Chapter - 669 Episode 669. Why apologize when I'm the owner? (3)

Hyun Jong stared at everyone quietly. There was a silence. The middlemen swallowed dry saliva with mounting tension.

The long storyteller of Hwasan.

In the past, it was just a long story of a small group of people who didn't even care. But now no one dared to think of Hyun Jong in that way.

The Four Heavenly Party gives him the upper seat, and the rulers of the new world bow their heads.

Did you say a place makes a man?

Hyun Jong wasn't exactly showing off his energy. I just gave him a calm look around. However, he felt the warmth and the weight that overwhelmed his son-in-law.

Those who had known Hyun Jong before realized the changed status, and those who did not know held their breath at the dignity of Hwasan Jang.

But Hyun Jong wasn't particularly conscious of the attention he was looking at.


As if he had a rough grasp of the situation, he sighed deeply.

"……I don't know why I feel like I've ever seen this before. Am I mistaken?

No, Jang Moon-in.

That's not an illusion...I've seen him a lot. Of course.

Jo-Gol's eyes turned to Hyun Jong. No, exactly, I looked at the man standing behind him.

"…I, I……?”

"……Wow, Sasook."

Baek Cheon stood behind Hyun Jong with a smile on his face. The way he looked at the rest of his disciples was, "You idiots. You should have brought in a long writer first.'

"…I heard there's someone else who's really smart.”

"No, come to think of it, you saw us having a hard time trying to stop that crazy guy and you just left?”

"I'm a little upset."


The whispering disciples of Hwasan quickly closed their mouths at the wink of Yoon-jong who came to their side.


Hyun Jong's eyes turned to Yang Kyung.

It's Hyun Jong from Hawasan.

"……I'm Yangkyung from Cheongbaekmun, Honam."

Yang Kyung said with a slightly intimidated look. I never imagined that such a big shot would suddenly appear.

In general, long-distance writers do not behave recklessly, regardless of which clique they belong. a person who represents a literary faction called a long-written man Every word determines what kind of place the clique is, so we have to be cautious.

But Hwasan's long man showed up here even before the other disciples arrived.

Yang Kyung shrugged his shoulders as if he was suffocating as he was about to change.

"May I ask what's going on?”

"……Yes, Jang Moon-in. What happened was...….”

Yang explained what he had gone through. Of course, speaking from his point of view, my fault has been moderately reduced, and Chung-Myung's evil is slightly exaggerated……. No, I didn't have to exaggerate, I just said what I had to say. There's nothing more to exaggerate.

"That's what happened."


Hyun Jong, who heard all Yangkyung's words, crumpled his forehead. And looked at Chung-Myung, still held by his disciples.



"Is everything you said true?"


The story was directed toward Yangkyung, but Chung-Myung did not raise any objections and answered without much hesitation. It's true that something similar happened.

"I see."

Hyun Jong looked at Chung-Myung standing tall and nodded slowly.

"I'll ask you a question."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

"Are you ashamed of what you've done?"


An immediate answer came out without a moment's hesitation.

Hyun Jong nodded as soon as he stared at Chung-Myung. And shouted a little louder."Unam!"

"Yes! Long story!"

Unam, who was standing as if to escort Hyun Jong, immediately embraced and bowed his head.

"Get the people of Cheongbaekmun, including Yanggyeongmunju, out of Hwasan."


"As of today, the entry of the Blue and White Gate is prohibited. And I swear I can't have any relationship with Hwasan in the future."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in!"

Yang Kyung's face quickly turned gray.

"Come on, long man!"

He looked desperately at Hyun Jong. However, Hyun Jong kicked his tongue at Chung-Myung without even looking at him.

"But you should know how to put up with it."

"There are times when you can stand it, and times when you can't."

"So, this time, you didn't put up with it separately?"

"That's not it.….hehe."

When Chung-Myung scratched his head awkwardly, Hyun Jong shook his head as if he couldn't help it. But that too, for a moment, spoke.

"Good job."


"If this happens again next time, you don't have to put up with it either."


Chung-Myung stretched out his belly as if he were a beggar. The faces of the disciples were horribly distorted.

"Oh, no, Jang Moon-in…….If you say so...….”

"What are you going to do with the consequences?….”

"Well, you can't do that. Please!"

Meanwhile, the people in the middle were astonished. Things I've never seen before continue. It is the first time that a long writer has stepped up to this kind of work, and it is the first time in my life that I have seen him defend a student who kicked in the face of Moon-ju.

But what was most embarrassing was the young disciples' stalking remarks.

The elders, who had to yell at each other, and the disciples who followed them did not respond much as if they were natural and familiar.

Hyun Jong smiled brightly.

"If there's a problem, you can stop it like this."

"…I couldn't stop it.”

"And you won't be able to stop it.….”


Hyun Jong, who roughly glossed over the sorrow of his disciples with a benevolent smile, looked at Yangkyung. Suddenly, a sharp chill stood in my eyes as I looked at my disciples filled with warmth.

"What are you doing? Get him out!"


Yang looked around with more trembling eyes at his disciples coming this way. Then he shouted.

"Come on, Jang Moon-in! Is this really what Hwasan means?"

Hyun Jong did not answer.

"Is it really Hwasan's intention to protect those foreigners and persecute them? Are you saying that in front of all these people?”

Hyun Jong's eyes got slightly thinner.

"You seem to have a deep misunderstanding."


When Hyun Jong opened his mouth, his disciples, who were approaching Yanggyeong, stopped walking. Hyun Jong spoke in a loud voice so that everyone could hear clearly.

"Hwasan doesn't protect birds. No, whether you're a bird or a midfielder, you don't care who you're from or what you're made of."

"Ha, how can I...….”

"Hwasan is just protecting his close friends."


"Please keep that in mind. Namman Beast Palace and North Sea Ice Palace are close friends of Hwasan, and they share the same meaning. HWASAN doesn't tolerate the insult of close friendship. If you insult them, wherever it is, Hwasan will fight back."


Yang Kyung became speechless.

There was no way to refute it. The most important thing here was the fact that a long writer, called Hwasan himself, was on the side of that Sae-eui gate faction and was emitting aging on Yang-kyung.

Yang Kyung's wall was too small to overcome the pressure.Hyun Jong subsequently looked back at everyone in the hall. As if this is not just for Yang Kyung.

"As long as he is in the name of the League of Heaven, Hwasan will not stand by and watch his close friends be treated unfairly! Even if it does harm to Hwasan!"

Those who made eye contact with Hyun Jong slightly lowered their heads and avoided his gaze. As he secretly sympathized with Yang Kyung, he did not dare to get that attention.


Hyun Jong paused for a moment. Then, he put his hands together and captured it. A soft smile caught my mouth again.

"For those of you who are in the process, please don't mind the little accidents and enjoy the breaking-up ceremony."

"Hey, there's no such thing as whether or not!"

"All right, Jang Moon-in!"

As soon as the answer came back from here and there, Hyun Jong straightened his back.

"Yang Mun-ju."

"Yes? Yes!"

Surprised, Yang Kyung answered urgently. There was a little hope in the corner of my mind. But all he could hear was a cold voice.

"Lead your disciples out of Hwasan."

"Come on, long story…….”

"Because it's a good day to end it like this. I would never have put up with it if I had insulted them in front of Hwasan at any other time like today.”

Yang could not say anything with his teeth clenched.

We don't know what the aftermath of that HWASAN's remarks will be or what will happen. However, the only thing that was certain was that there was at least no one here who would take his side against Hyun Jong.

"I won't say it twice."

The cold voice was the final blow.

With his head bent down, Yang turned silently and stepped back. He was followed by the disciples of Cheongbaekmun, who also hung their shoulders.

Chung-Myung gritted his teeth while watching them head to prose along the open road.

"Oh, I should have beaten you more!"

"…You've beaten enough, man! How much longer are you going to beat me up?"

It's embarrassing to be given a congratulatory order in Hwasan, but what's more serious is that he was kicked in the face by the three great disciples.

If this is known, you probably won't be able to carry your face around for a while.

Of course, it's hard to raise your face because of the large footprint.

"Well, yeah. Because I humiliated you anyway."

"Yeah, yeah. So calm down and...….”

"Hey, but it's making me angry again! What, barbarian? Look at that baby...….”

"Oh, come on! Please!"

"Stop it, you son of a b*tc*!"

The disciples seized Chung-Myung again. Hyun Jong smiled pleased at the sight.

"Ha ha. We're on good terms, too.

"Does this look good? This?"

"Uh, please do something!"


When Hyun Jong looked at the distant mountain with his hands behind his back, the faces of his disciples were horribly distorted.

"You know everything!’

I hate you once in a while! Really!

At that time, he walked out from among the courtiers of Binggo and the Beast Palace and stood in front of Hyun Jong. They were quite modest faces.

"…Thank you, Jang Moon-in."

"We don't know why...….”

"Don't say that."

But Hyun Jong shook his head firmly.

"I'm so sorry to let you hear bad things from far away people. Hwasan will take care of this first so it doesn't happen in the future, so please feel better."

"……long story."The eyes of the courtiers who looked at him were filled with emotion. He felt entirely that Hwasan's words of friendship were not just empty words.

This is an indescribable impression...….

"Wouldn't you not tell them if they beat their mouths to death and brush off all their teeth? Let's start with those guys from before."


I'm touched...

I'm so touched...

"Hey, you son of a b*tc*, does that make sense?"

"Why doesn't it make sense? If you talk nonsense, you'll get hit! And it's not just those guys who ignored it! He ignored us!"

"Why is that happening again?"

"Think about it! If this was Shaolin, would he have spoken to the gatekeepers who were allied with Shaolin? I would have groveled to take good care of you.

"……What? Come to think of it?"

"Yes! This is a disregard for us! We have to peel it off! I'll have to get those bastards back!"


"Why? Are you trying to stop me again?"

"No. Let's go together. Thinking about it makes me angry too!"


The courtesies standing awkwardly looked at Hyun Jong with awkward faces.

Then Hyun Jong opened his mouth with a gracious smile.


"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

"…...put them all in Chamhoe-dong and let them cool down."


It was Hyun Jong who realized that the accident was not caused by others but by his disciples.