Chapter - 670 Episode 670. Why apologize when I'm the owner? (4)

Hyun Jong's eyes looking at Chung-Myung were really empty.

The eyes of the elders next to him and the other disciples were not that different.


Hyun Jong, who was about to say something, wrapped his face in silence with both hands.



Chung-Myung, who was kneeling down in front of the door and raising his hand, replied nonchalantly.

"……I'm asking just in case."


"…You know you're a master, don't you?"

"Yes, of course!"

I've been living in the doormoon for years!

"Yes……. You know. I know... I know...….”

Hyun Jong looked up at the ceiling as if he couldn't speak.

Chung-Myung here is not Chung-Myung who kicked Yang-kyung in the face in front of so many people.

Afterwards, Chung-Myung escaped on his way to Chamhoi-dong and finally flew further to Yanggyeong, where he was captured in the hands of Baek Cheon and Ungum.

If the two had noticed Chung-Myung was missing a little later, Yang couldn't leave Hwasan by now and lay at the pharmacy, and a hedgehog in Dang-Soso's saliva...…. Oh, no. It would have been under treatment.

"Please……. Please live like a master. Please……."

"No, Jang Moon-in! Listen to it's He was ignoring Hwasan."

"You're the one who ignores Hwasan the most! You're the best!"

"Me? Come on, don't tell me."


"Hehe. There must have been some misunderstanding, but I was just trying to be nice. Don't tell me I'm...….”

"Arms! Put your arms up straight, arms!"


Chung-Myung pouting his lips and glued his arms next to his ears again.

Hyun Jong's heart burned black.

"The world's best exponent...….’

It's not Hyun Jong or Dang Gunnak who's flocking to Hwasan right now.

Those who simply greeted Hyun Jong were looking for Chung-Myung without going down the mountain. I wanted to see with my eyes what the rumor's Hwasan Divine looked like.

And now that he's like that...….

"People need to grow up when they get older.….”

"Oh, I have something to tell you about it."


"Hehe. I don't think that's going to be easy. Wouldn't there be peace in our minds if we gave up neatly?”



"Raise your arms closer."


"Arm, arm! Closer!"

Chung-Myung raised his arms closer with a sullen face. At that time, a voice of disapproval came out from one side.

"No, she could do that! Why are you punishing me for doing so much wrong? Chung-Myung, get off! Your arm must hurt."

Hyun Young didn't seem to be happy even though his arm would hurt if a warrior around Chung-Myung had been punished for a while.

"Isn't she getting worse because you keep covering her up like that?"

"What are you talking about!"

When Hyun Young opened his eyes, Hyun Jong flinched.

Was I being harsh?

Hyun Young said with his eyes lit.

"When did Chung-Myung get worse?" You've been consistent since the first time I saw you. It hasn't changed at all!"


Uh... Yeah...…. That's right. Yeah, it was like this from the beginning.

"And I even feel a little better. But you only hit me once this time!"

"…I'm proud of you."

I'm so proud of you, son of a b*tc*.

It was Hyun Jong's deep sorrow that he could not speak ill of himself because he was a long writer."And it's more of a problem to hear that and bear it! How dare you say that in Hawsan? As Chung-Myung said, it's not just a wilderness that ignores new foreigners. Laughing, ignoring, and mocking them and Hwasan, who created the blind!"


When Chung-Myung agreed that he liked it, Hyun Jong suddenly glared with burning eyes.


Chung-Myung bowed his head sullenly again. Hwasan Ogum, who was watching, gave a low exclamation.

Oh, my God, I overpowered Chung-Myung with my eyes.’

You're definitely a long-of-the-art.’

'Wow, that's possible?’

What's so great about a long writer pressing a person with his or her eyes, but if the other person is Chung-Myung, the heaven and earth will open up.

"Stay still."

At that time, Hyun Sang, who had been silent, sighed and dissuaded Hyun Young. Hyun Young is furious.

"No, did I say anything wrong?"

"Wait a minute, huh? Stay still!"

Hyun Young pouted out his mouth.

Hyun Jong's heart, which was looking at the elder and the three great disciples who were pouting their mouths in pairs, was almost burnt to the ground and scattered to the ashes.

Unam, who kept looking at the two elders arguing, smiled and opened his mouth.



"It's rare for me to take sides with Elder Hyun Young, but this time, he's not that wrong. I don't think Chung-Myung did anything wrong either."

"…...did he leave Hwasan to beat it again?”

"It's not a fault, it's a character's...….hmm."

No. Let's put that aside for now.

"You should have been adamant."

Unam once again said in a very serious voice.

"It's not just a rejection of the new palace. Even if they didn't have good feelings other than birds, they wouldn't have been able to say that here if they respected Hwasan."

"I told you so! If it were Shaolin, they wouldn't even be able to say...….”

"Be quiet!"

"You shut up!"

"Put it in, put it in where it's not! Dude!"

Beaten by criticism from all sides, Chung-Myung is close to the door.

"……You don't have to say that.”

"Don't pretend to be hurt!"

"Chat, it doesn't work!"

The conversation ensued whether Chung-Myung complained or not.

"First of all, it would have been an opportunity to clearly convey his position to the North Sea Ice Palace and the South Bay Beast Palace, which came all the way to Hwasan. If Chung-Myung had stepped up a little later there, he might have thought that Hwasan was no different from the gatekeepers in the past who rejected them."

"Well, I feel the same way about that."

There is still a big wall between the midfield and the birds. Whasan broke through the walls and formed friendships, but relationships don't know when and how they will change.

Relationships must be continuously cultivated.

If you settle for the fact that you have already made a good impression and treat them poorly, you don't know when and how the feelings of the North Sea Ice Palace and the South Bay Beast Palace will change.

"It's a little radical, but Chung-Myung's actions must have been a sure sign for the courtiers of the Bingo and the Beast Palace. At least the sign that Hwasan is someone who can really stand by them, unlike other heavyweights."

"……there's no better signal than that."

"Isn't it too obvious?"

"……I'll give you the right signal.

But at least it was clear that Chung-Myung's actions resulted in the unification of the alliance.


"Keep going."Unam nodded at Hyun Jong's words.

"The king of the North Sea Ice Palace and the king of the Southern Manbeast Palace seem to believe in Hwasan, but the will of the chief does not necessarily match the will of the Munpa."

"That's right."

Hyun Jong nodded his head.

It may be an unpleasant story to hear from the perspective of Hwasan Jang, but there was no sign of displeasure on Hyun Jong's face.

"Maybe there's still some anxiety left for the bingos and the beasts. Considering the years we've been ostracizing each other, distrust will not go away so easily.”

"So you had to show it to me rather than tell me out of it?"

"Yes, I think it was appropriate."

Hyun Jong's strange gaze turned to Chung-Myung.

Of course, Hyun Jong had similar thoughts and stood up for Chung-Myung. But…….

Did you really think and move?’

We already know that Chung-Myung is not a stupid guy who moves his body before his head. Chung-Myung, who he knows, moves his body before his head, but he is smart.…. Well……. This doesn't mean much.

"And one more thing. Most importantly, it has been a warning to other literary factions."


Unam spoke in a determined voice.

"The world only knows that there is a new creation of the Heavenly Fate, and it doesn't know what it is like."

"That's right."

"If both palaces and HWASAN had bent over to them, there must have been a place to look down on the heavens."


"We already know that, don't we? Good will not necessarily return to good will. It takes the strength and will to get what you've done back into favor."

"……you're right."

I've had enough of it. How meaningless the favor of the powerless is.

Hawasan's Mundos, whose memories of the past have arisen, have hardened their faces.

"You have to show them clearly. That the Heavenly Fellow is never an easy place, and that he does not tolerate rudeness."

"I told you so! If you stay still, you'll end up in a bag!"

Those who were listening seriously looked back at Chung-Myung, frowning altogether.

Chung-Myung speaks with dismay at the sharp gaze.

"…Did you all plan it without me knowing today?"

"…in the meantime, you really don't think you're wrong."

Hyun Jong sighed.

There was nothing wrong with Hyun Young's words. This guy has never changed a single thing that's really consistent.

Then Chung-Myung said.

"That's how the world works.”


"Once you start to be belittled, you keep having problems. Human beings usually taste it when they're in front of them. 'You'll be able to bear this, right?'


"That's why you have to get it right at first. Then the clumsy ones won't be able to get far. So first, grab him by the collar!"

"…to there."


Hyun Jong sighed and thought again.

You were right.

It's a problem because it makes you frustrated and makes you feel guilty.

Once again, Hyun Jong looked back at his other students. Then I closed my eyes for a moment and opened them. His eyes became clear as if he had something to say.

"It is natural that behavior changes depending on the location of people or doorkeepers. But Hwasan's position has changed too much and too often in a short period of time, so you're confused, too.“…….”

However, at times like this, we need to brace ourselves. Remember one thing when you don't know what to do."

All eyes were on Hyun Jong.

"You don't have to do anything to change."

It was a bit unexpected to think.

Hyun Jong smiled as he saw the students' straight eyes waiting for his next words.

"You're already doing well enough. The reasonable actions you have to do will already be incorporated in the last lesson. Trust yourself and don't be shaken, because the place your heart goes is where Hwasan will go."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in!"

"I'll keep that in mind."

Hyun Jong nodded his head.

This will happen many times in the future. The greater the influence and the more work to be done, the more choices he will be forced to make.

You can't always make the best choice then. However, if you know where to go and move on, wouldn't you be able to reach where you need to reach even if it's a crooked road?

"Change is bound to be accompanied by anxiety."

Hyun Jong's voice calmed the disciples down.

"Let's keep going. Trust what you've done so far."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in!"

Hyun Jong smiled quietly at the truly powerful answer.

"Tomorrow is finally a dogfight. Let's make sure we're ready."


Finally, the day of the creation of the Heavenly Fate is near.