Chapter - 646 Episode 646, the more you win, the more enemies you get. (1)

It is often said that the eye is the window of the mind.

This is because the eye is the best place to show what a person has in mind.

Therefore, Ho Sanja looked into someone's eyes whenever he could.

One, I couldn't bear to see the eyes of the person sitting in front of me now.


The opponent's fingers were patting the table lightly.

Talk talk.

The sound, which had been ringing constantly, began to speed up little by little by little. Then Ho Sanja's heart beat faster, too.



"So you lost."

Finally, the voice heard pierced Ho Sanja's heart as sharply as rain. He swallowed as if he were really stabbed. A cold voice continued.

"In vain."

"Yes……. Long-written."

Ho Sanja, who looked up with a short breath, stopped breathing again without realizing it.

Heo Do-jin.

This is because the face of the shaman's long writer and his executioner, Heo Do-jin, had an expression that he had never seen before.

Having been with him for decades as a shaman, Ho Sanja never remembered a cold look on Heo Do-jin's face.

Heo Do-jin spoke again slowly, looking as if his face had fallen.

"I lost."


Sharp eyes pierced Ho Sanja. Ho Sanja lowered her eyes again and bowed her head.

"I'm sorry, long man. I'm so disgusted...….”

"This is nothing to apologize for, vain."


A cold voice quietly spread through the room.

"Tell me."


"Why did you lose?"

Ho Sanja swallowed a dry saliva.

Nevertheless, throughout my return, I thought and thought about how to report the situation to Jang Moon-in. But in the end, there was only one thing he could say.


I could barely spit out what I didn't want to say until I had to say it several times.

"…Hwasan was stronger than I thought."

Heo Do-jin didn't really respond. Just looked at Ho Sanja as if the answer wasn't enough.

"Hwasan's latecomers, called the Ogum, have already surpassed the great disciples of the ordinary main school. The other two or three great disciples fall short of him...If it's a match between two great disciples like …, I can't guarantee the victory of the main faction. And……."


"Hwasan the Dragon's ability is……and even the five swords were overshadowed."

You mean Ho Gong lost on his skills?


Ho Sanja bows his head as if to apologize.

"Even if we compete again, Ho Gong's chances of winning are not high. Even when the match was over, Chung-Myung's breathing was not disturbed at all."


Heo Do-jin's eyes slowly closed.

Ho Sanja tried to keep his breath quiet so as not to interfere with his thoughts.

Heo Do-jin, who had closed his eyes for so long and was lost in thought, opened his eyes again. The sharpness of the blade in his eyes just disappeared. But I felt something much heavier than that was in place.

"They were just stronger?"

"……That's right."

Ho Sanja nodded slowly. No matter how hard I think about it, I couldn't think of anything else to say other than this.


Ten more reasons can be given. There will be ten more to come up with excuses. But he knew himself that it was not a real reason or an excuse.It may seem a little more responsible if you confess that it is just your mistake and blame yourself. However, this was an answer that would drive the shaman's position further into a corner, and it was not what Heo Do-jin wanted.

So I have to be honest like this.

"In vain."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

"I'll think about it.”

Heo Do-jin muttered in a low voice.

Were we not prepared enough?

"That's not true, Jang."

The preparation was rather excessive.

The people they had to deal with were the second and third disciples of Hwasan. He took a shaman's great student and an elder, and the preparation was not thorough.

Even hearing that he had let go of his face, he could not make any excuses.

"If I do, was the timing bad?"

"He's not either.

"So there was no problem with preparation and timing. Then all that's left is luck...….”

Heo Do-jin's gaze gently pressed Ho Sanja.

"Was there any luck in Hawsan?”

"……not him either."

Heo Do-jin looked at Ho Sanja silently. Unbeatable by the pressure in his eyes, Ho Sanja bit his lip and opened his mouth.

"If we face each other on the same level, we'll fight ten times and lose five times. We may be able to achieve a victory, but a 'real victory' will be hard."


Heo Do-jin said plainly.

"I'm the one who's wrong."

"……long story."

"It was only natural that you lost because you sent an army that you couldn't win by sending a long life on the battlefield."

Ho Sanja closed her eyes this time, watching Heo Do-jin's self-help smile.

If there is no mistake in preparation, timing, or luck, there is only one result. To underestimate the enemy without knowing it properly.

Yeah, that's all.


"In vain."


Heo Do-jin said with an empty face.

"Do you think this makes sense?"

Ho Sanja could not answer. In fact, no one other than him could have answered this question straight away.

"As you say, in that short period of time, Hwasan brought up his two great disciples to match our great disciples."

"……long story."

"It means that any good of a shaman could not do, and even any good of Hwasan, who went to the brink of ruin, is doing it."

Heo Do-jin's voice fell lower and lower.

"It's not common sense."

Talk, talk, talk.

His fingers started tapping the table again.

Unlike earlier, it sounded rather precarious. Now that the sound can tell Heo Do-jin's true feelings, Ho Sanja exhaled long through his nose.

"Hwasan……. Hwasan."

I could hear a very faint gnashing of teeth. In the meantime, the pat on the table did not decrease, so it disturbed Ho Sanja's mind like a grotesque pitch. I couldn't breathe and my heart thumped.


Soon after, the fingers that had been flapping all along penetrated the table. Thick wood penetrated through at once and the table split in half and soon collapsed badly.

"Come on, long man."

The teapot on the tea table rolled on the floor and teapot poured down. But it's hard to get rid of the situation, so Ho Sanja just had to watch the sheep.

A wave of emotion began to hit Heo Do-jin's face.

Under the pressure of breathless pressure, Ho Sanja shrugged unconsciously.

"That's disgraceful."

But Heo Do-jin's voice, in comparison, was loose.

"Not only the first disciples went, but he took them to the elder, but he couldn't handle the second and third disciples. Even the elder lost to the three great disciples. It's obvious how happy Kang Ho's nurses will be."Ho Sanja bit his teeth and bowed his head.

I couldn't bear to raise my head even though it wasn't his fault. There was no way he didn't know how much the shaman's honor had fallen.

"The word will spread throughout the world that there is not much time left for Hwasan to beat the shaman to be called the world's greatest gate and the world's greatest gate."

"I have nothing to say, long letter."

"Do you know why I'm in so much pain?"

"……I don't know."

Heo Do-jin turned his head and looked toward the window.

The sky outside the window was clear without a speck of clouds, but now no such sight came into his eyes.

"I thought maybe it wasn't just words."

"Come on, long man."

"This is beyond common sense."

The wave of emotion is nowhere and Heo Do-jin's face is back to coolness.

If this had happened by mistake, I would have been angry. If it was Ho Sanja's fault, he would have punished him accordingly.

But it wasn't anyone's fault.

Regardless of right or wrong, Heo Do and Heo San took the best action for the shaman. Nevertheless, Hwasan lightly trampled on it.

"I've always kept Hwasan in check even when everyone around me said it was too much. I'm sure there weren't as many people in the world who were wary of him as I was."


"But even I didn't really know Hwasan.”

"It's not the fault of the writer."

"It doesn't matter."

A calm voice.

In order to deal with the enemy properly, we must first acknowledge the enemy. I have to admit, Hwasan's potential has surpassed both my predictions and common sense. I thought their aimed dagger was still far away, but there was already blood in his throat."

Ho Sanja shuddered as he heard the low words. Somehow, I felt like I was grabbing the back of my neck.

"It's too easy for me to see Hwasan."

Heo Do-jin, who closed his eyes for a moment and controlled his mind, slowly opens his mouth.

"The impact of the disciples will not be small, so focus on the crackdown for now."


Heo Do-jin shook his head trying to say, 'Sometimes defeat is a good medicine.' The loss was too great to be so comforting.

"……Ho Gong은."


"Ho Gong, did you regain consciousness?"

"……Yes, just before arrival…….”

"What did he say?"

Ho Sanja asked this once and replied.

"I was locked up after saying something that was fundamentally wrong."


Heo Do-jin looked up at the ceiling silently. Then, he nodded with a more calm face as if he had cleared his mind.

"Okay, you go and rest, too.”

"…Please punish me, long man."

"To you?"

Heo Do-jin grinned.

"In vain."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

"How much bigger am I to be punished if you have to be punished.


"Stop going out."


"I'll give you a separate word on how to deal with this. Pay attention to the casualty of the wounded disciples.”

"I'll keep that in mind. Of course."

Ho Sanja rose carefully and went outside.

The remaining Heo Do-jin looked quietly into the room, which had been ruined by a spilled kick and broken tea table.

This disastrous appearance seemed to him to be in his heart, and now he was in a state of shamanism.

Slowly getting up from his seat, he strode open the door.


A peaceful and antique scene greeted him as usual.But Heo Do-jin knows. The fact that the sweat and efforts of the predecessors are buried in this political landscape.

How hard the shaman has been trying to win the false status of the world's best family.

One is now in his generation and its status is about to be shaken.

You're wrong from the beginning?’


What the hell is wrong with you?


Heo Do-jin's face, which put a completely incomprehensible name in his mouth, was in deep agony.