Chapter - 685 Episode 685. I look forward to that day. (5)


The Beast Palace Lord Maeng So, with his arms folded, was lost in thought for a moment with a stiff face. After taking such a pause, he spoke in a clear voice.

"This is the first time I've seen him."

All eyes were on him.

"Everyone may have their own way of seeing people, but I often think of animals that feel similar when I first see them."

Dang Gunnak looked at Maeng So with interesting eyes, recalling the conversation the three had with Chung-Myung before.

"You did. When you first saw me, did you think of black votes?"

"Yes, and a big worm comes to mind."


Maeng So glanced at Dang Gunnak and continued.

"Normally, snakes are dangerous because they hold poison, but small snakes put their teeth up just by stepping on them, while large worms rarely show hostility to humans. I'm too lazy to even tap or listen to it."

There was a strange look in Hyun Jong's eyes while observing Dang Gunnak.

"When it's time for such a mindless snake to hunt, it catches its prey and devours the whole thing with such agility that it's hard to compare it to other animals. And once I'm full, I feel relaxed for months without hunting."

Dang Gunnak laughed as if he was having fun.

"Well, you're still the same. What was it like when you saw Maeng-ju?"

"It was like a big bison. Head of the family."

This was an understandable statement without having to listen to the addition.

Dang Gunnak, who thought Maeng So's distinction made sense, suddenly frowned.

"Didn't you originally say the Hwasan Divine looked like a snake?"

"…a fierce weasel."


Strangely, Dan Gunnak laughed bitterly at the expression that seemed to be lower than before.

"He's got a point.….”

"A weasel, a fierce weasel, a big, very big……a weasel the size of a house."


"Toenails are poisoned and growling all year round with venom…….”

"To there."

I thought I didn't have to listen to it any more.

First of all, I could only agree that weasels are incredibly fierce animals unlike what they look like.

Then Maeng So's smile became a little bitter.

"Well, when I look at the defeat this time...….”

Everyone in the room waited for Maeng So to continue. Maeng So looked at Jang Nilso and wondered what animal he thought of.

"…I couldn't think of anything. So I'm afraid of him."

Dang Gunnak's expression hardened slightly at Maeng So's unexpected remark.

Maeng So's size is like a mountain. It was an incredibly weak word that came out of his mouth.

However, Dang Gunnak and Hyun Jong have already figured out and understood Maeng So's personality to some extent.

He's a very straightforward man, and he's not one to hide his weakness by bluffing. Besides, he's a very cool-headed, clever man who looks stupid because of his big size.

"Jang Nilso is in a way a ferocious criminal, and in a way a cunning fox. It's like a venomous viper, but sometimes it's like a giant elephant sunbathing in the scorching sun."

Maeng So's face is slightly distorted.

"It's like a fancy peacock, but it's like an alligator hiding in the water and waiting for its prey."….”

Chung-Myung, who was listening seriously at the time, asked Im Sobyong."What's an alligator?"

"…Would you like to ask me that now?"

"Don't you know?"


"If you don't know, it's over?”


Im Sobyong is now more heartbroken than his face. Just as he was about to protest loudly, Hyun Jong opened his ax eyes and stared at Chung-Myung. Chung-Myung, who felt a bit of pain in his teeth, shrugged his neck and quickly turned the subject around.

"But it's a little strange."

"What do you mean?"

"I heard you didn't see anything. By the way, don't you think you've seen too much?"

Maeng So shook his head.

"Some parts can be seen. But it didn't fit any animal. What you can't find in animals is too obvious.”

"What's that?"


Those who listened to Maeng So nodded stiffly.

"Of course, beasts don't mean being greedy. Sometimes they hunt excessively, sometimes they use weak things as a playground, and sometimes they do cruel things because they don't have laws and degrees."

"That's acrimonious."

'Cause that's the truth.'

Maeng So was calm. Beast Palace has been a place where animals are considered friends for generations, but it did not honor animals.

"But no animal is as greedy as a human being. The Jang Nilso felt an unthinkable amount of greed. Strangely enough. I've never seen anyone so well suited to the word "embodiment of greed."

Everyone nodded in sympathy with the words. It was only a short face-to-face encounter, but surely Jang Nilso was extraordinary.

"The incarnation of greed...….”

Dang Gunnak swept down his chin. There was no expression on his face, but the slight frown seemed to tell all of his complicated feelings.

"I've met Jang Nilso once. That was the first time we had a proper conversation.….”

A low voice came out of the mouth of the rhymed Dang Gunnak.

"What I think is annoying about Jang Nilso is that it's unpredictable."

"…Did you say prediction?"


Dang Gunnak slowly closed his eyes as he recalled the sight of Jang Nilso, whom he had previously met in a crowded room.

"Everyone has a tendency. If we figure this out, we can predict in advance how the person will behave when something happens."

"Well, yes.”

"But Jang Nilso can't do that."

Dang Gunnak said, looking at everyone with a dimly subdued look.

"I felt this when I met him before, and when he stepped into Hwasan this time…"… Jang Nilso's behavior is unpredictable. In other words, no one knows what he's going to do after leaving Hwasan."


A heavy silence fell.

It was really uncomfortable.

A variety of mixed emotions swept the hearts of those gathered here, but the most important of them was clearly irritating.

There was something about Jang Nilso that bothered people. Something so big that even the heads of each faction can't ignore.

"First, we need to see what the hell he's after. And we need to figure out why we're finally starting to move in earnest.

After Dang Gunnak's words, the eyes of the middlemen turned to Im Sobyong. I'm sure he's the only one who can give some answers to that right now.

Im Sobyong rubbed his face slowly.

Still, it was worth the hard work of interrogating and blood, and the swollen face that looked like a dumpling when I came here was restored to its shape."Why now...….”

Im So-yong, who was still reciting, shook his head.

"I'm afraid there's a difference of opinion in this area.

"May I ask what that means?"


Im Sobyong looked at everyone as if he was choosing a horse for a moment.

"As you all know, there was a long dispute between the bay and the green forests."

"That's right."

"But it was just an apparent relationship. Neither the crowd nor the green forests intended to devour each other completely. Greenim just needed an outside enemy to crack down on the inside, and the whole crowd needed an opponent."


Im Sobyong explained in a calm voice.

"Think of a million people destroying and merging green forests. Then what would happen?"

"The balance of Shinjuopae will be broken."

"Then who would move?"

Hyun Jong's eyes, which he had been listening to, became thin.

"The old file room and the Great Five."

"Yes, it is."

It would be impossible for anyone to fully grasp and guess Jang Nilso, but Im Sobyong was able to guess why he did this anyway.

"A calm lake can cause a big stir even if it falls with a small pebble. Although the world of Sapa and the world of political factions are different, the room has become too big and strong to live without being intertwined with each other. If we were to expand our power here, it would have been very disturbing to their eyes.”

"But…… there's a natural sense in that situation?"


Im Sobyong's eyes got a little darker.

"Maybe it's Jang Nilso, not anyone else, who welcomes the breakthrough of the Heavenly Union. If you set fire to a quiet forest, you will be able to see it immediately. But who cares if you set fire to a burning forest?"


"Whether you are a hero or a hyo-woong, you are born in turbulent times. To put it the other way around...….”

Im Sobyong said with cold eyes.

"Hyo-woong, who was not born in the turbulent times, means that he has no choice but to rot in a peaceful world. It's fortunate for ordinary people, but it must be terrible for someone like Jang Nilso.”


A low snort crossed Im Sobyong's ear. It was Chung-Myung.

It was rude to snort while King Greenlim was talking, even considering the relationship between the two. But…….

"…things that don't even know what turbulence is."

Those who felt the darkness in the ensuing derisive words could not even blame the rudeness.


Im Sobyong, briefly mesmerized, coughed briefly and continued.

"There's only one purpose for Jang Nilso. It's a bigger fire. And drive the world into chaos. To create a world in which he, and the whole world, can run wild."


"It's hard for me to guess that way."


Dang Gunnak nodded slowly.

"The existence of the Heavenly Fellow...…and he thought that his appearance in heaven would help add to the confusion."

"Yes, that's my judgment for now."

"Chaos. Chaos.….”

That makes sense. No, that's hardly wrong. The biggest concern was that Jang Nilso couldn't find a clear purpose for his visit to Hwasan, but if it was just to create confusion, his actions certainly make sense.

"If you do……."


Im Sobyong noticed what Dang Gunnak had to say and replied.

"I'm going to do something more. Definitely."“…….”

"We're going to add to the confusion, and we're going to do something based on it. If it's Jang Nilso."


Dang Gunnak, nodding with a dark face, glanced at Chung-Myung.

'That's weird.'

Normally, there would have already been several shouts left before the conversation progressed so far, but they were not giving any particular opinion to the point that it was strange.

If you're someone else, you'll be silent considering the faces of those gathered, but where's Chung-Myung?

"Hwasan The Dragon."


"What do you think?"


Finally, when Dang Gunnak hinted, Chung-Myung spoke with his arms folded.

"Well, I understand that Jang Nilso or whatever is not an ordinary guy.….”


"Why do you need to care so much?"


"There are answers to everything we've talked about. That means he needs a thousand friends.”


"There is a need for confusion. Doesn't that mean we need a situation where the old file room or the Great Sega can't go all out on the Sapa side?"

"…I guess so.”

"Then he won't interfere with the League of Heaven for at least a while. From his point of view, the bigger the brotherhood, the easier it is to achieve his goal. That's enough."


Dang Gunnak, who was feeling a little down at the moment, blanked out at Chung-Myung.

This young gentleman gets to the point once in a while too often. The key point that is hard to recognize due to vague fog.

Im Sobyong looked at Chung-Myung and asked.

"Is that all?"


The eyes were strangely shining.

"I think once in a while that Hwasan Sinryong hides what he really wants to say. You really don't care because Jang Nilso won't be a problem for a while?”


"Or is there anything else that really bothers you?”

Chung-Myung sighed.

Im Sobyong wasn't the only one thinking that way. Chung-Myung smacked his lips with his inquisitive eyes.

"It's time to talk, though."

Chung-Myung looked at everyone once and opened his mouth.

"Heavenly Demon is coming."

His expression, tone, and voice were all too calm. There was no shaking as if to say a fact already set.

That's why I felt rather horrified.

"……Heavenly Demon?"

Dang Gunnak looked at him with a slightly mesmerized look.

"What are you saying now…"….”

"It's still my idea, but it's almost certain. Heavenly Demon will definitely be back."

The face of Dang Gunnak, not even excited by much, quickly turned blue. And Maeng So's hands began to tremble.

The name Heavenly Demon seemed to illustrate to the strongmen how much of a fire still remains.

Chung-Myung spoke in a low voice, as if to himself.

"That's when you'll find out.”


"What is the real chaos. What the real turbulence is. And……."

The shadow on his face became even darker.

"What is real fear?"