Chapter - 617 Episode 617 will be the sword that represents volcanoes. (2)

I'm starting to run out of breath. My fingertips trembled a little, and my heart beat fast.

But this wasn't exactly a bad sign. It doesn't make sense for a person who is about to win not to be nervous.

At least if you're a prosecutor, you should know how to take the game seriously regardless of what's at stake.

That's the most basic position a sword should have.


Yun-Jong took a short breath and looked at Mu Yon standing across the street.

This feeling that I am feeling right now should be called a sense of intimidation. That's understandable.

a great disciple of a shaman

The work of the Three Swords of the Lady.

None of the modifiers were light. Objectively speaking, Mu Yon was still a tough opponent for Yoon-Jong.


Have you ever been uncomfortable?’

It's just funny to think about.

The Hwajong Branch was also too much for him. There is no need to mention the arena. He had to risk his life in the fight against the universal people, and he realized his limitations in the North Sea.

It wasn't his own choice, but he always had to fight those who couldn't handle it, and he was thrown at things that were too much to overcome.

"If a bird tries to chase a stork, it will tear its crotch.’

He was well aware of himself. The fact that he's not a genius.

Just because he was called Ogum along with others did not mean he was the same person as them. Baek Cheon is a genius who doesn't need a modifier, and Yoo-Esul is a monster that sometimes outperforms even Baek Cheon.


He's all talk and no talk.

Even Jo-Gol's talent felt dazzling to him.

I don't know what others think, but Yoon-Jong knew for sure. His talents dare not be compared to them. He is nothing more than a cow running under a flying hawk and eagle drinking dirt.

A little carelessness will overtake him in the blink of an eye. Jo-Gol as well as the other three.

I know. I know best about myself.

"You look nervous.”

Then Mu Yon came to talk to me quietly.

Yoon-Jong looked up and faced Mu Yon. Come to think of it, it was just a friendly spot where they saw each other's swords. Therefore, it was not necessary to reveal it just because it was a non-military opponent. He nodded his head gently.

"Actually, it's quite like that's the case.


Then Mu Yon looked at him with interesting eyes.

It is common to pretend that nothing is wrong with bluffing when the opponent who will compete for victory says this. But the young man admits he was nervous in a calm tone.It doesn't mean much, but somehow I was interested.

"There's nothing to be nervous about. If I can show my skills enough, I think winning or losing will naturally follow."

"I think that's absolutely right. Just……."

Jung-kwang was young in the quiet eyes of Yun-jong.

"I'm not in a position to just follow naturally."


Aren't you calm and bold?

The atmosphere was completely different from Jo-Gol, who turned their stomach a little while ago.

It's amazing that the same death penalty feels so different.

How can all people be the same, but those who live together for a long time, learn the same martial arts, and go through the same things are bound to be similar in disposition.But in the eyes of Mu Yon, these Hwasan disciples were wonderfully different in temperament.

"If you were so worried, you wouldn't have to choose me.”

"What's the difference?"


Mu Yon opened his mouth with a strange smile.

"That doesn't make much difference to me, or to other shaman's great disciples and to you, called the Three Swords of the Shamans. Is that right?"

Yoon-Jong shook his head calmly.

"I just wanted to tell you that every one of you is a formidable person."

Mu Yon stared at him and slowly pulled up his sword.

It was quite interesting, but it wasn't the right place to have a long conversation. It is true that you have a favor with the other person with just a short conversation, but this favor will be shared somewhere else someday.

"Take out the sword."


"I'm not a pushover, I'm telling you. Do your best."

"You don't have to tell me that."


A plum sword was pulled out of Yoon-jong's sword.

"In recent years, I've never done my best."

He was always desperate.

Not to fall behind, not to fall behind.

Before mixing the swords in earnest, Yoon-Jong turned to Hawasan's disciples.

Not Baek Cheon and Ogum, but Hwasan's disciples. Especially, the celadon ship, where the three great disciples are located. Yun-Jong sighed quietly after checking the eyes of the three great disciples who were fixed on this side.

'It's too much for me.’

The eldest of the three disciples.

This wasn't exactly what Yoon-Jong wanted. It was just given naturally because he was old and quick to start.

Of course, there was a time when he was intoxicated by the fact that he was the ambassador of the three great disciples. But now that fact has weighed on the shoulders from time to time.

Fighting with a gifted priest and a monster-like priest who fell from heaven was an excessive burden on him, who was only a criminal.


Nevertheless, there was only one reason why Yoon-jong could not give up comfortably.

"Let's get started."


Mu Yon performed the shamanistic equestrian ceremony. Yoon-Jong also pulled himself together with Hwasan's flag ceremony. There was a short tension between the two who raised the sword.

It was Mu Yon who moved first.


Park Chan-moo, who made the stage short, immediately narrowed the distance and stabbed Yoon-jong in the face.

It was a real quick stab.

Kakao Talk!

Yoon-Jong hurriedly lifted up the sword and struck out the Songmungom. Mu Yon's sword lightly spilled its power and then poked Yoon-Jong in again.

It's fast.'

No, it's not just fast.

It was only a minor exchange, but there were countless ups and downs hidden in it. It's not easy for a long sword to withstand the power to strike sideways. However, Mu Yon gently spills out the power that Yun-Jong used when the sword and the sword hit each other, and uses it in reverse to stab the sword again.

Ewha graft and Neungyu steel.

The rise, which is hard to unfold at once, overlapped at the same time.

This is a shaman!

Sword not found in Hwasan. That's why it was difficult to deal with, and that's why it wasn't easy to stop.

However, Yun-Jong cut the sword short and cut it out, avoided it, and spilled it.Lower!

Once again, Yoon-Jong lowered his posture, avoiding the sword coming in fiercely. Tightly fixed legs help the upper body move quickly.

As a result, he was able to avoid all the swords flying at an unnoticeable speed.

Mu Yon's eyes were filled with light relief.

"Not bad.”

Love, love, love and sorrow!

At the same time his sword was a little faster.

Kaga River!

Hana Yoon-jong's sword didn't falter this time either.

a sword free of all waste

It's not all about swinging fast. Even if the speed is great, if the path is not right, it will eventually waste time.

Yoon-Jong's black opponent was perfecting the fastest route to the sword.

'That's tough.'

Mu Yon's complexion changed a little. The earlier Jo-Gol's black thread was cheerful, fast and bizarre. However, the sword that Yoon-jong is showing now was solid and faithful.

'It would be more like a shaman's sword.’

It is not so much different from what is underlying, though it may not be called the remains. If the sword he blew was the wind, Yoon-Jong was like a giant to take the wind out.

At this age....’

The foundation is firm, and the upper body is lightened based on a firm lower body. It's really easy when it comes to words.

But in order to achieve that, basic training must be accompanied to death. It's not even done by just working hard for a while.

The basics are that you have to practice the same training without resting for countless hours and days so that you can only see the effect noticeably.

How much training did you have to do to achieve this firmness at this age?

Swing 10,000 times a day? Anyone who aims to learn nothing can do it.

But how many people in the world can do 10,000 swings in 10 days, 100 days, and 1,000 days?

Mu Yon's eyes glanced at Yun-Jong's hand. The palm of the hand, which was slightly exposed in contact with the handle of the sword, was filled with calluses.


The excited Mu Yon swung the sword loudly.


At the end of his sword, a sword like water flowed out like a river. A clear, blue sword washed into Yoon-Jong.

The rapid transition from the sword to the sword, to the sword in time.

But Yoon-Jong's eyes were not shaken at all.


Yun-Jong's sword, which was built at an angle, spilled Mu Yon's sword from the side.


It was the number of days to let out as much as possible without resisting with force. But it wasn't all about letting go.


Yoon-Jong's feet dug into the solid blue stone. The hand holding the sword was shaking like an aspen.

The power of flowing water breaks rocks and changes the terrain. The explosive power ends in a moment, but the power that leads to face-restriction is not the end just because it was once received.


Yun-jong, who clenched his teeth, pushed his sword and pulled himself aside.

But at that moment, Mu Yon rushed forward and hit Yoon-Jong with his shoulder as if he had known.


Yoon-Jong bounced back with a sound that sounded like he hit the leather drum hard.Boom! Boom!

After being stuck on the floor again and again, Yun-Jong soon rotated his body around and dashed the sword into the blue stone just before it was stuck again.


After being pushed back for a long time, he quickly regained his position. A new stream of blood flowed down his lips, but his eyes were no different from the first.

"…that's great."

A pure admiration leaked out of Mu Yon's mouth.

A shaman is a political faction, a sword of atmosphere.

As such, the shaman emphasizes the basics more than any other clique in the world. It is the shaman who does not commit the foolishness of neglecting the basics for immediate enlightenment.

However, the foundation of a black shaman named Yoon-Jong, who is now in front of him, was thick enough to feel shabby.

"I apologize for looking down on you a little bit."


"From now on, we'll go full steam, so try your best to get it."


"Here we go!"


Once again, Park Chan-moo flew lightly toward Yoon-jong like a butterfly. His sword painted dozens of sword strokes, and at the same time, a white tension flowed out of his left hand, which drew a round circle, and was pushed toward Yoon-Jong.

Yun-jong, who remained calm all along, also opened his eyes wide at the scene.

Do, two arms at the same time?’

Numerous swordsmanship and tension swept toward Yoon-jong.