Chapter - 615 Episode 615. I don't know the distribution! (5)


Ho Sanja's face was completely distorted.

What a unique sword.

The flowers blooming like an illusion dazzle a person's eyes and hide the sharpness in the dizziness.

That was not just a beautiful sight.

It's quite dangerous. It was a solitary scene that hid a deadly poison in the colorful colors.

I don't understand it.

I don't want to admit it, but Hwasan is prestigious. Considering the history of Doga, it was much closer to the enemy's pain. However, I didn't know how to understand that the sword that was spread out in such a place was so unique.


The petals, which had soared once in unison, fell like rain.

Ho Sanja knows the dangers of that beautiful sight better than anyone else, but even that momentarily caught the eye of the dancing petals.

And at that moment.

Oh, my god!

Jo-Gol, who broke through Huahu, flew into Muho with the island war.

Moving like an arrow fired, Jo-Gol fired a powerful blow to the empty head of Muho.

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love!

A strong blow, as if he were going to split Muho into two! It was a typical sword, completely different from the usual Jo-Gol sword.

"No, no!"

Ho Sanja rose half way to his feet, screaming unconsciously at the sight.



The moment Jo-Gol's sword tried to split Muho's head, Muho's sword, which was drawn like lightning, blocked Jo-Gol's sword from flying.

Kaga ga ga ga gga!

Sword and sword clashed and sparks flew everywhere. A fierce battle between a sword weighing down and a sword trying to spill its teeth continued for a short time.


Muho's eyes shone at the pain felt on his wrist.

I've stopped him.

It was a gruesome thing to do.

If he had been a little less focused, if he had been a little more distracted by that splendid sword, he would have been bleeding out by now.

But he blocked it.

Muho called in a cheerful spirit.

It was clear that Jo-Gol's position was twice as good as expected, but not to the point where he was overwhelmed. It was obvious that the victory would be his if he could stop the bizarre anomalies.

'I won....’

But at that moment.


Muho's face hardened in an instant.

The mouth of Jo-Gol, who was pushing him down from the top of his head, was rolled up.

"You're laughing?"

It was a smile of triumph.

It was not a look that a blocked person would make. It was a smile that could only be made when everything was going his way.

Feeling that something was wrong, Muho recovered the sword and tried to take a defensive posture.

A big piece!


But the sword didn't fall.

Jo-Gol's sword held his sword and wouldn't let it go, as if it were a glue.


The energy from Jo-Gol's sword was lashing and pulling his sword.

What does it run...…!’

It has a rough history of unrefined, but only the amount was terrifying. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't pull out the sword.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoosh!

At that time, all the plum swords that Jo-Gol had flown in advance began to fly towards this side.

'Oh, it's cut off.…?’

The shaman's black-faced disquiet.

However, if the sword eventually stops, it will be cut off. But Jo-Gol's swords, which soared to the sky, still remained strong.

It wasn't the petals that dazzled the snow.It was Jo-Gol who was the bait of his eyes.


Muho tried to pull off Jo-Gol's sword, which was sticking like a leech, up all his history. However, no amount of strength was needed.

Jo-Gol's dark, hard forearms were bulging with tendons.


In a hurry, Moo-ho immediately released his history and hit Jo-Gol hard. No, I was going to hit him.

But at that moment.

Grab it.

Jo-Gol grabbed the blade of Muho with one remaining hand.

"Beauty, crazy!"

Despite the fact that he operated the craft, Muho's sword also shoots out the sword. If it was a little clumsy, it would not be surprising if all fingers were cut off.

You mean you can do such a bold thing out of a scrubber?

It was a risky act, but the effect was too obvious.

As the sword and hands were stretched at the same time, Muho's sword was stuck as if it were a mountain and made only a sad sound of iron.

'Oh, inside...'

Muho looked back instinctively. And I looked.

A red storm coming over him.

Whoo! Whoo!

The petals swept the whole body of Muho.

Crunch! Crunch!

Cuts and spouts of blood throughout the body, and sharp petals stuck between the tender flesh.


The wounded Muho's whole body convulsed.

Although he was surrounded by the Taecheong River, the Japanese apricot sword, which flew, tore his history too lightly and trapped himself.

Moo-ho, who was moaning in pain, immediately caught his eyes on the thought that crossed his mind.

If the sword were to be swept through the metropolitan area like this, the author of Jo-Gol wouldn't be safe.

Muho, who identified Jo-Gol, opened his eyes wide. My body trembled as if I had been struck by lightning.

He wouldn't have been so surprised if he had been fine. But Jo-Gol was grinning, showing his teeth as the plum sword I flew dug into his body.

Muho realized.

'There was a lack of determination.’

He performed a scrubbing dance, but Jo-Gol won the game.

That's... that very small difference divided the result.


Feeling the black plum blossoms digging into his back, Muho lost consciousness and collapsed on the spot.


As the Songmun High Sword fell on the floor of the monument, a sharp sound spread out to the outside of the monument.

Like this.

Getting off lightly, Jo-Gol looked down at his leg. The plum blossoms brushed around and the bridge was covered with blood.

But that didn't really matter.

He clasped his fist while watching Muho fall unconscious for a moment.

"I won!"

His delighted voice spread through the frozen audience.

"……that crazy guy."

"I'm out of my mind, out of my mind.”

"You have to be hit!"

Baek Cheon, Yoon-Jong, and Yoo-Esul simultaneously exhaled life.

I'm not crazy at all. Who in the world would use my body as bait in a beemoo? You're getting hurt like that.

"That man....”

In particular, Dang-Soso, who needed to heal the wound, was almost firing from both eyes.

The three angry people shivered before the sound of her teeth grinding heard. A low growl spread dreary in the ear.

"Do you think the body is some piece of cloth? If you get hurt, you're gonna sew it up?”

"…Gee, calm down, Soso."

"You won anyway. What?"

Eventually, anger exploded.

"Winning isn't the end! What would have happened if he got seriously hurt like that? That jerk!""But it's death, Soso."

"So what? I don't know allocation! It's just that today!"

Back Cheon and Yoon-Jong, overwhelmed by the energy of Dang-Soso with his eyes lit, unknowingly apologized.

"…I'm sorry."

"I apologize instead."


As Dang-Soso, who clenched his fist, changed his teeth again, the three of them quickly avoided the gaze and looked toward the arena.

Jo-Gol was still jubilant with his hands raised.

"I can't stop you anyway.”

Frankly, the game was not guaranteed.

In Baek Cheon's view, there was a little more victory on Jo-Gol's side, but I wasn't sure because the game was bound to change depending on the luck and situation of the time.

"You stupid bastard."

If it was his own match, it probably wouldn't have been Jo-Gol considering that adventure.

It was a must-win match for Hwasan.

It was important to get a head start for Hwasan, who was outstripped in overall strength. Jo-Gol knows that too, so it's hard to win somehow.

There's a heavy sense of responsibility for Hawsan on those shivering shoulders. Although Jo-Gol is only one of the three greatest disciples, he has already become the same person who carries the name Hwasan on his back.


With his heart full of pride, Baek Cheon smiled quietly.


"Why isn't he coming down?”

"…I don't think all the shamanists will come down until they get their eyes on it and get upset."

"……someone go and drag him down right now."


Yoon-Jong rushed to the stage, kicked Jo-Gol's butt, grabbed his ear and dragged him out.

Baek Cheon sighed deeply at the sight.

"Is it trustworthy or not?….”

Chung-Myung is the only one who needs that.

"Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! Death penalty! Ah! It hurts!

"You have to be sick! You're supposed to be sick! Of course you're sick!"

"Oh, this is how you treat a man who won and came back!"

"It's noisy."

When Yoon-jong let go of his ears, Jo-Gol stretched his shoulders as if he had never been so dramatic.

"I thought it would be great to be a shaman."

"Wasn't it a big deal?"

"No, it's amazing.”


What's this guy?

Jo-Gol said sternly, taking everyone's glum gaze.

"The pressure is no joke. It's a sword I've never experienced before. I don't feel like I'm doing anything, but it's getting harder and harder as if I'm drowning in a swamp.”


"You shouldn't take it easy. If we fought normally, I might have lost.”

"…so he's a shaman."

I quickly recovered from my slight relief.

Baek Cheon realized Jo-Gol's growth in a conversation a while ago. If it were Jo-Gol in the past, he would have been busy bragging about winning against his shaman's great student, but now he is thinking about the death penalty he should fight for, not his victory.

I'm gonna have to work on it.’

It was a moment when Baek Cheon was about to have such a warm heart.

"But what, I won! I won! Hehe!"


I decided to put my warm heart on hold for a while.

"Anyway, he's not the one who can't fight! Just a little attention is enough...….Argh!"

Suddenly Jo-Gol fell on the spot and screamed desperately.

Dang-Soso, who had already approached, was clutching the scar on Jo-Gol's leg with a face like a nail.

"Oh, you're happy to win?""Ouch! Soso! There! Argh! There's a cut...….”

"Oh, here?"


Everyone who saw Soso's finger digging into the wound closed their eyes as if they had made a promise.

"Ha ha. My death penalty is seriously injured. I'll treat you again."

"Oh, no! I'm not hurt much! It's better if you leave it alone! Just spit on it!"

"No, that's ridiculous. I'll clean it up for you."

A big dae-cham came out of Dang-Soso's sleeve.

The word confrontation was also ridiculously big, thick and sharp. It was close to an awl if I had to argue. Jo-Gol asked in a trembling voice.

"Chi, what about saliva? I don't have internal injuries."

"I'm going to tie it."


"It's a needle.”



"……If it's a needle, it's a good worm…"….Argh!"

Dang-Soso dragged Jo-Gol to a corner for question and answer. Hwasan's disciples shuddered with goosebumps all over their bodies.

I'll never get hurt.’

'If you're going to get hurt, you'd rather die.’

It was the moment when one more condition was added to this inscription.

Baek Cheon glanced at the shaman with a bitter smile. They were frozen as if in shock, not even thinking of recovering the fallen Muho on the stage.