Chapter - 692 Episode 692. Pretending what? (2)


Chung-Myung looked at the foresight with an unhappy face.

It's not too big or too fancy. No, to be exact, tiles are missing here and there, and the shape of holes all over the walls is excessive, but it is not too much of a problem to call them abandoned houses.

It may seem simply abandoned to ordinary people. But it's a palace for beggars.

"These days, however, I'm full!"

Where does a beggar sleep with a roof?

When he was in the prime of his career in Gang-ho, he was envious of the other beggars!

That's why I'm gritful, huh?


Chung-Myung, with his tongue sticking out with an uncomfortable face, walked away. And I thought back to myself.

Yeah, I'd say it if it were the other guys, but Chung-Myung has a big heart. You're different from old men, aren't you?

"Do you have a beggar?"

Instead of the broken door, he leaned back the cloth covering the entrance and stuck his head into the pavilion.


But soon Chung-Myung's eyes widened.

What kind of sight is this?

There is a common image that comes to mind when you think of beggars.

The beggars lying on the floor, covered roughly in a cloth, and the empty side foil. It was a natural scene because the busiest and least-to-do job in the world was a beggar.


"Did you take care of that?”

"Argh! I'm not in a situation where I can do anything about this! Take care of yourself!"

"No, I would if I could! I'm not in a situation where I can do this!"

"Jeon Seo-gu! What about Jeon Seo-gu? Who grilled it and ate it? Why can't I see the West?"

"I sent you that earlier."

"What, man? You can't send it! I said this side was more urgent! Do you want to run to Nakyang?"

"…I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

What? Why are you so busy?

Inside the hall, beggars literally swarmed.

There was no way that there were so many beggars in the harmony that they probably led to other beggars on the island. The problem was that all those beggars were running around, unbecomingly, sweating their feet.

At least some beggars were sitting in front of a collapsing desk. However, the documents were piled up on the desk, and the hands holding the brush lay fiercely on the paper at the speed of the first-rate master sword.

"A traverse has been there? I didn't see it!"

"I saw it! Just use it!"

"Which way did Faewoldo go?"

"I told you twice before! He went over to Hanam!"

"Are you sure?"

"What can I do if I'm not sure? I can't even check it out again!"

"Oh, yeah.

Surprisingly, no one paid attention to Chung-Myung.

Looking at the way things were going, he seemed to be out of his mind in the first place.

"…but you should still pay attention…"….”

Chung-Myung's face became sullen.

Well, he's rarely been ignored like this anywhere before.

Finally, Chung-Myung once again spoke loudly.


"Oh, who?"

"Mr. Beggar! Hong Dae Kwang 아저…….”

"Ask someone else because you're busy!"


Oh, my God. I was ignored by a beggar in my life.

I've never felt humiliated like this before.’

Surely he and the beggar don't go together.

Chung-Myung couldn't hold his anger and was about to scream.

"Oh, you're here?"


Suddenly, Chung-Myung turned his head in a welcoming voice. One of the beggars running around sweating found him, put down a bunch of paper he was holding and ran quickly."For the first time!"

Chung-Myung, who briefly looked at the beggar who came running under the name of Cho Sam, said, "Oh, I'm sorry."

"Are you Gu Chil?"

"Did you forget the face of a person?”

"No, that's not it.….”

Chung-Myung said scratching his head.

"You've grown up a lot."

"Oh, that's a little too much, isn't it? Hehe. I ate well here, and suddenly I got taller."

"Yeah, it looks like it."

When I first saw him, he looked like a small child, but now he looks quite tall. That's how you're all grown up.

"The old man must be feeding you well."

"Harmonians are so generous that they don't get hungry. And maybe I heard rumors that I was close to you, and they gave me meat."

Chung-Myung's eyes were torn apart when he saw Gu Chil smiling in a good way.

"That's a beggar. Don't do this to me. Come to Hwasan."

"……Yes, it's okay."

"What's he okay with? That would be great, beggar."

Gu Chil laughed awkwardly with a cold sweat on his forehead.

"I'm more comfortable with this. I might be able to adjust to conduits in the first place."

"Better than a beggar."

"Hehe. I look better with beggars."

Chung-Myung still opened his eyes as if he didn't believe it. But Gu Chil's mind was firm. He never wanted to follow Chung-Myung to Hwasan.

I heard that if you go to Hwasan, you'll die.’

Open is the place where the most information circulates in the world. As a result, the open islands knew for some extent how well a gatekeeper trained.

Among the numerous literary factions spread around the world, Hwasan is rumored to be driving people in a unique way.

I won't go even if I die!

No matter how harsh the beggar life is, there are many stories among chord beggars that are better than the master of Hwasan. But would Gu Chil be mad at Hwasan?

"The caterpillar needs pine needles."


Chung-Myung looked at Gu Chil with a disapproving look and soon nodded.

"Okay, but if anything happens, be sure to tell me. It's a real deal."

"Of course! We're friends. I don't know if I dare say I'm still your friend...….”

"You're so cute."

Chung-Myung grinned at Gu Chil, who was a little hesitant.

And then.

"No! I'm busy. Why are you hanging out there? Hurry up and help me!"

A sharp voice flew in. Gu Chil stammered to the end of his speech in embarrassment.

"Oh, well, that's not it.….”

"Gu Chil, you're so into this guy these days! Do you want to get in trouble the way you used to?"

"No! It's...….”

"Aren't you going to jump here right now?"

When Chung-Myung saw a beggar screaming with a curt face, the wick flared in his eyes.

"But is he?"

"Who the hell are you...…. Whoosh! Whoosh!

Bamboo liver poured from the hands of a frightened beggar.

"For the first time, for the third time……Oh, no, Hwasan The Dragon!"

Jong Pal's face quickly turned white as if he had seen a ghost.

No. In fact, from his point of view, he's much scarier than a ghost.

"What? You're in trouble? Did he get hit less?"

"Oh, my God!"

Jong Pal lay flat as if he were going to dig into the spot.

"Sa, save me! That's not what I meant!"

"I was going to hang it upside down and peel it, but I saved it out of pity. What? You're gonna get in trouble like before? Come on, you son of a b*tc*!"


Chung-Myung's shoes hit the back of Jong Pal's head."Argh!"

Jong Pal, who screamed and clasped the back of his head, rolled and struggled a few times before quickly getting up and lying flat on the floor again.

"I'll correct it!"

"Don't you dare!"

The sudden incident drew the attention of the busy beggars. After a brief silence, everyone opened their mouths wide.

"Hwasan the Dragon!"

"What the hell is he doing here?…!”

"Wangcho! Hurry up and find Wongcho!

The blue-tired beggars rolled back. He seemed to have encountered even a tiger stuck close to the wall.

"…What's wrong with them again?"

"Ha... hahaha...…. haha……."

When Chung-Myung asked, only awkward laughter flowed out of Cho Sam's mouth.

"My friend.'

If you ask me that, wouldn't I be in a tight position to answer?

I can't honestly answer that I'm more reluctant than the criminal because I've heard about you so often.


"I'm sorry!"

"Sorry I didn't recognize you right away!"

"Save me! Save me!”

Chung-Myung's face trembled as voices erupted here and there begging for life, not rice.

"No, who's angry? Why are you all...!"


"Just run!"

"Woo, there's openness behind us!"

Chung-Myung grinned at the beggars who caused the game.

"Gu Chil아."


"…Get out for a second.”


"Get out, if you don't want to die."

"…, thank you."

After Gu Chil escaped, the sound of a pig's throat echoed for a while.


After a while, Chung-Myung kicked his tongue at the beggars who sat in a rather modest group. Everyone is kneeling down, but Chung-Myung is quite fine considering that he flapped.

"Do you think you'll get mad or not if you all look like ghosts when you're here?”

"He, of course. Of course. It's our fault!”

"Right? You're gonna be angry, aren't you're gonna be mad.”

"Of course! Of course! Do you mean this?"

"Yeah, I'm angry...….”

"Of course! Of course!"

"Eh, f*ck!"

When Chung-Myung took off his shoes, the beggars scattered and quickly gathered again.


When one beggar brought his shoes back, Chung-Myung took it and took a deep breath. It was to control my anger.

So, what's the point of being angry with beggars? Nothing's gonna make no difference?

Chung-Myung sighed and asked.

"But why are you so busy?”

Then the beggars quickly gave Gu Chil a hint.

I don't want to talk to him if possible, so I'm close to him.…. No, I was asking Gu Chil to answer, who was less likely to be beaten even if he spoke.

"A lot of people went because of the Cheonwoo Man dog-eating ceremony.”

"That's right."

"I have to fill out the list."

"Huh? Why?"

Gu Chil scratched the back of his head.

"That……… where did the people with names go and how did they move in the river, all of this becomes information."

"That's information?"

"Sure. There are so many people who want to pay for that information."

"… sell everything."

It's not that I don't quite understand.

As Gu Chil said, the facts themselves will be information, but how the forces moved helps to determine the situation.

Information-handling openness, you will not be able to miss each of these moves.

"So I'm busy writing information about the people moving around here and sending them to the main office."

"……we've made the money, and you're making the money.”

"Hehe. Helping each other…….”

"Then you have to pay the fee."

“…….”"Well, I'm not going to talk to you about this. So where's the beggar?"

"The Funtar is out of work for a while now...….”

It was then.

Slap! Slap!

The fabric of the entrance was lifted and Hong Dae Kwang, who frowned, strode in.

"No, these beggars are crazy! You're not doing what you're told to do, you're just playing around? I'm dying to die.….Huh? Hwasan The Dragon? When did you get here?"

The roar, which was rising like a bow, died down in an instant. He even became friendly.

'Well, man...' You're such a smart guy.’

"Just do half that to us! Half!'

The beggars know how persistent and horrible Hong Dae Kwang is. But seeing him smile and treat people like a fool suddenly makes me upset.

"I'm here to ask you something.…. No, not to mention that. Sir!"


"I asked him to take good care of him, and he's putting strength in his neck! How do you take care of your children?”

"That guy? Who...….”

Fireworks flared up in Hong Dae Kwang's eyes when he saw where Chung-Myung pointed.

"No, but this bastard! I can't be discouraged after all that beating! Do you have a thing for being beaten up, you son of a b*tc*!"

Hong Dae Kwang's side foil smashed into pieces as it hit Jong Pal's head. A loud noise rang.


Hong Dae Kwang, who stepped on the fallen Jong Pal a few times, shouted.

"Don't feed him for three days while he'

"Ee, they're short of hands."

"Then wake him up to work and don't feed him for three days!"



Hong Dae Kwang quickly loosened his face and looked back at Chung-Myung.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Hwasan. I was good at taking care of myself, but the baby seems to have gone away while I was away. I'll continue to take good care of it."

"Take care, take care, or I'll be here to stay."

"…Would I rather beat him to death now?"

"That makes me feel comfortable. I can't."


Hong Dae Kwang quickly coughed in vain and opened his mouth, realizing that the devil was not always in hell. You have to answer anything quickly and get this demon out of this war.

"So what for?"

"Let's go in and talk. But my throat is a bit husky."

"What are you doing, you bastards! Go and drink! Alcohol and duck meat! Get some dongpaeyuk and fish soup there!"

"Also a palace account."

"Yes, the Gungbo account! Quick!"

Chung-Myung giggled and headed into the swing.


At the same time, Gu Chil looked up and saw Chung-Myung as his sleeves were pulled. Chung-Myung's jaw dropped because he was absent-minded.

"What are you doing? Come on in. You should eat, too."

"Oh, no. I'm fine. Everyone else is working."

"Oh, really?"

Chung-Myung looked around the beggars and said,

"Then let's eat here. It's been a while since it's been a while.”

"No! It's not going to be a big deal if you miss a person!"

"Gu Chil, please! Please go and make yourself at home! Please!"


Chung-Myung grinned.

"Did you hear that?"


"Let's go."


Although everything is comfortable if you keep a good friend...….

Is this a good way to make friends?’

Gu Chil followed in the footsteps of aesthetic Chung-Myung, thinking something subtly different.