Chapter - 614 Episode 614. I don't know the distribution! (4)


The sword was sharp as a thread.

Even if you have learned the same martial arts, the nature of the sword varies from person to person.

Jo-Gol's black was unusually cheerful and sharp among Hawasan's swords.

This was a different area from glamour.

Just because it's fast, and just because the change is ever more drastic, it doesn't mean it's glamorous. This sword was developed only in pursuit of the best efficiency to completely destroy the opponent.

On the other hand, Muho's sword was solid and heroic.

If Jo-Gol's sword was like a gust of wind rising into the sky, Muho's sword was like a perennial geo-am that held firm.

Now that they met, it was obvious that they were fighting.


The sword of Muho silently blocked Jo-Gol's sword, which swirled quickly and concisely.


The moment the sword and the sword met, a spark erupted and the eyes of the two crossed at Ho Gong.

You're going to block it'sir.


There was no way for each other to marvel at each other's swords.

The inspection was supposed to look at each other's swords entirely under any circumstances.

It's different.

Jo-Gol hardened his face as he quickly stabbed the sword. It was different from any other martial arts he had ever experienced.

It was very different from the sword that Jin Hyun even unfolded.

Jo-Gol was now keenly aware of what it means to reveal the true value of a shaman as time passes by.

It's heavy. It's like facing an iron wall.

No, that expression is not appropriate either.

Don't iron walls have semi-elasticity that bounces off when tapped? But this sword gently absorbs everything that flies.

If I had to say, it was a sword like a lake.

No matter how much you throw stones, pull trees, and shove them in, the lake exists as a lake. If given a little time, I will go back to the quiet prototype.

No matter how much Jo-Gol's sword, which was sharply aimed at the enemy, the sword of Muho returned to its place as if nothing had happened.

'This is the shaman's sword...….’

I could see why the world was so much in unison to praise the shaman.

The immobility of keeping yourself perfect in the midst of a fierce battle.

Rather, the firmness that makes the attacker despair more, and the softness of the opponent's power without pushing it away.

'A sword can be used like this.’

Jo-Gol even got goosebumps because he felt like he was opening his eyes.

Until now, he had never discovered the sword of a proper faction.

All of the people he dealt with were safar, madam walkers, or other fighters.

I fought with Jongnam and saw several swords in the arena, but it was a posthumous figure at best. They were only too few to understand the sword of a famous man who had been going on for a thousand years.

A sword that mimics a shell is a true political sword.

But here's a real political sword.

It is grand, heavy, soft and strong. The sword of a political faction, which conforms like water, but has a firm wick in it, has weighed heavily on him.

'Yes, I understand.’

The reason why Hwasan's sword is a famous sword, but it is more like a dead sword than a dead sword. Now I understand why Hwasan's sword is so practical.

One thing is that...….

"You want to win more!"

Jo-Gol roared and made dozens of screenings and fired at Muho in unison.


Muho swallowed the wind and pressed down the sword.

"This is the sword of the three greatest disciples?"

That's ridiculous.I watched Jin Hyun's performance with my eyes, and I checked the results. Losing is an inexcusable thing, but it is also true that Jin Hyun thought he wouldn't have been beaten so easily if he really fought with his skills.

However, after experiencing Jo-Gol's sword in person, I had to change my mind.

In the beginning, Jin Hyun was too much.’

You won't win a single fight a hundred times. Even he can't guarantee a perfect victory over this sword, how can Jin Hyun handle it?

to be fast


Besides, it's bizarre.’

I don't know if Jo-Gol uses the sword like that or if Hwasan's sword is the way it is, but this sword deceives and catches people off guard.

There was no intention of justly weighing on the opponent. The fierce ambition to get the result of victory somehow permeates the sword itself, not the inspection.

This is Hwasan's sword!

There was a smile on Muho's lips.

The fate to protect the honor of the envoy and the fact that the opponent is much younger than him disappeared cleanly from his head.

He's also been sharpening his sword.

The moment I faced a sword that ran from my sword to my chest, my soul as a prosecutor burned.


Muho's sword pushed away Jo-Gol's sword and sword.

Minimal movement and minimal force.

The sword, which minimizes waste, seemed rather slow.

As if the sword was flowing smoothly, Ho Gong swam around, and all the large circles made at the end of it flew away.


Dang-Soso distorted his face as if he couldn't see it anymore.

"Ji, aren't you going to lose?"


Baek Cheon didn't say yes or no to that statement. I just let out a low sigh.

"…That's the shaman's sword."

Now Baek Cheon had no choice but to reflect on himself.

I've heard the same thing numerous times from Chung-Myung. You're still just a little bird.

He admitted it on the outside. I thought so with my head.

However, it was clear that there was arrogance in him.

He won the battle against the lord of all men, defeated the elder of the Bingo, and even survived the evil bishop's hand.

I thought no one would have experienced it and crossed the line at least at a similar age, or even above one distribution. So no matter how strong they were, they thought they could handle it.

But now that shaman's black man, Baek Cheon, was showing that the world was vast.

It's not important to cross the name of a shaman.’

In order to truly overcome a shaman, you have to cross that sword. Soft as water, hard as a rock, hard as a pine tree growing in the field!

"Sa, Sa-Sook!"

Baek Cheon nodded as Dang-Soso urged once again.

"You're strong."


"There's nothing wrong with what he said. A shaman's great disciple is on a different level than his two great disciple."

Oddly enough.

If I have to explain, there was a difference between Masol and the Butler. It was hard to understand how it could be so different in just one allocation.

"Then Jo-Gol's death penalty is…….”


Baek Cheon said with a stiff face.

"She's not a pushover. You know that, don't you? He's the one who's never had a break from training."“…….”

"He's like a hypocrite who's been messing around like that, messing around, losing manners, talking nonsense because he doesn't know the atmosphere, pretending to be a young man, but...….”

"…Can you swear that much?”

"Wow, Sasook, you're really good at criticizing now. It's a class."

Baek Cheon continued, trying to ignore Chung-Myung's voice, which seemed genuinely admiring.

"Nevertheless, Jo-Gol is more serious than anyone else when it comes to swords. No matter how good the shaman's sword is, there is no reason for Hwasan's sword to lag behind him."

Baek Cheon's eyes glowed as he stared at the stage.

"Then his experience will solve the problem of time."

Dang-Soso nodded and looked at Jo-Gol again.

A rocking Jo-Gol, a ship lost its way between the blue and blue swords rushing like a river.

'That's strong.'

Jo-Gol showed his teeth and laughed.

Blood dripped down from the newly opened lips as to when the mouth burst.

It wasn't just the mouth. It has never been so intense that my shoulders have been crumpled, and my senses have been disappearing from the fingertips of my sword.

This is what it's like to subdue an opponent with energy.

He does not come in, nor does he try to press it. But Jo-Gol was increasingly on the defensive himself.

That was a sword.

A sword that focuses on overpowering an opponent rather than knocking him down. A sword to save a man, the fundamental sword of a political faction.

It's heavy.

Also, the history of the sword is as clear and pure as ever.

It was not just a sharp increase in quantity. I could see why Chung-Myung was scolding him for having so much experience that he couldn't even use properly.

It's meaningless just to have it.

Only when it can be used to match one's sword and can it be completely controlled can it truly run its course.

Even now, the plum sword was bending as if it were broken by the force carried by the sword.

If Sapa's Muhak was close to pouring waterfalls on his opponent, the sect's Muhak was like water slowly rising from his ankles.

And the water is clear and clear.

That's why it's called Taecheong.

If learning is based on layers of learning and climbing higher, it would be no match for Jo-Gol to be piled up on the sword of Muho.

Yes, it's strong. It's so strong and clear that I've never experienced before.


Jo-Gol's gaze turned reflexively sideways. I could see Chung-Myung's face squatting next to Baek Cheon.

I didn't watch it because I wanted to get help.

I just wanted to be sure that I was right.

And Jo-Gol, who identified Chung-Myung's face, smiled, twisting corners of his mouth unconsciously.

I knew you'd look like that, you son of a b*tc*!’

Chung-Myung is speaking with his face.


Yeah, that's why.

That's a sword, that's a no-brainer.

There is no reason not to deal with it, and no reason not to surpass it.

It flows like water?’

The confidence in Jo-Gol's face was young. He could laugh even in the midst of the endless flood of swords, swelling of his fingertips, and crushing intestines.

"Then where……".”

Soon his sword began to shake gently.

The sword, which had not been able to overcome the pressure from the sword and was about to break, regained its shape in an instant, and shook gently as if it did not feel any pressure.

"Let's see if the flowers bloom in the water."


The end of Jo-Gol's sword was scattered around the world.Flowers bloomed far away in Unnam and in the cold North Sea. So is there a reason why plum blossoms can't bloom even in the water?

Soon after, plum blossoms grew gently from the shaky end of the sword.

The plum blossoms he smoked, not anyone else.

Whasan's plum blossoms, Jo-Gol's plum blossoms.

Someone said.

The colder the winter is, the stronger the wind that afflicts plum trees, the more beautiful the plum blossoms.

So what about the winter he endured and the wind he endured?

Is it enough to make a beautiful plum blossom?

One by one, and one by one, each rose as a plum blossom stretched.

The flowers, which bloomed at the end of Jo-Gol's sword, are incredibly simple and form a forest in time goes by.

The middle of the flowing river diverged, and the plum blossom forest appeared. Even then, the forest grew bigger and began to completely repel the flowing water.

What about this?

I was appalled by Muho's eyes.

Plum screen.

I've heard that name countless times.

However, the plum-blossom technique, which he identified with his own eyes, was quite different from what he heard.

That sword is so beautiful and gorgeous, and...….

Riding on the wind, plum blossoms began to fly into the world.

Unlike water that cannot leave the land after all, plum blossoms are not bound to the earth. The petals of the plum blossoms, which flew gently, flew like a fantasy, shook and wrapped around the body of Muho.

The moment Muho, who was caught in the moment of freedom, was about to swing his sword.

Oh, my god!

Jo-Gol popped out like an island war and shot like an arrow at Muho through the gently shaking and flying petals.