Chapter - 608 Episode 608. It's meaningful when you go over the mountain. (3)

I heard a whisper.


"Well, yeah. Does this mean that the shaman is going to challenge Hwasan?"

"Come on, man. No matter how hard I try. Does that make sense?"

"Huh. Did I say something wrong? That's the way things are, isn't it? If the shaman doesn't care about Hwasan at all, why ask for a raincoat?"

"That's true, but...…but still a shaman!"

Merchants would be whispering in silence in their own way, but they couldn't avoid Ho Sanja's ears.

'Oh, my God.'

Ho Sanja gritted his teeth without even realizing it.

In order to create an inevitable situation, he came directly to the top of the gold line and brought it up from the place where merchants were present.

Hawasan's elders, who had little experience with Kang-ho, thought they would never get out of this trap.


"That's a man!’

That young man has completely distorted his plan.

Of course, if you think about it a little bit, it may be a temporary response that anyone can come up with.

However, a shaman leads his disciples and asks them to perform a dance in front of him, and he sees the situation coldly and instantly finds words to respond to it?

That's ridiculous.

Not to mention the posthumous figures, most elders of the literary circle are bound to be nervous the moment they hear the name shaman.

It was clear that even those who used to bluff that shamans were nothing would be dark in front of Ho Sanja and shaman's disciples.

But what the hell does he look like to set a shaman up to the station so nonchalantly.

I thought it wasn't an ordinary man from the Sword Gun.’

Ho Sanja let out a low-pitched voice.

Words are like water, so once they are spilled, they cannot be picked up again.

No matter what he tries to avoid now, the phrase "challenge" will ever be erased in the minds of those merchants.


As soon as Ho Sanja opened his mouth to make up for it somehow, Chung-Myung took the initiative again.

"Yes, it's natural. The shaman is actually famous, but the history is a bit short. I can help you with that much because Hwasan is a senior to Doga.….Eup! Eup! Eup! Eup! Eup! What, Eup...….Ugh!"

Eventually, Baek Cheon, who was holding Chung-Myung, was frightened and quickly shut Chung-Myung's mouth.

Baek Cheon even poked the cloth he had prepared from somewhere into Chung-Myung's mouth, and wound the rest around his mouth.

"Ha... ha ha. I'm sorry. I don't know if he's hot...…. Oh, it's hot, it's hot."

As if waiting, a cool wind still blew.

But Baek Cheon still fanned himself as if it were hot.

Ho Sanja's face at the sight was finally distorted.

It wasn't too obvious, but the smile that was maintained under the guise of gentleness slowly disappeared.

'That guy...'

The last thing a shaman wants to hear from Hwasan is to say history.

Hwasan is one of the enemies of the Midlands. Among them, it is the place that succeeded Abuse Tong, one of the most famous Jun Jin Chil Ja in the name of the world.

Now that all the Confucian scholars established by the other advancing lackeys have fallen, the enemy of Doga, which succeeded the advancement of the line, is by far Hwasan.

On the other hand, Shudang was a place where Sambongjin broke up in his later years, and the history was not that long.It is negligible to ignore, but it was inevitably bitter aftertaste, so I didn't want to mention it. But that son of a b*tc* poked that part out of my mouth.

It's in a place where others can hear it.

"Ha ha... I'm sorry, Elder. I didn't teach properly even though I said I was a disciple.….”


Did you say you hated your sister-in-law more than your mother-in-law?

When I saw Hyun Sang speaking with a dying face, Ho Sanja was so angry inside. It would not have been this upset if that son of a b*tc* had openly ignored the shaman or if these elders had bluffed.

But they're chattering their insides as they slowly bring out the most unpleasant words. Ho Sanja's long-standing discipline was crumbling little by little in this smoke and mirrors.

"It's all right……it's all right. I'm not stupid enough to be angry at what my little disciple said without knowing."

"Thank you very much for your understanding…….”


At that moment, the fabric that was covering Chung-Myung's mouth was torn apart and scattered to Ho Gong.

"What? What? Did I say something wrong?”

"Argh! Shut up your f*cking mouth, you son of a b*tc*!"

Baek Cheon tried to cover Chung-Myung's mouth with both hands again, but Chung-Myung opened his mouth wide and bit his hand.


As Baek Cheon stepped back, Chung-Myung quickly opened his mouth without missing the gap.

"No, Sasook doesn't seem to know much about it, but nothing is wrong with what I said. We need to know the history of the mission! I wasn't going to say this, but Sambongjin is actually Hwasan's disciple. Jang Sambong climbed up to the island of Hwasan and died to the Hwaryongjin, and based on that, the shamanism...….”

"Mouth! Mouth! Mouth!"

Now even the disciples who grabbed Chung-Myung's arms and legs were stunned and blocked his mouth.

Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol shut Chung-Myung's mouth, and Yoo-Esul slapped him on the head. Even Baek-ah slapped Chung-Myung on the cheek with her two small front feet.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!"

Chung-Myung fought with his eyes wide open, but this time the other disciples were as desperate as ever.

When Chung-Myung was under some control, Hyun Sang looked up at the sky and sighed deeply and apologized again, desperately.

"…sorry, I'm sorry. He doesn't know anything.….I'll make sure to teach you."

Ho Sanja did not answer at all.

You said you couldn't speak when you were too angry, but that's exactly how you felt now.

The reason why his fever has risen to the end now is not because Chung-Myung was talking nonsense. It was because that was true to some extent.

They also do not know the exact track record of the investigation. However, there was definitely a story among the popular words that the shaman's investigator, Jang Sambong, was killed by the Hwasan in the island.

God d*mn it.

That is why I did not want to comment further. Eventually, Doga's roots are admitted to be in Hwasan.

Ho Sanja's eyes scoured the merchants again. The subtle expressions on their faces gave a sigh of despondency.

I thought it was just a sword.’

Considering the performance of Shin Gi and his performance at the Kendo, there was no way not to recognize him as the best player in the midfield.But as I saw it today, the scariest thing about Hwasan Sinryong was that three-inch tongue.

Ho Sanja gnashed his teeth inside looking at Hawasan's elders.


Unlike Hyun Sang, who is at a loss because he is sorry, Hyun Young's face, who is taking a step back, showed signs of relief.

I don't know if he can't hide his expression or if he's doing it on purpose, but either way, it was one thing that made him angry.

Crunch Crunch.

Then at the sound from behind his back, Ho Sanja flinched and came to his senses.

'What a stupid... 'What are you going to do with this clear-cut bulkhead!'

He would never have been angry about anything like this. Surely there was something wrong with that young Taoist Chung-Myung.

The same words mean that the moment that face and tone are added, they will not be the same words.


With a short breath, Ho Sanja calmed himself down again and calmly looked at Hawasan's elders.

If you dance with anger, you'll have a long way to go to get the results you want. Now I had to calm down for now. That way, the disciples will calm their anger.

"Hahaha. That's right. That's why I came here with the heart of learning a lesson. What do you think? I don't think Hwasan has much experience with the same family, but wouldn't it be very helpful if he could join our shaman's disciples?"


Hyun Sang said he seemed to be thinking for a moment.

"Thank you very much for the offer."

Ho Sanja's eyebrows wriggled at the unexpected remark.

You're stepping down from here?’

I don't think so.

"However, this is not an easy decision to make without a long writer."

"I'm sure you wouldn't have objected to the fact that Hawasan's writer was here. First of all, isn't this for your students?"

Hyun Sang shook his head at Ho Sanja's words, which slowly narrowed the retreat.

"It's not like that. Hwasan is a clique that doesn't decide anything alone thing. I understand your suggestion, so I'd like you to give me some time to discuss it with my students."

"…Are you talking about this with your students? As far as I know, you're Hwasan's only elder.….”

"That's right."

"But do you really need to?"

"I don't know what a shaman is like, but he is. Having lived longer doesn't mean you know more, and having a higher position doesn't mean you're smarter."

Ho Sanja is speechless.

"What kind of clique is it that the elders consult with their disciples to decide what to do about the clique?"’

This is something I've never heard of in my life.

"So please give me a moment."

"Yes, if necessary."

Hyun Sang took a short shot and stepped back. When Hyun Sang approached the back, Hwasan's disciples flocked around as if they had promised. It seems that the word was not a lie.

"My my."

Ho Sanja burst out laughing at the intense incompatibility of looking at it. And he also turned and approached his disciples.

"The Elder."

Mu Jin stepped forward and opened his mouth. There was a lot I wanted to say, but Ho Sanja had only one thing to say to him.

"Mu Jin."


"They will eventually have no choice but to accept this inscription.""Yes."


He bit his lips and continued.

"Don't end up with what you first planned. We have to smash it completely!"

Mu Jin flinched with a determined voice.

"…is that so?"

"That's right."

"But they are still two great disciples. Of course, I have a great student, but even so...….”

"You don't understand."


"Don't argue reason and must be crushed."

Mu Jin couldn't find anything to reply to and closed his mouth.

I've never seen an elder like this before.’

Ho Sanja's face, which had always been full of leisure and gentleness, was hardened like a warrior on the battlefield. Looking at that face, I couldn't think of anything more to say.

"I see."

Ho Sanja glanced towards Hwasan after hearing the answer. The huddled disciples of Hwasan were chattering away.

Can you stop the running water?

"Long-written man."

I didn't know exactly what the word meant until I saw it for myself. Hana Heo Do-jin was sitting there looking out what he hadn't seen.

I don't know if that's the way it goes.’

However, it is certain that the momentum of the trend is high. Water flows somehow after all. It will eventually become a river, right or wrong river.

I'll stop it here, even if it's for the blood.’

It was hard to live cold in Ho Sanja's eyes.