Chapter - 624 Episode 624. I'll cut it with pride. (4)


"It's the death penalty, too."

Hawasan's disciples clenched their fists as they watched Baek Cheon take the victory.

This inscription was definitely different from before. Of course, Hwasan has won all the games so far, but it was a successful counterattack against a driving opponent.

It means that it has been a shaman who is pushing and attacking, and this side has been a trend of overcoming the shaman's offensive.

But now the mood has completely changed.

By all accounts, Bimu's victory was held by Baek Cheon.

"On that shaman...….”

"…I mean."

Everyone was amazed by Baek Cheon's performance, but there were people who really opened their mouths wide.


"No, that's...….”

The surprise of Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong, who mixed shaman and sword, was different from those who just watched.

You're going to cut that?’

"No, crazy. Does that make sense?"

Cutting off the sword is not so great. It's enough to make a stronger sword that's more refined than the opponent.

The problem was the characteristics of the opponent's sword.

"……I cut the water with a knife.”

"It doesn't make sense.….”

Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong fixed their eyes on Baek Cheon and smiled in vain.

The shaman's sword continues like water. The source of the connection is a sword that flows from the end of the sword without a break.

Think about it.

Is there any way to cut the running water?

Of course I can cut it. That sword isn't as hard as steel. However, water is combined again when cut off, and clumped together.

But now Baek Cheon literally cut off the water. It's very cut off.

"…Hey, Chung-Myung."


"Is that what it's going to be?"

"Is there any reason you can't?”

Jo-Gol turned his head and looked at Chung-Myung at the sour answer.

"I can't do it."

"Because it's the death penalty."

"I can cook at home."

"Because it's private lodging."


Jo-Gol grabbed the sword and Yoon-Jong shook his head as he quickly put his hand on his shoulder.

"Don't. If you get hurt now, you'll die."


Chung-Myung smirked as he glanced at Jo-Gol's face.

"Of course I can't cut the water."


"But is that water? It's a sword, right?


Chung-Myung said in a nonchalant way.

"The Taoist ignorance is nothing more than an imitation of nature. If Hwasan discusses flowering, the shaman discusses the flow. Shudang's shamanism is just trying to resemble constant water, but it cannot be complete water. Of course, it could be possible, but if it is, it would be a great student, not a great student."

"Of course it is, but...….”

"At the end of the day, the sword drastically reduced the energy and the speed at which it was released and continued the flow. No matter how perfectly you mimic water, there is bound to be a fine disconnect inside."

Jo-Gol's eyes shook violently.

"So you stabbed the sword in that tiny crevice?"

"It's simple, right?

"… son of a b*tc*, that's easy to say…….”

Jo-Gol removed the crane and saw Baek Cheon on the stage again. Stabbing a sword between flow and flow was no different from having a perfect grasp of the opponent's sword.

You're going to try something that even the death penalty, which you're usually fighting against, can't even try today?

Are you out of your mind?

If it goes a little wrong, it could be a big setback. Even if you succeed, you don't get much, and if you fail, who will try to do something that will cause a big problem? What a foolish thing to do.'No, no.'

Jo-Gol, who was continuing his thoughts, bit his lips hard.

This is what Baek Cheon had.

I'm confident that I won'll never fail. I'm sure I'll never make a mistake.For Jo-Gol, it's not that difficult for Baek Cheon. That was the distance between Jo-Gol and Baek Cheon now.

As soon as I realized the distance, my hands began to tremble. I knew for certain that Baek Cheon was stronger, but I still thought it was quite close recently.

However, Baek Cheon proved that the distance between Jo-Gol and him has not narrowed in a single number.


In Jo-Gol's ears, who couldn't even open his mouth, Yoon-Jong's sighing voice came out.

"He's such a sucker.”



Jo-Gol nodded silently and empathized. It was the heavy reaction that was not usual Jo-Gol. Yoon-Jong shook his head slightly.

'It'll be a lot more shocking.’

In fact, Baek Cheon doesn't exist much for someone like Yoon-jong. I've never dreamed of catching up with Baek Cheon in a short period of time.

But it will be different for Jo-Gol.

A diligent genius is a demon who takes away hope.

Those who follow him will feel as if they are running away from the finish line. He is out of breath, and his legs are shaking as if he would break at any moment, but the finish line is further away than close.

How can it be easy to endure that despair?

Yoon-Jong watched Baek Cheon, who was standing on the stage.

Anyway, I think the biggest shock is Muoyi, who is dealing with Baek Cheon.


In Muo's eyes, there was an inexplicable complex feeling.

Despair? Despair?


Despair and frustration only begin when they acknowledge what has happened before their eyes. However, Muo has yet to fully understand what he saw in person.

The sword, which had been earned with all his life's efforts, was cut off at once, which could not be easily acknowledged.


It's a mistake.

No, it's a coincidence. Maybe it's both. At the moment he happened to make a mistake, Baek Cheon's sword might have penetrated the sword.

I know it's nonsense to reason, but there was no other way but to think so. Because he's embarrassed like he's on a dead end.

At that moment.

"Please come."

Baek Cheon picked up the sword and pointed him straight. It was a truly unshakable posture. Only the air around Baek Cheon seemed to sink heavily. Muo's mind was constantly shaking, but Baek Cheon was as still as a lake without a ripple.

What Baek Cheon said a while ago hit Muo's head late.

- You're not the only one watching your opponent's sword.

Observation. He said observation.

Doesn't that mean that he understood the characteristics of shaman's sword with just a few bimu and cut out Muo's sword based on that?

'That can't be possible!'

Muo changed his teeth.

What a coincidence!

He never belittled the man Baek Cheon. He has eyes, and he has watched all the silliness so far. I couldn't look down on Baek Cheon, who was obviously stronger than the earlier students of Hwasan.However, identifying the characteristics of the shaman's sword and being able to swing the sword accordingly was a completely different matter. If such a thing was possible at once, would it be possible for a shaman to keep his name with a masterpiece so far?

"…...You've shown a terrible appearance.”

Muo tried to hold down his shaky heart and raised himself up. Then he desperately calmed down the trembling blade and pointed at Baek Cheon.

No words were needed now. He glared at Baek Cheon with seething eyes.

As soon as he read the resentment in that gaze, Baek Cheon had no choice but to fall into a strange sentiment.

You're arrogant.

I was going to grieve when Moo-oh heard it.

MOOO has already admitted that Baek Cheon is above him. The word arrogance may not seem appropriate to a shaman's great student who recognized Hwasan's great student as stronger than him.

But Baek Cheon couldn't get rid of the idea that he was arrogant.

Just because you admit that your opponent is stronger than you is not humble.

MOOO admits Baek Cheon's strength, but he was trying to push it into the range he could deal with somehow. With the conviction that no matter how strong he is, his common sense cannot be broken.

It was an obvious arrogance and a certain absence of experience.

By comparison, Baek Cheon knew for sure. The world is full of monsters beyond common sense and geniuses who cannot be founded.

Even how humble you are in it.

I wouldn't have known if I hadn't.’

In a small group of doors called Hwasan, it was never known when they were trapped in a narrow cage called Jongnam.

Walking through the world following Chung-Myung, Baek Cheon learned the world and realized his helplessness.

"I'm coming."

So it's time for the shaman to know that helplessness, too.


Baek Cheon stormed to the front of Muo, kicking the floor.

Muo's eyes were wide open. In the first place, his idea of a counterpart to Baek Cheon was to narrow the distance. But now Baek Cheon has been closing in on him.

As if the difference in distance doesn't interfere with dealing with you.


Angry at the disregard, not the disregard, Mueo swung the sword vigorously. His sword began to pour roughly like a waterfall. Soon, Baek Cheon's whole body was completely covered with a bluish sword.

One. At that moment.

Oh, my god!

A red line emerged between Korea and China, which were rushing like waves along with the sound of a wave that tore apart the atmosphere.

Although the pouring sword is humble, Muo has also trained himself with constant agony in the shaman. Simple, wasteless inspection prevented dozens of stabbing at once.

'No way!'

I'm a little surprised by Baek Cheon's fluke, but I'll never be easy as long as I'm calm again.


After dozens of stabs like that, the opponent will have to breathe one day after day. If you can stab a sword in the gap, you can turn the defensive into an offensive.


If I could see a gap...….

Caang! Kaang! Kaang! Kaang! Kaang! Kaang! Kaang! Kaang! Kaang! Kaang! Kaang!

I was embarrassed again by Mio's eyes, who had barely regained his calmness.

Why isn't it cutting off?….’


In a moment, Baek Cheon's sword, which failed to block properly, cut right next to Muo's eyes. A sword deflected upward cut off the edge of his ear like it was slightly shaved off.Oh, my god!

The vivid pain brought Muo to reality in an instantaneously.

Why don't you stop?’

It's harder than I thought to put strength into a blow. However, it is dozens of times more difficult to send such forceful stabbing after stabbing.

But now there is no sign of a stop to Baek Cheon's black. The countless stabs poured out toward MOOO as if they were pouring out.

A sword that never stops, it's like...….

'This, this guy?’

The moment the thought reached a certain point, the emotion of ignorance fluctuated in an instantaneously. Then, as if he would not miss the gap, the stabbing, which was unparalleled in the midst of the pouring sword and stroke, fell like a ray of light.


He blocked it with a raised sword for a moment and avoided piercing his neck, but the force in the stab was not enough to be relieved by a sword wielded in a hurry.

At the moment of the collision, Muo's body flew back like a shell.

Kudadang! Boom!

His head was stuck on the floor, and his body rolled back on the stage several times. MOOO, who had barely stopped after rolling and rolling on the floor, was scratching down the ground and shaking his whole body.


Soon, red blood poured out of my mouth.

He couldn't overcome the momentary power and suffered internal injuries. But Muo looked up at Baek Cheon with shaky eyes, as if suffering was nothing.

"You…… That…….”

"The elder said,"

Baek Cheon said calmly with indifferent eyes.

"It would be a good place to explore each other's swords."


"So I learned it once. Not bad, shaman's kendo."

Inside Muo, there was a sound of something breaking off.