Chapter - 625 Episode 625. I'll cut it with pride. (5)


There is no situation in which the term "surprise" matches so well.

The shaman's disciples, who were watching the Bimu, were all speechless. Everyone looked blank at Baek Cheon.

"I've been a scene."

No, that's not a situation that can be simply described as an imitation.

That is literally 'understanding'.

The methods of group and operation may be different, but that number clearly contained the beauty of shamanism.

'How the hell...….’

It was a shock itself.

It was a shock to have already experienced three defeats, but the previous ones were literally more of a fluke for Hawsan. If they were to compete again, they could at least lead them to a level where they could not tell whether they would win or lose.

But not now. Baek Cheon is completely overwhelmed by MOOO.

It's not just his organs, but a sword that mimics the shaman's gravestone.


Ho Sanja had a snowball cramp.

When did Hwasan get here?’

So far, the sizzling has been enough to make us realize that Hwasan is chasing them. But what he sees now is a realization that Hawasan is standing behind their backs before we know it.

To add a little bit of exaggeration, that sword that Baek Cheon is holding now seemed to touch Ho Sanja's neck.


Can you put it all in that simple word?

Ho Sanja knows. The futility of the word genius.

How many talented people in the world are there?

There are countless people who stand out before the terms and conditions. However, if the terms and conditions are exceeded, more than half of those who are ahead of them will become normal, and by the time it reaches Yirip, there is not a handful left.

After all, talent is not everything just because you are born with it. If one does not meet the environment where one can sharpen and shine his or her talent, the gifted one will end his or her life as a bum.

I'm sure this guy wasn't this bad.

Despite their outstanding performance at the arena, only two people, Hye Yeon and Chung-Myung, made their mark at the time. Now it's outstanding, but eventually Baek Cheon was just an ordinary talent to be overshadowed by those two.

However, the talent that couldn't shine fully is now in full bloom.

What the hell did you go through?’

It's impossible for a talent that couldn't shine to suddenly shine. Something must have happened to the author in that short period of time.

But Ho Sanja's common sense and brain had no idea the cause.

Can Mu Jin beat that kid?’

I thought it would be impossible, but I bit Mu Jin back to avoid an accident that would happen one by one. But now Ho Sanja was sweeping his heart, realizing that my choice was absolutely right.

To paint.

No matter how strong Mu Jin is, he won't be able to guarantee more than he can paint against that Baek Cheon. A 70 percent chance means three fights mean one loses. But where the hell is the guarantee that that one time is not now?


Ho Sanja realized like hell. It is no longer a place to be treated as a thorn in the side of Hawasan'sMuo's face contained all kinds of emotions that could not be expressed in words.

Humiliations, anger, dismay, fear, frustration and coming.

Other than that, closely observing his face would be able to read more emotions. He recited as low as scratching his neck.

"…Not bad?"

The shaman's sword?

You're saying it's not bad for a shaman's sword that misrepresents the world?


My teeth are chipped.

What he was ignored is tolerable. However, I couldn't stand the fact that the sword of the dead was being devalued.

"The arrogant...….”

Unlike a shaman's master, harsh words leaked out of my mouth. But Baek Cheon just stared at him with his calm eyes.

"I didn't ignore the shaman's sword."

"And yet you say such rash things?"

"It's just pitiful."


Looking at Muo, who seemed to believe what he was hearing, Baek Cheon said without hesitation.

"It is about to be like black water, but those who use it try to reverse the rules, so how can I pity the sword?"


MOOO could not answer and only shook his hand holding the sword.

'…the elder.'

This is why you should not choose a path that is not rational. Even when the sword of the envoy is ignored and his lifelong efforts are undervalued, he cannot make a single excuse.

This is because it is obvious that the shaman went against the rules and tried to make a profit. The evidence was that he was now facing interest.

"The sword of inspection is not just about the art of using a sword."

Baek Cheon inadvertently turned his head and looked at Chung-Myung.

Even though he was observing the monument of the Moon faction, he sat down and yawned as if he was lazy, which made him laugh in vain.

"The sword of one clique symbolizes that clique. So Shaolin's power was heavy, pure black swift, and shaman's black soft."


"It's so obvious what will happen in the future where the true intentions that penetrate the center are scattered by themselves.

Baek Cheon now understands Chung-Myung.

In the past, we did not understand Chung-Myung's behavior of secretly trying to help Isong Baek in Jongnam. Jongnam is the enemy of Hwasan, and Isong Baek is the disciple of Jongnam. Why would you help someone like that?

But now that I'm looking at Muo, I can tell.

The feeling of watching a literary faction called prestigious people fail to keep what they have to protect and go against them.

This was a feeling of sadness as an unmanned, apart from the ho-ho about a shamanism.

"You're talking so smartly."

But MOOO clenched his teeth really angrily at the words.

"Maybe you're right. But you are arrogant. Even if you are right, it is arrogant to be sure that you are right.”


"What's wrong with following the decision of adults who have been through more and more?"

Baek Cheon sighed quietly, unable to contain his frustration.

That's not too wrong. A disciple must trust his teacher. I think that's wrong, but if your student doesn't believe in your teacher's judgment, then there will be discord.but

"If there's anything different about Hwasan than a shaman.”


"You're not afraid of the sound that goes wrong.”

Hwasan is like that.

Even if one of the disciples complains and raises his voice saying it is wrong, it does not lead to catastrophe. Everyone listens to a small voice, and there is no doubt that someone is qualified to speak.

Yeah, that's Hwasan.

Baek Cheon laughed out loud.

'That's ridiculous.

When he first met Chung-Myung, he also tried to stamp Chung-Myung with his distribution and authority. Even when it didn't solve it, I tried to punish Chung-Myung with my skills.

Compared to Baek Cheon, who was tightly blocked in those days, Muo is rather a very open man now.

However, what you see is different when you change where you stand.

Now, Baek Cheon was feeling frustrated watching MOOO. For the author's blind faith.

"It's not something that can be solved by conversation anyway."

Baek Cheon lowered the sword.

"Come on, the inspection must be proved by a sword. I'll show you that I'm not wrong."

Muo's face was completely distorted.

The distance between the stage and the audience is not too far. Perhaps the audience heard all of their conversations.

Muo unintentionally left the position of proving that the shaman's choice was not wrong. Even if that's not the case in reality, the audience watching right now will think so.

'You clever...'.’

MOOO chewed on his lips. It's too late to try to do something with words. All it will do is reveal its own weakness.

Eventually, he also had no choice but to prove himself wrong with a sword in his hand.

And this was the fate of the man who went to the stronghold with a sword.


MOOO, who took a long deep breath, grabbed the sword tightly.

'It is impossible to get the upper hand in the distance.’

I don't know why, but that guy, Baek Cheon, was oddly familiar with close-range combat. As if he had experienced countless actual battles where swords and swords met each other.

This means that the victory he established has already.

What should I do if I do?

It's flat.

Then, he has no choice but to return to his organs.

MOOO moved the sword slowly. From the end of his sword, blue swords began to shoot out.

"If flowers bloom somewhere, I will sweep them all together."’

If you want to cut it, cut it.

I'll prove that even a cropped sword is as strong!

Muo's determination was almost like an angry wave. The sword of the shaman looked different from the haughty wave. It was close to a murky torrent coming from a storm.

The formidable sword seemed at first glance stronger and more explosive than Mu Yon had shown.

But Baek Cheon sighed as he looked at the sword coming toward him.

Is it this after all?’

No matter how much I say it, it doesn't seem to change. The shaman's sword is based on his chicness and calmness. However, leaving oneself to instant anger and pouring out harsh swords has lost its foundation.

It looks stronger on the outside, but it is only full of untidy, rough energy.

Sasook is the one who's gonna make Hwasan's name go viral.


If that's what you think my role is.I'll do my best to make it happen.

So I can see the d*mn bastards stabbing their swords in the back!

Whoo! Whoosh!

Baek Cheon's sword drew a huge circle on Ho Gong. Vivid plum blossoms began to bloom like waves along the soft, smooth line drawn by the tip of the sword.

The level was different from that seen by shaman's disciples in the previous monument. Flowers that bloom as if they were spreading everywhere they grazed the sword were colorful as if they had been sprayed with paint.

It was a spectacular spectacle indeed.

The plum blossoms, which were red and even alluring, filled the sky with their graceful appearance.

Everyone watching was mesmerized.

Audiences and shaman's students who have already seen the plum blossoms.

Even his disciples, who saw Baek Cheon's sword countless times, couldn't take their eyes off the scene.


Even Muo, who was dealing with him, was mesmerized.


The red plum blossoms swirled the rapid flow of sword flying around. As if the sword was just a sword and could never be water, it was broken, crushed, and torn.

Oh, my god!

The leaves of plum blossoms, which had been ground with the sword, soon rose into the sky like the wind was burning. The petals that spread spread colored the world red and red.

Flower Garden.

The whole space was filled with red flowers in full bloom.

At least in the eyes of Muo, who watched this scene in front of his eyes, everything in the world seemed to have become a flower petal.

And a little later.


The plum blossoms, which embroidered Ho Gong so splendidly, poured into Muo in the wind.


I cut myself on the hem of my shoulder.


The trouser dance was also brutally cut.

The plum blossoms stroked Mueo's body, which he could not dare to resist.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

Dozens and hundreds of petals grazed the shaman's unclothed egg.

Whoo! Whoosh!

After all the plum blossoms swooped past him, Muo's clothes were literally rags.


But there is not a single scratch left in the body. Even though so many swords have passed by.


Muo and Baek Cheon's eyes met in Ho Gong.

Red blood dripped down from the bitten Muo's lower lip.

It's not hard to penetrate a person with a sword.

However, it is too difficult to deal with so many swords at the same time and threaten a human body without hurting it. Far more than wounding and knocking down, or breaking your breath at a blow.

There couldn't have been anything else MOOO could say in the face of this desperate difference.


His body trembled like an aspen.

"…I lost."

Baek Cheon slowly pushed the sword into the sword at the sight of it shaking without even being able to lead it.


Then he stretched his shoulders and put his hands in front of his chest.

"Well learned."

It was a perfect landslide, beyond discussion.