Chapter - 671 Episode 671. Here's everyone. (1)

early morning

Those who stayed in harmony last night began climbing Hwasan as soon as the sun rose.

Their faces filled the road were all recalled as one.

It's today.

'Today finally!'

They come all the way to this far island and watch the fragmentation of the Heavenly Union with their own eyes.

Of course, there are definitely those who came simply to stamp their faces on Hawasan, but more had a hunch that a wave of thunderstorms would bring great waves to the river.

Yesterday, many people climbed the mountain like today, but there was one difference. Some of the people who were not strongmen stood out.

"It's steep no matter how many times you climb."

On the kiln surrounded by hired fighters, Wang Munnyak laughed. Then he stared at the narrow mountain path. said Wang Jong, who was walking by the kiln.

"It's harder to climb because it's full of people."

"There are so many people who go up that difficult road, so this shows how Hwasan is now."

Wang Munnyak's face was filled with uncontrollable emotions.

In the past, when he went on this road to make his first deal with Hwasan, no one climbed Hwasan.

Later, when he climbed back to Hawsan, he was with the leading islanders, but they were not exactly looking forward to Hawsan either.

Only a few years have passed since then.

"The word heaven and earth would be more appropriate than the word 'forever wall'.’

"It's changed a lot."

"Your eyes are shining, aren't they? I still don't know. What the hell did you see in Hwasan then?”

"Ha ha. That's a misunderstanding."


Wang Munnyak burst into laughter at Wang Jong's mysterious face.

"It's true that I had my hopes up on Hwasan, but I never imagined it would be this different."


Wang Munnyak shook his head with a smile on his face.

"Ordinary merchants invest in money and things, but to become giants, they need to be able to invest in the future and value, not in sight."

"Yes, Father. That's right."

"In that sense, I don't think I'm a proper giant. If I had known that Hwasan would be such a great place, I would have invested all my money. Tsk tsk. You don't recognize the value of jewelry even though it's right in front of you.”

Wang Jong laughed bitterly at Wang Munnyak's words.

Hwang Munnyak and the top of the galaxy made a huge profit from their investment in Hwasan. However, it is not even a gain over the trading line created by Hwasan.

The important thing is not the money that is falling right away, but the future that can make more profits for decades to come. That is a value that is impossible to fathom.

The deal, which is the most successful challenge and achievement in the history of the top of the galaxy. But Wang Munnyak still seemed to be left with regret.

"I'm glad, though."

"By making money?"

"No, because it worked out for Hwasan."

Hwang Munnyak looked at Hwang Jong with a distinctive look.

"That's not a merchant thing to say."

"It might be."

Wang Jong smiled bitterly.

"I'm not crazy about my father, but I've been a merchant for a long time anyway."

His gaze turned up the mountain.

"I've met a lot of people in the process, and I've done business with a lot of people. Sometimes we follow profit, sometimes we follow people, sometimes we follow the flow.""Well."

Wang Munnyak nodded.

Obviously, Wang Jong is not a small age either. Age wise, it's not unusual for Wang Munnyak to retire right now and for him to be a top owner.

"But it's weird."


"It's been years and years, but it's not often that we'll be seeing the hwasans who stay in the mountains and stay out of town."

"Yes, they are masters."

"But strangely enough, I feel comfortable watching them."

Wang Jong smiled quietly.

"It's not because I'm looking at the deviant doers. I've met with other provincial people over and over again. But the way I see it, the Wasans are something different."

"What about it?"

"Well, it's hard to put it straight. Sometimes it just seems silly, sometimes it's absurdly stubborn, sometimes it's all over the place...….”

With his words slightly blurred, Wang Jong shook his head to see if he had found a suitable expression.

"I don't know if I should say this as a merchant, but I just like Hwasan. Maybe that's why I'm so happy that Hawasan's status is increasing day by day, Father."

Wang Munnyak, who was listening seriously, grinned.

"A giant. Yes, a giant.”


Wang Munnyak looked at Wang Jong with loving eyes.

"Did you say that a merchant knows how to invest in the future?”

"Yes. That's what you said."

"But that's not enough."

The smiling Hwang Munnyak continued.

"There's a saying in countervailing. The one who gets the money becomes a merchant, but the one who gets the heart becomes a colossal."


"If you really want to surpass me, never forget that heart now. If you treat them with all your heart, they will treat you with all their heart. A sincere deal, not a profit, will one day make you a giant."

"I'll keep that in mind, Father."

In response to the neat answer, Wang Munnyak nodded with a smile.

'You'll do a good job.’

He knew it, too. Now he is old.

I'd love to watch that Hawsan stretch out into the world for a long time to come, but now it's hard for him to keep up with him.

The generation eventually flows and is replaced.

It was time for him to slowly leave the top to Hwang Jong.

Even if you don't trust him yet, you should know how to resign and trust him even if you have lingering feelings. Didn't that HWASAN teach him?

I'm curious, too.’

What kind of future they will make. What the future Hwasan and the top of the galaxy will look like.

"Let's be diligent. I'll be there before it's too late. It's the day when Hwasan goes up to the throne of Heaven. Should we be late for the top of the galaxy?"

"Yes, Father!"

Wang Jong responded loudly and hurried.


Upon arriving at the prose, Wang Munnyak nodded.

"You're well prepared."

"We haven't done much. The Sichuan people renovated and decorated the hall."

"You can do what you can do."

As soon as I entered the prose, I could see a large smoke field, and then I could see war angles from side to side. The way they were all collapsing is nowhere and they are all magnificent as one.

A large podium was built in front of the hall. And on the left and right, there was a seat for important guests.

The beckoning Hwang Munnyak slowly stepped out of the kiln."It's better to get there in a sedan chair.….”

"No, I don't think so. Where is this place that you're riding a sedan chair? Merchants end the moment they forget their manners and duty."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"But I've given this old man a seat at Hawsan, so I'm not happy. Let's go."


As he approached the ready position with a smile on his face, a familiar face greeted him.

"Welcome, my lord!"

"Elders, I've been in high spirits."

Wang Munnyak joined Hyun Young's hand.

Hwasan's finance footnote, Hyun Young, and the galaxy's top owner, Hwang Munnyak, have had a lot of conversations and made numerous deals.

"Congratulations on the creation of the alliance. I'm so happy to see how different Hwasan is from day after day.

"It's all thanks to the Lord of the Upper World for helping Hwasan. This is absolutely not an empty word. Everyone in Hwasan is always grateful to the Upper Lord."

"Ha ha ha. I think we should exclude one person."

"……he is, but…….”

As soon as Chung-Myung heard this, he said, 'They should be thankful, why are we thankful? Someone made me make money!' he would have cried his throat out.

'Well, that's not too wrong.'

The voice sounded deaf, so Hwang Munnyak laughed.

For him, Chung-Myung was an unparalleled benefactor, a blessing in disguise. In other words, even if Chung-Myung suddenly pulls out his beard, Hwang Munnyak is confident that he will just laugh.

"What about the writer?"

"I can't see you right now because you're getting ready for the ceremony. Please come this way, Lord Upper. We've got a good seat for you."

"To that extent……I know my place, too. If you could give me a seat, that would be enough."

"Absolutely not! Where is the lord of honor going? Come here! Come here!"

Hyun Young dragged Wang Munnyak to the wall.

Even if Hyun Young is a person who hasn't mastered martial arts in earnest, he's an unmanned. Old Hwan Munnyak, who had no knowledge of martial arts, could not beat that power.

Hyun Young dragged Hwang Munnyak to the front seat of the table next to the podium. Wang Munnyak freaked out.

"Come on, Elder! This is...….”

Next to him and behind him, there were seats for senior members of the Nine File Room and the Great Sega. It's amazing to sit in the same seat as them, but the front seat!

Indeed, it was too much of a senior seat.

Feeling suffocated, Wang Munnyak held onto Hyun Young and begged.

"Come on, Elder. Please let me go to the back seat."

"That's not gonna happen! How can you arrange a VIP seat there?"

"Well, it's because I'm uncomfortable. Now that I'm old, I can't stand sitting in a place like this because my heart is pounding."


"Back! Back is enough! If you think of me, please do."

"Okay, I got it. Ha, the writer will be angry."

"Well, I'll tell you separately, please."

"Yes, sir."

In a sweat and barely made his way back, Wang Munnyak plopped into the chair with a deflating sound.

He sighed deeply as if he had calmed down after several deep breaths. And I laughed without realizing it.

'Hwasan... '….’

People are bound to change. In the end, it was made by people, so was the Moon faction.

In the past when he first climbed to Hawasan, he must have been a big guest. But could he be such an important guest to Hwasan now?He is a merchant and knows enough about the physiology of the world.

He wouldn't have had any complaints even if the current Hwasan guided him to that lower seat, not to the top seat.

But Sangseok, that's also the front.

Is it naive, or is it not?….’

As I climbed here again, I remembered what Hwang Jong said.

"It's stupid, it's reckless.…right without countermeasures…….”

The smile on Hwang Munnyak's face was young after all.

So they're just good people.’

I was able to realize how lucky I was to have a relationship with Hwasan.

Kang Ho's senior players were filling his front seat.

Everyone gathered to celebrate the breakthrough of the Heavenly Union. They were the ones who couldn't help but fill this place.

The fact that they can be called in and seated here clearly shows the power of Chun Woo-mang.


To this large crowd.

Below the podium, they are filled with water from side to side of the smoke field.

There was a strange sensation in the heart of Hwang Munnyak looking at the whole scene.

It's been a while since I sat down like that, but just looking at the surrounding scene didn't make me feel bored.

And a little later.

"Here we go!"

"Here he comes!"

Along the road that had been secured beforehand on the left and right, the leaders of the Heavenly Fathers finally made their appearance.