Chapter - 661 Episode 661. Who does this touch? (1)

"I'm seeing Jang."

Polite Paengak greeted Hyun Jong in front of him. Then he turned slightly and faced Dang Gunnak.

"I've been exalted, my lord."

"It's been a long time since I saw you."

Dang Gunnak nodded slightly with a serious look.

Since the five generations of Habukpang and Sacheondang were the same, they had no choice but to come and go. So Dang Gunnak was already acquainted with Paengak.

"It feels very different from when I saw you at Sichundang."

"Is that so?"

It was an insinuation that Sacheondang, a member of Oh Dae-sega, sat here without any other consultation, but Dang Gunnak passed over Paengak's words without any sign of embarrassment.

Paengak's eyes sank slightly dark.

I don't know what you're thinking.’

As I've felt before, Dang Gunnak certainly wasn't an easy man to deal with.

"First of all……."

Then Hyun Jong opens his mouth first.

"I understand you were the first to come, but thank you for giving up your order and waiting."

"No, Jang Moon-in."

Paengak shook his head.

"That's a lot we want to talk about, so you don't have to worry about it."

"There's a lot I'd like to talk to you about…….”

Hyun Jong smiled lightly.

I met some of them who had already represented the old file room and Oh Dae-sega, but most of them only gave light congratulations and did not reveal their feelings well.

"It's a pleasure."

"Well, I don't know. Is this something you'll be happy about?"

Fangak, who smiled bitterly, headed for Dang Gunnak.

"It's a good thing to make a thunderstorm. A fresh wind could blow through the old file room and the river that had been stuck in the Five Times."

Dang Gunnak looked silently at Fangak.

"But the dangirl has no idea how much impact this will have."


Paengak's gaze was really sharp.

"Habukpang's household owner is also expressing great concern about the movement of the party. No matter what the intentions of Ga-ju are, wouldn't it seem from the outside that the party is leaving the Five Kingdoms behind and placing enemies in heaven's righteousness?"

Dang Gunnak's lips, who had been silent all along, rolled up slightly.

"It looks like it. There's nothing against it.


"It's not quite wrong.”

In response to the unexpected answer, Paeng-ak could not hide his bewildered expression.

"Are you serious?"

"Bon Ga-ju isn't a great person, but he's not in a position to lie easily.

The calm and serious answer shook his eyes.

"If so, are you declaring that the Sichuan Party will withdraw from the Five Generations House?”

"If I have to declare, I have to declare.”

Dang Gunnak responded with a calm look. The eyes seemed to penetrate through the body.

Paengak's face hardened in an instantaneously. If it wasn't Dang Gunnak who said that, he looked as if he'd be shouting at any moment.

The position of Gaju of the Sacheon Dang family and the dignity of Dang Gunnak were simply controlling the pangak so that it could not be intimidated.

Hyun Jong, who was looking at Paengak's face, pushed the teacup to his front.

"It's a car in Unnam. It won't be bad to control your mind."

Paengak chewed his lips and looked at the teacup. Looking at the steaming tea, he soon lowered his head slightly.

"I'm sorry. I'm a little excited."

Hyun Jong smiled brightly.

"Who can blame the excitement of thinking about the family. Never mind."

Dang Gunnak presses coldly and Hyun Jong releases mildly.Paengak sighed. Even he, the elder of Paeng's family, was unable to grasp in front of the union, and it was easy to imagine how the ordinary small and medium-sized heads of the civil service would have felt here.

It's not normal.

The existence of Chun Woo-men has long known Paenga as well. Nevertheless, the reason why I didn't pay much attention was that I thought it would be impossible to break down the stronghold of the Old File Room and the Great Sega when the Dangga and Hwasan were united.

If Chun Woo-mang goes back to a desperate failure, the status of the party will also decline a lot in the five major households. Then, there was no reason to make a fuss because Paenga would get a reflective profit.


'Who would have imagined things would be so different in just a few months?’

It was also overshadowed by the saying, "It's a perfect war."

Even though Sichundangaya did, Hwasan's reputation soared without knowing that he was literally high in the sky. In just a few months.

The world deserved to be seething in the name of Hwasan as he conquered the rebellion of the green forest and won the victory of the shaman.

'And what's more...'

Can't you hear that the North Sea Ice Palace has recently begun trading with the North Sea?

What even Shaolin couldn't do is the North Sea. If the rumor were true, it was clear that Hwasan's status would rise even further than it is now.

"Lord of the Dangga."

Paengak sighed and continued.

"You know, we're people who can't talk back."

"I'm well aware of that."

Dang Gunnak holds the charges.

Paenga is the most famous place for Oh Dae-se's impatient personality. The other gatekeepers try to watch the situation of going back with proper greetings, but just by looking at Paeng as soon as he met, I could fully guess the urgency of his temper.

"So far, Kang Ho has considered Cheon Woo-mang as just a coalition of the Western clans of the Middle East."

"That's not gonna be so wrong."

Dang Gunnak spoke nonchalantly. But Paengak didn't back down easily.

"Even if it's the same union, it depends on who participates. And even if the same people participate, the status of the union depends on their status."

"That's right."

"Now, the status of Chun Woo-mang is excessively high."

Paengak made a faint groan and continued.

"Panga's owner is concerned that the existence of the heavenly alliance will shake the calm stronghold."

Dang Gunnak's eyes were still still fixed on Paengak.

"You said Fanga couldn't change the subject a while ago, but I guess he didn't."


"Isn't it not the confusion of power that Paeng is worried about, but the power that divides into two and throws at each other?"


Dang Gunnak shook his head without waiting for an answer.

"I know my Paenga's concerns, but I don't intend to break his will."

"Do you really want to antagonize the Old and Great Sega?"

When Paengak inquired again, Hyun Jong, who was listening, spoke on behalf of Dang Gunnak.

"That's a little strange."

"…What are you talking about?"

"Why does it mean hostility to the five generations to get out of the five generations?”


"The creation of a coalition other than the Old and the Great Sega does not mean that it will antagonize the Old and Great Sega. If that's the case, isn't the old faction and the Great Prince Oh also hostile to each other?"

"That's not what I'm saying.….”"The Elder."

Binggraut Hyun Jong gently cut the back of Paengak's horse.

"Bondo believes that the existence of the heavenly alliance will help strengthen. It's a natural alliance to do that."


"What you're worried about won't happen, so you don't have to worry too much."

It was so smooth and smooth that it was hard to refute any more.

But there was a determination in it that made it impossible to say anything else. Eventually, Paengak had nothing else to do but sigh.

"I understood the meaning of the writer. I understand what you mean."

"I'm glad you noticed."

"But as you know, strong is not just a place of will. Whatever your intentions may be, Kang Ho will not look at Cheon Woo-mang with such good eyes."


"Please understand that I am saying this without malice. Perhaps the existence of this blind will lead to the downfall of Hwasan and Dangga."

Dang Gunnak's eyes were distracted by his outspoken remarks.

However, Hyun Jong only smiled when he heard that.

"Thank you for your concern."


"But there is a path in the world that you have to go, even if it's hard. Even if you have to endure unparalleled hardship, what would you hesitate to do if you had to walk?"

Paengak couldn't talk anymore and looked at Hyun Jong.

"More than that, tell Fang the Lord Paeng. The gates of Chun Woo-men are always open, and the composition is not limited to those of the western part of the Middle East. If you change your mind, come and see me."

"…I'll tell you exactly what I'

Paengak sat still and captured.

"Once again, congratulations on the birth of a new blind man. We, Paenga, will stay here until the opening ceremony is over, then say hello again and leave."

"If you could do that, it would be no better. Thank the Lord of Paenga for his presence."

"Yes, of course."

Paengak lifted himself up and headed outside. Then, he looked back at the closed door as if he had regrets.

It's Hyun Jong.….’

Dang Gunnak is strong. He's a man who doesn't need any more formulas.

Of course strength is a good thing. Gangho is dominated by the strong. But the problem was that Dang Gunnak was not only armed but also strong in s*x.

A man who is recklessly strong is bound to cause controversy. If the head of the League of Heaven was Dang Gunnak, Fangak wouldn't be worried about the existence of the League of Heaven.

He is a man who will never be able to completely control and revive a blood-related family, but he cannot unite those who come together in different ways.


'Hwasan…It's Hwasan.'

Hyun Jong is different.

Hyun Jong never lost his gentleness, even though Paengak repeatedly uttered quite sharp words at first sight.

Those who have developed a great blindness and become the leader of the blind naturally put strength in their shoulders. Even if it is not usually the case, people around you tend to praise you, get used to flattering you, and listen to small criticisms with respect.

However, Hyun Jong faced him in a low position from beginning to end.

What if Dang Gunnak succeeds in suppressing the other clans and leading them well?

"I may not have seen all the power of Chun Woo-mang yet.’

With a heavy sigh, Paengak moved slowly.You must have a lot to say to the leather.’

Left in the room, Hyun Jong and Dang Gunnak faced each other. Hyun Jong said quietly.

"I'm sure Fanga isn't the only one thinking about that."

Dang Gunnak nodded.

"I think so, Jang Moon-in. No one says anything, but less than thirty percent of the people here welcome the unity of the heavenly alliance. If you limit yourself to those who are called prestigious, you won't be able to work."

"Ha ha. It's work. I can't believe it's a thorny path."

It's not easy. This is against the order that has dominated the world.

"Nevertheless, a lot of those people came."


"That means that you can't ignore it if you don't want to."

Dang Gunnak laughed bitterly.

"Now you can show them that Chun Woo-men is a more formidable place than you think. That's what this raffle is for."

"I know what my party spirit means. But... I still don't know. Can I handle this heavy responsibility?"

"No one can be the lord of the Heavenly Union unless the writer is in charge."


"I'll put everything else aside.….”

Dang Gunnak looked at the door with a sour look.

"If a long man steps down from the blind spot, he will come after him with a sword."

"…I'm glad you're just biting the knife.”

The two people who smirked looked at each other.


"Yes, my lord."

"As you said, it's a job to do."


"I believe in Jang Moon-in and Hwasan. So, please trust our Dangga."

Hyun Jong smiled softly at Dang Gunnak's rather serious words.

"Who else would you trust if you weren't a party member. I look forward to your kind cooperation."

The two held hands together lightly.

And then.

It's a mess!

Suddenly, the loud noise from above turned their eyes on the ceiling.

"Hey, you son of a b*tc*! I told you not to go up on the roof of a long-winded house!"

"Oh, the real nagging!"

"Come here! Come here!" Oh, my God!

The clasped hand put strength into it.



The two thought. Perhaps the greatest enemy of the League of Heaven is neither the Old Part nor the Great Part.