Chapter - 656 Episode 656. Why are there so many? (1)


"Come on, come on! Load it!"

"You can't ever drop it! It's a precious thing!"

"As much as you've paid, things should never go bad! Do you understand?"

"Don't worry!"

There was a pile of luggage on the driveway up to Hwasan. Then the burly men carried one large bundle after another and began climbing Hwasan with a determined face.

"Will this be done by today?"

"I don't think there's enough people."

"Yes, I'm supposed to be there by the end of the day.”

Merchants lost face and stamped their feet in nervousness.

"How's it going?"

"Lord of Sodans!"

Then Wang Jong approached and asked, and they hurriedly bowed their heads.

Being greeted lightly, Wang Jong asked, looking at the piles of luggage.

"How is it?"

"Everything is ready. But it's not easy to carry things up to the top of the mountain."

"We've hired a large number of workers, but there aren't many people who can climb up to the top of Hawsan. It's supposed to be so healthy and strong...….”


One of the merchants insinuated as Hwang Jong stroked his chin looking at a mountain of luggage.

"Previously, when we loaded the goods all the way here, Hwasan came and moved them, but this time…….”


But even before the end of the sentence, Wang Jong squinted and kicked his tongue. The merchant shrank his neck in a pinch.

"That's what the Wasans have done for us. Which top would ask the receiver to take the goods to the middle?"

"……that, that."

"Even if I have, I cannot continue to do so. The Wasans don't have as much time as they used to. Aren't they precious?"

"He, he is. Absolutely."

It's no exaggeration to say that when they first made a deal, Hwasan and now Hwasan are different moonfars.

Merchants can also say this because they have so far watched Hwasan's disciples move things. If today was the first deal, I would have been ecstatic the moment the Hwasanian disciples came down to move things.

"Hwasan's status goes up endlessly."

The newly enlightened merchants looked up at Hwasan.

Who would have imagined that a clique that was about to collapse would become so powerful in a few years?

"I can see how well the Lord of the Upper could have foreseen."

"That's right."

Wang Jong nodded and held the charges.

I'll have to think a little bit about whether my father was outstanding or if the Wasans were too special.’

Others note Hwasan's growth, but Hwang Jong saw something else. Who would have imagined that the little cow I met a few years ago would rock the world this far?

"Your father's real ability is nothing less than a person's eyes.’

Hwang Jong thought Chung-Myung was unique, but he didn't think it was special.

The top of the galaxy now has a huge profit because his father recognized his specialness and refused to invest heavily in the collapsing Hwasan.

The money you'll receive instead of supplying the goods you've accumulated here is enormous, but isn't this just a premature hemostasis compared to the money you get from participating in the Wasan-led trade?

"Listen carefully."

"Yes, Lord Sodan."

"From now on, as far as we can, we should not take away the time of the Hwasanites. You should always be wary of getting used to it. It's not the merchant's right to demand what he can't demand elsewhere in the name of friendship.""And I'll keep that in mind, Lord Sodan."



"Hire more workers."

"What? But I've got all the right workers around me."

"Send the unpacked workers up to the mountains. Why don't we take turns there and load it up?"

"Oh…! That'll do.”

"Don't think you're splitting it into two, check the right places in between and create a staging area. We'll have a lot of work to do in the future to carry things to Hwasan, so we'll have a way to continue to use it."

"I'll do as I please, Lord Sodan!"

Wang Jong continued his command with a fistful of his head.

"Be extra careful not to damage things. I think we'll have to supply the goods continuously during this session, so don't let it get disconnected."


"Let's get to work."

Wang Jong smiled slightly as he saw the rush.

'Hwasan's breakthrough.’

It's an absolute pleasure and pleasure.

In the past, anyway, the top of the galaxy seemed to help Hwasan. But now the top of the galaxy is in a position to help Hwasan.

There was no reason to be bothered by this fact, as merchants are the first priority in the end. It's just...

'The rest of the shops are going to line up at Hwasan.’

Sure enough.

He was told that Hwasan Sinryong handed over the copyright of Unnam tea in Beijing to the top of the Geumseon.

Compared to the transaction that the top of the galaxy is making a line, it is still only premature haemostasis, but if this continues, there is no guarantee that they will not be pushed back at some point.

Friendship and transaction are separate. The top of the galaxy should also continue to prove its value to remain Hwasan's main client.

"This dogfight will be the opportunity."

There will be not only Hwasan but also a number of well-known literary factions. There is no better place to show off the power at the top of the galaxy.

And this will also help Hwasan establish that position in the world.’

Based on a new order called Chun Woo-men, not on the order established by other people called Goo Pile Bang.

"It's windy.”

Whang Jong, who muttered quietly, turned to the eastward.

The wind was blowing into Hawsan. The great wind that has never been there.

Kang Ho was quiet.

It's always been big and small, but in recent years...…. Or at least not much has happened in more than a decade to stimulate people's interest.

Recently, however, one name has started to attract quiet Kang-ho.

Wasan beat Jongnam.

Howasan did the best job at the Global Postseason Defense Show.

Wasan cut the bay's force. Does this make any sense?

Hawasan is said to have beaten Daebyolchae of Green Rim! That Daveyolchae!

Hwah, Hwasan won the dance with the shaman! There are even great disciples of the shaman and these great disciples of Hwasan! And the Hwasan Divine Dragon knocked down the shaman's elder!

Hwasan, Hwasan, Hwasan.

Wherever he went, his name came out, and wherever he went, there began to be stories about what he had accomplished.

"Isn't this how the Wasans become the most civilized in the world?"

"Does that make sense? For those great literary men!"

"It's not something to think about! Who thought this would be the case just a few years ago? Only two years ago, if someone had told me that these great disciples of Hwasan could have done a rubbing against a shaman's great disciple, I would have been beaten up.""……that's true."

"You don't know. You really don't know."

The eyes of the world were all on Hwasan.

Some were excited about the newly ascended name of Shinheunggangho, and some were strangely impressed by the forgotten name being heard again. And someone was displeased by the emergence of a new name that shook the balance of power.

However, no one could deny that Hwasan is the most talked-about Munpa now, no matter what feelings the public has.

Whasan is not the strongest man in the world, but it is clear that he is the most sought-after man in the world.


I heard news that put a dent in that interest.

Hawasan has sent a message to the world's gatekeepers!

- Hwasan joins hands with Dangga, the Beast Palace and the North Sea Ice Palace to create a new alliance called Cheon U-men.

A raiding ceremony will take place on the island of Hwasan!

The first people to hear this just laughed it off.

However, the same words were heard twice and three times, and those who confirmed the existence of the bat began to appear, so they could no longer laugh.

"A new blindness! What the hell is this talking about? It's not like you're not active anymore?"

"It's not a bunch of people, it's a bunch of people! Isn't it not where the Old File Room and the Great Sega are united, but where the Hawasan and the Party join hands to unite with other clans?"

"Yee, has this ever happened before?

"No! Of course not! In addition to having never allied with a clique other than Sae in the first place, wasn't that Hwasan the old file room?"

"He, he is."

"It's unprecedented that the Old File Room and the Great Sega are united separately!"

"Well, what happens then?"

"Do I know!"

People are not even sure how to react to this.

Sacheondang Palace, the loser of Sacheon, Yasugung Palace, the ruler of Unnam, and the North Sea Ice Palace, the king of the North Sea. Who could have imagined that there would be a coalition of the Hwasanians, now the most famous clique in the world?

No one could readily predict what impact this would have on the alternative powerhouse.

"So you're an enemy of the old school?"

"Hey, man! What's the enemy of forming a coalition? It's just a split."

"Ha, but if you're not going to do that, you don't have to make a blind eye. It's a bit weird.”

"It's going to be great to have those gatekeepers together, but where can I rub them in the old file room? And as far as I know, Hwasan also sent a batch to the old file room. If you were going to be an enemy, would you have invited me?”

"He is, too.….”

But most were feeling it.

That this isn't such a simple thing to do.

Will Goofa stay still?’

Does that mean that the party will fall out of the Five Tides?’

What happens to the other two if two of them join? Podalab Palace is so far away and not involved in the stronghold. What about Namhae Sun Palace?’

The recent strength was like a calm lake.

But that Hwasan keeps throwing stones at the serene lake. The stir is getting bigger and bigger, and it's like a wave.

"Well, when's the dogfight?"

"He's doing it at the end of the month."

"Words of the month, so soon?"

"That's right."

"Hey, this isn't the time!"

"Where are you going?"

"Let's go to the island!"

"Huh? On the island?"

"It's a dogfight, and you're not going to kick people out who come to see us, are you?" Maybe it's a historic moment, but I'll go and see it with these two eyes!""To that extent?"

"Don't stop me! I'm going to go!”

It was like a wedge in Hwasan's high reputation.

Both those who bounce abacus first and those who do not understand one thing for sure.

The balance of power is shaking little by little.

The fact that the order of the strong power, which has been maintained since the terrible war against Mahkyo, has begun to shake.

Words have momentum. The calm news burned like wildfire at some point, and soon it became a storm and began to sweep the middle field.

How far the typhoon caused by Hwasan would lead the river, no one has now easily anticipated it.