Chapter - 640 Episode 640. Let's continue. It's just the beginning. (5)


I felt like my whole body was cooling cold.

Baek Cheon watched the scene unfold before his eyes, forgetting to breathe out.

'This is...'

The place where Chung-Myung is on.

The view of the shaman's elder.


Only then did I breathe out quietly.

I've seen Chung-Myung fight like hell. However, it was also the first time for Baek Cheon to watch him fight with the right opponent who could do his job properly, one side at a time.

'That's a real test.'

There is no romantic competition that I vaguely drew.

What was visible was a truly terrible struggle, not just a bloody one.

"Living quarters……."


Jo-Gol's voice died down as if shocked.


That's a good thing.

Where is anyone here who doesn't know Chung-Myung is strong? At least not among the five swords, who find it strange to fight in harmony with the shaman's elder.

However, it was that aggressiveness that Chung-Myung saw that drove them into breathless tension.

He targets the opponent with his strengths.

Baek Cheon clearly witnessed at this moment how anyone who learns to learn how to use the basics of these things in practice.

Without missing a small skill, they launch a near-gambling attack, and the moment they catch a victory, they push their opponents without a break to save the victory.

It was just as strange as he knew it to be. No, maybe it's not what he knows.

Can I fight like that?’

Baek Cheon realized once again.

What does it mean to say that martial arts are not everything.

What would be the result if Baek Cheon fights with Chung-Myung, who has no equal power?

It may not last for more than 20 seconds and become a well-done piece of meat. Even if you fight with Chung-Myung, who matched the level with him, not as strong as he is now.

Even if he has the power to withstand the sword, he has no talent to withstand the temptation and the spite of his life. At this point, it was not Chung-Myung who showed that poisonous sword, but Ho Gong who was fighting back against it.

The blood circulated twice as fast and the saliva in my mouth dried up.

Except for Chung-Myung, Oh Gum was looking at the stage with a soulless face. Yoo-Esul, who usually keeps his face expressionless, was slightly relieved from shock.

The others...….’

Baek Cheon peeked back.

The shock of Oh Gum, who has been watching Chung-Myung's performance, will be like this, and will the shock of other students be overwhelming?

Unsurprisingly, the other students of Hwasan were all gazed at the stage, unable to shut their mouths.


Sometimes there were people who wanted to say something, but in the end, they blanked out again as if they were speechless.

I'm sure it is.'

Of course, they don't understand the crowd's feast on that stage. At some point, even Baek Cheon only gets the feeling.

However, there is something you can know even if you don't understand it.

"Oh, my God…."


Baek Cheon agonized for a moment as he watched them speechless.Should I tell you?’

What does that number mean?

But he soon shook his head.

Sometimes it is better to see and feel it with your eyes than to understand it in detail.

And most of all...….

I don't want to care about anything else.’

It may be a little selfish.

That Chung-Myung is probably trying to show more to his students at this moment. So, as Baek Cheon is also the ambassador of the white porcelain ship, of course, he should put priests before him.

But Baek Cheon has let it all go at this moment.

I couldn't miss this sight as a swordman.

Show me more.’

How high you are.

How high the place I have to go is.

Baek Cheon clasped his fist tightly enough to fade and white.

Mu Jin looked down unknowingly at the pain felt in his hands.

It's pouring.

Blood was dripping from the fist, which was grizzly tight enough to be white.

The fingernails pierced the palm and ripped the flesh. If it was bleeding, it would have been scarred a long time ago, but I haven't noticed it so far.

Mu Jin, who was staring at his hands, raised his head and stared at the stage again.


I couldn't even laugh.


To the author? To the Chung-Myung?

What the hell was I looking at?’

Chung-Myung is expected to be stronger. Given his young age and brilliant talent, it would be natural to be strong enough to be unparalleled.

But he also thought it would be easy to follow. Considering the characteristics of shamanism and efforts it has made, I thought I would have succeeded in getting close to Chung-Myung, even if I could not surpass him right away.

Looking at Hana's face, Mu Jin forced himself to realize how he had been delusional in vain.

"The elder and the equal...….’

No, it's not.

To put it bluntly, it's not equal, but that Chung-Myung has the upper hand. That's for sure. If he wasn't a shaman's disciple, he wouldn't have to worry.

But is this really possible?

Of course, there are monsters and geniuses beyond common sense. But even so, it is hard to imagine that young Hwasan's student has the upper hand over the shaman's elder, not the other door-to-door faction.

Mu Jin turned his head unconsciously.

I was curious about Ho Sanja's expression. Looking at his expression, I could see whether Ho Gong is dealing with Chung-Myung in moderation or is really lagging behind.

But Mu Jin soon regretted his decision.


I've never seen it before.

Ho Sanja with that face...….

Ho Sanja is not a perfect hiding of his feelings. There were countless times when he read embarrassment or irritation in his face, and sometimes excessive anger could be identified.

But I've never seen a look like that before.


"Is it a horror?"

However, it is ridiculous that the shaman's elder feels fear when he sees a beemoo. No matter how strong Chung-Myung is, it's not like the shaman can't handle it.But... what if Ho Sanja isn't looking at Chung-Myung now, but the distant future? Then wouldn't you be really scared?

"……Ho Gong."

A groan-like voice leaked out of Ho Sanja's mouth.

Along with him, Mu Jin's gaze also turned to the non-stage. Beyond Ho Gong, who wears a shaman's suit and hangs a sword, to Chung-Myung.

Throbbing! Throbbing! Throbbing!

Both feet were burning hot.

The pain of crushing my feet with a heated iron skewer made my mind dizzy for an instant. But Ho Gong didn't even dare to check and take care of my wounds.

Now the beast that bit his foot is approaching.

A breathless walk toward the game, a silent walk. Ho Gong felt keenly that he had become a prey.

"This me?"

A game?

This Ho Gong, the shaman's elder?

The tip of the sword trembled. It felt like blood was spilling backwards.

But the pain in both feet forced him to keep his seething anger from pouring out.

Can you describe it all in a word that's creepy?

It wasn't that long. But the short battle took too much from Ho Gong.

It's not a big deal to hurt your feet. Even if your foot is crushed, you can take care of it. It doesn't matter if it's a history of conflict or warp. Taegukgi Gong, one of the most stable methods in the world, is quickly healing his internal injuries.

But there was nothing I could do with this trembling fingertip. There was no sign of even calming down.

It doesn't seem to be fighting people.’

I felt like I had managed to stop the beast from pushing a canine into his neck. The sharp fangs seemed to touch and fall.

A canine named sword would have pierced his neck and torn his carotid artery. Considering this, I couldn't calm down at all.

As the cold sweat on Ho Gong's forehead flowed down and formed on the tip of his chin, Chung-Myung's mouth opened.

"It's because I'm so nervous. Do you think you're gonna hold a sword properly?”


Ho Gong chewed on his lips instead of answering.

They had a quarrel with each other. But unlike Ho Gong, who was stiffened with fear and tension that his neck might run away, that young man was very nonchalant.

This was in a way more disgraceful than being pushed out of the sword. Ho Gong has trained his whole life dreaming of the best examination. But aren't you losing your mind to that little guy?


Ho Gong clenched his teeth and lifted the sword shoulder-high and pulled it slightly. Soon after, he pointed at Chung-Myung like a sword. It was an expression of will that there is no need for dialogue.

With that virulent spirit, Chung-Myung rolled up his lips. I could see Ho Gong's thoughts now without having to ask.

'If there's a change of heart, no one suffers.'

Ho Gong is obviously strong.

Judging from what I can guess, he's not very old among shaman elders. Given this, his talent is definitely outstanding, and his posture on the sword is not bad either.

Of course, it can't be compared to the past shaman elders, but this is a strong man to be recognized.

The solid sword that I have gained thanks to its solid basics, a history of grandeur, and most of all, a long-standing effort, goes beyond the Solchon Sang of the Bingo.One.

But Ho Gong is weak.

Chung-Myung revealed his teeth.

That's a sword that's only completed by itself.

Ho Gong has probably never risked his life to fight someone in his life. You may have experienced a lot of choreography and won a lot of games, but you've never really risked your life.

Talent, effort, time. Ho Gong was now clearly showing what would happen to a man who wielded only a sword in a greenhouse with all those elements.

"I'm sick of it.”


Chung-Myung, who muttered quietly, lightly turned the sword to take a reciprocal position and lowered his posture slightly.

It was not long before his blood-soaked teeth came to the fore.

"I guess it's on my side that I have to teach you a lesson."

Chung-Myung's feet quickly hit the floor.


There was an incredibly loud sound of a human body breaking through the wind. Chung-Myung's body flew toward Ho Gong like an island war.

The flinching Ho Gong clenched his teeth.

'Calm down...'

Chung-Myung smiled like a demon and poked the sword into Ho Gong.

It was a stabbing that was no different. It was not a difficult attack to stop if he remained calm. Ho Gong, of course, raised his sword against the stabbing.

One. At that moment.



Before Ho Gong's sword could stop where it wanted, the tip of Chung-Myung's sword pierced Ho Gong's blade and pushed it away.

There was an indisputable embarrassment on Ho Gong's face.

On this street?’

It was still beyond the reach of the sword. If the hand hadn't moved instinctively in advance, it would have penetrated the throat.

The sword seemed to have suddenly grown longer.

But now I didn't have time to think.


Because a series of stabbing flew in after his whole body.


Ho Gong, who screamed out of fits, struck out Chung-Myung's sword like a bolt of lightning.



Ood, wood!

Chung-Myung, who rose momentarily, hits Ho Gong with weight as much as he can. Although it was not too late to block, it was a powerful blow that I could hear a momentary bone break in my wrist.

Let's go!

"You know what?"


When Chung-Myung's mouth opened, Ho Gong opened his eyes.

I can't afford to talk.….’

"It's not the end to stop you, boy."

At that moment, Chung-Myung's hand, holding the sword, goes down. Naturally, the direction of the end of the sword was pointed upwards, not forwards.


And he pushed Ho Gong's sword away at once.


A perfect use of his power to push up the sword.

It's a shaman's...….’


Chung-Myung's elbow stuck in Ho Gong's face.