Chapter - 647 Episode 647. The more you win, the more enemies you get. (2)

Alcohol actually relieves a person's tension.

Everyone pretended to be calm, but the secret service with the shaman could not have been burdensome. In that sense, Song Tae-ak's preparation for a big banquet was worth calling a foresight.

At first, everyone couldn't relax and sipped with only a small glass, but as the alcohol started to spin a little bit, the number of words slowly began to increase.

And in the end...….

"So I took the sword from there, huh? Whoosh!"

"……The death penalty, please calm down."

"Calm down! We won against the shaman!"

"You lost the death penalty, didn't you?"

"Ugh! Didn't you hear what Sasuk said? There are sometimes more valuable victories in the world than defeat!"

"It's a more valuable defeat than a victory. And the death penalty won't go into that valuable defeat, so just shut up and drink."

"Come on, you son of a b*tc*!"

……there was a commotion everywhere.

"Alcohol! We're running out of alcohol!"

"Here, too!"

"No, it's been a while since I asked for a drink!"

Song Tae-ak shuddered and closed his eyes tightly.

I'd rather feed the cow.’

It was wrong to open it with expensive alcohol in the first place. The other day, when I served the Wasans, I should have recognized that they were all verbal.

No, but I ate like a human being back then.’

I'm eating and drinking almost like an animal now animal.

Is it a province that avoids as much food as possible, is wary of overeating, and forbids falling into the main poison?

There is no such thing here.

The bandits in the black robe...…. To be exact, there is only a scene where the knights, half-worn with the black paint, show off their terrifying muscular bodies, grab a bottle of liquor, grab some meat and make a mess.

All the faces with alcohol in them were bulky.

"…bring you more alcohol as soon as soon as possible.

"Yes, Lord Upper!"

Fortunately, those who carry alcohol and food do not express their dissatisfaction.

No wonder.’

Of course, the Wasans were precious guests from the start. He was a hero who beat up bandits. But the weight was different from that of the current Hwasan faction. Now they are the elite clans who have won over the shaman.

The former may be more precious to ordinary people, but for merchants, the latter is of course a more precious guest.

But one thing that bothers me is...….

How could they have beaten a shaman? I can't get used to it no matter how hard I look at it.

Easy to say, easy to say, and too informal to say the least. For Song Tae-ak, who has consistently seen shamans in the same province, it was unfamiliar to see the masters opening their tops and drinking alcohol like this.

But maybe this is the driving force behind Hwasan's fame.’

In Song Tae-ak's eyes, there was a person who was leading this atmosphere.

"Oh! Chung-Myung is here!"

"Here, take my drink!"

"Drink! Drink! You deserve a drink!"

"Hehe! What a great man!"

Chung-Myung. When he moved, everyone around him gathered and went wild.

"What do you mean? He's an incredible man! I literally beat the shaman's elder, not anyone else!"

"Anyway, you monster!"

"Hwasan's first sword! Wasan the Blackest!"

Chung-Myung, whose face turned red with alcohol, began to twitch around his mouth. He seemed to be trying to pretend to be calm, but he was so weak at compliments that it was not easy to withstand the pouring compliments.

"No, well…… this is it……….”He talked softly, but he didn't know the end of the pouring compliments.

"This is nothing! He's an elder! He's an elder!

"I have never heard in my life that the three greatest disciples have beaten the elder of the great name! This is something that even a comedian can't talk about! You're going to get your head in a bottle for making up a ridiculous stories.”

"Wow! Our Chung-Myung is shining, shining! I can't see it because it's blinding!"

"Of course, of course! It's just light! Our light!"

At last, Chung-Myung's face crept down in the midst of heavy rain of praise.


"There you go! There you go! You laugh so well! You laugh so well, Chung-Myung!"

"Good job! Good job! Way to go!"

As Chung-Myung started to drink and laugh out loud in excitement, the death penalty filled his glass with alcohol, no matter what.

"Today, everyone drinks and dies!”

"You can die! You can die now!”

"No, you can't die, you bastards!"

Song Tae-ak shook his head as he saw his disciples playing as if they had already come to the other world.

I'm a clueless gatekeeper.’

It was clear that the atmosphere here was simply superb. Every single one of them...….


Song Tae-ak tilted his head slightly.

This is because I could see a person standing quietly in the corner of the heated banquet hall and carefully going outside.

There is nothing strange about an ordinary banquet. I'm going to see Sophie. However, this does not usually happen in places where strong people eat and drink. Because they can control most of their menstruation Hyun Sang.

I'm sure there's something else.’

Song Tae-ak quickly stopped paying attention and turned his head because he thought it was not very important.

Like this.

Gwak Hae, who carefully closed the door, sighed quietly.

The atmosphere was so hot that no one seemed to notice that he had escaped. It doesn't matter if you notice it, but I didn't want to break the ice.

Everyone seems to be having fun.

That's understandable.

Gwak Hae also had a few consecutive drinks and felt like something was falling out of his body. He pretended not to, but the fact that he had to compete against that shaman itself was overwhelming and overwhelming.

It was natural to overflow with joy because we had good results in such a situation.

Gwak Hae peeked at the bottle in my hand and walked a few steps forward. Soon after, he flew up to the roof of the front angle.


When he got off the tile, he sat down and looked up at the moon in the sky.

"It's bright."

The full moon, which rose just in time, lit up the surroundings as bright as day.

Looking at the exceptionally bright moon, words that I didn't want to say came out of my mouth.

"…Can I do it?"



Suddenly, Gwak Hae was so surprised that he stumbled and fell. He managed to grab the end of the eaves and hang on, groaning back up.

"No, you're surprised!"

"Why are you so surprised?”

"If you're here, you'll show up!"

"You seem to be mistaken, but I didn't come, but you ran into where I was resting. I came first."“…….”

Gwak Hae looked at Baek Sang with a sour face.

'Of all things...'

No matter how close we are, private accommodation is private accommodation. So for most celadon ships, white porcelain boats were still a little uncomfortable.

And Baek Sang was one of the most difficult lodgings for celadon ships.

Among the white porcelain boats, it was hard to say that it was good because it was distributed after Baek Cheon, and its personality was also luscious. Even recently, he has emerged as the core of the financial awareness that is at the heart of the Hwasan power.

It is no exaggeration to say that he is the most influential of the late players except for the Hawasan Ogum, who became the representative of Hawsan.

It was not welcome to meet Baek Sang alone when he ran away from the banquet.

"I asked you. What?"

"Oh, that's....”

Gwak Hae couldn't answer easily and hesitated, and Baek Sang got up from his seat and trudged up. Then, he plopped down next to Gwak Hae.

"Oh, my back."

"…Are you all right?"

"It's no big deal. I'm just sick of being beaten."

The wound from rubbing could not have healed in half a day. But Baek Sang was nonchalant as if he were insignificant.

"Did you bring me a drink?"


"Let's have a drink then."

When Baek Sang slipped out the bottle, Gwak Hae had no choice but to slightly bring the bottle in one hand to Baek Sang's bottle.


The sound of bottles hitting each other sounded like a sword touching each other.

The two drank without saying much.



Gwak Hae, who stole the mouth, looked at the bottle and opened his mouth first.

"It's a luxury. I've never had such an expensive drink before."

"It's an expensive drink."

At that, Baek Sang shrugged as he stared at the bottle.

"Expensive is a good thing."


"But I prefer the cheap shipper I used to eat in Hwasan to this kind of liquor."


Baek Sang smiled quietly at Gwak Hae's gaze.

"Is it weird?"


Gwak Hae shook his head quickly. And said with a little reminder.

"Actually, so am I."


Baek Sang took a sip of alcohol again. There was a smile on his eyes looking up at the moon.

"There's a guy like you."


"The one who can't put everything down when everyone else is resting."

Gwak Hae, who got to the point, lost his words for a moment.

"What's the matter?"

Gwak Hae looked Baek Sang in the eye instead of answering the calm question right away. Unlike his cool voice, his eyes were a little subdued, so Gwak Hae somehow didn't want to change the subject in front of him.

"Just a little……."

"A little?"

"I'm a little scared."


Baek Sang did not rush and waited for Gwak Hae to continue. Gwak Hae said again after a while.

"At first, it was just good. I felt my skills were improving, and I was able to hope that I would never have dreamed of it before."

"I'm sure you did."

"If you do what you're told, I'll...… Yeah, I thought I could be something."

"Not now?"

"… rather than no…….”

Gwak Hae paused as if he was groping.

"As I said, I'm a little scared."


"…because I'm not there."

Anyone else would have tilted his head, saying, "What are you talking about?" But Baek Sang nodded as if he understood."Yeah, that's the scariest thing."


Gwak Hae wanted to be like Jo-Gol or Yoon-Jong.

I didn't even want Chung-Myung or Baek Cheon. I've believed that if you just go for the goals in front of you, you can become as strong as them someday.


"Are you afraid you'll never catch up?"

"No……. That's fine. Just……."

Gwak Hae bit his lips slightly.

"I'm scared of getting farther and farther."


"Even though I tried my best, the death penalty goes further away. I was able to understand how strong they were when I confronted the great disciples of the shaman. So it hit me how strong the death penalty was when they fought and won."

Gwak Hae's eyes turned downward. A loud noise leaked out of the lighted banquet hall.

"I mean, I don't know what to say, but I mean...….”

"It's okay."

Baek Sang smiled and looked at Gwak Hae.

"You don't have to explain it all. I understand how it feels.”


And before he could hear Gwak Hae, he nodded toward the banquet hall.



"Do you think the people who are laughing and talking over there are playing like that because they don't have any pressure.


Gwak Hae kept his mouth shut at the words.