Chapter - 613 Episode 613. I don't know about allocations! (3)

Ho Sanja couldn't take his eyes off the embarrassed Jin Hyun. I couldn't believe it.

I lost. I lost.…?’

Jin Hyun was recognized as the best disciple of shaman Lee and even earned the nickname "Gumryong." Then he lost to the third generation, not the second generation of Hwasan.

'How the hell?’

Yes, I could understand the defeat itself.

What really embarrassed Ho Sanja, however, was not the fact that he lost, but that Jin Hyun was not hurt at all.

That cannot be described as 'lost'.

It is more right to be "suppressed".

Isn't it a common sense of strength that overpowering without injury is many times more difficult than simply winning? But I never dreamed that Jin Hyun, who I trusted, would be so easily beaten by that student of Hwasan.


Ho Sanja's deep discipline began to shake.

How can this be happening?’

Of course, the shaman's disciple does not stand out when he is not well-disciplined, compared to other clans of similar distributions. This is a trait of shamanism, and of Taoism.

But isn't that the same distribution, the same age story?

That Hawsan Jo-Gol is obviously younger than Jin Hyun, and the distribution is also lower. Losing to such a man was a disaster without any excuse.

'What the hell is this about?….’

It was then.

"You don't have to look so upset."

Ho Sanja turned his head towards the sound. Standing on the stage, Jo-Gol grinned and said.

"This is not a win."

Ho Sanja's face turned red. The fire broke into a temple. The fist clenched to the point of crushing the bones trembled.

'These figures.’

It would have been better to lose proudly.

Doesn't it mean that it's an embarrassing match to win, depending on the interpretation?

Of course, it didn't start with that meaning, but now that things have happened, everyone watching will have to think so.

The shaman's two great disciples don't even deserve to compete with Hwasan's three great disciples. This match alone completely shattered the Bimu he drew.

Ho Sanja scoured the audience with trembling eyes.

There was no cheer, no applause.

Everyone is just opening their mouths blankly with a puzzled face. Doesn't that mean that the outcome of this game is a shock to them as well?

How the hell am I supposed to handle this?’

Even Ho Sanja couldn't come up with a clear answer. In the meantime, Jo-Gol's mouth didn't rest.

"I hope we can start over soon, before it gets cold."

The faces of shaman disciples were horribly distorted.

"…he's doing that on purpose, isn't he?”

"It's unconditional. I assure you."

"…How did he end up like that?"

"It's called "barefoot black."

Yoon-Jong tried to add, "Honestly, Sasook is nothing different than that these days." It was clear that I would only be criticized if I said this for no reason.

Jo-Gol's role today was to take the lead and provoke and rake the opponent. The problem was that the role was playing too well.

I sent a long life to protect the frontier, and now it's occupying the capital of the enemy country.

It wasn't just the shaman who was surprised by this bizarre situation."Wow…… Jo-Gol death penalty……….”

"That easy?”

His disciples were also stunned by the results and blinked their eyes.

Of course, they knew Jo-Gol well, so they were confident that they would not easily lose to the Black Dragon. It's his disciples who know how fast Hawsan Ogum has grown.

However, no matter how hard it was, I didn't know I'd put that sword on like that completely. Who would have imagined it?

"…Is a shaman not as big as you think?”

"No, man! Jo-Gol is strong! The Black Dragon can't be weak!"

"He, isn't he?"

Baek Cheon crept up the corners of his mouth as he saw everyone babbling with a face that he couldn't believe it.

'There's no way we're gonna be each other.’

In the first place, the difference between Jin Hyun and Jo-Gol was not that big. Of course, if they played then, Jo-Gol would have been more than likely to lose, but it was still enough to compete.

The important thing is next.


Yeah, of course he trained. Jin Hyun would have done bone-cutting training on his own.

The problem is that it really depends on me.’

Before that d*mn Chung-Myung came, he never imagined that training could drive a person to hell like that.

Baek Cheon could be sure that no matter how hard the shaman practiced, the robber would be less than half as strong as Hawsan.

'What the hell is half, d*mn it. It could be less than half.’

And even the difference between the two is not only in training.

While Jin Hyun was grinding himself in the shaman, Jo-Gol went through several life-threatening battles. And those who faced each other were always stronger than him.

Would Jin Hyun risk his life against the armed forces of the bay? Or have you ever fought a war with the palaces of the North Sea Ice Palace? Or else have you fought against the Martyrs? Do you think you'd ever take the tension of a bishop of Mahyah with your body?

Both are under the name of prestigious people, but the fruits of the name are completely different. If Jin Hyun is just a flower that bloomed beautifully in the flower bed, Jo-Gol is a weed that grew strong under the cold wind.

It started with the same talent and the same level of ignorance. However, the process is different and growth cannot be the same.

"He learns martial arts from the roots, suffers from bone-breaking pain, and tempers himself in action."

This was the process Jo-Gol went through.

The process made Jo-Gol more solid. And now the rest of Hwasan's disciples, except Ogum, are taking over.

In the end, the whole of Hwasan will be tougher.’

More and more from the start of this rubbing.

"Where are the people who used to scrub?"


Baek Cheon shook his head as he saw Jo-Gol shaking in front of him.

It's good to be firm...….

It would have been better if I didn't look like Chung-Myung.

Huh? Jo-Gol.


Jo-Gol chins triumphantly at the shaman.

"So who's coming out?”

Just as Ho Sanja was about to open his mouth while grinding his teeth, Mu Jin, behind him, stamped lightly.


It was not so loud, but it was enough to evoke the consciousness of the agitated shamanist disciples.

"The Elder."


Ho Sanja nodded heavily.He didn't lose his composure so easily because he was more frivolous than Mu Jin. Mu Jin only needs to take care of his own work, but Ho Sanja had to think about the aftermath of this Bimu.

The more crowded a person is, the narrower his or her vision becomes, and the more urgent his or her mind becomes. Mu Jin fully understood this.

"I'll be out."

"……Mu Jin?"

Mu Jin looked up at Jo-Gol with a cold face.

"The atmosphere is over. If we don't show the right side of ourselves next time, the viewers will think that Hwasan has almost caught up with the shaman."

In his head, he described it as "Hwasan has surpassed a shaman," but he could not bear to say so in front of Ho Sanja.


Ho Sanja nodded softly with a somber face.

That was right. There was definitely something needed to turn the tide here.

Winning is important, but so is the process.

It is not the same result as the new victory that was obtained after fierce fighting with the enemy and the landslide victory that was not lost.


"Are you going to be okay?"

Mu Jin is like the head of a shaman. Would it be appropriate for such a man to deal with Hwasan's three great disciples?

The envoy could demand such work if necessary, but it was enough for Mu Jin to accept it.

But Mu Jin said calmly, as if he had already set his mind firmly.

"What can I do about what I have to do for a mission?"

"Mu Jin…….”

"I'll be there."

He moved forward without waiting for an answer.

If you can't deal with the Wasan Mythology anyway, you were right to leave when the envoy needed it the most.

"Wait, death penalty."

At that moment, one of the people behind opened his mouth.

"No protection?”

It was Muho, a priest. He approached, shook his head, and dried Mu Jin.

"It's not your job to go out."


"I see that we need to win now. But will they see us again just because the Three Wizards go out and win? Why don't you be ridiculed that you had to send three shamans out to face Hawsan's three great disciples?"


He was not wrong, either.

"Please let me out. I'll come back with him down the peg."


When Mu Jin looked at Ho Sanja as if he were asking for an opinion, he also nodded in agreement with Muho.

"Can you do it?"

"Of course."

"Yeah, go. Tell that child clearly what a shaman's great pupil means.”

"I'll take your orders."

Muho showed his example with a sword in one hand. Then, he turned to the arena without hesitation.

"Jin Hyun."


"Jin Hyun!"

"Yes! Yes, Sasook!"

Jin Hyun, who was still spaced out from the shock of defeat, was startled and saw Mooho.

"There's nothing to be hurt about."


"Now you're just crouching to get higher. So your defeat now is not a true defeat. I'll prove it to you."

Finally, Moo-ho, who caught a glimpse of Jin Hyun, headed off to the stage with a confident step. Jo-Gol, who was on the stage, showed his disappointment.

"Is that you?"

Muho gave a soft smile even after hearing the cheeky Jo-Gol.

"Disappointed, Dow?"

"It's not disappointment. It's a great honor for me to mix my shaman's great student and sword.""Whoa?"

At an unexpected remark, Muho tilted his head slightly.

Contrary to his previously mischievous attitude, what he said was very common sense.

"Then why did you insist on killing Mu Jin earlier?”

"The goal is better to be high.”

Jo-Gol grinned playfully.

"There's something you have to learn from the strongest person, even if it's hard to break."

"It's not important to win?"

"No wonder it's better to win. But that's not all."

In Muho's eyes, there was a moment of difference.

I thought you were naked.’

Isn't that unexpectedly thoughtful?

Apart from his freewheeling and rude attitude, that young man knows exactly what he has to aim for.

Is this Hwasan's temperament?

Well, that's why I'll be standing here in front of the shaman.

"I'm sorry I didn't make you a good target."

"You're welcome."

Jo-Gol lifted the sword in his hand slightly. Before I knew it, his eyes were shining endlessly seriously.

"Whoever it is, the best enemy is the one who is in front of me now. I'll do my best."

Muho's lips went up and drew lines.

"I'll throw away the mind that I've been ignoring, too. Let's play a good game.”

I love you.

Muho's sword, pulled out, went to Jo-Gol with a soft curve. It was a simple move that wasn't exactly threatening, but it was heavier.

Jo-Gol's sword also aimed silently at Muho. A light and sharp aura permeated.

The two, who had been facing each other for such a short time, rushed toward each other regardless of who was first.



It was the moment when the shaman's sword and Hawasan's sword collided head on.