Chapter - 645 Episode 645. Thanks to you, I learned a lot. (5)


Song Tae-ak, whose eyes became the size of a fire lantern, shouted without realizing it.

"You won?"


"Who? Who?"

"Hwasan is a shaman!"


It's not a problem with my ears problem. There is no way to misheard the same thing over and over again.

However, it was such an unimaginable result that I had no choice but to ask again.

"Hwasan beat the shaman?"

"That's right!"

"Jo, tell me more! What's going on!"

At Song Tae-ak's urging, the general presented a letter in his hand, as if it had nothing to say. Song Tae-ak's mouth slowly opened due to shock while quickly snatching and reading.

"Come on, come on, Elder...... beat the shaman's elder? The... the Hwasan Divine?"

I rubbed my eyes and read them over and over again, but the contents of the book did not change at all.

"Ee, I'm sure this is about it.”

"Did you see anything wrong in the gold book?"

"Yeah, well, I guess so.”

Information is life to merchants. In addition, gold chips flew from this short distance had nothing else to do. I would have written down what I saw with my eyes.

"No…… In life, it is necessary for wolves to kick out criminals…"….”

It was hard to say that the wolf beat the shaman at the level of beating the criminal. Isn't it like a rabbit smashing a tiger's chin and pulling its teeth out with its front feet?

"Oh, my God…"

If something so ridiculous has happened, the cause is obvious. Either the criminal was not a criminal or the rabbit was not a rabbit. That shaman can't be a criminal, which means that Hwasan was a greater clique than he thought.

"Oh, my God!"

Song Tae-ak freaked out and tore his head off.

Only then did he realize the mistake he had made. Had HWASAN known to beat the shaman like this, he wouldn't have stayed at the top. I'm sure he went to the place where the beaming was performed and shook the flowers.

"Rain, d*mn it, I made this mistake...…!”

Patting on my head with his big hands, he looked back at Su-ha with red eyes.

"Well, then where are the Wasans now!"

"He's probably coming back to the top by now. As soon as the game was over, I got the news.….”

"What? You're coming back now?"

"Yes, he is!"

"Bur, already?"

It was embarrassing, but it was a snap. Song Tae-ak is a merchant who runs a huge upper stage. If you were so stupid that you didn't even know what you had to do right now, you couldn't have rolled that much money.

"What are you doing? Get ready for the victory banquet now! Be prepared to overflow with alcohol and cooking!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Fancyly! Whatever you can mobilize, prepare as splendidly as you can! This Song Tae-ak and Geum Seon-dae should show that they are more than happy about Hwasan's victory!"


Song Tae-ak took a deep breath as he saw his minions rushing around.

So what's going to happen now?’

He abandoned the shaman and tried to line up with him not because he thought he could beat the shaman right now.

Investment is based on the future, not the present.

It was done under the calculation that Hwasan would grow faster than that Dangbo.

But now that things have come to this...….

'This is a huge success!’

If Hawsan's skills and momentum are more than he expected, he may be able to recoup several times his investment."I can't believe it. It's a nice dream spot. This isn't the time for me to do this!"

Instead of leaving it to his subordinates, he should come forward and prepare for the banquet. Now that he's done with all his work in infinity, he'll be leaving for the island. Before that, the name Song Tae-ak and the top of the Geumseon had to be clearly engraved.

"What, what should I do first? First of all…."

It was just then.

"Lord of Lords!"

"What? What's going on?"

"Hwasan people are coming back!"

Song Tae-ak, who was frightened, jumped on the spot.

"What, what's so fast? I'm not ready yet! Oh, my God!

Song Tae-ak ran toward the main gate.

"Open the door! We must welcome the heroes who have returned from the victory trail! Open the door wide right now!"


Whether they understood the importance of this work, the superiors quickly opened the gate wide. Song Tae-ak, who ran out of the gate at once, looked forward, catching his breath.

"Hey, are you coming from over there?"

"Probably so."

"Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

"Just calm down for now.….”

"I know! But will it go your way?"

Song Tae-ak replied with an irritated face.

Does no one have a clue how bad this is?’

What does it mean that Hwasan won against the shaman in this infinite, not anywhere else.

This was literally a game changer.

So how can you not be nervous?

"Lord of Lords!"

"I know!"

"That's not it! There, there! HWASAN is here!"

As soon as the word was over, Song Tae-ak's head turned to that side.

Indeed, a group of people was seen coming this way from far away.


Swallowing dry saliva, he stared at those approaching with his eyes wide open. Of course they were right by the Wasanists.


I think something's changed.…?’

Apparently, it was Hwasan's disciples he knew. You can't be mistaken because you clearly saw them leaving for the stage this morning.

But for the wasans who are now walking this way, there's a distinctly different feeling to what I saw in the morning.

How can I put this?

Although he was definitely the same person on the outside, he seemed to have developed a presence and spirit that had never existed before.

Is that what I feel about the fact that I came back from beating a shaman?’

But by all appearances it was not.

Merchants must see the flow of money, but they must know how to see people before then. Therefore, no matter what the other person does, any person has no choice but to maintain an objective view.

Definitely, the momentum has changed.’

It wasn't something you wouldn't understand if you looked at it.

Muin grows through training, but grows based on what he has achieved.

The fact that they won the game with the shaman would have given them more confidence. It is no wonder that if those who are fully skilled even have confidence, the momentum will change overnight.

Even Hwasan's disciples walking in line felt like they had never been before.

I got goosebumps on Song Tae-ak's spine. He clasped his fist tightly.

He is not a warrior, but it was thrilling to think that those who have walked along the same path all their lives were growing and walking honestly toward their goals. Who wouldn't do that.

He pressed down on the temple's tumult and waited for Hawasan's men to approach and shouted loudly.

"We'll cut back on winning! Hwasan's heroes!"Then Hyun Sang, who was in the lead, smiled and talked to him.

"It seems to be a double joy for the Lord of the Upper to greet me so personally."

"Of course I'll have to come out and congratulate you! Where else would this be a great occasion? You won over that shaman!"

"Hahaha. Thank you."

"My heart is burning. I'm really cutting it down!"

Hyun Sang nodded softly. Song Tae-ak really thought he did a great job choosing Hwasan over shaman.

But then a crooked voice penetrated into his ear.

"That's too much to celebrate for someone you've been tasting all this time."


When I peeked to the side, Chung-Myung was turning his head tilted with his legs crossed. His eyes were so glum.

"What do you mean liver?"When did I...….”

"I've seen someone who thought you'd be starting to be Hwasan right now, and as soon as the shamans showed up, they pulled their ass back, and now they're like that? Congratulations?"

"Ha... hahaha...….”

A cold sweat began to form on Song Tae-ak's forehead.

Did you expect me to be like this?

It's true that I was a little scared. I didn't know that a shaman who thought he'd leave Hwasan alone to a certain extent would move so fast.

"Why? You must have changed your mind since we won."

"Well, that can't be true, seal! My mind was only on Hwasan from the beginning."

"I don't know if you put saliva on your mouth.”


Chung-Myung glanced with a persistent look of discontent. Song Taeak literally tasted like death.

"The... the stamp. The...….”

It was Hyun Young who saved Song Tae-ak.

"Chung-Myung아. Don't push me too hard. Does the lord have his own circumstances?"


Chung-Myung grumbled his mouth out, but he stepped back as if he would listen to Hyun Young.

Hyun Young smiled and looked at Song Tae-ak.

"Don't be so disrespectful, Top Liquor. I understand."

"Go, thank you, Elder."



Hyun Young smiled mildly as he swept down his beard.

"A deal is built on trust in each other. Trust that depends on the situation isn't the right thing to do, is it?"

"…Of course."

"It's the first time that the top of the gold line and Hwasan are making a deal, so there's got to be a mistake. We just have to work harder so that we don't commit a crime from now on."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Song Tae-ak answered quickly and swallowed dry saliva.

Chung-Myung's anger was direct, but Hyun Young was carrying a knife in a good word.

This was tantamount to a warning that he would never remain still if he remained vague. So Song Tae-ak had to show a corresponding attitude.

"Let's go inside! A victory requires a feast to match it. I'll prepare it properly as a way to congratulate you."

"Ha ha. That's not going to be...….”

"What are you upset about? Of course, I should congratulate them because they are not strangers. All right, come on inside!"

When Song Tae-ak made a fuss, Hyun Young pretended not to win. Then the other officials of Hwasan followed him into the top of the gold line.

When all of Hwasan's disciples entered, the remaining Song Tae-ak breathed a long sigh that he had endured by stealing his forehead.

'It would've been a disaster if you'd done it.’

If the shaman had broken his contract with Hwasan under the influence of the shaman, the top of the gold line would have been in an irreversible position. His tenacity to endure until the end saved him.One.





There was one man in the world who easily forgot grace and never forgot his grudge. Others went inside, but only one demon remained at the entrance and looked at Song Tae-ak. Song Tae-ak said, stealing cold sweat.

"…a small stamp.he……I will……."

"I am."


When Chung-Myung opened his mouth, Song Tae-ak's hands gathered in front of him.

What would he say in front of a shaman's elder? It's not like I'm innocent.

"I'm letting it slide this time because the elder says that."


"In the event of a war, the man who used to be in the line gets frosted first. Do you understand?"

"I know, I know."


Chung-Myung kicked his tongue.

"Let's see how well they treat us and talk again."

"Don't worry! I'll do it right...….”



"How much, well."


"I'm sure you understood."

After staring at Song Tae-ak until the end, Chung-Myung walked into the swing. Then, the general, who was watching the situation from the side, approached Song Tae-ak's side.

"…What should I do?”

Song Tae-ak looked up at the sky without saying a word and took something out of his sleeve and held it out to the general.

"Open the safe."

"It's... all of it?

"…Let's write it for the banquet."


"Put the rest of the money in that basket's room."


Clear dew formed around his eyes, which had been robbed of all the last ssam money.