Chapter - 638 Episode 638. Let's continue. It's just the beginning. (3)

Ho Gong laughed like he was dumbfounded.

I'm not even angry.’

If you were a little younger, you might have been treated as a child's bravado. But in Ho Gong's view, Chung-Myung is already at an age where he should be held accountable for what he says.

"Every anger comes from the tip of the tongue."

Ho Gong's sword tip pointed straight at Chung-Myung.

"You will be responsible for what you say.”

The shaman's words bear the power that is reasonable. But Chung-Myung was just heartbroken at the stern words.

"If I'm responsible, I won't go anywhere. I'm responsible for it.”

"…I can't let you down.”

Ho Gong shook his head quietly and lifted his spirits.

To be honest, I was angry.

It wasn't just his rude words and actions that made me angry. His discipline was not shallow enough to shake such a thing.

However, the attitude of looking down on the sword of him and the shaman was disturbing.

And those eyes. Those eyes are unbearably annoying.

I don't understand.’

He's been around for a day or two.

As I have lived for many years, I have met many people, and naturally competed with countless people with swords. Therefore, now I can see what the other person thinks just by looking at his eyes.

"That's definitely the way the strong look at the weak.’

I didn't understand at all.

Groundless confidence?

Of course you can have it.

You're bluffing because you don't want to be overwhelmed?

Yeah. That's as much as possible.

I was willing to understand anything like that. It would be hard to know how high the sky is for a genius who grew up only in Hwasan.

But those eyes are not like that.

That wasn't an eye to ignore an opponent based on groundless arrogance. Only those who are confident that they are unconditionally superior to their opponents can show such eyes.


Ho Gong coughed quietly and opened his mouth slowly.

"You said you'd just teach me. I didn't mean to admonish you."

His eyes sank darker and darker.

"Maybe you need to know how high the sky is.”


Chung-Myung grinned.

"That's good to hear."


"There have been quite a few people who have told me that, but no one has succeeded. Thanks to you, I still don't know how high the sky is."


"I'd appreciate it if the elder could let me know that."

The ease on Ho Gong's face has now been scattered for a long time.

It's not much of a word, but that attitude and eyes seemed to break his discipline.

Then Chung-Myung smirked again.

"But teaching...…. I guess the world has changed a lot. These days, it's called teaching to live like that, right?”

Ho Gong was a little startled.

Did he really feel my life?’

Chung-Myung raised his hand to block his words as he opened his mouth to explain anything.

"Oh, that's enough. I don't know why I'm so talkative on stage.”


"Isn't it the result that matters anyway? We'll see if you're right or if I'm right."

Chung-Myung's sword confidently aimed at Ho Gong. Ho Gong stopped laughing.'At least you have the guts to call it the world'’

So it's more dangerous.

The strong do not necessarily have a strong influence. Those who cut off their exchanges with the death penalty solely in search of learning will not be able to change their clans no matter how strong they become.

But that kind of man leads the clique apart from his strength.

The more I talked, the more I watched, the more determined I was.

A blue sword rose from the end of Ho Gong's sword.

'I'm afraid you're going to have to live with it.’

His eyes had a thoracic voice like that of a beast.

"Be careful with the small stamp. I don't know mercy when I use a sword.”

"I'll give it back to you literally.”

Ho Gong recited the deep air and regained his calm.

As the two men with swords faced each other, tension began to flow over their sons-in-law. Silence sank. Even though it was a crowded space, it was as quiet as a needle could be heard falling.

It was none other than Ho Gong who broke the silence first.


His sword stretched forward.

When those who have a difference in distribution compete with swords, it is common sense of power to yield three attacks to those who have low distribution. But now Ho Gong moved first without waiting for Chung-Myung's attack.

As if there is no difference between allocation and position in this inscription. It was a glimpse of how sincere he was to this beemu.

The sword ejected from the end of the sword, which was cut short, almost reached Chung-Myung in a blink.

It's fast!

It was so fast that even Baek Cheon, who did not blink once, could not capture it.



A short explosion rang, and at the same time, the sword, which was flying in, was bent to break and stuck on the floor.


A harsh noise ensued. Ho Gong's sword penetrated the solid blue stone and left a deep scar on the floor. Chung-Myung calmly swung a sword and threw it to the floor.

It was a simple exchange that wasn't particularly great.

However, the reactions of those who saw the scene were different.

They burst into admiration even though they couldn't understand it because it was invisible, and even those with no high level of dance were thrilled by the speed.

And those who understood what this exchange meant did not dare to breathe.

"This is……."

Jo-Gol bit his lips.

'This is the real sign of inspectors.'

It's definitely different.

It was not clear to myself why I felt different. It was a matter of feeling with one's fingertips rather than a realm of falling logic.

But one thing is for sure, those two are now sharing swords in areas that are incomprehensible to Jo-Gol.

A little more.

I miss you more.

As if to quench his thirst, Ho Gong's sword once again divided the space.



Almost at the same time, the sound of the sword exhaling and the sound of Chung-Myung's sword hitting each other echoed.

Chung-Myung looked at Ho Gong with calm eyes, as he struck off all the swords that flew like that without showing any signs of difficulty.

"You don't seem to understand."


"If you don't want to give me an ugly excuse for losing without showing my skills, you'd better do it right.”

Emotions washed away from Ho Gong's face.I wasn't swayed by that horse.

What shook him was Chung-Myung's sword, which struck him so easily.

What the hell is that?

You can see as much as you know. This is a truth that does not necessarily need explanation.

Jo-Gol was only able to capture with his senses, which was clearly visible to Ho Gong.

The trajectory drawn by the sword. The distribution of power to handle the sword. The operation of the force that absorbs the impact loosely at the moment the sword collides.

a horrifyingly concise inspection without any unnecessary

What the hell is that sword carrying?

Ho Gong, who has lived his whole life looking only at the sword, intuitively realized that there was something he couldn't even understand.


Are you saying that the sword of a child who doesn't live half of his life can surpass his understanding?

The whole body's fur stood on edge. A cold chill ran down my spine.

Is it because I have to admit something that I can't admit?


Soon Ho Gong, who shouted as if he were having mixed thoughts, swung the sword. Sharp yet heroic swords flew one after another towards Chung-Myung.


The sword that was released was overlapped following the sword that flew first, and the sword that followed was overlapped again. Over and over again, the sword struck Chung-Myung like a giant wall.

And at that moment Ho Gong faced an even more incomprehensible sight.

Chung-Myung slowly took a step toward the huge sword wall he created.

It was a movement as if there were no swords flying in front of us.


Ho Gong opened his eyes wide. It would not be strange if the sword tore Chung-Myung's body apart at any moment.


But then Chung-Myung's nonchalant sword stuck in the sword wall.


It was of course impossible to tear a superimposed, superimposed wall into a dagger. But the black doesn't stop once.

Let's go!

One after another, the sword struck the center of the sword's wall, stabbing and twisting mercilessly again.


The sword dug deep into the gap that was created.


Subsequently, a red sword in Chungcheon literally tore apart the sword created by Ho Gong.

Chung-Myung walked slowly through the scattering fragments of the sword. The drooping sword bobbed softly. However, there was no shaking in his sunken eyes.


Even the world's Ho Gong forgot what to say at this moment.

Of course, he didn't think he'd win with this one shot in the first place. I thought it was enough just to step down once.

But rather than stepping down, that disciple of Hwasan struck back in the same way and neutralized the sword. It seems to prove that none of them lack anything in comparison.

It was truly a terrible desire to win.

Ho Gong fixed his eyes on the slowly approaching Chung-Myung.

There was no way not to express pure admiration, away from all positions. But then Chung-Myung's mouth twisted strangely.

"…three seconds."


Ho Gong looked at Chung-Myung with questionable eyes.

Chung-Myung rolled up the corners of his mouth and laughed to reveal his white teeth. Somehow a creepy energy poured out.

"I've conceded all three times with this."


Ho Gong's body, which was puzzled by not understanding the words, had a twitch as if it had been struck by lightning.In an instant, my face turned red, and my whole body trembled with anger.

Three seconds? No way.….’

a strong common sense

When rubbing, the high-allotment yield three attacks to the low-allotment.

It is not a law that must be followed, but when there is a significant difference in their skills, it is basic to be considerate not to discourage the other person too much.

That's a three-second concession.…

You're saying he gave it to me?’


Ho Gong's expression crumbled desperately.

This was a great humiliation that he had never experienced in his life.

"You f*cking bastard...….”

A mere grandson gave up three seconds in consideration of him.

My mind went blank.

The honor of the envoy and his duties, all of which became blurred and only one being Chung-Myung expanded within him.

The dizzying anger in front of me began to burn all over my body.

Chung-Myung's voice penetrated into his ear, which was losing its temper in anger.

"I've given you enough consideration.….”

Chung-Myung, who had a slight pause in envy, spoke clearly.

"Don't blame my sword for being heartless."

"I, I……."

Eventually Ho Gong's reason was broken. I have been humiliated in front of so many people that I have never experienced in my life, so I have to do so.

"Inno ooh ooh ooh ooh!"

Ho Gong, who screamed like a beast, rushed in, giving off all the flesh he was about to cut.

Then a devil-like smile bloomed around Chung-Myung's mouth as he greeted him.