Chapter - 620 Episode 620. It'll be the sword that represents volcanoes. (5)

The force on the sword circulated smoothly.

From shoulder to fingertip, everything felt full of energy.

His condition today was superb, even in self-assessment. It was not so easy to show his skills as it was a sign in the name of a Munpa, but now he was clearly wielding a better sword than when he was training or practicing.


It certainly was.

The path drawn by the sword was as accurate as a ruler, and the distribution of its history was as precise. I even felt that everything on the stage was completely controlled within his senses.

It was a refreshing feeling that I had never felt in my life before. At this point, I think it would be worth competing with his death penalty, Mu Jin.


Mu Yon's face is stained with suspicion.

Why isn't it falling down?’

His eyes turned towards Yoon-Jong. Now obscured by the sword, Yun-Jong was at risk.

Mu Yon is not overestimating his own sword. Anyone who knows anything about martial arts would say that Yun-Jong is inferior now.

But that fact did confuse Mu Yon.


Doesn't that mean you're still hanging in there?

Even though he deployed the sword with all his might, and it was better than usual, Yoon-jong was holding his sword.

He's only one of Hwasan's top three disciples.

'Is this possible?'

Of course, Hwasan's student, Yoon-Jong, was great enough to admit it.

Such were posture, effort, and patience. Even he wanted to emulate.

However, no matter how great Yoon-Jong was, it was not enough to transcend the 20 years Mu Yon had lived first.

At the same age, Yoon-Jong may be able to surpass him, but at least he wasn't his opponent now. It wasn't supposed to be.

'But why...?'

Why isn't it falling down?

At that time, Yoon-jong's upper body faltered once again.

It was twisted like a tree bending by a typhoon. However, he soon returned his trembling body to its original position, as if to overcome the wind.

It's as if it's going to fall, as if it's going to collapse. Never

An indescribable emotion began to bloom in Mu Yon's mind.

He was now using all his might to conduct a prenatal examination. Among the shaman's great disciples, only a few can get the Taecheong Prosecutors' Law, which he did his best.

But Yoon-Jong is holding on.

There is also a shortage of history. The sword's completeness is incomparable.

No matter how hard I think about it, this was impossible.


Mu Yon's fingertips trembled lightly. The path of the sword, which had been in perfect flow, was slightly disturbed, and the energy that had been flowing smoothly like circulating water was slightly shaken.

In the end, ignorance is what people use.

No matter how perfectly polished the science is, the impatience in the mind cannot be powerful.

Mu Yon's heart, which had been silent like a lake throughout the steaming, began to stir.

It was hardly Mu Yon's fault. Everyone is embarrassed when they encounter something that goes beyond their common sense.


Mu Yon, who quickly came to his senses, was startled and tried to regain his grip.

But once it was not as easy as I thought it would be to regain one's shaken mind. Yoon-Jong's strong sword-bearing image is engraved like a fine dust in his eyes. How can he regain his composure?"Hook!"

Mu Yon, who breathed out briefly, grabbed the sword tighter.

'There's nothing to be impatient about.’

It was him who was completely on the winning.

Just because the opponent holds out a little longer does not change the result. Literally, the game is only a little delayed.


One was that moment.

In the sweltering sword like a torrent, the sword, which trembled with difficulty, slowly appeared. It looked as if a bird was huddling in an old tree.

Then a light red flower rose quietly from the end of the sword, which was about to break.

Plum blossoms?

I've already seen this sight.

Didn't Jo-Gol already show the blooming plum blossoms in the previous match?

However, the plum blossoms in front of me were somewhat different from the plum blossoms that Jo-Gol had seen.

A little more simple, a little more neat.

But it was a plum blossom that was never tender.

No one would say that plum blossoms are tough. Flowers that are easily scattered by a child's hand are shaken by the wind, fall from the rain falling, and do not survive time.

The blooming plum was crushed by the waves of the sword.

But it rose again.

Again, even if it falls again. Even if it is torn and twisted, plum blossoms will eventually bloom again after enduring the winter and waiting for spring. Though the flowers may be weak, the life of the plum blossoms is as strong as ever.

That sword bore the very life.

Embracing life, the plum blossoms caught Mu Yon's eye and wouldn't let go. As if to suck him up.

Mu Yon's eyes began to grow bigger.

Looking at the flowers blooming at the end of the sword, Yun-jong clenched his teeth.

It's a little late.’

The first person to learn plum blossoms was Ogum. And Yoon-Jong was the last of the five swords to bloom.

Even when Baek Cheon's flowers spread through the world, Yoo-Esul's flowers spread out quietly, and Jo-Gol's sword flew freely into the sky, he could not even smoke half a plum blossom.

I had to realize the difference in talent that was hard to keep up with forever.

But Yoon-Jong wasn't particularly disappointed or frustrated.

Do plum trees live to bloom?’

Someone might say that.

Plum blossoms bloom, bear fruit, and live to convey themselves to future generations. That's the cycle of life.

But it's just the law of the world.

Do plum trees really live to bloom?

'There's no way.

The logic of the world sometimes felt too much for him.

Drawing a bigger picture, looking far ahead, and preparing systematically for the future were only suitable for others.

Yoon-Jong was just busy hanging in there. The luxury of thinking about tomorrow was also a luxury. I tried my best not to be pushed out of my busy days.

Wouldn't plum trees be the same?

Do you have a grand meaning to bloom? Do you have any great aspirations to bear fruit and pass it on to future generations?

It's just hanging in there and alive. Wouldn't that fierce day-to-day continue and eventually achieve what you didn't expect?

So this flower is not that grand. It's just a struggle not to be pushed out of a heavy life.


The skin on the forearm burst and blood scattered all over the place. Yoon-Jong's body was reeling, hurt and shaken to the full.Nevertheless, the hand holding the sword was firm.

Even if your hands are numb, you can swing black. You can swing black even if you feel like your entire shoulder is torn apart.

There is only one way a turtle catches a rabbit.

When rabbits rest and sleep, they make fun of their short legs. For him, the short legs were this one sword.


Every time I couldn't swallow, a groan leaked out.

It was too hard for Yoon-jong to smoke a plum blossom that someone easily smokes.

Each plant pushes all its mind, and paints its soul as if it were carving away.

In the rush of torrents, the plum blossoms of Yoon-Jong's everything were swept weakly.


Even as the torrent rose further, the energy of white tension swept like a dragon climbing a huge river.

However, Yun-Jong's plum blossoms revealed one peak at a time, and eventually dozens or hundreds of plum blossoms clumped together and faced each other.

As if to withstand the cold wind, the tightly sealed plum blossoms endured the rapid flow.

Plum-in-dong, a twenty-four-year-old plum-in-dong.

His plum blossoms are not colorful plum blossoms.

It is a plum blossom that silently endured the winter of the world and finally welcomes spring.

A lump of plum blossoms pushed away the incoming sword. It's a sword that's become stronger and more powerful with momentum, but strangely, I didn't feel the same vividness as before.

Hang in there!

It takes root on the earth, holds its buds together, and overcomes the biting wind. That's the snow. It is a plum blossom that blooms in winter.

Hang in there!

Soon after, a loud shout came out of Yoon-jong's mouth.


Plum blossoms, which clumped together like steel, received a torrent. He stumbles and shakes, but remains firm and never gets pushed out.


The embarrassed Mu Yon bit his teeth hard.

That is not a wall. It's not a mountain or a vast ocean. It is just a plum tree blooming in the middle of the field.

But why can't this sword break down a single thin plum tree?


His eyes became distorted and slightly red. His bloodline eyes stared at Yoon-Jong as if they were going to eat him up.

"Falling apart!"

It exudes energy.

"Falling apart!"

Push out the sword.

"Falling apart!"

Despite the attack, the blue energy soared from the edge of Mu Yon's sword.


Then Mu Yon's eyes opened wide. It wasn't Yoon-Jong he was looking at. It was a sharp, white sword that followed a torrent of sword rushing toward Yoon-Jong.


The sword, which clearly differs from before, flew into Yun-Jong, cutting through the preceding swords.

"Oh, inside…!"

Even before the screaming voice burst out of his mouth, the sword quickly locked itself into the plum blossoms of Yoon-jong.

Whoo! Whoosh!

Blue and red plum swords scattered everywhere with the sound of the explosion. A huge storm of energy covered the rain.

"Mu, back off!"


Wudang's disciples and HWASAN's disciples, who were watching around, stepped back. The impact of the explosion was so great that they were swept to where they were.

What's the result?

What happened?’

Everyone had a hunch. There's no back here. The game is now divided.

After a while, the thick clouds are lifted, and the one standing is the winner.

Who is it?

Who's standing?’Everyone's eyes were fixed on the stage in silence.

It was not long before the wind blew and pushed away the dust.

There was only one person standing tall on the stage.


Baek Cheon smiled and nodded.

I can't help it.’

It was Mu Yon who was standing. He looked pale, but he was definitely standing firm on those two legs.

Yoon-Jong, on the other hand, missed a sword and was breathing heavily on one knee on the floor. The outcome of the game was obvious to anyone.

Good fight, Yun-jong.

What's so important about the outcome of the game?

Baek Cheon looked back at other Hwasan's disciples. Everyone was crying as they saw Yoon-jong kneeling down.

'Everything to be said has been said.’

No one will blame the defeat of Yoon-Jong. That was rather a more valuable defeat than a victory.

Just as Baek Cheon was about to open his mouth, Mu Yon, who was looking down at Yoon-Jong, calmly opened his mouth.

"What's the bimu?"


"Bimu is comparing each other's radishes. And we're competing for each other's discipline."

There was a pale smile on his face.

"My sword was nothing short of you, but your discipline is not up to you. As a master, I should have worked on my discipline before my sword."

With his head still shaking, he soon held out his hands slowly in front of the stack.

"I lost."

It was a strange voice to declare defeat. Everyone opened their mouths wide.


Baek Cheon also opened his eyes wide.

What are you talking about?

It was a fight that Mu Yon won by anyone's standards. So why does he come forward and admit defeat?

It wasn't just Baek Cheon who felt the embarrassment.

"What are you talking about?"

A huge voice erupted from the shaman's camp. It was Ho Sanja.

"I lost! I lost! Why would you admit defeat yourself? By all accounts, you've won!"

"The Elder."

Mu Yon shook his head quietly and said calmly.

"Please don't embarrass me any more."

His gaze on Ho Sanja was horribly still.

"I don't know about anyone else, but there's no way the elder couldn't have missed it. Isn't that so?"

"What are you talking about?"

Ho Sanja raised his voice as if he still couldn't admit it. Mu Yon looked at him like that and said,

"I just couldn't overcome my impatience in my choreography, so I used water on someone who was twice as low as I was."


Ho Sanja opened his eyes as if he was speechless.

I'm not surprised to hear that you used water spray. I was shocked that many of these people had taken it out of their ears.

Sure enough, I started to hear a whisper around me.

Mu Yon spoke in an unshakably determined voice.

"This is something that should never happen to learn from each other. I'll be in Chamhoe-dong as soon as I get back. I must have forgotten for a long time that there was something more important than a sword."


Ho Sanja gritted his teeth, but Mu Yon stared at him without hesitation and looked at Yun-Jong.

"Thank you for letting me know.”

"…I don't think that's ever happened."

"Speaking isn't the only way to deliver. I learned something really big from your attitude."Mu Yon smiled lightly.

"If I come to shake off the seduction of this heart, please hang out with me again."

Yoon-Jong nodded quietly.

Mu Yon smiled and captured.

"Well learned."

"…Well learned."

Looking at Mu Yong's back, Yun-jong let out a sigh that he had endured.

So that's what a disciple is.’

He admits defeat without a trace of regret. He was a man like his sword.


Eventually, Yoon-jong, who couldn't stand it, looked up at the sky blankly.

A clear sky was staring down at him without a cloud.

Anyway, you've endured it once more.

It will continue. Today is tomorrow.

And one day into the future when he will shine.

It was the moment when the three great disciples of Hwasan, Yun-Jong, won a magnificent victory over the shaman Mu Yun.