Chapter - 628 Episode 628. I'm glad I'm a student of volcanoes. (3)

The shaman's atmosphere was so depressing that it could no longer subside.

4 losses in a row.

No, to put it bluntly, it's a losing streak.

How would someone react if the shaman had told Hwasan that he would lose five times before this move took place?

Maybe it's not even worth answering. I would have just laughed at it.

Because common sense can't happen.

Today, however, shaman's disciples desperately realized that common sense is ignorance of what has not happened yet.

No matter how miserable Hana's disciples were, it was not comparable to the despair Ho Sanja is feeling.

A big pile.

His mouth was heard breaking a male tooth.

It was a perfect humiliation.

Shudder at this ridiculous humiliation, Ho Sanja understood why his predecessors were so sensitive to the name Hwasan.

Ho Sanja and others saw it as just a fallen clique, but at the time of his entry, the predecessors would have vividly remembered what Hwasan was like.

If I had seen this with my eyes as a child, I would have thought of it as a rain in my heart even if I had fallen.

'Same degree...….’

You didn't know Ho Sanja that two tigers cannot live in one mountain.

Just because we walk the same path, it is only in the story that we get along well. Rather, they have no choice but to growl at each other because they walk on the same path.

Ho Sanja turned his head and looked over his disciples. Then, he opened his mouth as if he were chewing his anger.

"That's enough."


"This is the end of humiliation. From now on, we can restore the honor of winning and falling to the ground."

Mu Jin said with a dark complexion.

"But the elder. We still have the Hwasan Divine."

"Hwasan The Dragon is not coming out this time."


Ho Sanja turned his head slightly and glanced towards Hwasan and continued.

"Hwasan Sinryong is a man who hates a hopeless defeat."

I have heard a lot of information about Chung-Myung, and I have also learned about his tendencies.

"If he gets out now, he'll have to win five times, and the rest will have to accept the consequences. He will never accept that."

"…You mean you're going to cut the pulse in the right time.”

"Yes. Otherwise, he'll step up at the end and blow away all the defeats in front of him at once.

If those who knew Chung-Myung well heard it, Ho Sanja's analysis was accurate and sharp enough to nod in admiration.

"If you do……."


Ho Sanja's eyes sparkled.

"Now that means there's no one over there to deal with us."

From the time the rule of ten wins was set, the result was set.

The five, called the Ogum, were able to compete with the shaman, but the rest never faced the shaman's great disciple. The important thing was how to play the rest of the game.

It's the worst result. But that is only within the scope of the presumption.’

The five consecutive losses left a big shock to the viewers, but if the shaman wins consecutively in the future, the shock will go to some extent. If so, we can only keep the result of winning the game.

"Come on out."

Ho Sanja said with his teeth clenched.

"We have to win the rest of the games perfectly. Don't mind the last Hwasan Sinryong, he'll have someone else to deal with. More than that!"

Ho Sanja looked back at his disciples with his eyes moving to live."Don't forget the purpose."


"Our purpose is not to beat Hwasan. It is to let everyone know that there is no senior citizen in Hwasan, and that the latecomers alone can never cross the shaman's name."

"Yes, Elder!"

"Be merciless. Hwasan's postscripts have shone, and it will prove that it's without a pole!"

The shaman's disciples nodded silently.

They have already lost too much. Even if it worked out as Ho Sanja said, everyone knew that the purpose they were trying to achieve was already ruined.

But that's why it couldn't be taken anymore. It's a dead end.

"I'll be out."

Ho Sanja glanced at his teeth as he stepped forward.

"No sense."

It's not bad if you don't have any sense. Even though it fell short of a shaman's three swords, it didn't fall far behind. He's the most powerful man in the world.

"Come on down."


The unconscious went on stage with a determined face.

"…I mean."

Baek Cheon looks around his students.

"……what should I do?"

There is no one to export. Baek Cheon scratched his head without realizing it.

"Was there no waist like this?’

In fact, this is a fundamental problem for Hwasan.

Of course, all of the other students are elite Chung-Myung disease(?) who overdosed on young medicine and trained until they were about to die of overwork. But even so, it was true that it was comparable to the Five Swords.

'No, actually, it's a little too much.'

If the five of them rush in, they can't handle one Yoon-Jong.

It was the way to resolve this extreme difference in skills, but the shaman and the shaman happened in the midst of it.

"Hey, Chung-Myung."


"Aren't you going out?"

Chung-Myung shrugged at Jo-Gol's question.

"I'm going out, but what if I go out now?"

"…That's right."

If Chung-Myung is holding up behind his back, those who go out and fight will feel less burdened, but if Chung-Myung comes back after winning, the burden of those who come back will double.

"Then…… Soso…"…. Yeah."

Baek Cheon scratched his head.

Of course soso is strong. Even after a tough battle in the North Sea, he has become much stronger than before.

However, by any stretch of the imagination, it was unlikely that So-so could win against the shaman's great disciple. I wasn't good enough yet.

"Then, uh…."

Whenever Baek Cheon's head turned left and right, his disciples shrugged their necks and avoided his gaze.

"Yes! You....”

"The death penalty."

Baek Sang smiled as soon as he was pointed out.

"I'm a body that jumped into a financial crisis. I don't know how to use a knife."

"…I'm proud of you, you son of a b*tc*."

Baek Cheon sighed deeply, unable to contain his frustration.

Everyone seemed insecure. However, it was impossible to blame them. In the first place, it did not make sense to have one-on-one disciples, two-on-one disciples, and three-on-one disciples dance.

The five swords that managed to make it to victory were strange, not wrong.

"Well, a couple more...….Huh?"

Then Baek Cheon's eyes, wandering around, stopped in one place.

There was something yellow between the black uniforms. When I looked up a little bit more, I saw something shiny.….

"Venerable monk.

"Huh? Monk Hye Yeon?"

"Have you been?"

"I didn't even know you followed me."As everyone's eyes were focused, Hye Yeon's face burned and turned red in an instant.

"Oh, Amitabha Buddha. I'm embarrassed to be left alone.….”

In the first place, he remained alone at the top, saying, "Hwasan and Shudang are rubbing their faces, and if he is a native of Shaolin, the shape becomes strange."

The sight of him sneaking between his disciples made me laugh.

"Venim……, uh, Hye Yeon…….”

Baek Cheon, who was about to say something, suddenly turned his head with a light in his eyes and asked Chung-Myung.

"Hye Yeon, can't you go to the Bimu?”

"Mr. Malone...…?”

"Oh, no, can't we just pretend to be Hwasan's eaters? Even diners are recognized as Sega Won.”

"The dog is making grass-eating noises! I'd rather put a sword on that bald head! Then you'll have a lotus flower even if you can't! He's in the middle of a name!"

Chung-Myung glared, but this time Baek Cheon didn't lose either.

"It's because there's no one to let go, there's no one to let go! So why did you send all the kids out without a plan?"

"You won instead!”

"Is that the problem, you son of a b*tc*?"

"Oh, Amitabha Buddha...….”

When the two growled without yielding an inch, Hye Yeon did not know what to do and memorized her disapproval.

And at that moment.

A person came up to the stage and captured Hwasan's camp.

"It's shaman's senseless. Who will be my partner?"


The gloom on Baek Cheon's face was young.

I can't take any longer.

SoSo? Or Baek Sang? Or Gwak Hae...…. White radish.'

There was no one who wanted to win no matter who he brought.


The results are out anyway. Nevertheless, the reason why Baek Cheon agonized was because it was obvious that no one would want to deal with the first defeat of losing consecutive wins.

I wanted to be at least a little more courageous and let go of a man who wouldn't be hurt by the defeat.


Baek Cheon's face became firm.

"You go out.”

"Hey, you mean me?"

Baek Sang said, looking embarrassedly at Baek Cheon.

"If the death penalty told me, I'd be out, but...…and frankly, I'm not very confident."

"I know."

Baek Cheon nodded his head.

"The defeat is acceptable. However, defeat has its own level. Show yourself as a Hwasan disciple.”

"……Yes, the death penalty."

Baek Sang nodded as if he couldn't help it. And the moment you're about to go to the stage.


Someone grabbed Baek Sang's foot in a calm voice.

Everyone looked back at the man who opened his mouth in surprise.

"It's not Sang. It's right for me to go out.

"Sa, Sa-Sook?"


It was a funeral sword.

Hawasan's disciples all opened their eyes.

"Gwa, Guanju...….”

"What's wrong with you?"

Ungum smirked as if the reaction was strange.

"Why can't I, a great disciple of Hwasan, come forward when a great disciple comes out of a shaman?"

"……but not…….”

"Then what's the problem?"


No one could speak. But their eyes were forced to be honest, staring at the empty right sleeve of the ungum.

No one would have thought of stopping his superiority if he had been fine.

On the contrary, the fact alone may have been a hundred times more courageous.

But now....

"Living quarters."

"Can I go out?"

Baek Cheon bit his lips slightly."Don't say that. It's my private lodging. How can I wear what you do?"

"Thank you."

The ungum smiled and patted the sword in the waist. And I walked forward.

No one could stop him.

It was then someone's blunt voice that set the stride.

"Are you all right?”

Ungum glanced at Chung-Myung.

"What did you say?"

"You're not fully used to the left-handed sword yet."

Ungum smiled softly as if he had expected such a response.

"Even so, I can wield the black. It's embarrassing that my students are fighting so hard and my teacher is just watching."


Chung-Myung sighed quietly.

"I'll keep an eye on you.”

"That would be better."

Ungum, who smiled at Chung-Myung, tried to take a step and stopped for a while.

"Didn't Baek Cheon do that earlier?"


"There's a quality to defeat."


The ungum stared at the monument and moved back.

"I wish I could show you that."

Empty sleeves fluttered in the wind.

The gravity of Hawasan's disciples began to grow younger as they watched his back slowly heading for the stage.