Chapter - 650 Episode 650, the more you win, the more enemies you get. (5)


There was a groan of pain.

The sound of pain that leaks out of a cracked throat without moisture, which makes you feel goosebumps. It would have been impossible for anyone who had a human heart to listen to this sound and turn away.

However, in the eyes of those who heard this sound right in front of them, there was only frosty coolness.


One of them, who didn't even pay attention, finally turned his head and saw someone dying with irritated eyes. Then he frowned and rebuked.

"Just a little, you son of a b*tc*! The Jugok will fly with his own balls!"

"Well, that's not the lead…"….”

"He's looking for a leader with all the manners he's got."

Despite Jo-Gol's acrimonious remarks, Chung-Myung didn't lose a bit.

"Dah, you have no other manners, so you should at least take this…"….”


Mr.Geo. I think it makes sense.….

Jo-Gol, who had been shaken for a while, shook his head quickly.

"He's the best latecomer in the midfield who beat the shaman's elder."’

I felt like I was stuck in the abyss because the future of the midfield was not dark.


"No, it's Chung-Myung, let's just say."

Jo-Gol's head turned to the left as he looked at Chung-Myung lying on the bed on the right. There was another body lying on the floor.

"……What's wrong with Baek Cheon's private lodging?"

"Oh, Lord, I feel like I'm going to die.….”

Jo-Gol eventually sighed and covered his face.

'Hwasan is screwed.’

Chung-Myung is the one who can do that.

But isn't it really a problem that Chung-Myung is getting weirder than him who has been demanding common sense?

So, Chung-Myung said, "He can do that, but what's wrong with him?" What the hell?

Jo-Gol's anxiety deepened as he watched Baek Cheon, half-dead and sprawled.

It was then.


The door opened and Yoon-Jong entered.

"Sasook. Chung-Myung. The elder is looking for...….No, I'll just take care of it."


Yoon-Jong smiled as if he didn't expect it in the first place. Every time like this, Jo-Gol envied that modesty.

Baek Cheon, who was lying down, wriggled.

"Oh, no...No, I'm coming."

"…just get some more sleep."

"Oh, no...….I'll be there."

Baek Cheon, who rose from his seat, began to refine his costume. It's a good sense of responsibility, but if you're going to be like this,….

"Let's go!"


Jo-Gol, who was looking elsewhere, was startled to see Baek Cheon as if he had seen a ghost.

Until a while ago, a person who was half dead stood neatly in his usual state.

"No, what kind of man...….’

You have to be human. Human!

"…Are you all right?"


"Yes, boarding house."

"People can't always be good."


"But whoever is supposed to be an example should always keep their appearance as usual, no matter what. Now that you are in a position for many priests to see and follow, always remember this."

It was a really good word.

At this point, however, Jo-Gol had to come up with a question.

"Then what about that?"


Baek Cheon's eyes turned towards Jo-Gol's

There was a strange figure, a slumped figure, wrapped around the whole body. Baek Cheon casually turned his head again. He seemed like a man who saw nothing in the first place."Anyway, keep that in mind."

"……will there be."

I got goosebumps when I saw the neat hair and white clothes without a trace.

I can't live like that.’

Baek Cheon is as strange as Chung-Myung. It's just a different area.

"Then I'll be back...…in the meantime, try to do something about it."

"I'd rather fight the shaman elder."

"…I'll be back."

Baek Cheon stepped out, and Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong sneaked up to Chung-Myung, who had been looking at each other for a while.

"Chung-Myung아…….It's time to get up."

"…Turn it off."

"You're supposed to leave for Hwasan today."


"Wake up, you son of a b*tc*!"

"Ooh! Leave me alone!"

"Just lie down like that and get rid of a boil on your back! f*ck you!"

Then the door that had been closed opened roughly again.



"What, what?"

Two people walked in through the open door. Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol quickly opened the road from side to side, swallowing dry saliva.

It was Yoo-Esul and Dang-Soso.

"So So."

"Yes, accident!"

"Wake me up."



There was a huge confrontation in both hands of Dang-Soso, who quickly went into his sleeves. Seeing this, Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong rushed back almost to the wall.

Sooner or later...


Chung-Myung's desperate scream, which you can't hear when you open your eyes, rang loudly.


"Does it hurt a lot?"

"I've got saliva in my head, won't it hurt? Huh?

To avoid Chung-Myung's glare as if he were rushing at him, Yoon-Jong turned his head slightly.

"I didn't even put it in. Why are you making a fuss about me?"’

I can't even say anything to Soso.

While grumbling, Yoon-Jong could fully understand Chung-Myung.

Everyone is equal in front of that confrontation.

"What's so urgent that you've been mean to me since this morning!"

"Why? Are you still sober?"

At that time, So-so, who approached, smiled brightly and said.

"Then tell me. The effect of the Dangga Vision Disorder is certain."

Yoon-Jong asked with a sour face.



"Do you really have acupuncture like that in your party?”

"If you don't believe me, you can go to the Dangga and ask."


Of course, there's no way to ask a Dangga a few thousand li away from here. If the daughter of the party leader says so, I can only believe it.

"That's not the morning you have to leave!"

"Does it get to Hwasan because it gets up early? Huh? Hurry up and go?

"What? You're still sober?"

Chung-Myung quickly shut up as the dae-chim came out of Dang-Soso's sleeve again.

'Oh, my God. I've put that monkey to sleep.’

Do you want me to change my weapon to a needle?’

It was strange that Carl was afraid of saliva when he wasn't afraid of it.


Chung-Myung whirled a couple of times over the bamboo bowls in front of him, drooping on the chair and grumbling.

"If I had left at the moment, I would have already arrived in Hwasan and been resting in peacefully! What happened so much...….”

You've done most of that yourself, you son of a b*tc*!

It was typical of a human being who was excited when he was working and bothered when he was cleaning up.

"So you're leaving today?"

"You were supposed to.”

"As far as I can tell, there's I want to go."

"Why? You said you couldn't wait to get back to Hwasan. You just said that."

"That's true, but...….”


Chung-Myung rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"If we roll around here, won't there be a couple more holes in the sham's stomach?”

It's the devil. He's the devil.

"That's not allowed.""Huh?"

Chung-Myung turned his head at the sound of his voice. After the conversation with the elder, Baek Cheon was entering the restaurant.

"What about the elders?"

"They said we'd just have breakfast and leave without wasting any time."

"What's the rush?"

"……If you humiliated someone else in their home room, it's polite to give them a seat quickly."

"No courtesy."

Chung-Myung snorted as if it wasn't funny.

I've already made a mess, but how can a wound get better if it disappears quickly? Perhaps the shaman will have to suffer for a while because of the wounds he suffered this time.

'Well, you've earned it.’

Of course, he offered me one arm as bait to run in moderation, but I didn't expect him to run in like this. I've benefited more from it, but...….

"Heo Do-jin."

Certainly not a pushover.

"Well, anyway, I won this time."



Chung-Myung stirred his hands randomly.

Now that we've got the board set up, Bop Jeong will move on...….

Chung-Myung's face, which was contemplating, suddenly distorted.

"Oh, the more I think about it, Shaolin."

When the word Shaolin came out of Chung-Myung's mouth, Hye Yeon, who was scooping porridge on one side of the table, flinched and slipped her nose into the bowl and lowered her head with sheep.

"The little one is doing nothing but cheering from behind."


"The old man eats the table that others have set up!"

"…who's the old one?"

"There's an old raccoon."

In fact, I can roughly tell who it is, but no one dares to say the name.

There are a lot of knights in the world.However, there will be only Chung-Myung in the world who can call Shaolin's master that way.

"My stomach is killing me anyway. I know that it's a benefit if I eat something, but even if I eat a whole piece of meat, my stomach gets twisted when I see someone eat a piece of beans, right?”



"Not usually."

"Oh, really? Isn't that what people do?”


There was a silence.

You're a primitive man. What should I do with this bastard?

As everyone looked at themselves with despair, the world's Chung-Myung laughed awkwardly, realizing something was wrong.

"Hahaha. You're kidding, kidding!"

I mean it.

'He really meant it with all his heart.’

'How come it's new day by day.

It is normal to get used to people the more you see them, but such a natural truth did not work for Chung-Myung.

"Well, anyway!"

Chung-Myung gathered at the table and looked around them.

"Don't be too conceited."

With a slightly subdued voice, Hawasan's disciples' faces quickly changed.

"To put it bluntly, the shaman hit our weaknesses precisely this time."


Baek Cheon looked around unconsciously, voicing a voice.

I know Chung-Myung must have cared because he knew it, but he was worried that his stomach would hear it anyway.

"Ordinary people will note that we won, but those with ideas will understand the weakness of the shaman.”

"I suppose so."

Chung-Myung shrugged.

"The shaman is not wrong. "Hwasan is too short of senior players."

"That's true."

Baek Cheon also spoke with a heavy face.

"We have won a formal victory in Bimu, but to put it bluntly, it is hard for the great disciples who were there with the power of Hwasan's power. It was a one-on-one dance, so we could hang out. The odds would have been slim if I had to fight the entire disciple."Oh Geom nods as if they agree with that.

"If you think of the elders in the shaman, the distance from the shaman is still far away."


Chung-Myung threw his eyes at Baek Cheon as if to continue.

"It's good to get a lot out of it. But more importantly, we knew clearly what we had to do."


"If you don't have enough seniority, we can fill it up."

There was no shaking in Baek Cheon's eyes. A firm voice rang powerfully.

"When we get stronger here, we become senior players and we become the main power of Hwasan. It is imperative that no one dares to say that Hwasan's lack of seniority. Do you all understand?"

"Yes, death penalty!"

"Of course, Sa-suk!"

Between the five swords with newly determined eyes, someone grinned with a very unpleasant face.

Baek Cheon sighed and shed his eyes.

"……Well, dude."

"Hehe. My colleague is doing well on his own now."



Chung-Myung clapped lightly.

"There's a lot to be gained, a lot to think about, and a lot to do."


"Get rid of all that!"


He grinned at everyone puzzled.

"Anyway, you should enjoy it when you enjoy it! It's the home of gold! Let's go back to Hwasan!"

Everyone nodded with a reminder.

It was time to wrap up the long journey.