Chapter - 609 Episode 609. It's meaningful when you go over the mountain. (4)

Hyun Sang looked back at his surrounding students.

A clear mouth with sparkling eyes. And I'm looking at the fists clencouragingly.….

I don't have anyone to trust.’

Why are you so nervous?

"Well, I'm sure everyone heard the conversation.”

"Yes, Elder."

"I think we're going to have a fight.….”

Hyun Sang sighed deeply.

"This is happening in the absence of a long-time writer, and I can't shake off my anxiety. What do you think we should do?"

"What can I do?"

Next to him, Hyun Young answered in a seductive way.

"Based on the circumstances, if you say you can't do it, you'll have to go back with a dog in your mouth. Doesn't that mean all the hard work you've done in Hobuk will come to nothing? How can I be humiliated when I have to go back to fame?"

"What if I lose?"

"More shameful than losing is running away from the fight we've been through. Since when have we been such a great clique? What's so embarrassing about losing to a shaman?"


It turned out to be true.

Although he asked for his opinion due to the situation, Hyun Sang thought there was no retreat here. Originally, there is no way to avoid a fight if it is determined and rushed from one side.

"But, Elder."

Then Unam, who had been silent, opened her mouth.

"If you look at the faces over there, most of them are great disciples. I know what's going on here, but I'm not going to do anything right."

"…I guess so.”

Unam, whose lips were burning to say more, was eventually speechless and bowed his head.

"I'm sorry, if we were a little stronger...….”

It was enough to argue why Lee brought his great student, who said he would play the main role with Hwasan.

But I couldn't. It was because his great disciples are here now, too.

If they say, "Then, can't we send out a great student from that side?" they would have no choice but to say something.


Hyun Sang tried to comfort him with his head down, but he heard a voice full of heartache.

"No, I'm dealing with some great men!"


Chung-Myung, who blocked and shook everyone off, strode and squatted in front of Hyun Sang.

"You're not an elder, you're dealing with a great disciple, and you're embarrassed by the fact that you're in a private room?”


"You're starting to feel a pain in your joints, so let's just watch from behind. Young, energetic guys are innocent. Why would you use a cow's knife to catch a chicken? If you can't handle this one thing, you have to bite your tongue and die! How much training have you done so far!"

Then the young, energetic men nodded in unison.

"That's true."

"Well, you're dealing with shamans, and you're even in-house."

"We can handle that much on our own."

"That's how a shaman works.”

Unam bit his lips.

'You bastards.'

It's worth blaming once, but no one wants to blame them.

Well, these guys were supposed to be.

On the outside, they seem to be curvy and have no manners, but they have never been rude, even though they know that their martial arts overtook their fortunes. I've never even tried to match them.

They only look strong, but they are soft-hearted inside.

"Living quarters."

Baek Cheon, who stepped forward, looked at Unam with a determined face.

"There is a lesson we have learned from our housemates. I'll never lose, so believe me.""…Yes."

When Unam answered in a slightly trembling voice, Baek Cheon turned his head and looked at Hyun Sang.

"We're ready for this."

"Can you do it?"

"I think there are things in the world that can and must be done. And I think this is obviously the latter."


"I'm not going to say I'm going to win. But at least I won't be ashamed of myself as a student of Hwasan."

All the disciples nodded in unison.

It was Hyun Sang who was heartbroken to see their faces getting stronger through a fierce battle with Daveyolchae.

"The writer should have seen this.’

"The man of letters is proud of you...….”

"Oh, well, I'm down before the fight! Make a lot of noise!


Anyway, he's a real...….

Chung-Myung twitched around his mouth and said loudly.

"That's how you fight. Keep it simple. You just have to throw it away if you do."

"You told me not to look down on you earlier."

"Is that the same as this?”

Chung-Myung, who replied curtly, lowered his voice slightly.

"They should've been there at least once. And that's the way the world works. They don't wait until we're ready for anything."

The faces of the Hwasan disciples have become quite serious, perhaps because of the words.

Chung-Myung grinned as he broke his neck once.

"Let's make him regret giving Hwasan a challenge!"

I don't need any meaning now.

There is no need to ask about the situation. Only one is left. It's just deciding who's stronger.


Chung-Myung sprang up from his seat.

"That's a shaman. Since when have the cubs been successful?"

But I've given you a little less of the same degree, and these bastards...I should have turned his face into a steamed bun.

Smelling, he glared at the shaman.

"Well, if I didn't do it before, I can do it now.”


"Listen up, everyone!"

Chung-Myung gleamed his eyes and looked around everyone.

"Today's loser crawls to the island."

"……Chung-Myung아. I jumped and said it wrong."

"No, I'm crawling! Crawl!"


That demon.

Why do you hate him more when he's fighting a shaman? Why?

Unfortunately, Chung-Myung's madness was well beyond the point of being able to dry up. His disciples, who saw the glistening flesh in their eyes, cringed without realizing it.

"Lose if you want to die somewhere. I'll make you regret that defeat for the rest of your life and my bones ache."

'You have to win even if you die.’

'I'd rather die than lose.’

I think it's better to just leave the Wasans.….’

As I have said before, the worst part of Chung-Myung's mess was that he kept his useless words.

"There are some people in the world who deserve to lose, and there are others who should not. What? You lose to a shaman? To the shaman? The ships buried in Hawasan would come out of their coffins and beat them with plum-blossoms!"

That must hurt...….It must really hurt…….


"Uh, huh?"

Hyun Sang and Hyun Young, who were overwhelmed by Chung-Myung's spirit, looked at him with flinching eyes.

"It's a good idea, so let's just fight.”

"……Chung-Myung아. I don't doubt you, but are you sure you don't mind?"

"It's better to be hot if you're going to stick anyway."Chung-Myung grinned.

"Think positively. I'm here to lose my reputation, but there's nothing better than a shaman. Aren't you going to catch a wild boar and then go back?"

That's true.

No matter how high Debyolchae's reputation is and how high his reputation for greenling is, he did not dare to be compared to a shaman.

It is true that the situation has been twisted and came all the way here, but if we can overcome this situation, we will go back with an unimaginable big fish.

"But isn't that the story of winning?"

"We can win."

"No, but...….”

"The Elder."

Chung-Myung, who sank his eyes cold, said sternly.


"We're the Wasans."


"I can't help but be challenged by the name of Hawasan."

Hyun Sang still looked Chung-Myung in the eye. And slowly nodded his head.

He is also the elder of Hawasan. After hearing that, I couldn't help but be determined.

"Yes, I understand."

Hyun Sang, who had made up his mind and turned around, stopped walking at Chung-Myung's voice.

"Oh, instead."


Looking back, Chung-Myung was smiling with an evil smile.

"One more thing."



After a while, Hyun Sang and Hyun Young finished their discussion and walked out. Ho Sanja hardened his face and headed for the center to greet them.

Three people in the middle exchanged smiles.

"Have you made up your mind?"

"It wasn't easy."

Hyun Sang slightly closed his eyes and stared straight at Ho Sanja.

"One, I also thought it was not polite to defeat the proposal that Guifa gave me. What can we do to help each other?"

'As expected.'

Ho Sanja smiled with compassion.

If you're an honor-taker, and if you have pride, it won't be easy to get out of here. Inside, there was a desire for Hwasan to abandon his pride and walk away, but eventually things went as planned.

"That's a wise decision."

Ho Sanja, who slightly praised his opponent, asked with a smile.

"If you do, what would you do with the method?"

"How's your winning streak?"


Ho Sanja shook his head.

"I don't think winning consecutive games is a good way. It's meant to be a spouse, so wouldn't it be more important to see more people's swords? I don't think it's the right thing to do."

Of course that wasn't what I was thinking.

He also heard stories about Jongnam and Hwasan's tombstone in the past. In addition, Chung-Myung's performance at the arena is not unknown.

Therefore, Chung-Myung was trying to block the variables that would happen as much as possible.

"Well, I see.”

But Hyun Sang also stepped back as if he didn't expect much from it.

"It's a way to make a good decision at the shaman. Instead, let them decide one over here."


"The place where the rubble takes place."


Hyun Sang seemed to hesitate for a moment and shouted with a look of "I don't know."

"Why don't we do a rubbing in the largest square in infinity, not here? This beaming is not something you can easily see, so it would be a great comfort for those who have been groaning under the back of their bandits if they can make everyone watch and enjoy it."

"Uh, where did you say it was?""It's an infinite center.

Hyun Sang, who once shouted, spoke proudly as if he had no more rough words.

"Isn't it too narrow for us to blend in? It's also a nuisance to the top of the gold line."


"So you'd rather do it right."

In Hyun Sang's ear, Chung-Myung's last words kept ringing like an echo.

- If you want to make a big deal, you have to make a big deal so you don't hold grudges.

'Yes, you're right.'

As long as you win, it's the best! Just win!

Now I don't know!’

There was blood in Hyun Sang's eyes looking at Ho Sanja. Ho Sanja replied with a slightly awkward smile.

"Ha ha... That's a great idea, but when too many people see it...….”



"Are you not confident?"

At this point, Ho Sanja's eyes also sparkled.

"All right! Let's do it! We'll have a non-stage in the middle of infinity!"

Things began to grow endlessly.

Hwasan's disciples opened their mouths unknowingly.

"…Is this okay?"

"Is this really okay?"

This isn't a non-performance, but what about a non-performance?…what about the audience…….

Chung-Myung, who had always been looking at him, grinned.

"Do you know why Hwasan and the shaman have a bad relationship?"


"That's how it got worse.”


"History repeats itself."

And you'll get beaten up over and over again. Malko babies.

Thus, the tombstone of Hawasan and the shaman was several times larger than expected. A little bit contrary to Heo Do-jin's intentions.