Chapter - 619 Episode 619 will be the sword that represents volcanoes. (4)

My fingertips seem to crumble.

No, not just the fingertips.

His entire upper body, regardless of his arms and shoulders, was stiff as if he had a heavy bell on him.

That sword hasn't even reached the end of Yun-Jong's sword yet.

It was truly terrifying to express, and the spirit was so high that I could feel the fear at first sight.

A completely different kind of pressure has weighed down on Yoon-Jong than when he had other strong men.

'It's definitely different.’

It is strong, but it is not comparable to the Bishop of the Magistrate. The power of the bishop was not too much to say that it was a natural disaster.

But if there's anything else...….

'It's just that I have to stand by myself.’

It's not like Chung-Myung fought together. It's not a fight where Jo-Gol supports and Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul lead.

Neither victory nor defeat would be entirely up to Yoon-Jong.

"So I can't lose!"

Whoo! Whoosh!

The history that rose from the Danjeon circulated his entire body with a blood clotting. Since the day he took additional public oil and jasodan, Yun-Jong has been making constant efforts to make the history his own.

The fruit of the effort was now young at the end of his sword.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The moment the sword that came in meets the tip of his sword, it split left and right.


Yoon-Jong groaned out of his mouth.

My arm was about to break.

It was like standing in the middle of a flowing river and wielding a sword to cut through the flowing river. That couldn't have been possible in the first place. But now he has to make that impossible possible.

What would Jo-Gol do?’

There's nothing to think about. As I showed you a while ago, he probably avoided the surging history of flying squirrels and stabbed the sword into the opponent's gap.

Yoon-Jong didn't have the sense to grasp the gap and strike a blow with everything.

Thud! Thud!

The sound of bone echoed from my wrist. The sword felt heavy as if it were a rock-sized metal.

What would you do if you were a private home?’

He's clear, too.

There is no way to back off for Baek Cheon. He would have drilled a river-like sword head-on. He would have pushed back with his strength.

Yeah, like a hero in a story.

But there was no such robustness and genius for Yoon-jong.


A hot thing rose from my throat.

Something inside that couldn't beat the pressure seemed to have caused the bleeding. The fishy smell of blood came over my nose.

I don't have it.’

Yoon-Jong's eyes sank.

Yoo-Esul wouldn't have let such a slow sword touch him. Even with boldness, he would have avoided it and cut through the road at the same time.

Chung-Myung? If Chung-Myung were him, he would have crushed the conduit above his head and smashed his head with a sword before he could drop it.

But Yoon-Jong doesn't have one.

Such brilliant talents.

Yoon-Jong's eyes turned slightly. It's hard just to get the energy from the crowd, but I couldn't help but watch it. He didn't know how to turn away from the three great disciples so eagerly that he looked at him.

So what am I supposed to do?’

You want me to lie on the ground and watch the geniuses run wild because I's not talented?

Funny sound.

"To me!"

He clenched his teeth and pulled up his energy.

"There's my way!"

A man cannot defy the falls of Nedang, nor can he stop a river that is coming.So in Baek Cheon's eyes, Yoon-Jong's appearance now seems so precarious.

As soon as he tried to step forward without realizing it, he reached out and grabbed Chung-Myung's arm tightly.

Baek Cheon flinched and looked back.

"Just keep an eye on me, genius."


In the meantime, Chung-Myung's eyes have not fallen an inch from the beginning to the end. Baek Cheon said as if he was frustrated.

"You're too reckless! To confront that power head-on...….”

"You can live in private, you can't die?"

"Why do you keep doing that?"

"That's what you think.”

Baek Cheon lost his words and shut up.

In fact, he knew it in his head.If he had been on the stage, he would have tried to penetrate that energy head-on. Because that's the most obvious way to win.


Am I really ignoring Yoon-Jong?’

Chung-Myung smirked as he glanced at Baek Cheon's face as it became serious.

"You don't have to be so serious about jokes.”


"It's only natural to think so. It's still a heavy burden on the death penalty."

"Why if I do?"

"By the way, the Yoon-Jong death penalty is."

Chung-Myung said, now swept away by the sword, calmly looking at the barely visible shape of Yun-Jong.

"He's the one who has to carry that heavy load."


Baek Cheon, who had been agonizing for a while, asked with a stiff face.

"Why do you have to do that? Can't I help others, too? It's not that I didn't understand what you said, but this...….”

"No. Sasook doesn't understand."

Chung-Myung shook his head.

"Sasook is a man who will make Hwasan's name known everywhere. He's the one who needs to shine the most.”


"But the sword of the private residence doesn't last."

The reason is simple.

Baek Cheon is a genius.

It doesn't have to be a talent that shines enough to make the world shiver. Just a little ahead of others. That alone is disqualified.



"Can the men over there fully understand and imitate the sword of the private residence?"


Baek Cheon's eyes turned to Chung-Myung's jawline. The three great disciples were gathered looking at Yoon-jong with desperate eyes.

Baek Cheon did not readily answer.

He has been training his two and three great disciples steadily. But in the end, it was only about basicity, physical strength, and confrontation, and never handed down a proper sword.


On the surface, there are ungum and Chung-Myung in Hwasan.

But Baek Cheon knew at heart. That it's just a facelift. He couldn't teach them properly. It's different from basic talent.

"The same goes for boarding, accidents, and even the death penalty of Jo-Gol. I can just say why I can't do something this easy. I can't understand how ordinary talented people learn swords forever.”

"…so it can't continue?"

"Yeah, exactly, it shouldn't be connected."

Chung-Myung cut it in a cold voice.

"Moonpa's ignorance should be focused on those who have the least understanding of it. Muhak, which can only be learned by a genius, will one day be disconnected and put into practice."


"Masterpiece is not a place to raise geniuses. It is a prestigious place that makes Beomjae a strong man, and only such places survive in the course of history."The most important thing in the literary circle is not to raise geniuses.

It is to raise ordinary people who are introduced without special talent.

Now the structure of Hawsan is deformed. Chung-Myung has focused on improving Oh's skills in a short period of time to improve his reputation.

It is natural to make the talented strong, but there is definitely a reaction to it.

Do any of them have the will to defeat Sasook?’

Probably not. You'll think what you're born with is different from what you're born with.

Neither Baek Cheon nor Yoo-Esul nor Jo-Gol is a reference to them. It's a very different way of doing it is different.

It is Yoon-Jong who will be the hope for those people.

A person who is called Oh Gum without much talent. A man who overcame all the journeys of Ogum without great strength.

A man who is simple, does not shine brilliantly, and does his part just by enduring.

That's why...

'Shining more than anyone else.’

There is the answer to how to fill in the lack of talent. There's a milestone right there about what people who feel themselves lacking should do.

Those who shine on the name of Munpa are geniuses, but those who lead Munpa should never be geniuses.

Long Moon Ji-jae.’

The person who will be a long writer should be the one who leads people like that.

That's why no one in Hwasan tried to put him in the position of a long writer, even though Chung-Myung was so strong in the past.

The position belonged to Cheon Mun.

The long story of Munpa is the place of those who can be the milestone of those who follow.

"Do you know what the biggest drawback to the death penalty is?"

"I don't know."

"I'm saying I know too well.”

"…what does that mean?"

Chung-Myung stared at Yoon-Jong instead of answering.

'I know too well what I don't need to know.’

Yoon-Jong already knows all that. That he can offer the way to other priests. And that his defeat was the defeat of other priests.

The burden on those shoulders will be even heavier than Baek Cheon, who carries Hwasan in the lead.

Hang in there.

Chung-Myung's eyes met with a flash of pity.

Chung-Myung couldn't do anything about it either. It's something that Chung-Myung has never done before.

This was the only thing Yoon-Jong had to do on his own.

"There's nothing to worry about.”

Jo-Gol, who had been staring at Yoon-Jong without saying a word, firmly opened his mouth.

"I don't lose the death penalty."

The person who knows Yoon-Jong best is Jo-Gol. The Jo-Gol said, staring unwaveringly at the stage.

"It's not just that much of a death penalty."

I knew it wasn't from the opposite s*x, it was from the faith. But for now, Chung-Myung just wanted to believe it.

When a strong force comes in, it does not respond, but spills or avoids.

It's easy to say.

It was a sensible way to choose. He had no choice but to earn desperately.


I can do as much as I want to hold out there.’

The feet hold the floor tighter than the roots of the giant tree, and the lower body must hold the body firmly. The waist is upright to maintain the force drawn from the floor, and the upper body loosens and releases the force that is pushed in as much as possible.Yeah, like a tree.Like that plum tree in Hawsan.

That's what it was.’

I was able to find out.

What was the basic posture that the private lifeguards emphasized so much? What was the foundation that Chung-Myung was talking about so hard to hear.

I was a master.’

A Taoist is becoming more like nature.

If you just follow the teachings that lead, at some point he becomes a tree, and he becomes nature.

It was the teaching that Hwasan had accumulated for hundreds of years and the voice that he delivered to his disciples.

'I know.'

His back is now watched by the death penalty.

However, there is no way that the will of the spectators will be his strength or anything good will actually happen. Will is will, power is power.

This is only a fight that he has to endure alone.

Crack, crack.

The little finger, which was firmly attached to the handle of the sword, finally twisted and fell in a strange direction. Pressure seemed to crush the whole body.

What do you want to tell them?’

There was no such thing.

It was just too much to take care of. How can he teach them that he's so great?

He's just struggling.

Desperately, with every last drop of energy!Even when a fierce typhoon strikes and sweeps through the mountains, so even if branches are broken and all the flowers are torn off, the roots embedded in the earth stretch endlessly.

That's how trees live.

How many trees were there in the plum forest? If you look at it separately, it is usually not exceptionally beautiful, nor does it produce unusually beautiful flowers. But when each one of them comes together and blooms in unison, the mountains turn red and eventually form a spectacular.

Crack, crack!

It was broken and twisted.

I felt the vivid pain, but Yoon-Jong's expression didn't change at all.

"Stretch out."

And finally.

At the end of the branch of the plum tree, which had been reeling from the typhoon, the pale red plum blossoms began to rise quietly.