Chapter - 643 Episode 643. Thanks to you, I learned a lot. (3)

"… won."

"That crazy guy...….”

Baek Cheon, Jo-Gol, and Yoon-Jong looked at the stage with a bewildering face.

The image of Chung-Myung standing tall and Ho Gong falling in front of him was clearly engraved in the eye.

"Oh, my God…."

I thought it was possible.

There was no reason why Chung-Myung could not deal with the shaman's elder if he had shown it so far.

However, there was a huge difference between thinking with your head and seeing the results with your own eyes.

I thought I could win, like this.….’

This is not just a victory. Literally, it was a landslide victory.

"…Living in private."


"He's gotten stronger, hasn't he?"

"…I think so."

"Does this make sense?….”

Back Cheon smiled bitterly at Jo-Gol's whining.

I'm telling you, he's...….’

If you feel like you've caught up with them, you'll be far away. All he could see was Chung-Myung's shadow, which seemed to disappear at any moment.

But Baek Cheon is no longer frustrated by it.

If you can see the shadow, it means that Chung-Myung is beyond that. Even if the distance is not narrowed enough, Baek Cheon is following him faithfully.

"More than that……."


"I think they should do something first."


Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol slowly looked back at Baek Cheon's words. Hyun Sang and Hyun Young were at the forefront of the students.

You're going to lose your chin.’

Isn't that a little dangerous?

Looking at Hyun Sang's mouth, which was open to the point where it couldn't be opened further, made me laugh and worried at the same time. He was about to lose his jaw.

"I won……."


Hyun Sang is also Hyun Sang, but Hyun Young's face, which seemed absurd and speechless, was also a magnificent sight.


"Well, this is a little complicated. It's complicated."

Hyun Sang, who managed to come to his senses at Hyun Young's muttering, looked to the side and asked.


"Think about it, death penalty. How can you guarantee that we're not going to fit when that good shaman's elder is also being beaten up for playing around? You're gonna have to watch what he says in front of him.….”

"Eh, you son of a b*tc*!"

Hyun Sang kicked Hyun Young's butt before he could finish his sentence.

"That's not what you want to say to your best student!"

"Did I say something wrong?"


Looking back at the priest, Hyun Sang turned to Chung-Myung again.

I can't believe it.’

It won a landslide victory over that shaman's elder, not anywhere else. This is a different story from Chung-Myung's victory so far.

Where is the shaman? It is one of the most prestigious of all the checks in the world.

Even in such a shaman, Chung-Myung, who is only a posterior figure, beat the elder, who is the best power.

Has this ever happened?’

It's not that I don't know because I'm a student of Hwasan.

Hyun Sang has never heard of such a story in his life. No, I've never even imagined it.

"I'm... a man of a manger."

Hyun Sang's mouth kept bursting with laughter. At the same time, the slightly wrinkled eyes kept getting wet.

It may not be just because he fought proudly against a shaman who could not even think that he could overcome it.

I was happy to know how Chung-Myung went out there and fought, but my eyes kept turning red."Bite your teeth, death penalty."


"It's silly."

"I know, man!"

Hyun Sang straightened his shoulders.

It is a task created by the disciples with blood. I couldn't ruin it with a temporary feeling.

It just so happens that Chung-Myung on the stage has turned his head and looked at him.

'Oh, you son of a b*tc*.'

Why don't I know what it means?

Hyun Sang, who had his hands down reflexively and refined the dress, straightened his shoulders. At this moment he should not be the elder of Hwasan, but the deputy of the long-written man who represents Hwasan.

Therefore, one should not show a lack of appearance.

"I'll be back."


Hyun Young's mouth was also filled with excitement.

Hyun Sang desperately calmed his trembling heart and climbed onto the stage.


It felt like my brain had been washed clean.

When a person encounters something he or she can't handle, he or she becomes empty in his or her head and cannot do anything.

That's exactly what's going on in Ho Sanja now.


Only the two letters seemed to be engraved in my head. This was an inexcusable defeat.

The defeat by Ogum was also embarrassing. I had no idea that the shaman's great disciples would lose to the two and three great disciples of Hwasan.

But it was manageable somehow.

The current situation is...… it was a completely different case.

The shaman's elder was defeated by the three great disciples of Hwasan. I couldn't even hurt him properly.

What the hell am I supposed to do with this?

Even if an elder of a third-class civil servant who had never heard of it was defeated by the three great disciples of the prestigious school, this should be laughed at. But even the shaman's elder was defeated by the three great disciples of the other Munpa. This will not be able to be remedied by any excuse.

How... How did this happen?….’

This was not Ho Sanja's fault.

No one in the world could have expected this situation. Heo Do-jin and his ruse were first established under the assumption that Ho Gong would capture Chung-Myung.

This means that even that Heo Do-jin, who sits and looks down at the world, didn't think Chung-Myung would beat Ho Gong.

But how could Ho Sanja anticipate and deal with this in advance?


Mu Jin opened his mouth in a trembling voice.

"Ho Gong……I'll take care of the elder."



There was no return answer.

Ho Sanja was just looking at the stage with a stunned face as if she could not hear Mu Jin.

Mu Jin sighed deeply.

'It's not too much.'

Even he was shocked as if his heart were falling apart, and Ho Sanja was shocked. But now is not the time to be so absentminded.

"Go up and take care of the elder, both senseless and martial arts."

"……yes. death penalty."

Mu Jin closed his eyes as he saw priests heading up to the stage.

Where did it go wrong?’

There is only one reason for defeat.

It's just that they were weaker than Hwasan. I didn't even want to find another excuse.

We weren't as desperate as they were.’

I thought I'd never been lazy to train myself. But as soon as Hwasan's disciples faced the desperation they had shown, Mu Jin admitted that they had been imbued with inertia that he had never known.

Mu Jin asked in a subdued voice as he saw priests returning carrying Ho Gong on their back.

"What do you think?"

"I don't think you have a deep internal injury. But I'll show it to you just in case.""Yeah."

Instead of Ho Sanja, Mu Jin stared at Chung-Myung, who still stood tall in the middle of the arena.

"The Elder."


"One person's character comes from the end, not the beginning. The same will be true of Munpa. Defeat is a real shame, but how you accept it will determine the rank of the shaman."



But Ho Sanja was still lost and at a loss.

The same was true of the back. All of the shaman's disciples were dumbfounded with faces that they didn't know how to take the situation.

No wonder.’

When in your life have you suffered such a devastating defeat?

The reason Mu Jin can somehow stay sane now is not because he has a stronger spirit than others. However, he was less shocked because he had already experienced Chung-Myung and suffered a similar defeat.

We may have been too arrogant.’

At that time, Hyun Sang was seen coming up to the stage.

A bitter smile formed around Mu Jin's mouth, looking at his truly imposing walk. He recognized himself that there had been a change in the way he looked at Hyun Sang.

Frankly speaking, I didn't think much of the elders of Hwasan before.

Mu Jin has been through Chung-Myung, and he can guess that all the changes in the last Hwasan were made in the end.

Therefore, for Mu Jin, the elders of Hwasan happened to accept the genius that would never be again as disciples, so they were no more than incompetent people who enjoyed luxury.

But now Hyun Sang looks very different.

"That's the man who raised the Ungum and the white porcelain boats."

Just by looking at the ungum, I could guess how Hwasan's inspectors had mastered the sword. Anyone who raised such a person should be respected.

Leaving Hawasan and Shudang as masters, and as examiners.

Standing next to Chung-Myung, Hyun Sang looked at the shaman.

After passing the shaman's disciples who could not make eye contact, he fixed his eyes on Ho Sanja, who had lost his mind, and opened his mouth.

"It was a good inscription."


"It doesn't matter whether we win or lose. What matters is what we learned and what we get from each other's swords."

It was a calm but firm voice.

Mu Jin realized again.

You're an old man.

Being strong does not mean a person's strength.

The man who had been living in Hwasan for many years was as hard and theft as an old song who had endured the turbulent times of time.


'It was something our shaman had to pursue.’

Those who protected Hawsan embodied the shaman's ideals entirely behind the splendid sword.

Somehow, Mu Jin, who became solemn, bowed slightly and paid tribute to Hyun Sang. Hyun Sang went on.

"Hwasan gets a lot out of it this time. However, the result of the Bimu revealed now is just a temporary victory, and the one who develops more through it will be the real winner."

Then, he put his hands together and held them forward.

"Well learned. I wish you an honor."

Ho Sanja's face is horribly distorted.

But he was also a representative of the shaman here. There was no way not to take the courtesy of the other person."Well……."

Biting his lips tightly, he forced his hand forward.

"Well…… I learned. We wish you the best of luck with your... ear."

My shoulders were shaking.

Hyun Sang didn't have to watch the sheep for long and turned his head.

It's true that victory is a joy, but I didn't want to humiliate the loser. This is because Hyun Sang knows how the loser feels better than anyone else.

But then his voice rang, turning his head again.


Ho Sanja was staring at him with blood in his eyes.

"I don't want you to think that this is how we beat the shaman. It's just a one-time inscription! Still, Hwasan is...….”

"It's a long way from catching up with a shaman."


"I know, stamp."

Hyun Sang smiled gently.

"Hwasan can try because there is a shaman. We hope that Hwasan can be that way in your ear."



Turning lightly, he suddenly looked up at the sky.

'Good day.'

The sunlight on the rain stage felt warmer and happier.

There is still a long way to go. Nevertheless, I wanted to enjoy the warm sun at this moment.

The infinite number of North Jeolla Province.

It was the moment when Hwasan won a complete victory over the shaman in the home turf of the shaman.