Chapter - 606 Episode 606. It's meaningful when you cross the mountain. (1)

Song Tae-ak's face is completely drained of blood.

A shaman?

Why would a shaman suddenly come here?

"What do you mean a shaman? Who's coming from the shaman?"

"I don't know. I don't know exactly about that yet. But it's not just one or two. At least a hundred...….”

"Bae, hundred? One hundred?"

Song Tae-ak's eyeballs, which appeared in shock, were about to fall on the ground.

'This is no ordinary thing.’

Of course, shamanism is located in North Korea, so they are not difficult to see in infinity. However, it was uncommon for many to move at once.

If there is a problem with other factions or if there is anything that can be solved in infinity, it will be fine.

But isn't infinity a peaceful place if it's not already Daveyolchae?

"Are you sure you're coming here?"

"He, I think so."

Of course. d*mn it, of course it is.

There's only one reason why a shaman would come to this peaceful infinite.

Song Tae-ak's eyes flew to Hwasan's disciples. Hawsan's disciples were also embarrassed.

"Why is a shaman coming?"

"I don't know. He's coming to say hello."

"No, why... Why do you have to?"

However, if you were embarrassed by the shaman's coming, you should look toward the front gate where the shaman's coming in to see the top, and their eyes only glanced at the one person who had been squatting behind you. The face was full of signs of frustration.

I'm screwed.

'No, why when he's here!'

There's no writer here right now.….’

Now, don't you think the elders will do something about it?’

In the absence of Hyun Jong, Chung-Myung was unable to hide his anxiety over the fact that he faced shamanism.

After seeing the strange atmosphere, Song Tae-ak became more distraught.

"Lord of the High."


After hearing his voice next to him, he nodded his head as if he had come to his senses belatedly.

With or without Hwasan, once they get here, the cause will be a "visit to the top of the golden ship."

So, of course, he had to greet them, the owner of the upper court.

'Why at a time like this...….’

Song Tae-ak ran out to the front door without even thinking about wiping off the sweat. No, I was about to leave.

But he took a couple of steps in a hurry and stopped again. And he looked at Hwasan's elders and Chung-Myung at a glance with a wistful face.


Song Tae-ak, who swallowed his dry saliva, opened his mouth with difficulty.

He couldn't understand why he had to explain such a natural thing in words. But an unknown anxiety stopped him.

"I'm telling you this because of the old woman, maybe the shamanists...….”

"There's nothing to worry about."

Hyun Young said as if he was insignificant.

"I don't want to make trouble with the shamanism as the same gate."

"Thank you. Oh, and...….”

This time, Song Tae-ak's eyes turned to Chung-Myung.

He didn't score the best goal of infinity either. Just by looking at it, I could see who I should get a definite answer from now. And the fact that he's not Hyun.


"……No, he……a stamp…."

"Just in case I pick a fight with the sham kids?”

Song Tae-ak was not the first person to react to that.

Hwasan's disciples, who were guarding the surroundings, flinched to the point.

Chung-Myung turned his head slightly and looked at everyone. As soon as our eyes met, Hwasan's disciples all slipped away."Tsk."


Chung-Myung grinned, looking at Song Tae-ak.

"Oh, my lord, you're so mean. I'm still out of business, so would you pick a fight with anyone?”

That's right.

That's not usually the case with a Taoist.

But you don't look like a master. That's why you're doing this.

"Excuse me…… Elder?"

He desperately looked at the elders next to Chung-Myung, asking them to do something, but they also turned a blind eye to Song Tae-ak.

"My my."

"No, don't just laugh.….”

"Hahaha. What a lovely day.”


Song Tae-ak, who was speechless, stared at Ho Gong in despair, wondering what to do with the situation. At that time, a laughing voice came to my ears.

"Do you have time for this? I think I should go out and pick you up when someone precious is coming."

In the grinning image of Chung-Myung, Song Tae-ak's camouflage was twisted once.


However, it was correct every time.

Heaven and earth!

Song Tae-ak ran forward leaving his disciples behind.

Standing in front of the wide open main gate, I could see many people approaching from far away.

It was definitely a shaman.

He was a familiar shamanist, familiar to him. But somehow I felt so familiar and so strange.

'Yes, it feels so different.’

Song Tae-ak swallowed his dry saliva and gently rubbed his cold fingertips.

And I watched the people wearing black cloth, which symbolized the master, walking proudly.

If you live in North Korea, you will be familiar with it. Song Tae-ak also saw that many times because he stopped by a shaman for a business or a high shaman visited the Geumseon upper deck.

But today's shaman was different from what he felt then.

So it was never like Hwasan either. The atmosphere itself was completely different.

If Hwasan is not too free and feels a bit like a free-for-all, they clearly feel the rigor and solemnity.

Perhaps this is the true image that the shaman has not shown to Song Tae-ak in the past.

"I feel a sense of...….’

The world's first inspection.

At the same time, the best in the world.

No other grandiose modifiers were needed. These two words are not enough to explain the shaman's position in the stronghold.

And the world's first inspection was now approaching Song Tae-ak with a stiff face.

After a while, the shaman's disciples lined up and lined up at the top gate of the gold line.

Song Tae-ak, who couldn't even open his mouth, hurriedly opened his mouth as soon as the shaman's movements were over.

"Oh, welcome!"

His legs were shaking slightly.

He had a position that no one in the world could ignore, but he also had no meaning in the name of a shaman.

"I'm Song Tae-ak, the top owner of the gold ship. I've visited a shaman a few times before...….”


Then, one of the older men standing in front of him slowly stepped forward and faced Song Tae-ak and smiled.

"You're the lord of the golden boat. I'm sorry, but I didn't recognize you because you're just a mountain hand. I didn't expect a precious person to come to meet me."


"I'm Ho Sanja, the shaman's elder."

Ho Sanja gave a nice smile. Song Tae-ak shivered slightly.

The people he faced so far were those in charge of the shaman's finances. There is no one in the world who hates money, but anyway, the position of the finance party was not that great for the shaman, the gatekeeper.In other words, Song Tae-ak also meant that it was the first time to see a proper shaman elder in front of his eyes.

"Oh, you were a vain person!"

"He is not worthy of being called a true man. Just call me Ho Sanja."

"Yes, Elder."

Song Tae-ak swallowed dry saliva one after another.

The shaman's elder is by no means easy to see. The power of the shaman's elder in the Middle East is never inferior to that of the 10th generation.

Considering the power of the clans on their back, it must be more than that.

Nevertheless, the elder Heo Jan-ja was less than overbearing, rather lowering himself and being polite.

"This is a prestigious shaman."

It was a moment when I could understand why the name shaman crossed the world and everyone respected them as the gate.

"Well, but what brings you...…?”

Song Tae-ak, who spoke in a hurry, immediately closed his mouth.

It's not polite to stand at the door and ask for business when a guest comes. Normally, he would never have made such a mistake, but he secretly thought he didn't want to let the Wasans in, so he made a mistake.


Hana Ho Sanja smiled softly as if she wouldn't blame the mistake.

"I've heard that there's a group of Hwasanians on the top of the gold line right now. Is that so?"


Song Tae-ak could not answer immediately.

It's because what I was thinking was also me, but Ho Sanja's eyes seemed to say, "I know you're trying to move your client to Hwasan, not a shaman."

It was mild snow, but I felt an unknown coolness. Then Ho Sanja asked once again.

"How is it?"

"Oh…. Yes! Yes! There is. Inside now…… The Wasans...….”

Ho Sanja memorized Do-ho in a low.

"I also heard that the Hwasan faction had beaten Dave and rescued the people of the country. As a person who pursues the province together, I rushed to see you and thank you. If it doesn't bother you, could you let me meet the Hwasanites?"

There was no retreat for Song Tae-ak as he came out like this.

"Dah, of course, Elder. Let's go inside."

"Lots of money. Thank you."

Song Tae-ak glanced back at Ho Sanja.

'Your words and your actions are so different.’

Contrary to Ho Sanja's words of gratitude to the Hwasanites, there was a strange anger and speculation in the faces of the shamanists behind him.

But what can I do?

There was nothing he could do because he got caught between a shaman and a huge clique called Hawsan. Just let them meet as they are told and pray to the gods that nothing happens.

No, this time I'll have to pray to the primitive.

The shaman's disciples, led by Song Tae-ak and Ho Sanja, entered the main gate of the top of the Geumseon. And even before taking a few steps, he made eye contact with his students, who were sitting roughly inside.

At the sight, Song Tae-ak felt extremely at odds.

'It's worse here.’

Is it because I felt the spirit of the shamanists with my whole body a little while ago?

Compared to the shaman who came in perfectly aligned, Hwasan's disciples, half-sitting around, almost looked like local bullies.

How is the same door so different?

But to find the only thing, it was the eyes.The eyes of the Hwasan disciples were no less than those of the shaman's disciples.

No, rather...….


It was that moment.

In the middle, Chung-Myung, who was squatting like a boss of bullies, sprang up from his seat. Then he came running with a bright smile.

"Hey, Elder! How long has it been!"

He burst into laughter and grabbed Ho Sanja's hands and waved them up and down.


"That crazy guy...….”

His disciples said what Song Tae-ak wanted to say instead.

"Huh, hahaha. Hahaha."

Ho Sanja laughed as if he were dumbfounded.

"Long time no see, cow stamp."

"Yes, yes, yes! It's the first time I've seen you at the KED, uh...… How many years? I don't know because time flies as people get older."

That crazy guy.

Inside, Song Tae-ak's frightened face turned white. No matter how young Chung-Myung looks at it, he didn't dare say it in front of Ho Sanja.

However, Ho Sanja burst into laughter instead of anger as if Chung-Myung were already used to it.

"Yeah, it's been a long time. It's become so sweet."

"Yes, it's really nice to see you again. Hi, what kind of relationship are we? Still, we've shared some knives...….”


At that moment, Hyun Young's fist fell on Chung-Myung's head.

"Don't go out there and get back there.”

"Oh, Elder! You don't have to hit me.….”

"Would you be more right?"

"I'm on my way!"

Chung-Myung wrapped his head around his mouth and ran backwards. Ho Sanja smiled as if she couldn't help it.

It's really not easy.’

I don't know if it was all thought out or because I was so happy to see you. However, thanks to this, the mood that the shaman was trying to create was completely ruined.

I'd love to be sure.’

Ho Sanja opened her mouth as she watched Hyun Sang and Hyun Young move forward.

"Luxury payment."

"Luxury payment."

Those who shared gun rights while memorizing each other's dogho raised their heads and faced each other.

The moment they met eyes with gentle smiles, the air around them changed and tension began to flow.