Chapter - 695 Episode 695. Pretending what? (5)

"Hmm. It's definitely not easy to check up."

"But can't you overcome it with effort and grit?"

"Yeah, that's what happens. Slowly and steadily, you'll get used to it if you work hard every day.”

"I agree."

In turn, the remarks were made by Baek Cheon and Jo-Gol, Yoon-Jong and Yoo-Esul.

If you only listen to what they say, they are discussing the right attitude and the attitude they should have as an unmanned person, but the reactions of those who heard it were not very good.

"Why do you say that in private?"

"Do you have a conscience?"

"Do you think he's gonna hit him in the side?”

"You'll be sweet if you said.

In response to fierce criticism from all sides, Oh turned his head around and turned away.

"I tried my best."

"Don't just work hard. Do well, well! The most upsetting thing in the world is the trouble maker's hard work."

"……but I'm still in the dormitory, so...….”

"It's a private lodging, so it's over here. It's private lodging!"

Baek Cheon, staring at the blue-eyed celadon boats, looked up at the sky with a sad face.

'There was a better side to it in the past.’

At that time, they were poor and tired, but when they stopped watching, they died, but now they are not white porcelain boats and celadon boats scream with life in their eyes.

Nevertheless, the reason why I couldn't say anything bitter was because Oh Geom, including Baek Cheon, knew what they had done.

Baek Sang glared with a distorted face.

"Didn't you hear the lord tell you to work together?"


"I'm practicing a checkup, and you're a man who's throwing a ridiculous sword at me."

Baek Cheon flinched away from the gaze.

"I'm sorry. It's become a habit."

"A man who suddenly thrusts a sword through a person's sword when it's called a checkup!"

"It's empty there.”

"Is that important? The man who wielded the sword next to you before the enemy went to hell with a heart attack.”

Baek Sang stared with bloodshot eyes, but Yoo-Esul raised his chin proudly. However, the angle of the chin, which seemed to be quite clear of conscience, was a little off from Baek Sang.

"The one who suddenly leaps forward."

"… blood is boiling…"….”

"He's pointing at someone else's sword, but he can't open it properly!"

"…I'm sorry."

Baek Sang's face turned red.


His head turned sideways.

"Why are you suddenly losing rain and saliva when you're practicing your checkup?"

"I thought you might be more helpful than swinging a sword."

"So that's a check-up? Huh? Is it a checkup?”


Baek Sang grabbed the solar plexus in the mood for a hole in his stomach. My eyes are wet with moisture.

How can there be no one who can help?

These guys are Hwasan Ogum.

Still, they are famous for their popularity in Hwasan, but none of them were properly examined.

"How the hell have you survived so far? From what I've seen today, I've seen spoons bump into each other while eating and I think it's murder day."



Baek Sang spouted fire from his mouth.

"If you're going to do that, just get together and practice your checkup! Why are you interfering with Aman's children so they can't train!"

Baek Cheon also opened his mouth as if he was falsely accused."Sang-ah."


"Let's think about it in common sense."


"……What do you think we'll do if we train ourselves for a checkup?"


Baek Sang, who was angry like fire, also lost his words. And the answer came from the mouth of others around.

"I'm glad no one's dead.

"It's not a good thing if only one dies?"

"That's right."

"It's not something you can call training.”

"I'm not sure about that personality."

Baek Sang closed his eyes tightly as he nodded and saw his disciples.

I really hope it's all gone.’

If these humans were like this from the beginning, they wouldn't even talk.

Back Cheon, who was a bit unlucky in the past, was always trying to set an example for other students, and Yoo-Esul wasn't exactly the kind of person who stood out as he was. It was so quiet that it was a mask.

Yoon-Jong was a human being who painted the word example, and Jo-Gol was a man who had some problems before, but still knew when and where.

However, since the humans had lost their "degree" or "answer" as a group, I couldn't help but be upset.

Back Sang, who recalled all of this Hyun Sang's motives, sighed deeply when the ground died.

"Anyway, do not interfere with your children's training, whether they train separately or together. If you don't think you can do it, just don't train! Chung-Myung is only six, so what's wrong with losing weight?"

"…I'd love to learn if I could."

"Don't do it!"

"I'm Hwasan's High Priest, should I not know what the other disciples are learning?"


Baek Cheon grinned.

"When we train together, there are frustrating parts, and there are things that are disappointing. Isn't it the death penalty to fill and encourage each other?"

"……That's a very good thing to say, but do you usually say that it's not enough?"

"What can I do? You understand."

Baek Sang grabbed the sword handle without realizing it.

If it's not the death penalty...….’

No, he's the one who's on the doorstep.

I was even more upset by the fact that there was a time when it was really good.

In the midst of all this, I was so moved by Baek Cheon's words that I was about to clap, and when I saw the Ogum, I felt like I was sprinkling salt on the inside and setting a fire.


It was the voice of someone who ran from somewhere that saved Baek Sang, who was about to die.



Elder Hyun Young is looking for the death penalty! Yoo Samae, Yoon-Jong, Jo-Gol, and Soso should come together."


Baek Cheon's eyes have faded.

I don't think the people I'm calling are serious.

A moment in thought, he shook his head and said.

"Even the check-up...….”

"Oh, what are you doing? I'm calling the elder, you have to go!"

But Baek Sang cut off his horse like a knife.

"……Sang, you seem pretty hard on me these days."

"If you don't want to see more harsh, go ahead!"

"But I'm still the death penalty.….”

"If you don't go, I'll cut off all the money paid to the death penalty under the power of the incinerator."

Then Baek Cheon shouted with a stern face.

"What are you doing? The elder is calling!"Ogum's face rotted to disapproval.

These days…… thinking he's getting pathetic.

"I can't believe you're impersonating me."

After hearing all the explanations, Baek Cheon smiled in vain.

You're pretending to be Hwasan because you don't have anything to impersonate?

"That's a strange man. I'd do it right if I were to pretend. You're impersonating Hwasan in a lecture book that has nothing to do with him?"

At Jo-Gol's words, Yoon-Jong kicked his tongue.

"You idiot. Don't you think you'll get caught impersonating someone you're related to?"

"Oh…… that's true."

"Originally, impersonation is done where the parties cannot come. That way, the chances of getting caught will be reduced."

Jo-Gol nodded as if he had understood.

Just by listening to the situation, Baek Cheon could understand Hwasan's position.

'I'm sure we can't just leave the impersonator alone.’

Hawsan's name is resonating with the world. Don't leave a speck of dirt behind.

But there's only one thing that bothers me.….

"Elders, I understand everything you say. But it's a little hard for me to understand...….”

"What more?"

"…Why is he so upset?”

"…Do I understand?"

Baek Cheon glanced at Chung-Myung, who gathered his energy in the corner, and flinched as if he hadn't seen anything.

"Maybe he was sent from Jongnam, or from a shaman...….”

"I didn't hear that."

"Then what's wrong with him…"….”

"So do I understand?"

Then Chung-Myung shouted with his eyes wide open.

"Never mind!"


"We don't have time to argue, so get ready. I've already run by myself, but Jang Moon-in is waiting for me to take him to the dorm.”


Basically, don't you think the situation in which the student's mouth says, "Jang Moon-in earnestly asked for it" is nonsense?

It wasn't a day or two that the door wave turned upside down, but now it was so natural that I was almost scared.

Then Hyun Young whispered softly toward Baek Cheon.

"As you can see, this time he's no stranger."

"It's always been extraordinary, Elder."

"But this time it's especially unusual."

"…It does look like it."

Hyun Young peeked at Chung-Myung, who was grinding his teeth, and asked again.

"Have you learned to check up?”

"I haven't learned it properly yet."

"Well……. Then maybe we'd rather get some more medical attention and start. In case of an emergency, I'll use a check-up.….”

Excuse me, Elder?

That's why you're learning to check up? To subdue Chung-Myung...…?

Of course it's a joke, but Chung-Myung couldn't just joke around when he thought of his power.

"Anyway, the situation is like this, so we can't take time. Start right away."

"…I see."

It was a rather unpleasant task, but it wasn't worth the time, as Hyun Young said. I was worried about what the impersonator would do in the lecture, but more than that...….


"What? Is there still a dog left?”

"It was originally there, crazy dog."

A deep sigh came out of Baek Cheon's mouth.

Can I come back safely?’

The enemy is inside.

He was realising the words with real keen interest.

"…I'll be back."

"Have a safe trip!"

"Take your time, Sasook!"

"No one will say anything about it if you take it easy on the way here! It's time you had some fun!"


Baek Cheon's face shuddered at the intense farewell.It would be a good thing to send all of them away, but unlike before, it seemed like there was a hidden impure intention.


"Yes, death penalty."

"Did you practice your checkup one more time?"

At that, Baek Sang looked sideways instead of answering.

The faces of the eyes turned into chestnut, the clothes torn badly here and there, and even a gang fight, not training.

"……The kids are so full of energy.”

"You'll kill a few people if you overflow twice."


Baek Cheon sighed.

I'm not worried about being ripped off outside, but I felt heavy on my feet thinking about what these guys were going to do while I was away.

"…anyway, always be careful not to get hurt."

"Yes, don't worry."

"And the Lord's...….”

"Oh, I'm on my own. Come on, come on!"

"…You're a bad guy.”

In the past, he was a cute priest who followed me around with the death penalty. How did you end up being such a black wolf?

At that time, Baek Sang peeked left and right and stuck close to him and put something in Baek Cheon's arms.

"I collected some extra money from the finance ministry and collected a lot of travel expenses. Don't skip meals."


"Eat something delicious."

But the death penalty is the death penalty.

Baek Sang pushed Baek Cheon's back, looking at him with moving eyes.

"Come on, let's get going. Come on. Quickly."


Baek Cheon nodded and turned away. Chung-Myung was seen flinching as if he were running away with his arms held.


Heaven and earth.

Please. Please. Safely.… No, let me come back without a hitch.

Baek Cheon shouted with a prayerful heart.

"Let's go!"


Chung-Myung, as if it were a sign, ran as scary as a racehorse in which he was unbridled.

"Oh, my God, you son of a b*tc*! Don't run with all your power!

"Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!

Ogum freaked out and ran along with him.

When the images of them disappeared from view in an instant, his disciples sighed in unison.

"…Are you good at this?"

"Isn't it more terrifying for them to cause trouble than for the impersonator?"

"…I'm sure the writer has an idea."

"Let's at least do well. Even us."

Where the status has risen, but nothing has improved.

That was the Wasan.