Chapter - 691 Episode 691. Pretending to be what? (1)

"By default, checkups are…….”

The heavy voice of the ungum spread to his son-in-law.

"It's a way of effectively joining forces."

All the students who lined up listened to Ungum with their eyes shining. Ungum, the owner of the White House, was the one who was respected by his disciples, but after all the events, there was no one who did not respect him.

So it was unimaginable to look away.

"Basically, the sword of the examination draws a constant path. The more you train, the more sophisticated the tour becomes. Therefore, it is best to lead the sword in a fixed manner to perform well in the real world."

Ungum continued, looking at everyone.

"However, if several people fight together and the space becomes small, it will be difficult to spread the sword with their original path."

The disciples nodded in unison. I already felt it from the battle with Daveyolchae.

The sword could not be swung properly because the people next to it would get hurt as they gathered enough to put their shoulders together. There were even several times when the wielded sword was hit by a colleague's sword, not an enemy.

"A checkup is not to greet the enemy with a crouching face. Rather, it is a way to show my skills in a small space. So I hope you all do your best in this training."

"Yes, my lord!"

A loud answer rang out. The determination filled the mood, and the fortune-teller smiled brightly.


It is impossible to say how Hwasan has changed from the past, but the first thing to choose from the perspective of Baekmagwanism was the willingness of the disciples to learn. It was really a pleasure.

"Me and the priests will demonstrate first, so the seven of us can form a group and follow."


"There is no specific set of techniques that are used to utilize checkups. If you are skilled, you can use the most familiar sword according to the operation of the examination. However, when you first learn, it will be difficult to use a sword with a complicated path, so for now, use only seven swords."

"I'll keep that in mind!"


Ungum, along with the priests, stood in the shape of the Big Dipper.

"Hwasan's Chilseong examination follows the principle of Chilseong among the principles leading to martial arts, taegeuk, samjae, thought, five haeng, meat, Chilseong, Palgwae, and Gugung."

Then Jo-Gol raised his hand. Ungum nodded his head.

"Tell me."

"Is there a reason why you follow the principle of Chilsung?"

"……That's me too…….”

Ungum's face, which had been hesitating for a while, turned slightly red. Then Yoon-Jong's elbow penetrated Jo-Gol's side mercilessly.


Jo-Gol bent over and groaned, but no one saw it as a pity.

"Anyway, that snout.’

'If Chung-Myung isn't here, that's d*mn it, that's it.'

'That's gonna kill me. Don't you dare make it difficult for me to stay here?’

The white porcelain boats held fireworks in their eyes, and the celadon boats also held their fingers with their eyes.


Ungum coughed awkwardly and said.

"The good man who started the examination may have his own intentions, but my ignorance is still humble and it is hard to guess what it means."

"That's all right, Guanju!"

"It's all meaningful!"

"It's enough to learn from Chilseong! It doesn't matter!"

It was really a tearful love of family.

Not alone in the love of the family, Jo-Gol murmured, blinking slightly.

"…I was just asking."

"Shut up."

"Don't you dare!"

And at the end of the day, I shed tears.I've heard this a lot before.’

Chung-Myung아. This is how you felt.

I'm sorry.


The ungum coughed loudly and lifted the sword.

"Look carefully, everyone. I'll show you again and again, but you shouldn't look at it half-heartedly."


With the loud answers of the disciples, the sword slowly began to move. At the same time, the swords of the great disciples moved.

'There's me.'

It's moving like one.’

"But... If that's the case, isn't it just a change of position from wielding a sword?"

Several swords were moving perfectly the same.

In fact, there hasn't been much to this point. It is not a matter of matching the speed and direction of the sword to the death penalty who have trained with them all their lives.

Whether it's celadon or white porcelain boats, aren't they already doing similar training every morning?

However, it was from that moment that the power of the examination was revealed.


The sword of Ungum, who took the lead, began to speed up. At the same time, the swords, which had been moving in perfect order, began to be scattered.


No, it's not.

It's not disorganized, it's moving differently. Even though the people who made the examination showed different prosecution methods, the tour did not overlap at all.

"That's how it works."

It's amazing.

Hwasan's disciples looked at the scene with astonished eyes.

Because I've already experienced group warfare, I know how difficult it is.

This is a checkup.’

Everyone fully understood Ungum's words that a checkup is necessary to show his skills.

But the changes in the examination did not end there.

Those who were moving the sword began to step on the prostitution.


"I, I……."

As Ungum, who was in the lead, steps back, Unam, who was in the back, jumps forward, narrows as if mixing again, and widens the distance.

The examination, which was drawing the form of the Big Dipper, took place in a circular shape, turned straight, and changed into the shape of the Seven Star again, making the eye dizzy.

However, the sword didn't stop in the midst of it, and Turo doesn't overlap like a lie.

The eyes of Hawsan's disciples became more and more serious.

It is a hunch that it is not as easy as you think to learn a checkup.

And it was clear how hard it must have been for the Unja boats who trained in the examination even though they were busy to pass on the examination.

Ungum, who had stepped back, came forward with a strong swing of the sword.

Then the death penalty around it went through a messy regimen. It looked as if the body was drawing the passage of plum blossoms.

Baek Cheon's mouth, which he was watching, opened up without realizing it.

It's great!

So perfectly?

Just as he was about to burst out of his mouth, Ungum opened his mouth first.

"This is a seven-star examination. Everybody straight...….”

And at that moment.

Whoops! Whoosh!

A tremendous sound rang out. Everyone closed their eyes a little without realizing it.


When I opened my eyes a moment later, a wooden sword touched the left knee of Ungum, who was in the lead.


It looks like it's just touching right now, but if it's gonna touch, that's, uh...….Uh…….

Ungum's eyebrows flinched.

The owner of the wooden sword scratched the back of his head as if he was embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, Priest. I'm sure it went well during practice...….”


When Unam apologized with a shy face, Ungum forced his trembling lips to open."Oh, that's fine, death penalty...….That's possible."

"Does it hurt a lot?"

"…That's fine."

The heads of the disciples watching this were soaked with cold sweat.

It must really hurt.’

'Wow, the sound...'He's going to die. He's going to die.’

You don't change your face in the whole of this. If I were you, I would roll over there.’

Although it was a wooden sword, it was properly beaten by a sword wielded with all its power. There couldn't have been no pain. However, the ungum was suppressing the changes in facial expressions as much as possible. Everyone had no choice but to admire the mentality.

But then.


A suppressed laugh came out of Jo-Gol's mouth covered with his hands.

"But this guy?"

And even before the laughter came to an end, Yun-Jong's fist turned Jo-Gol's jaw mercilessly.


White porcelain boats swarmed toward Jo-Gol, who had fallen on the spot.

Step on it!

"It's crazy. Are you laughing?"

"The baby is getting worse day by day!"

Step on it! Step on it! Step on it!

Watching the scene with his eyes slightly wide open, Yoon-Jong took a step back.

I think you can see a celadon boat between the white porcelain boats that are stepping hard. Uh...

It wasn't long before he turned away from the scene.

"Oh, my. What do you want me to do when I smile?….”

The muddy Jo-Gol protested with an unfair face, but when the feet of those surrounding him were lifted again, he had no choice but to lie flat on the spot.

"I've sinned to death!"

"That's enough to know."

Tears welled up again in Jo-Gol's eyes as the death penalty kicked its tongue away. He trudged up to Yoon-Jong with a face as if he were a dog in the rain.

"The death penalty."


"Don't you think everyone is too hard on me these days?"


"Yes, death penalty."

"If everyone says the same thing and does the same thing, shouldn't we first question whether I'm wrong?"

"What does that mean?”


This cub is crazy in a different sense from Chung-Myung.

Ungum, who was slightly turning back and controlling the beaten area, coughed loudly and looked at everyone.

"You saw it with your eyes.As you can see, the training of a checkup is several times more dangerous and difficult than the training of a single person. If you don't concentrate, you can get injured in between. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my lord!"

"Okay, now stand in the direction of the Seven Stars in pairs."

As soon as the lives fell, the disciples spread the streets and stood in pairs.

"The end of the sword shall be placed in the direction in which each direction points."

Unja boats ran around to modify the form of the examination. After the process, a nice checkup was completed. The pressure was quite great when more than a hundred students each stood for a checkup.


The ungum nodded pleasedly.

"Let's start with a seven-legged sword. Although each stood in different directions, it would be difficult to spread a sword properly at that distance. The death penalty on the left and right should always be considered and the sword should be stretched as narrow as possible."


"Get started!"


With Baek Cheon's flag ceremony at the forefront, Hwasan's disciples began to wield swords altogether.

The scene of students standing in different directions spreading swords reminded me of a huge flower garden.


A proud smile bloomed around the mouth of Ungum and Unam.

Perhaps this was common in the past in Hawasan. I felt overwhelmed by the fact that the scene was brought back to life in this era.'You're good.'

Even though it was the first checkup, everyone was doing a great job of drawing a sword. Of course, it's the most simplified rudimentary form, but a check-up nevertheless, checkups. The fact that these swords don't mix is the real death penalty where they can now know each other's thoughts just by breathing...….



"No, you son of a b*tc*! You can't cross this way!"

"No! Isn't it because the death penalty twisted the sword all of a sudden?"

"You're slow, so I look twisted!"


The eyes of the ungum, who was smiling softly, flinched.

"Argh! Hey! Don't you swing the sword right? Are you blind?"

"I swung first, didn't the death penalty put his arm in?"

"But who's he talking to now?"

Once it started, the checkups filled with smoke mists collapsed one by one.

In fact, it was quite possible. It's my first check-up, but if I do well, that's even weirder.

The problem is...

"Is this the head of a private residence?"

"Go, I didn't mean to, Sasook!"

"Isn't that intentional? I don't think you heard Chung-Myung. The important thing is to be beaten, not why!"


"Oh, let's swing that knife straight, death penalty!"

"Oh, really? Do you want to see what I'm swinging.

"Come on, you bastards!"

The ungum eventually closed its eyes tightly.

It's not time to fight.

If a person gets hit, he or she should first think about why he or she got hit, and if they got hit, they should sleep for the reason, and then return it to him or her.

I couldn't stop myself. Swords flew all over the place, and fists swung. A sigh from the Danjeon escaped from the mouth of the ungum.

I can't believe this is a conduit.’

That's ridiculous.


"Yes, death penalty."

At that time, Unam smiled brightly at the ungum.

"…Cheer up."


"Then we'll leave."


The sigh of the ungum grew deeper as he saw the unja boats leaving the smoke field quickly.