-ak asked.

"What happened?"

"Oh, my God!"


"Cow, you're...…we have a visitor coming!"

"Who are you talking about?"

And Song Tae-ak, who was about to ask why he was in such a hurry when he heard that there would be guests at the top, opened his mouth to drop his jaw at the end of the day.

"Shamans! Shamans are coming!"

He sounded as if he were screaming. Everyone's eyes went back to Chung-Myung as if they had promised.

Chung-Myung grinned under everyone's gaze.

"You're here sooner than I thought. Giggling. Shaman's long ass must be on fire!"



What else is he going to do?…?

The faces of all the Wasan subjects quickly turned white.