Chapter - 673 Episode 673. Everyone is here. (3)

The great disciples led the disciples with determination in the lead.

It was not as strong as the Dangga, as sharp as the North Sea Ice Palace, or as free-spirited as the Namman Beast Palace. One of the leading disciples clearly felt firm, different from the other.

Feels like I'm looking into an endless lake.

Everyone who was watching at a depth that was not intimidating but was subtly conveyed swallowed dry saliva and exclaimed.

I've heard that Hawsan's great students aren't that great.’

'It was all nonsense. "Hagi, how could the men below have lost their reputation when their superiors were not standing properly?"

Raising those people is also a great and difficult task. Ouch!

When a person makes a place, the place makes a person again.

There's a lot of clans in the world, but they're as numerous as Hwasan.Is there any other clique that you've been struggling with? The great disciples were the ones who shared Hwasan's flexion with him through his life.

Whasan's young disciples are the ones who made a name for themselves, but no one can deny their existence on the ground.

Behind the few great disciples, Hwasan's two great disciples and the three great disciples appeared a little apart.

"It's a flower sword!"

"That's the Hwajeong sword!"

Everyone nodded in admiration at the dedication of Baek Cheon, who walked along leading the two great disciples and the three great disciples.

"He defeated Jin Geum Ryong of Jongnam and defeated Jin Hyun of shaman!”

"Oh, that's all! It was a landslide victory over a great disciple in a recent game against a shaman!"

"What a stupid thing to say it! That's not the point. If Hwajeonggum's best achievement was to defeat Joksado Yoppyong, the master of the bay people! I don't know who's the strongest among the postscripts, but none of the postscripts has achieved such a feat!"

"No! Isn't it much more important to play a central role in defeating Dave?"

"…I couldn't believe it, but it turns out that what that Hwajeong prosecutor has done so far is truly incredible."

The middle class has come to realize anew. How much work has Hwasan been doing so far.

"I think it's the Ogum after that."

"Hwasan Ogum! Yes, it's Hwasan Ogum!"

"As the people of the North Sea said, they went to the North Sea and stopped Mahyo from coming out.”

"He's so young...….”

People threw their tongues at Yoo-Esul, Yoon-Jong, Jo-Gol, and Chung-Myung following Baek Cheon.

It is no exaggeration to say that the five represent Hwasan. They have always been at the heart of Hwasan, who has gained fame in a short period of time.

If he didn't know Hwasan at all, he couldn't have known Ogum.

Behind the majestic five, Ewha and the three great disciples followed in a row.

"These are Hwasan…….”

Most of the people who climbed this shaven mountain ran all the way to see this very sight.

To put it bluntly, Hwasan is still a door-to-door faction that cannot be called the world's mainstream. However, the reason why the middlemen can't get this doorstep out of their heads is because of the Wasan Ogum.

If there comes a time when they grow up and lead Hawsan, who in the world would dare ignore him? What the people gathered here wanted to see was not now, but the future Hwasan.

And now they have the very future of Hwasan in front of them.

Those who caught them in their eyes with a slight spell of fascination moved their eyes busily from place to place.

"Then who's the Hwasan Divine?"

"You must be in the middle of a sword!"

Whasan Ogum's reputation is truly great, but it cannot be explained without the name Hwasan Sinryong.The world's best review index.

The nickname cannot contain all of it anymore.

One of the people who was checking here and there with his eyes wide open shouted for a moment.

"Hwasan the Divine Dragon!"

"Oh, who! Who!"

"There he is! A little bit of a little man.

"……that man…….”

At the back of the Ogum, Chung-Myung was swinging.

At a glance, it is not very serious, but the evaluation depends on whose toes the same walk comes from.

If a person who lacked fame and skills showed that in such a place, the middle class would have frowned.

Hana Hwasan Sinryong has already proved her skills to the world. So even that light walk seemed to be the leeway of the strong.

"He's the Hwasan Divine Dragon with a reputation!"

"I defeated the shaman Ho Gong…"….”

"Well, it's different at a glance!"

"Hwasan the Dragon! Hwasan The Dragon!"

As the voices of the middle class rang high here and there, Chung-Myung looked around and smiled.

"Well, I've got a great guy. Yes, I'm the Hwasan Divine Dragon."

Then, he relaxed his face to see if he was nervous and started waving his hands here and there with a smile.

But at that moment.


Yoo-Esul's elbow stuck in Chung-Myung's side, grinning.


Chung-Myung's hand came down reflexively and wrapped around his side.


Chung-Myung turned her head and looked at Yoo-Esul, but she only walked with an expressionless face as if nothing had happened.

"No, why the side of a person...…!”

Chung-Myung, about to have a seizure, shut up.

Poke, poke, poke.

It wasn't because I was conscious of my seat. It was because of the cold sensation on his back.

Chung-Myung, who had lost all his blood, slowly turned around and saw Dang-Soso smiling brightly. A long confrontation, which was held invisible to others, slightly stabbed Chung-Myung in the back.


Unlike her bright expression, Chung-Myung, who checked her eyes, which had sunk eeriely, began to walk quietly, quietly closing her mouth.



The people watching the scene with dismal eyes glanced and whispered at each other.


"I think that's right…….”


As even Hwasan Sinryong appeared, the expectations of the viewers began to penetrate the sky.

Sacheondangga, Bukhaebinggung Palace, Namman Beast Palace, and the appearance of Hwasan.

The mere appearance of your doorstep made my heart pound and my face burn.

Finally, Hwasan lined up in the middle.

Kang-ho's masterpieces, who were watching him at the top of the table, had to work hard to get rid of his ever-hardening.


Bop Kye also tried to calm his mind by memorizing "no" in a small way. But the subtle uneasiness in the eyes of your door-to-door faction could not be erased.


This is because it felt more real.

They are so unique that it is hard to think that they are united for a coalition. But Bop Kye could find something strange in common among the clans.

Although it is recognized by the world for its poison and memorization, it is considered to be a quiet place.

Namman Beast Palace, which exerts great influence as a loser of Namman Bay, but is despised as a wild man.

The North Sea Ice Palace, which is far away from the Middlelands, although they build their own world in the land of cold weather.


"Hwasan, who once made a name for himself in the world, was completely destroyed."

They are all literary factions who deviate from the mainstream and do not have very good feelings with the midfield. Those people finally united under Hwasan's name.

"Now, how will the mighty flow?"The future, which was unexpected, was bleak.

It was not long before the hall sank again. The eyes of the middle class turned toward the podium. It was self-evident what the order would be to follow, and expectations swelled to burst.

And four people walked slowly up the stage, as if they would not let go of such expectations.

Hwasan의 Hyun Jong.

Dang Gunnak of Sichundang.

Maeng So at Namman Beast Palace.

Solso Back in the North Sea Ice Palace.

As soon as the heads of the four clans, who form the center of heaven, stood on the podium, they were thrilled to realize their huge presence.

The heads of the famous great literary clique.

Dang Gunnak, one of them who was watching the middle class without saying a word, took a step forward.

Everyone swallowed dry saliva on that cold face.

The poison king, Dang Gunnak.

One of the people gathered here was Dang Gunnak, who no one could follow with fame. As such, there was no shortage in announcing the spread of the Heavenly Union.

Dang Gunnak looked around his son-in-law and slowly opened his mouth.


A low but powerful voice spread to the top of Hawasan.

"I would like to express my gratitude in the name of Chun Woo-min to those who gathered here to celebrate the spread of the Chun Woo-min and to those who have brightened the place."

It was a relaxed but powerful voice that only the strong could make.

Dang Gunnak's words caught everyone's attention at once followed.

"Hwasanism, Sacheondangga, North Sea Ice Palace, Namman Beast Palace. These four clans want to become one under the name of Chun Woo-men and strive for the infinite well-being and future of Kang Ho. This is a place to show and declare to the strong people the will of the four clans who will join us in the beginning of the heavenly alliance."

Dang Gunnak peeked back.

"We, the four clans, have appointed Hwasan's Hyun Jong as the dominant figure in the world. From this moment on, Hwasan's Hyun Jong Jin will be the leader and lead Chun Woo-men."

At the same time, everyone's eyes were on Hyun Jong.

Everyone expected and knew implicitly, but the official declaration could not weigh the same. It was a moment when it was clearly revealed that the center of the great coalition of Chun U-men was Hwasan.

Receiving everyone's attention, Hyun Jong took a short breath and stepped forward. Usually, grand congratulatory and praise are preceded, but it was a calm move that seemed unnecessary.

Dang Gunnak stepped back and Hyun Jong stood in the middle.

"I'm Hyun Jong, a long writer from Hwasan."

Unlike Dang Gunnak's heavy voice, it was a soft voice. There was a lot of dizziness that made the listener feel at ease.

Hyun Jong bowed deeply as he captured. All the people watching were embarrassed because they were too deeply bent down to be the leaders of a coalition.

There were those who wanted to win the gunnery by flinching themselves, but soon realized that it was not such a place, they unwinded their hands awkwardly.

It's different.

That's Hyun Jong Jin...….’

Someone looks for power by raising their neck.

However, Hyun Jong again lowers his posture to prove his dignity. A man who has risen to the highest position but is never arrogant. It was obvious what the head of HWASAN and the hero of the League of Heaven was.

Hyun Jong, who lifted his gun, smiled at everyone.

But before he could open his mouth.


One of the people in the front row took a strong step forward.Not only those who were on the podium, but also those who were watching the raids and even those who were lined up turned their eyes to it.

It was Chung-Myung at the end of the gaze.

He re-established the posture he had taken. And he captured it in a perfectly straight posture.

"See you, Maen-ju!"

As soon as the words were over, everyone who had lined up followed Chung-Myung with a knife.

"I see Maen-ju!"

Hundreds of fighters shouted at the same time, and the whole mountain seemed to tremble. With the formidable power, the entire body of those watching was horrified. All those who once shuddered saw Hyun Jong again.

I have realized that that impressive old gentleman is the head of this huge coalition.

'That guy...'.’

Hyun Jong smiled bitterly at Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung showed the power of Chun Woo-mang to the people around him, and at the same time delivered a message to Hyun Jong.

It's good to lower your posture, but don't forget that he represents many of these people. If he lowered himself too much, he meant to be wary of lowering the thunderstorms gathered here.

Of course I do.

Hyun Jong's eyes, who nodded slightly, soon subsided. It was not long before his mouth opened.