Chapter - 649 Episode 649, the more you win, the more enemies you get. (4)

An old monk who faces a large golden Buddha statue recites Buddhist scriptures with his eyes closed.

Bulga Ramen is a common sight anywhere, but if you have seen the old monk perform, you will never be able to make such an assessment.

The figure was special even though there was nothing special. In essence, speciality seemed to prove that there was real value when it came out of ordinaryness.

"Symugae Mugaae and Muyuphoria Muyuphoria Muyuphoria Wonyupan (the late Muyuphoria nirvana)"

Memorizing Buddhist scriptures, the old monk's face began to unravel more comfortably.

But his discipline so deep was unthinkably broken.

"Ba, Bangjang!"

An urgent voice came from outside the door.

Old Seung's eyebrows wriggled slightly.

Discipline of illegality is of paramount importance to those who have enemies of fire. Therefore, not too much work should interfere with the discipline of the performer.

One, the owner of that urgent voice can't be unaware of this logic. This meant that something more important than foster now has happened.

"Come on in."

As soon as the low voice rang, the door burst open and Bop Kye, a monk in Shaolin's yellow artillery, rushed inside.

"Oh, my God, we're in trouble! Head of the room manager!

"Calm down first."

At the words of the calm old monk, Bop Kye took a deep breath and settled down.

"I'm sorry. I think I have to tell you this sooner."

"Now tell me. What's going on?"

"The shaman has been defeated!"

Bop Jeong, the head of Shaolin's room, slowly opened his eyes. And I looked at Bop Kye with heavy eyes.

"Tell me more about it."

"Yes! It looks like a shaman and a hwasan have done a dance in infinity."


Bop Jeong lamented calmly.

"Hwasan's great disciples couldn't have gone on a bimu, were these great disciples from the shaman?"

"He, he's not. Hwasan said that the two great disciples appeared, but in the shaman, the two great disciples appeared, not the two great disciples."

Bop Jeong frowned slightly.

Although Bop Jeong rarely shows his emotions with his facial expressions, this situation seems unexpected.

"Let's talk without a hitch."

"Yes, that's...….”

Bop Jeong shook his head quietly after hearing all the reports that continued without interrupting.

"The shaman gave you a handshake.

"……Oh, it's a handshake, but who could have expected this? When it comes to shamanism, they are recognized as absolute masters anywhere in Gangho. It's a formality defeat, but isn't it true that Hwasan's young disciples have won over the great disciples of the shaman over and over again?"

"That's right."

"Not a few of Shaolin's two great disciples can guarantee victory over the shaman's great student. It's especially difficult if you have a reputation among your best students."

But the hard work was done by HWASAN, not anywhere else.

Not anywhere else, but Hawasan.

"…Are you all right, Mr. Bang?"

Bop Kye said in a slightly tense voice, swallowing dry saliva.

"It doesn't just end in the defeat of the shaman. The shaman, along with the headquarters, is a symbol of Chinese martial arts. And they're like symbols of the old file room."

Bop Jeong nodded silently, as if nothing was wrong with the words.

"Their loss to Hwasan means that a herd of midfielders has lost to Hwasan. People say that the old file room was defeated by Hwasan.""Well."

Bop Jeong's eyebrows wriggled once again.

"Hwasan is also just one of the files of the Middle-Eastern group. Why do you speak of them like foreigners?"

"You know what they're doing right now."


"If it weren't for the thunderstorm, we could congratulate Hwasan on his advancement. But we'll go on a different path than we'really. How can I see with good eyes those who declare?"

"What else can't you see?"

"How do you feel so comfortable?"

Bop Jeong, who looked at Bop Kay, was overwhelmed with a strange smile.

"If you don't listen to me even though I've said so, you should take the loss on your own. This time, Mr. Long was in a hurry."

"Please don't talk like you're talking about someone else! It's our Shaolin who has to deal with what the shaman has done."

"It is human affairs that cannot be escaped from confession anyway. What a big difference to put one more little thing on top of a mountain of luggage."

Eventually, Bop Kye grabbed his sleeve, unable to control his frustration.

Bop Jeong's illegality is high enough that he cannot dare to follow. So it was perhaps natural that all of the old ideas could not be understood.

But sometimes it was true that the gracious words made my stomach burn. Just like now.

"Do you really want to leave Hwasan alone?”

"What if I don't let you?"

I saw Bop Jeong with eyes that Bop Kye had no idea.

"I don't know what you're thinking. Why are you so gentle only with Hwasan?"


"I can't understand why you gave Hwasan a job, how you allowed him to create a thunderstorm, and how you kept drawing Hye Yeon, who is almost like Shaolin's future, in Hwasan."

"That's not what I did. That's how things went."

"You have the power to change the flow."

"Bop Kye."

Bop Kye flinched and slightly lowered his head at Bop Jeong's low shouting.

"For a moment, So-seung...….”

"It's okay."

Bop Jeong memorized his disapproval and stared at Bop Kay.

"Why did you leave him alone?"


"Let's say fish live in the pond."


"Do you know what would happen if there were no other natural enemies in the water to eat fish?"

To an unexpected question, Bop Kye answered after thinking for a moment.

"He'll be well off. There's nothing to be eaten.”


But Bop Jeong shook his head.

"The pond ends up rotting. Fish that never get eaten will grow endlessly and eventually eat the roots of the water plants. Then later, they will starve to death because there is nothing to eat in the water, which is not even a few seconds away."


"But not in the presence of natural enemies."

This did not mean that Hwasan was a natural enemy of the old file room. However, it meant that at least the "Hwasan" door wave would be a catalyst for awakening the malleable old wave.

"Hana Bangjang…….”

Bop Kye sighed quietly.

"Gufa is not a fish."


"Fish have no other way than to run away when a natural enemy appears, but the Old Fishes will not let the gatekeepers who may one day eat them. A shaman can't bite his body just because he hurt his big nose.""…I guess so.”

"It's a good thing if they take this as a lesson and take a benefactor, but it won't happen. Wouldn't those who had their feet on fire somehow try to crush him?"


"This is even the second time. Jong-nam has already entered Bongmun, and the shaman has been greatly humiliated. So far, Gupa has fought to be considerate of Hwasan, but now he's not going to be afraid."

It's clear now.

Wasan's review numbers are no longer the review numbers. The word latecomers means those who have the potential to gain a bright future. But Hawsan's reviewers have already reached beyond the realm of possibility and into the realm of real threat.

If this went on, not long after all the world's clans would be under Hwasan's feet. The secretion with the shaman was to proclaim it to the world.

"Bop Kye."

"Yes, sir."

"Hwasan, don't you understand that?"


Bop Jeong shook his head still.

"The child has dozens of worms in his stomach. No, it's not a worm, it's a child with dozens of weapons. Sometimes even I don't understand what the child is drawing."

"…Hwasan The Dragon?"


"If you're that wise, you should know how to avoid the look of boundaries that will pour on you.”

"If I had enough time, I would."

"……what do you mean?"

"When you have enough time, you can use medicine to control your abscess, but if you don't have enough time, you may have to put a knife in a single stroke."


Bop Kyung questioned with suspicious eyes, but Bop Jeong said no more. This was because it was obvious that Bop Kye couldn't understand.

It's not because he's not intelligent, but because Bop Jeong's view of the world and Bop Kye's view of the world are different in the first place.

You're trying to be wary of him and intimidate him?

That means that in the end, there is a public enemy from the perspective of the old file room.

The inside is cleaned up when there is an enemy outside. It has been a fact that has not changed since ancient times.

With this happening, it was only natural that the old file room, which had been quarreling over the midfield, would strengthen its solidarity. If Hwasan becomes the dominant player of the League of Heaven and raises his reputation, this trend will also accelerate.

It would be different to bleed at each other's throats, but if we don't go that far, the existence of Chun Woo-mang will give us more momentum.

And the shaman is bound to lose some control of the old file room because of this incident.

On the other hand, a shaman got a big blow, so Shaolin's mistake at the arena could be buried.

It is not necessary to refuse from the perspective of Shaolin that the old file room becomes more consolidated, and Shaolin's position in it becomes higher.

"We're running out of gifts.”


Bop Jeong smiled quietly.

I know that Hwasan doesn't have a particularly good feeling for Shaolin, and I could understand to some extent. But anyway, Chung-Myung he knew was not the kind of person who would ruin the world with temporary emotions.

hostile symbiosis

There would be no more appropriate word to describe the relationship between Hwasan and the shaman.

I could hear Chung-Myung's voice in Bop Jeong's ears.

If you've set the table, you'll have the ability to grab a spoon and eat it, right? If you can't do that, you should put down the wooden table!"My my."

Bop Jeong opened his mouth with a small smile.

"The stronger, the better."

"…what do you mean, chief?"

"When did you say the launch of the Heavenly Union was?”

"…I'm not sure yet, but it'll start as soon as Hwasan returns. I heard that the dangju is busy."

"I can't go there myself, so I'll send the right person. Since you're doing this, you should come and congratulate yourself.”

"Ba, head of the room?"



Bop Jeong's eyes sank slightly dark.

"It's also a sin not to take advantage of the opportunities you've created. Put the communication in each of the districts. I'll tell him I'll see him because there's something we need to discuss."

Bop Kye swallowed dry saliva with a slightly embarrassed face.

It's bigger than I thought.

He didn't know what Bop Jeong was drawing. However, it was possible to predict that the aftermath would never be small if the meeting were to be held.

Realizing that a huge trend of change was coming to the midfield, Bop Kye nodded with a heavy face.