Chapter - 610 Episode 610. It's meaningful when you go over the mountain. (5)

The infinite number of North Jeolla Province.

If you had to choose one of the most impressive things in infinity, everyone would choose a long river that crosses the center.

A vast plain that stretches around this wide river, which is almost like a breast cord in the middle field. Infinite was the place built on it.

On the riverside of such an iconic river, a group of fighters were now diligently building something. The people who watched the scene were whispering around.

"What's he doing?"

"I don't think I've ever seen them before, by the river...….”

"Huh? Aren't they partisans?"

"Huh? A shaman?"

Those who heard it opened their eyes wide and looked again at those gathered by the river.

"Really? She's a shaman!”

"No, what are the shamanists doing over there?"

Those who wore an application were laying the foundation of the river and bringing solid blue stones on it. Then he pulled out a sword and began to cut off the uneven surface smoothly.

"Oh, my God! Like tofu on a rock!"

"What am I surprised about? Aren't you some of the shamanists? They cross mountains and rivers all at once, and that's no big deal."

"No, so what are you making now?"

"What kind of stage does it look like?”

It was a truly novel sight.

A rock the size of a house is moved like an airstone, and the rock is neatly cut off to cover the floor like a brick. After such a process was repeated, a pretty high stage was created.

"Eldest, we're almost done."


Ho Sanja, who was looking at the non-stage, nodded quietly.

"But…… why are we…….”

"You're asking for the obvious."

At Mu Jin's careful question Ho Sanja spoke quietly, but in a powerful voice.

"Infinite is the realm of shamanism. Is there anyone in my house working? Just as there is a duty to the guest, there is a duty to the master as the master."


Her eyes glowed slightly.

"Don't try to fight a little thing. He who covets the small cannot see the big. He who is obsessed with little things and struggling to avoid losing money is bound to miss the Great Mac. If you want to see the world as a shaman's disciple, you should develop a big eye."

"I'll keep that in mind, Elder."

Ho Sanja grinned at Mu Jin's deep bowing and answering seriously.

Mu Jin lost once to Chung-Myung in the past.

It must have been a big shock to him, who was carrying the name of "The Three Swords of Wudang" and even aiming for the seat of "The Three Swords of Wudang." A man who had never considered Hwasan's disciple as his opponent was defeated by a man younger than him.

But the defeat did not drag Mu Jin down. I found out that the most fearless man was lacking, and I only found humility.

Just as once stepped on barley grew upright, and pine trees grew in rough fields had tougher and stronger roots, the defeat trained Mu Jin and directed him higher.

"How is it?"


"How do you feel to see the Wasan Mythology again?"

When Ho Sanja asked, Mu Jin, who had been thinking for a while, replied.

"I don't know. It doesn't seem like anything has changed, but a lot of things have changed. I didn't know him very well in the first place."

"I'm not asking you that. I'm asking you how you feel."

"…I was happy."


A light smile was drawn around Mu Jin's mouth."When we first met, his reputation wasn't that high. Of course, he made a name for himself in his performance with Jongnam, but his reputation was full of doubts.”

"I used to be."

I still remember clearly.

Ho Sanja also didn't pay much attention to the name Hwasan Sinryong. I thought it would sparkle and talk for a while.

Although I completely changed my mind after I met him. So you tried to bring him to the shaman somehow? With exceptional conditions that have never happened in the history of shamans.

But eventually he remained in Hwasan, where he was now thrusting a sword into the shaman's jaw.

Not all of that is the credit of the Hwasan Divine Dragon.….’

At least without the presence of that Hwasan the Divine Dragon, Hwasan's position would have been much different.

"He's been on a roll ever since and he's been famous. Now, the name Hwasan Sinryong is not only named after the world's best reviews, but also the term "the best in a hundred years."

"That's right."

Mu Jin spoke in a convincing tone.

"So it would mean more to pay back."


"I'm very grateful. I could continue to train with him on one side of my chest because he didn't become lazy. It's a little embarrassing to target someone younger than me, but...….”

"There's nothing to be ashamed of."

Ho Sanja said plainly.

"It doesn't matter how old he is or where he is from in the strong team. The only thing that matters is who's more right and who's stronger."

"Yes, Elder."

Ho Sanja reached out and tapped Mu Jin on the shoulder.

Things that have been expected since childhood are likely to fall into the abyss with a single defeat. This is because they recognize "fear" that they did not know when they were on a roll.

No wonder Mu Jin was heartbroken by the rare defeat, but he was the proud and happy Ho Sanja who protected himself like a giant who was not swayed by the wind.

'I'm sure I should thank the Hwasan Divine for this.’

Thanks to this, the shaman gained the same amount to lead the shaman in the future.

"What about Jin Hyun?"

"You won't be that different from me."

"Yes, then that's fine."

Ho Sanja nodded and lowered her voice slightly.

"One, I'm sorry for you. If you look at the situation, it's only natural to give you a chance to revenge, but it's not going to work."

"Don't worry. The important thing is privacy, not me."

Mu Jin also knew that his opponent was not Chung-Myung.

"But…… Elder."


"Is Elder Ho Gong really going to be a bimu

"I will."

"If you weren't interested in sepa...….”

Ho Sanja smiled quietly at the voice of concern.

"Is there anyone who is an elder who is interested in the world? I'm the weird one."

"He is, too."

"He's a troublemaker, but there's no way he won't move unless he says it himself. And he just has to come all the way here."

Ho Sanja grinned as Mu Jin, who did not readily understand, expressed doubt with his eyes.

"If you think of his favoritism, you won't be able to survive without a sword. He's overwhelmed the shaman in the past...…. No, it can be compared to a shaman. Because I was interested in Hawasan's plum test.”


Then I understand.

Ho Gong, who is called the shaman's greatest shaman, would surely be interested in plum-blossom techniques.Ho Gong may not be the shaman's sword, but one day he may be the shaman's sword. If he was not the youngest of the elders and about the same age as other elders, the reputation of the shaman's first sword might have been his by now.

"That's not what matters."

Ho Sanja said firmly.

"Ho Gong's defeat of the Hwasan Mystery is nothing to brag about or put forward. Rather, it is disgraceful to say in front of others that the shaman even has to be an elder to deal with the Hwasan Mystery."


"No matter how overwhelmingly you win, you'll end up being criticized."

Mu Jin nodded convincingly.

The elder of Hawsan's three great disciples and shaman.

Anyone can tell that mixing swords is a weird thing. Even if Chung-Myung loses to Ho Gong without even trying to use his hands, his reputation will not be undermined at all.

No, it would be no wonder that the shaman's old man's reputation rises further because he was his opponent.

"So you have to do it."

Ho Sanja looked at Mu Jin with determined eyes.

"I know it's a shame that I have to deal with the two great disciples of Hwasan as a first-class student. But this game is not about letting us know that we are superior to Hwasan. That's only natural. What we need to tell the world is that Hwasan's reputation is now too exaggerated."


"You must tell the world that there is no one in Hwasan who dares to deal with you. Can you do it?"

Mu Jin replied with determined eyes.

"My personal grudge is Sosa. More importantly, it is the honor of the envoy. I'll prove with this sword that Hwasan is not even close to the shaman's toes."

It was a reliable answer indeed. Ho Sanja nodded with a happy face.

"Yeah, yeah."

Nothing could have been more proud than seeing a reliable student.

Maybe Hwasan is looking at his student with the same mind as Ho Sanja.

'Acknowledgements must be acknowledged.’

The power and strength of young people, who will bear the future of the clique, are superior to those of the Hwasan side.

Ho Sanja also realized after seeing Hwasan's disciples in person this time. The insanity and freewheeling that were not like the province were very unpleasant, but each of them felt strong strength and will.

The nervousness that arose here caused Ho Sanja to fall for a minor provocation. The anxiety that decades later, the words of that Hwasan Sinryong might be true.

"I'm going to get it all out of this rubble."


"No. Nothing."

Ho Sanja last inspected the non-stage.

"Things have become more chaotic than I thought, but we don't have to stop them from claiming shame on themselves. Tell the children that there is a shaman and Hwasan's tombstone, and gather the spectators."

"Generally speaking?"

Ho Sanja nodded silently at the student's question, which seemed a little embarrassed.

"To those who are shaken, we must tell them where the gateways connect the true Taoists. In fact, we've been too benevolent. I should have known in advance that if I didn't put it forward, I wouldn'….”

Thanks to Hwasan, I found out about it.



A subtle expression appeared on Ho Sanja's face as he turned away and looked away at Mu Jin.

There's nothing wrong with it.It was said that the board grew, creating an audience, and proper competition became a grand chore, but it was all to their advantage if they won.

And it was unimaginable that the shaman's great disciples were defeated by the two great disciples of Hwasan. I couldn't understand why that brilliant Hwasan Sinryong was digging his own grave.

Yes, everything is perfect.


Why do you keep feeling anxious?’

Ho Sanja's eyes grew slightly darker.

The cold non-stage, carved out of stone, seemed strangely unfamiliar.

* * *

"All the audience is here."

"It's more than I thought. I can't see the end."

"Well, yeah. I see. I didn't expect people to be so interested in the shaman and Hwasan's tombstone."

Ho Sanja shook his head as he saw a huge crowd.

This cannot happen with the reputation of a shaman alone. A one-sided match is usually exhausting, and you don't have to spend your precious time and check it with your eyes.

In other words, those who gathered here thought that the shaman and HWASAN's secret dance was quite right.

I don't like it.’

Whasan has been gaining fame recently, but I never thought it would be this much. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much Heo Do-jin was watching.

"Isn't everything ready for this?"

"Yes! I'm all set."

"……Ho Gong, he'll be there soon."


Ho Sanja's face is subtly distorted.

The elder asked you to do so, but the elder...….’

It was nothing new since Ho Gong was always like that.

"Then aren't you all set?"


"Hwasan has already told us about the start time of the beemoo."

"Yes, I've heard your answer."

"Yeah, but...….”


"……Why isn't Hwasan coming?"


Ho Sanja's facial muscles had minor cramps.

'You guys don't even know what manners are.’

One meal has already passed since the promised time.

If you know how to do and know how to behave, you can't break the promised time of day.

"I knew they were rude in the first place, but...….”

"Shall we go again?"

"That's enough! What do you want from us to rush you?"

Ho Sanja bit his lips with a grumpy look.

I feel like I'm being held back.

This was a clear trick. It's a shallow trick to make the hearts of those waiting nervous and gain the upper hand.

"But the doors with history are such shallow tricks...….’

What was more irritating was not their manipulative minds, but their own minds that kept on getting nervous even though they knew what was going on inside.

The faces of the shaman disciples lined behind him were also filled with irritation and nervousness.

"Luxury payment."

Ho Sanja, who calmed himself by memorizing Doho, was about to open his mouth and soothe his disciples.

"Here he comes!"

"That's Hwasan!"

"I think they defeated Dave and released the wealth infinitely!"


Ho Sanja looked around in amazement at the moment's fiery roar.

Far away I could see Hwasan's disciples walking this way. But what really surprised Ho Sanja was not the appearance of Hwasan, but that reaction from the audience.

"Hwasan! Hwasan! Hwasan!"

"Long live the Wasans!”

The cheers for Hwasan spread like wildfire all over the place.

Like this?’I expected Hwasan to have captured the hearts of the people, but I never imagined it would be this bad. Still, how many years has the shaman been protecting Hobuk, and is he cheering so passionately for Hawasan, who has barely made it to his face?

Even when your opponent is a shaman!

Ho Sanja's face hardened cold.

Hwasan walked this way, swinging with a free-spirited pace.

"Well, it's even better to see you again."

Hwasan Sinryong, who was at the forefront, waved his hand like a local warp.

"Did you sleep well? I hope you slept well in advance because you won't be able to sleep well after the scrub."


It was a moment when reason flew out of Ho Sanja's head.