Chapter - 612 Episode 612. I don't know the distribution! (2)

"That d*mn thing...….”

In the end, harsh swear words came out of the mouths of shaman disciples who endured and endured. Unlike Hwasan, this was never common for them to follow the strict laws of Doga thoroughly.

One, those who watched what was going on could never blame shaman's disciples.

Who is Mu Jin?

As a member of the Three Wudang Swords, it was certain that he would take over the position of the Three Wudang Swords in the future.


I've heard of a name.

Wasan Ogum's man who has made a name for himself since the arena.

However, the weight difference between the three shamanic swords and the Hwasan Ogum, although they may sound similar to each other.

How dare Jo-Gol, who is even only the third-generation disciple, put such a lookout on Mu Jin, one of the first of his disciples, to a disciple who is not a second-generation shaman?

All shaman's disciples could not hide their anger and were bubbling. And the one who hardened his face the most was Jin Hyun.

"Did you say Jo-Gol?"


"I've seen you before."

There was a gale in his eyes staring at Jo-Gol.

It was apparently a face I had seen when there was a showdown in Hwagyeongmun. It is true that Jo-Gol then did well against the shaman's two great disciples, but he didn't dare to stand up to Jin Hyun.

At least in Jin Hyun's opinion.

But that Jo-Gol is completely ignoring Jin Hyun now. No matter how much Jo-Gol's reputation has increased over the years, Jin Hyun's position was not acceptable.

"I'm bored……"Of course, I'm not good enough, but I don't think I'm worthy of your disrespect."

At Jin Hyun's words Jo-Gol rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"I didn't exactly ignore you, but I'm still a man called Hwasan Ogum, and that Boo...…Boo…….huh?"

Jo-Gol, who had been talking coolly, tilted his head for a moment.

"I'm sorry, but what was your title? I'm sure I've heard of it, but I'm a little vague."

Baek Cheon, who was watching all this from behind, closed his eyes tightly. Next to him, Yoon-Jong nodded as if he was Jo-Gol.

"I told him to provoke, but he smashed his head with a wooden sword."

Dang-Soso shook his head as if there was no answer.

"I'm embarrassed as I'm from Sacheon.”

"…Let's wait and see for a while."

Baek Cheon's somber voice drew everyone's attention back to the arena.

"It's an autopsy."

"Oh, right. An autopsy. And I said Black Dragon.”

Jo-Gol, who was reciting, grinned.

The Black Dragon of the past was a rare and undaunted sign for him.

But now... It doesn't mean anything.

The signs symbolizing Kang Ho's posthumous index faded before the names of Chung-Myung and Hye Yeon.

"In the past, catching a sword dragon would have been a good idea, but now I'm good at it.”

Jin Hyun clenched his molar as he shrugged.

"May I break that arrogance?"

"……No, then you keep saying that I'm in trouble. If it's a winning streak, we can beat you and face more prestigious people, but we only have one chance this time."


Jin Hyun grabbed the sword caught in his waist without realizing it.

It is true that he lost to Hwasan's student in the past, but he was also a promising postscript of the shaman. He was never to be treated like this by the three great disciples of HWASAN."How far are you going to go...….”

"Oh, I'll do this!"

Then Jo-Gol clapped his hands and shone his eyes.

"I'd rather do this if you'd let me. I'll go against you. Instead."


When Jin Hyun asked back with a suspicious face, Jo-Gol grinned.

"If I win, let me fight one more person. You don't have to win against them.”


"How dare you, son of a b*tc*...…!”

The shaman's disciples were up and down as if they'd run at Jo-Gol at any moment. However, he could not pass Ho Sanja standing in front of him and head for the stage.

A big pile.

Jin Hyun's lips burst and a thin vein flowed out. His fist was now white as the color faded.

The pathetic shivering and suppressing anger, Baek Cheon covered his face with both hands.

"Who……who said we'd send him out to the wire?"

"Not me."

"Not me, either."


Chung-Myung, who insisted on letting him go, smiled awkwardly and raised his hand.

"…...I think you're doing just as I was told."

"Are you good?"

"What…… but you've achieved your goal, haven't you?" I think the provocation worked.

Baek Cheon, with his face in his hand, flipped his eyes.

"I asked you to pour some cold water, and you poured boiling water into your face. Is this good? This?


A drop of sweat also formed on Chung-Myung's forehead, which was wriggling.

No, you didn't think I'd do that.

Chung-Myung was not confident that he could go out there and scratch his insides as much as he did. Yoon-Jong asked in a slightly nervous voice.

"Living room. Ji, are you bringing him down now?"

"……Does that make sense?"

"Of course, that's a disgrace, but rather than keeping him...….”

Of course, Yoon-jong made sense. But it was a dance with a shaman. It was impossible to drag the person who had been sent back before they had a fight.

Fortunately, the shaman responded first before their troubles deepened.


Ho Sanja burst into laughter.

"It's always a pleasure to see the spirit of a young prosecutor."

Ho Sanja stared straight at Jo-Gol. Unlike soft words, his eyes were far from favorable.

"But a small stamp. Too much courage leads to abuse, and too much confidence leads to anger. Can a small seal handle his words? It could be a big trouble for the private sector.”

At the threatening remark, Jo-Gol picked up a sword stuck in the sword and tapped it on the neck.

"Hwasan's disciple says nothing he can't take responsibility for, Elder."


Ho Sanja stared at him and nodded.

"Good, I'll do that.


"However, as you say, we will not include this game in the outcome of the game, whether we win or lose. Instead, the winner will compete with the next person to decide the winner.”

Jo-Gol grinned and seized the gun.

"That's a wise decision."

However, Ho Sanja turned to Jin Hyun without even paying attention to Jo-Gol, who was gunnery.

"Jin Hyun."

"Yes, Elder."

"You know what you're gonna do, don't you?”

"Of course."

"Go away."


Jin Hyun walked away with a bleak face.

The Black Dragon, who slowly climbed onto the stage, looked all around. Then, the cheers of those who had been waiting to see the Bimu exploded."It's the Black Dragon!"

"He's the black dragon called the greatest of the two shaman disciples!"

Perhaps because it was infinite like the shaman's front yard, many people recognized Jin Hyun's existence just by looking at his face. At first, the cheers, which were focused on Hwasan, tilted sharply toward the shaman with Jin Hyun's appearance.

With the cheers, Jin Hyun quietly opened his mouth.

"I never thought I'd be so ignored because I had someone to revenge.

"Revenge? Oh, private accommodation?”

Jo-Gol grinned.

In the past, Jin Hyun lost to Baek Cheon in a battle against Hwasan due to the confrontation between Jongdogwan and Hwayeongmun.

"Revenge…. That's what only people who have spent their time well can say."

"Are you saying I wasted that time?"

"Of course, it's not a waste...….”

Jo-Gol laughed crumpled after meaningfully blurring the end of his speech.

"There's no point in words. Come on, I'll let you know with a sword."

Now, as if the words were enough, Jo-Gol slowly pulled out the sword.

"It doesn't fit in with Dow's theme…….”

Jin Hyun, who was about to continue talking, shut up for a moment.

"What is it?"

to be different

Before pulling out the sword, Jo-Gol was like a shell of a mouth. There was no sign of seriousness, and it was infinitely light.

But Jo-Gol, who pulled out the sword, felt the sheer sharpness. A little surprised by the momentum, Jin Hyun almost took a step back before desperately holding himself together.

A lot of thoughts came to mind and disappeared.

Perhaps the author's attitude is not due to arrogance, but to a grounded confidence…….

That's ridiculous!

How long has it been since then.

Even if the author was a genius without him again, he could not have surpassed him with that little time.


With a short breath, Jin Hyun slowly pulled out the sword. When Songmun High Sword, which symbolizes a shaman, was held in his hand, his shaking heart seemed to subside coldly.

'Don't be swayed.’

It would be burdensome for anyone to compete against an opponent who has never experienced it properly on such a public stage. In such cases, one should not be distracted by the other's words and actions.

All you have to believe is yourself, and your sword.

Jin Hyun's energy fell heavily.

Unlike Hwasan's freedom, it was a heavy and serious force. The word "unstoppable and energetic" in its full-spread shape was more correct than anything else.

'I've been trying.’

To avenge the terrible defeat, to overcome the humiliation that never disappears from the heart.

Hwajeong sword and Hwasan Divine Dragon!

There are only two of them his opponents. How can he be a black dragon and claim to be a shaman's master if he can't win this little goose?

The moment I made up my mind, the sword moved.


The blue-green sword spouted out like flowing water.

Shudang's unique side-nervous sword. Jin Hyun also showed it in the past. However, if the sword of that time was a stream, the sword that Jin Hyun now spewed was like a big river.

The heavy, haughty sword flashed with weight.

It was enough to realize how much he had trained to cut his bones. Although the shaman's blackness has become stronger over time, this is considered. The year was a remarkable growth.

'When is he?’

Ho Sanja, who was watching, clenched his fist unknowingly.I didn't understand well because he usually concentrated on training without saying a word, but when did he become so strong?

Mu Jin was not the only one who was strengthened by defeat. Jin Hyun also endured the agony of cutting bones by taking advantage of the crushing defeat.

It's done!

There was no need to worry about winning or losing.

That stable and heavy energy is second to the great disciples. It's not just a sword that any of Hwasan's top three disciples can win.

It was just when Ho Sanja was so sure.


Jo-Gol, who saw a sword like a river stretching out, gave a short exclamation and flew forward like a swallow.

To the front?

It wasn't back or side, but front. It seemed reckless, as if he were throwing himself into a torrential stream caused by heavy rain.

"That idiot……."

Ho Sanja was startled to see big blood from the start. Then an incredible scene began to unfold.

Whoosh! Whoops!

The simple Jo-Gol sword, which rushed head-on and cut off strongly, met the water-like sword. Then Jin Hyun's sword, which had been rushing in, split from side to side and began to deflect Jo-Gol.

The eyes of those watching couldn't be bigger.

"Go, split it?"

That one?

"Oh, no! It's just the beginning!"

The shaman's black-faced disquiet.

It is continuous as if it is going to break off. You can pick a sword once. You can blow the sword twice. However, it is not possible to prevent the same sword as the endless river.

Jin Hyun also wielded his sword silently, not a bit embarrassed to find out about it.

The cleavage and reintegration of the sword has been pushed towards Jo-Gol with a deeper and more grandeur than ever before.


At that moment, a light smile permeated Jo-Gol's mouth.

Of course the author's sword is strong. And it's heavy.


I've had enough of this!’

The experience is different, the difficulties you've been through are different. No matter how hard you try to stay indoors, you can't get out of it.

The sword was no threat to him, who overcame the cold winds of the North Sea and the cold winds of Unnam.


Jo-Gol's feet hit the ground hard.


"Well, crazy!"

Then he lightly stepped on the flying sword with his feet and lifted himself up.

It was a ridiculous adventure that would have blown my ankle even if it was a little off.

However, a sense of balance between a lightweight body and a near-shining body was enough to use flying swords as a stepping stone.


Jo-Gol stepped on the sword and rushed forward. It was like salmon climbing back a pouring waterfall.

Jin Hyun was shocked to see Jo-Gol cross the sword.


I was so surprised that I couldn't think straight.

But he, too, is a shaman's disciple who overcame hardships. Before his head could think of it, he swung a sword at Jo-Gol, who was flying in first.


However, before the sword was stretched out, Jo-Gol's plum sword took over his target position.



Jo-Gol and Jin Hyun's eyes clashed in Ho Gong while the swords and swords scratched each other's blades.

"Look carefully, young man."


Jo-Gol's sword momentarily recoiled. And flew straight into Jin Hyun's neck like a ray of light.a tremendous sword

I thought it was something gray, but the blade was already almost touching my neck. Jin Hyun freaked out and turned his head sideways.


My skin cracked slightly and I felt a sharp pain. But now is not the time to pay attention to such a place.

Paaaaaaaaaaah! Paaaaaaaaaaaah!

This was due to a series of scary stabbings flying in the air. The sword, which stretched out in an instant, made wounds all over Jin Hyun's body and colored his clothes red.

'Uh, how...'.’

He backed away once in a hurry.

I couldn't see the sword.

This was a matter before discussing the declaration of military merit. His vision made it impossible to recognize the path of the sword moving at that ridiculous speed.

How am I supposed to deal with this?

And as soon as I realized it, Jin Hyun's idea came to mind.

I'm going to lose?’

That can't be true.

I've been training nonstop. One day, he vowed to restore the honor of him and his envoy, who had been buried in the ground, by defeating those hwajeong swords and the Hwasan deities. It was a time when I forgot to eat because I was training only to reflect on that goal.


How do you lose to this little b*tc*, not Baek Cheon or Chung-Myung?


Jin Hyun went to stab Songmungom, not avoiding the sword that flew away.


"Jin Hyun아!"

If they can't win, they will stab each other to death. It was never the number to come out of Bimu.


Jo-Gol twisted his mouth weirdly as he saw Songmungom poking straight into the solar plexus.

Oh, my god!

Jo-Gol's sword, which had been pushed forward, was recovered at a faster speed and hit the flank of the flying Songmungo sword.


He failed to respond to the shock of Jin Hyun's sword, which gave him all his strength to stab his opponent. The sword, like the life of a prosecutor, ripped off its grip and bounced off.

Songmungogum, spinning round and round with Ho Gong.

Now the rest of the ending didn't have to be too obvious.


Jin Hyun's eyes lost focus for an instant.


And at that moment Jo-Gol's foot kicked him in the chest. His body, which had lost its sword, flew off the stage.

"Jin Hyun아!"


Jin Hyun, who flies like a kite that has fallen off a leash, was quickly picked up by his lodgings.

"Are you all right?"


Jin Hyun alternately looked at his empty hands and chest with clear footprints with incredible faces.

If he had made up his mind, it wouldn't have been difficult to break and sink his chest bones, but his body was just fine.

So it was a more complete defeat.

I couldn't help but admit it.

As I looked up with difficulty, I could see Jo-Gol's face with a funny stage.

"That's why I'm so bored at home."

Jo-Gol turned his eyes to Jin Hyun as if he had finished his business. Then he pointed to Mu Jin at the end of the sword.

"Come on up. Let's play a game."

The faces of the shaman's disciples were horribly distorted.