Chapter - 623 Episode 623. I'll cut it with pride. (3)

Baek Cheon's feeling of looking at Muho from the non-stage couldn't have been pleasant.

He was also quite intelligent. It was not difficult to guess what was going on while looking at the delicate atmosphere of the shaman and Muho's poor expression.

You're going to come out like this?’

I can finally understand what Chung-Myung said before going on stage.

"The shaman's greatest disciple, Muho."


Baek Cheon stared at Muho, not immediately answering. Then Muho could not meet the eyes for a long time and avoided the eyes.

If you're confident, I'll curse you. Baek Cheon held back a leaky sigh.

In fact, Muho did nothing wrong. He, too, would have to be the victim in the end.

If you're guilty....

Baek Cheon's gaze shifted to Ho Sanja looking at the non-stage.

It's him.

Be confident.

Unlike other shamanistic disciples who could not face Baek Cheon and avoided eye contact, Ho Sanja raised his head proudly as if he had no shame.

The reaction of Ho Sanja to the students behind him seemed stark contrast. Baek Cheon sighed quietly.

Baek Cheon was also old enough to fully understand the logic of power, the harshness of power. So that elder's choice is unconditionally wrong. I didn't mean to criticize.

However, one question came to mind clearly.

What would our elders have done?’

If it were Hyun Sang and Hyun Young, would they have told Baek Cheon to put up with shame for the honor of the envoy? To protect the hard-core logic of the strong?

No. I wouldn't have.

Of course, it could be foolish and unfeeling behavior. Excluding emotions, that shaman's decision may be more beneficial and rightful for the literary faction.


Baek Cheon opened his mouth looking at Muho with his sunken eyes.

"I'm Baek Cheon, Hwasan's second best student."

He folded his hands and held them politely. Things have changed a little, but they have not lost their courtesy.

I love you.

The two exchanged greetings pulled out a sword at the same time.

Unlike Muho, who seemed to be in a hurry to pull out the sword, Baek Cheon slowly pulled out the sword and took a leisurely break.


Muho peeked at Baek Cheon.

If the sword had been pulled out, no more words would be needed, but Baek Cheon read from his countenance that there was something he wanted to say.

"Tell me."


When Baek Cheon started first, Muho hesitated a little and sighed.

"I don't mean it."

"I understand."

The name of a temple is heavier than a mountain. It was no wonder that a man living under the name of a shaman could not resist him.


Baek Cheon calmly added a word.

"No matter what the outcome is, I think it's on my side to straighten my shoulders and go down.”


Muho could not bear to answer. I just slightly lowered my red face.

What does it mean?

What does the reputation that keeps the disciples from straightening their shoulders, the honor that makes the disciples blush, and the victory that they cannot proudly boast of mean?

Yeah, maybe that's the right choice.

But at least Baek Cheon didn't want to get a reputation for not being proud of himself. This will not only be the mind of him but also all the disciples who have enemies in Hwasan.

At least at this moment.Baek Cheon lifted the sword.

I feel sorry for the famous shaman.’

And said, again, with a stop tax.

"Look carefully."

Muho's eyes that looked at him were questionable. The eyes of all the other shamanists were on Baek Cheon.

Yoon-Jong has done his part.’

He should be a hope for the following disciples.

Then what is my role? What does Baek Cheon have to accomplish in Hwasan?

Baek Cheon's heavy, hard voice spread everywhere.

"No matter what the outcome of this match, or even the Bimu contest, will be, the shaman-Hwasan competition will continue. And this sword is after you. Keep a close eye on it."

The face of the shaman's disciples hardened at the truly cheeky and rude words.

What's more upsetting was their position, which they couldn't even point out after hearing that.

"This is Hwasan's sword."

Baek Cheon breathed deeply with his eyes shining.

"Wow, look at my colleague scratching his temper."

Chung-Myung giggles excitedly as he looks at Baek Cheon under the stage.

I can't stop him.’

Isn't that too appropriate. I was truly impressed.

Chung-Myung wouldn't have done that. You could have pointed out their mistakes and made them vomit blood, but you couldn't have made your face so hot with such a heavy blow.

The results are important?’

You idiot.

Chung-Myung gave Ho Sanja a glimpse.

Yeah, maybe it is. Fame requires several times more effort than before to put it back up once it falls.

But Chung-Myung knows now. In the past, Chung-Myung would have used everything he could to create the two letters of victory, but now he knows that there are many kinds of victory.

It's not all about winning this feat.

More importantly, Hwasan catches up with and overtakes the shaman.

Thanks to Ho Sanja's choice, Hwasan's disciples remembered that shaman's great disciples avoided the game.

On the contrary, the shaman's great disciples will keep it like a painter.

Whasan's disciples still regard shamans as a high mountain, although his mouth is full of bravado. A high mountain that is not impossible to climb on human feet, but does not dare to climb.

But now you'll realize that the mountain wasn't as high as you thought it would be. Whether it's true or not.

"Go wedge-in."

And now Baek Cheon will prove it.


Baek Cheon's sword lightly lowered Ho Gong.

He chose Hwasan's signature jockey, and he was just watching Muho calmly like the first time, but Muho shrank.

What's wrong with me?

The opponent is Lee Dae-jeok.

Although his reputation is higher and he is called one of the best in the world, the time he has been training is different and there is a difference in distribution.

But why are you so shrinking?

'Cause that happened a while ago?’

Is the sense of dishonesty affecting the spirit?

No, it's not like that.

Muho looked at Baek Cheon with new eyes again.

There was something different about this man than the disciples of Hwasan, who had been working on the Bimu until now.

a sense of pressure and pressure This young man had the presence of so-called 'big shot'.It's like facing the death penalty.’

It felt a little different, but it was so much pressure that it reminded me of when I was competing with Mu Jin. Does it make sense that at least ten years younger people feel pressured?

But common sense is common sense, reality is real. Now Muho was obviously cowering at his immediate opponent.

'So I'm the challenger.’

Muho bit his lips.

It didn't look good, but he was still a great disciple of the shaman. Losing the game was out of the question.

With his heart in his mouth, Muho soon shouted and spewed out sword.


The sword, which was cut short for exploration, flew toward Baek Cheon like a half-moon.



The plum sword, which was lightly swung by the thread, lightly struck off the heavy sword.

It was a movement full of ease as if it was nothing.

Muho couldn't believe the sight and raised his eyes without realizing it.


Although it was cut short, the history of the sword was not small. But how can you bounce it so lightly?

This meant that Baek Cheon's skills were twice as strong as he expected.

Baek Cheon, who looked at Muho with a slightly arrogant look, slowly began to approach. I felt more pressure because it was never a fast walk.

With his lips crushed, Muho screamed once again and rushed toward him.

The death penalty was rather defeated while spreading the streets.’

Bondi the shaman's black mid-range power. However, the death penalty gave the opponent a chance to win his brilliant swordmanship.

That means there was something wrong with the process.

"Before the opponent properly conducts plum blossom screening, he or she wins."’

The judgment of ignorance is not so wrong. Rather, it was a wise move to understand Hawasan's swordmanship.

If there's only one problem...… his opponent was necessarily Baek Cheon.


A sword carrying a strong history swept through Baek Cheon's son-in-law.


One was blocked by a plum sword before it could stretch out.

A big pile.

Muho frowned as much as he could as if his wrist were about to break. The moment the sword touched, the opponent's sword pushed in a ridiculous semi-tanner.

Jo-Gol's black was sleek, Yoon-Jong's black was concise.

But this sword?


As soon as I touch him, I can see his sword with strength and strength.…. No, I felt like I was weighing on a man named Muho himself.

"Is this really the sword of the great student?"

Sword gets heavier with time. I couldn't understand how this great student, who would have been absolutely lacking in those years, could wield this sword.


Muho shouted and hit the plum sword and swung it once again.

I am a shaman's disciple.’

No matter how great his opponent was, he was proud to be the world's greatest disciple. I didn't want to look ugly. I shouldn't have.

Soon his sword spouted out like water. It was a shaman's sword that never stopped.

'I won't give you a second.'’

I can tell by instinct. The moment this guy makes us use that fancy plum-blossom technique, we' However, there is a good chance that he will win if he can push ahead without giving a chance.'My sword is unbroken... '….’

It was that moment.


Baek Cheon's sword, which gently painted the line, penetrated the sword of Muho.


It's not blocked, it's dug in. As if he was going to cut out Muho's sword. Muho kicked his tongue inside.


Whoosh! Whoosh!

At that moment, however, Baek Cheon's sword literally split the sword of Muho in half, which had never stopped like flowing water.


Muho's mouth opened wide in shock.

My face is nervous.

The sword of the shaman, which followed, was cut off by a single sword. As if the waterfall that was pouring was cut off in the middle.

Then the plum sword, which had been cut off by the sword, rushed in. Baek Cheon hit Muho's empty chest with a handle of a sword.


Muho went out without knowing how the situation was going.


I was stuck on the floor, but I couldn't feel any pain.

Even the chest, which absorbed the level, did not feel pain.

Still, his head was filled with shock that my sword had been cut off by the sword.

Baek Cheon, who was looking at Muho, who sat on the floor at the time, said quietly.

"You're not the only one watching your opponent's sword."


"That sword……."

A white smile formed around Baek Cheon's mouth.

"I'll cut it for you with pride."

Muho's face was horribly distorted.